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Our downlights are suitable for a variety of applications, with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) ≥90 that leaves a lasting impression, ensuring lifelike color representation and creating a breathtaking visual environment. Illuminate your Retail Space with a clear, vibrant glow, enhancing product displays and inviting customers to experience your offerings in the best light possible. In Office Environments, our downlights provide optimal task lighting, reducing eye fatigue, and creating an efficient and comfortable workspace. Transform your Hospitality Venue into a welcoming haven with the warm and inviting ambiance our downlights create, setting the perfect mood for your guests. The Ultraviolet and Glare Rating (UGR) of ≤27 ensures optimal visual comfort and reduced eye strain in any environment. Moreover, our downlights are designed with a Power Factor (PF) of 0.9 or higher, ensuring energy efficiency and cost savings, making them an ideal choice for both Residential and Commercial Spaces. Our downlights boast unparalleled performance, reliability, and aesthetics, confidently illuminating your surroundings. The robust 3-year warranty underscores our commitment to quality, allowing you to elevate your space with confidence.

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LED downlights, commonly called downlights or pot lights, are a popular type of lighting fixture that add style and modernity to any space. With their versatility and low-profile design, they have become the first choice for many residential and commercial lighting projects. What

What is an LED downlight?

LED downlights, also known as downlights or pot lights, are light fixtures that mount flush with the ceiling or wall. They consist of housing units, trim parts and light sources. The housing unit fits into a hole in the ceiling or wall, while the trim is the visible part that sits flush with the surface. The light source is in LED technology and offers a wide beam spread. LED downlights are commonly used for general lighting or task lighting and can be found in a variety of spaces including malls, supermarkets, hotels, offices and retail environments. LE

Types of LED Downlights

There are many types of commercial LED downlights, including surface mounted LED downlights, recessed LED downlights, high CRI (color rendering index) LED downlights, pendant LED downlights, square LED downlights, waterproof LED downlights, Custom LED downlights.

Surface Mounted LED Downlight

Surface-mounted LED downlights are cylindrical lighting fixtures that mount to ceilings, walls, or other surfaces. Surface-mounted LED downlights are more convenient than recessed installations because they don’t require holes in the ceiling or holes in the walls. They are suitable for scenarios where flush mounting is not feasible or convenient.

Advantages of surface-mounted LED downlights
Easy installation: Surface-mounted LED downlights do not require structural modifications or drilling holes. They can be easily fixed to the surface of the ceiling or wall, making the installation process simple and quick.
Flexibility: Since no structural modifications are needed, surface-mounted LED downlights can be positioned and adjusted in terms of location and quantity according to specific lighting requirements. They can adapt to different lighting needs.
Ease of maintenance: As surface-mounted LED downlights are located on the surface, maintenance and replacement of the fixtures become more convenient. There is no need to dismantle the ceiling or wall.
Good light efficiency: Surface-mounted LED downlights usually utilize reflectors or lampshades to control light diffusion and focus, achieving better light efficiency. Lampshades can enhance light uniformity and softness, while reflectors can concentrate light on the areas that need illumination.
Suitable applications for surface-mounted LED downlights
Commercial spaces: Offices, shops, restaurants, particularly leased spaces or places requiring frequent changes in lighting layout.
Residential areas: Suitable for ceilings and walls in homes, such as living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, etc.
Public buildings: Hotels, hospitals, etc. Surface-mounted LED downlights can provide good lighting effects and are easy to maintain and replace.
Exhibition venues: Surface-mounted LED downlights can be used in art galleries, exhibition halls, etc., to provide accurate and focused lighting for exhibits.
Recessed LED downlights?
Recessed LED downlights are cylindrical lighting fixtures installed within the ceiling, wall, or other surfaces. Compared to surface-mounted LED downlights, Recessed LED downlights require openings or cavities in the ceiling or wall during installation to recess the LED downlights, making them flush with the surrounding surface.

