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Product Technical Specifications – L0106B Linear Lights

Product CodeL0106B
Power (W)50W
Voltage (V)220
Beam Angle (°)60°
CCT (K)4000K

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

KOSOOM – Professional Commercial Lighting Solutions

Welcome to the world of KOSOOM, your one-stop shop for all your commercial lighting needs. As a leading supplier of innovative lighting solutions, KOSOOM is dedicated to brightening any space with style and efficiency.

Our flagship linear lights series sheds some serious light on any project. Sleek, versatile and packed with performance, these bad boys will show your workspace who’s boss. With custom options galore, KOSOOM linear lights let you tailor the perfect lighting atmosphere to energize any environment.

So blast away those dreary old fluorescents and give your venue the illumination it deserves. Our linear lighting is here to kick dullness to the curb. Step into the KOSOOM glow today!

Discover the Brilliance of Linear Lights

Let’s talk linear lights – also known as tube lights or fluorescent lights. What sets these luminous wonders apart? Linear lights get their name from their long, cylindrical shape – think of a straight tube packed with brightness. This versatile lighting format has become a staple across many commercial settings.

With slim, unobtrusive profiles, linear lights blend seamlessly into retail stores, supermarkets, warehouses, factories and more. Their elongated design allows wide coverage for general ambient lighting. Fixtures can be mounted in continuous rows on ceilings or walls to bathe large areas in crisp, uniform light.

Adjustable mountings and modular connecting make linear lights highly customizable. Builders can tailor installations to fit any space. Their efficient performance also makes linear lighting a cost-effective choice for large-scale illumination.

So if you’re looking to brighten a commercial or industrial venue, it’s time to harness the power of linear lights!

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Introducing the KOSOOM L0106B – Performance Redefined

The KOSOOM L0106B linear light is our stellar flagship model, packed with features to take your lighting experience to the next level. Let’s take a look under the hood:

CCT: 4000K pure white light balanced for vivid clarity
Lumen output: 7800 lumens of brilliant illumination
Beam angle: 60° for soft, widespread lighting distribution
CRI: ≥80 for accurate color rendering
Wattage: 50W for superb efficiency
Size: 1420mm x 68mm x 62mm for flexible positioning

Beyond the impressive stats, this fixture impresses with its sleek profile. A slim rounded aluminum housing capped with a polycarbonate diffuser lens provides sturdy and stable construction. The L0106B usr also shines with versatility – surface mount or suspend it overhead to light up any commercial space.

And of course, it delivers the quality and performance KOSOOM customers have come to expect. Our L0106B linear light will become your go-to solution for flawless, professional illumination.

Light Up with KOSOOM L0106B

When it comes to outfitting your space with top-tier lighting, the KOSOOM L0106B linear light is a clear winner. Let’s count the ways this fixture outshines the competition:

Durability – Built to last with hardy aluminum and shatterproof polycarbonate components. These lights thrive in demanding commercial environments.

Safety – KOSOOM products meet rigorous safety standards for worry-free operation. The L0106B uses low-voltage power and contains no glass.

Style – A sleek modern profile that discreetly blends into contemporary decor. Makes a statement without shouting.

Adaptability – Adjustable mounting and modular connectors allow flexible layouts for any facility. Get creative!

Ease of Installation – Simple plug-and-play design enables hassle-free fitting. Say goodbye to complicated wiring.

Brightness – Up to 7800 lumens bathes spaces in crisp, vibrant light. Your new lighting workhorse.

For commercial sites that demand heavy-duty performance without sacrificing aesthetics, the L0106B delivers. Let it bring out the best in your venue!

Harness the Power of LED Linear Lighting

The L0106B utilizes industry-leading LED technology to push illumination to the next level. Here are some key advantages that set it apart:

Superior LED chips – Carefully binned for maximum light intensity and color consistency across the extensive 140cm fixture.

Energy Savings – LEDs consume up to 80% less power than traditional fluorescent lighting. Slash those electricity bills!

Even Distribution – Sophisticated optical design produces uniform light across the entire surface. Say goodbye to spotty coverage.

