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Product Technical Specifications – L0107B Linear Lights

Product CodeL0107B
Power (W)50W
Voltage (V)220
Beam Angle (°)90°
CCT (K)4000K

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

Light Up Your World with KOSOOM

Are you craving some serious brightness for your commercial space? Then it’s time to meet KOSOOM – the premier hookup for professional-grade led lighting solutions. Our cutting-edge fixtures will have your venue looking sharp and shining bright in no time.

When it comes to sleek, subtle illumination, our linear lighting steals the show. KOSOOM linear lights will have your walls and ceilings glowing like the 4th of July. Industrial lighting never looked so good.

Ditch the fluorescents and step into the future with KOSOOM’s innovative LEDs. Our tubes will work their magic on any commercial site. It’s time to see your place in a whole new light!

Discover the Brilliance of Linear Lights

Linear lighting delivers illumination like no other fixture can. Let’s get the lowdown on these brilliant tubes.

As the name suggests, linear lights feature elongated cylindrical shapes to bathe large areas in uniform brightness. Unlike bulky singular lamps, these LED fixtures mount in continuous rows along walls and ceilings for seamless glare-free coverage.

The slim, streamlined profile makes linear lighting perfect for blending into retail stores, offices, factories and more. The modular design also allows builders to join and link fixtures for fully customized layouts.

If you want simple, hassle-free ambient lighting for commercial settings, linear is the way to go. KOSOOM’s cutting-edge lineup makes any space shine bright like a diamond.

Introducing the KOSOOM L0107B – Innovation Meets Illumination

The KOSOOM L0107B linear light takes professional-tier performance to dizzying new heights. Check out these killer features:

CCT: 4000K pure white balanced illumination

Lumen Output: 7800 lumens of eye-searing brightness

Beam Angle: 90° extra-wide coverage

CRI: ≥80 for true, vivid color rendering

Wattage: 50W high-efficiency operation

Size: 1420mm x 68mm x 62mm for adaptable mounting

Beyond the awesome stats, the L0107B impresses with a subtle streamlined design. Sturdy aluminum housing and shatterproof diffuser lenses provide industrial-grade durability. Mount or suspend this low-profile fixture anywhere imaginable!

With the L0107B, experience the next generation of innovation from KOSOOM. This light will become your facility’s new BFF.

Light Up Your Venue with the L0107B

For commercial and industrial sites that demand practical performance without sacrificing aesthetics, the KOSOOM L0107B delivers:

Heavy Duty – Durable aluminum and impact-resistant polycarbonate construction withstands years of use.

Safe – Rigorously tested for electrical and thermal safety. Cool-running operation prevents burns.

Stylish – The streamlined, minimalist design integrates into any modern decor.

Adaptable – Modular installation enables unlimited configuration options. Get creative!

Plug and Play – Hassle-free hardwired or plug-in setup. Say goodbye to complicated wiring.

Ultra-Bright – Up to 7800 lumens of uniform, glare-free brightness. Light up the night!

The L0107B is built to provide extreme durability and performance day after day. Let it supercharge your space now!

Harness the Power of Cutting-Edge LED Tech

The L0107B harnesses the latest LED innovations to deliver brilliant, energy-efficient illumination:

Superior LED Chips – Carefully binned to produce optimal light intensity and color consistency across the expansive 1420mm fixture.

Serious Savings – Uses up to 65% less power than fluorescent lighting. Slash energy costs!

Flicker-Free – Clean, uniform lighting without spots, bands or flickering.

Tunable CCT – Available in 3000K, 4000K and 5000K to match any application.

Vibrant Colors – A CRI over 80 produces rich, true-to-life color rendering.

Experience the full KOSOOM difference and explore our family of fixtures, like panel lights for focused brightness. Let’s find the perfect solution for your space!

KOSOOM Delivers Commercial-Grade Quality

KOSOOM stands behind every fixture with rigorous quality testing:

Certified – Products are CE and ROHS certified for safety and sustainability.

5-Year Warranty – We guarantee L0107B lights against defects for complete peace of mind.

Our fixtures undergo meticulous engineering for optimal durability and performance. Count on KOSOOM for lighting that will go the distance.

Light Up Any Space with Ease

Installing the L0107B in your facility is quick and painless:

Surface Mount – Use integrated mounting points to attach directly to walls and ceilings.

Suspended Mount – Hang from overhead conduit using adjustable cables and cords.

Plug and Play – Fixtures link together for continuous runs. Connect to power in a snap.

Recommended Spacing – For even light, space fixtures at intervals of 1.2m or less.

With easy plug-and-play connectivity and flexible mounting options, the L0107B makes any lighting project a breeze. Let our experts help design the perfect layout for your unique space!

KOSOOM Linear Lights – The Smart Choice

Why choose KOSOOM for your lighting needs? Simple:

Custom Options – Select length, CCT, lens type and more for full personalization.

Competitive Pricing – Our direct pricing can’t be beat.

Expert Support – Our lighting specialists are ready to assist you.

Quick Delivery – Large inventories ensure fast shipping.

Universal Compatibility – Seamlessly integrates into any lighting control system.

For all your commercial illumination needs, KOSOOM delivers. Check out our LED strips too!

Keep Your L0107B Performing Flawlessly

Keep your L0107B fixtures looking like new with these pro tips:

Clean lenses occasionally with a microfiber cloth to remove dust and debris. Avoid harsh chemicals.

Check end cap seals periodically to ensure intact connections.

Confirm mounting hardware remains securely fastened over time. Snug up any loose screws or clips.

Replace any cracked or damaged components right away. KOSOOM offers spare parts and upgrades.

Consider preventive maintenance for large installations to optimize performance. Let us handle tune-ups!

And relax knowing your L0107B is covered by our industry-best 5 year warranty. We stand firmly behind our products.

Unrivaled Value from an Unrivaled Brand

The KOSOOM L0107B delivers unmatched quality and innovation at a price that can’t be beat:

Packed with up to 7800 lumens at a fraction of the cost of competitors.

Commercial-grade build withstands years of use, unlike cheaper imports.

Cutting-edge LEDs offer up to 65% savings over fluorescent lighting.

5-year warranty provides total peace of mind. We’ve got your back.

Plug-and-play design enables frustration-free installation right out of the box.

When it comes to value, KOSOOM is in a class of its own. Let us shed some light on your bottom line!

Step Into the Future with KOSOOM

Experience world-class innovation made simple with KOSOOM’s L0107B. Our linear lighting combines leading technology, durable engineering and refined aesthetics to illuminate any commercial space.

Built to perform. Packed with options. Hassle-free installation. All backed by our 5-year warranty and lighting experts.

Don’t settle for lackluster lighting – step into the future with KOSOOM’s next-gen fixtures. Let us help you see your space in a whole new light!











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