Advantages of embedded LED downlights
High integration: Embedded LED downlights blend seamlessly with the ceiling or wall, providing a clean and neat appearance and offering a more integrated lighting effect.
Space-saving: Since LED downlights are embedded within the ceiling or wall, they don’t occupy indoor space, making them particularly suitable for limited spaces.
Excellent lighting effect: Embedded LED downlights can achieve more accurate and uniform lighting effects by using reflectors or lampshades. The directional light of LED downlights can concentrate light on the areas that need illumination, creating a professional and high-quality lighting effect.
Adjustability: Some embedded LED downlights have adjustable features, allowing the angle and direction of the light to be changed according to specific lighting requirements, catering to different lighting needs.
Applications of embedded LED downlights
Commercial spaces: Stores, exhibition halls, hotel lobbies, etc. Recessed LED downlights can create a professional and upscale lighting atmosphere, showcasing products or creating a unique spatial ambiance.
Residential environments: Suitable for ceilings and walls in homes, such as living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, etc. Recessed LED downlights can provide comfortable and warm lighting effects, enhancing the overall interior decor style.
Office spaces: Recessed LED downlights can be used in offices, conference rooms, and other places to provide even and bright illumination, improving work efficiency.
High Color Rendering Index (CRI) LED downlights
High CRI LED downlights refer to cylindrical lighting fixtures with high color reproduction capability, where the CRI index is above 90. CRI (Color Rendering Index) is a measure of a light source’s ability to reproduce colors of objects. It ranges from 0 to 100, with higher values indicating more accurate and faithful color reproduction.
High CRI LED downlights use high-quality light sources and technology to provide accurate and true color reproduction, allowing illuminated objects to exhibit rich details and vibrant colors in the light.

Advantages of high CRI LED downlights
Accurate color reproduction: High CRI LED downlights can reproduce the true colors of objects, presenting accurate and natural colors with rich details under the lighting environment.
Enhanced visual experience: With high CRI LED downlights, users can better discern and appreciate the details and color changes of objects due to the more realistic color reproduction, enhancing the visual experience.
Comfortable lighting effect: High CRI LED downlights typically have uniform light distribution and higher brightness, offering comfortable, glare-free lighting effects and avoiding visual fatigue.
Applications of high CRI LED downlights
Commercial displays: Suitable for stores, exhibition halls, art galleries, etc., where high CRI LED downlights can accurately reproduce the true colors of products, exhibits, or artworks, attracting the attention of customers or viewers.
Interior design: High CRI LED downlights are suitable for residential spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, providing high-quality lighting effects to make the colors of interior decor and furniture appear more vibrant and vivid.
Film and photography: In film production, TV shooting, and photography studios, high CRI LED downlights can accurately reproduce actors’ skin tones, costumes, and scene colors, improving the quality of shooting.
Suspended LED Downlights
Suspended LED downlights are lighting fixtures that use a cylindrical structure and are installed in the ceiling or other high places using suspension devices. They typically consist of a light body and a lampshade, powered by electricity, and are capable of providing direct downward or specific directional lighting effects.

Advantages of Suspended LED Downlights
High Brightness and Light Control: Suspended LED downlights usually employ high-brightness light sources, offering bright and focused illumination. The design of the lampshade or reflector allows for light control and focusing, catering to various lighting requirements.
High Space Utilization: As suspended LED downlights are installed in the ceiling or other high places, they do not occupy floor space, enabling efficient utilization of indoor space, especially in environments where open floor space is desired.
Versatile Design Styles: Suspended LED downlights come in a wide range of styles and shapes, allowing for diverse design options to suit different interior decor needs, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.
Applications of Suspended LED Downlights
Commercial Spaces: Suspended LED downlights are suitable for commercial establishments such as shops, restaurants, offices, exhibition halls, etc. Their high brightness and light control capabilities create an attractive ambiance.
Public Buildings: In public buildings like hotels, conference halls, theaters, suspended LED downlights can provide bright and uniform lighting, meeting people’s needs for comfort and visual experience.
Residential Areas: They are suitable for residential areas like living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, etc. Suspended LED downlights can offer good lighting effects, enhancing the brightness and comfort of indoor spaces.
Art Exhibitions: Suspended LED downlights can be used in art galleries, exhibition halls, and other art exhibition venues to highlight the details and colors of the artwork, creating a captivating display through controlled lighting and illumination effects.
Square LED Downlights
Square LED downlights are cylindrical lighting fixtures with a square outer shape, installed on the surface of the ceiling. They consist of square-shaped light bodies and lampshades, housing light sources and optical components internally to achieve uniform lighting effects through reflection, refraction, or diffusion.