Versatile CCT – Available in 3000K, 4000K and 5000K color temperatures to match any application.

Excellent CRI – A CRI of 80+ beautifully renders colors in their true, vibrant shades. Show off your merchandise in the best light.

For even more of that KOSOOM magic, check out our full range of linear lighting including panel lights for focused illumination. The possibilities are endless!

KOSOOM Quality You Can Count On

KOSOOM proudly stands behind our products with extensive quality assurances:

Certifications: CE and ROHS certified for safety and eco-friendliness

Warranty: 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee on all linear lighting provides peace of mind.

We meticulously test our fixtures to deliver optimal performance and longevity. Trust KOSOOM lighting to keep your facility running bright year after year.

Lighting Any Space is a Snap with the L0106B

Ready to install the L0106B in your venue? We’ve got you covered:

Surface Mount: Secure directly to walls or ceilings with the built-in mounting slots and hardware. Space fixtures however you like.

Suspended Mount: Hang from overhead conduit using cables and adjustable cords. Allows variable height adjustment.

Plug and Play: Connect fixtures together end-to-end. Use junction boxes to link runs to power. Enjoy fast and hassle-free wiring.

Recommended Spacing: Mount linear lights no more than 1.2m apart for uniform coverage. Stagger multiple rows for wider distribution.

With easy installation and modular flexibility, the L0106B makes lighting projects a breeze. Let us know if you need help designing the perfect layout for your facility!

Why KOSOOM is the Right Choice

KOSOOM offers an unbeatable selection of quality, performance and service – here’s why our L0106B linear lights are the top choice:

Custom Options- Choose from multiple lengths, CCTs and wiring configurations. We can modify fixtures to your exact project requirements.

Competitive Pricing – As a manufacturer, we pass savings directly to you. Get premium products at reasonable prices.

Top-Notch Support – Our lighting experts are here to provide design consultation and technical assistance for worry-free projects.

Quick Delivery – Large in-stock inventory allows fast shipping. Get your order swiftly.

Universal Compatibility – L0106B lights integrate seamlessly with controls and dimmers. Built to work in tandem with your entire system.

For hassle-free professional lighting, KOSOOM has you covered. And check out our LED strips when linear lights won’t fit the bill!

Keep Your L0106B Looking Its Best

Like any workhorse fixture, the L0106B performs best with proper care. Here are tips to keep it looking like new:

Use a microfiber cloth to gently remove dust and debris from the diffuser. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners.
Check end-cap seals periodically to ensure connections remain intact.
Confirm mounting hardware does not loosen over time. Snug up any loose screws or clips.
Replace any cracked or damaged components immediately. KOSOOM offers spare parts and upgrades.
Consider our preventive maintenance service plan for large installations. Let us handle top-shape upkeep!
And remember, your L0106B comes with an industry-leading 5-year warranty. We’ve got you covered.

Superior Value for Unrivaled Quality

The KOSOOM L0106B linear light delivers unmatched performance and features for the money. Let’s break it down:

Up to 7800 lumens rivals fixtures costing twice as much. Serious brightness on a budget.
Commercial-grade construction beats cheaper imports. Made to withstand real-world use.
Advanced LEDs produce up to 80% energy savings over fluorescent lighting. Big efficiency in a small package.
5-year warranty provides peace of mind. We stand firmly behind our products.
Plug-and-play connectivity accelerates installation. More convenience for your cash.
When it comes to value, the L0106B linear light shines bright. Unbeatable quality at an affordable price point.

Make the KOSOOM Choice for Lighting Excellence

Step into the light with KOSOOM. Our L0106B fixture offers the pinnacle of performance, versatility and style to bring world-class illumination to any commercial space.

Superior construction. Custom options. Leading efficiency. Hassle-free installation. And all backed by our 5-year warranty and friendly lighting experts.

Don’t settle for lackluster lighting that fails to showcase your space to its full potential. Choose the brilliance and innovation of KOSOOM’s linear lighting solutions.











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