Advantages of Square LED Downlights
Uniform Illumination: Square LED downlights provide even and soft illumination through well-designed optics. Light diffuses evenly from the four sides of the light body, ensuring sufficient lighting throughout the area while avoiding local shadows and spots.
Sleek and Attractive Design: With a square outer shape, square LED downlights blend seamlessly with the ceiling or walls, offering a clean and visually appealing appearance. They provide a uniform lighting effect that complements interior decor without being overly prominent or disruptive.
Lighting Directionality: Some square LED downlights feature adjustable lamp heads or lampshades, allowing for angle and direction adjustments of the light to meet specific area lighting requirements, providing flexibility in illumination.
Applications of Square LED Downlights
Commercial Spaces: Square LED downlights are suitable for commercial spaces such as shops, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, etc. The uniform lighting effect enhances the display of goods, attracting customers’ attention.
Office Spaces: Square LED downlights are suitable for offices, conference rooms, and similar areas. They offer even and soft illumination, improving work efficiency and reducing eye fatigue.
Residential Environments: Square LED downlights are suitable for residential areas like living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, etc. They provide comfortable and uniform lighting effects, creating a cozy and pleasant living environment.
Public Buildings: Square LED downlights can be applied in schools, hospitals, libraries, and other public buildings. They offer uniform illumination, increasing safety and comfort levels.
Waterproof LED Downlights
Waterproof LED downlights are cylindrical lighting fixtures designed specifically for humid or moisture-prone environments. They possess waterproof features, employing special materials and sealing designs to prevent water ingress and ensure the normal operation of the lighting device in wet conditions.

Advantages of Waterproof LED Downlights
High Waterproof Performance: Waterproof LED downlights utilize waterproof materials and sealing designs, providing excellent waterproof performance. They can operate in damp environments such as bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor open spaces, without the risk of water damage.
Safety and Reliability: The waterproof feature of LED downlights ensures safer and more reliable usage. It effectively prevents shorts, electrical malfunctions, or safety hazards caused by water or moisture, providing reliable lighting protection.
Durability: Waterproof LED downlights are typically made of durable materials, offering strong resistance to corrosion and durability. They can withstand the challenges of humid environments, resulting in a longer lifespan and reduced frequency of replacement and maintenance.
Applications of Waterproof LED Downlights
Outdoor Areas: Waterproof LED downlights are highly suitable for outdoor spaces like gardens, patios, porches, garages, etc. They provide reliable illumination in rain, humid weather, and other harsh weather conditions.
Wet Areas: Waterproof LED downlights are ideal for wet areas such as bathrooms, washrooms, kitchens, etc. They resist moisture and steam, ensuring safe and reliable lighting in these areas.
Swimming Pools and Spas: Waterproof LED downlights are commonly used for lighting requirements near swimming pools, spa areas, and similar water facilities. They offer safe and bright illumination, even when exposed to water, and resist corrosion from chemicals present in the water.
Industrial Spaces: In industrial settings like factories, workshops, warehouses, where humidity or excessive moisture may be present, waterproof LED downlights provide a reliable lighting solution, meeting the safety requirements of industrial environments.
Customized LED Downlights
Customized LED downlights are parameter-adjustable downlights that are designed and manufactured by KOSOOM according to customer requirements. They are lighting products that customize various parameters such as appearance, size, light source, brightness, and color based on customer-provided specifications, achieving optimal lighting effects and overall design.

Advantages of Customized LED Downlights
Tailored to Specific Needs: Customized downlights LED can meet the specific requirements and preferences of customers, including appearance design, size specifications, and light source selection. Customers can customize the lighting fixtures according to their preferences and design style to achieve personalized lighting effects and meet their specific lighting needs.
Unique Design Styles: Through customized LED downlights, customers can obtain distinctive lighting designs. Depending on the customer’s requirements, different styles, materials, and shapes can be chosen to create unique and personalized lighting fixtures that harmonize with the interior environment or decorative style.
Optimal Lighting Effects: Customized LED downlights allow customers to select suitable light sources, brightness levels, and color temperatures based on their specific needs. Through careful design and the use of high-quality light sources, optimal lighting effects can be achieved, providing comfortable and uniform illumination to meet the lighting requirements of different spaces.
Applications of Customized LED Downlights
Commercial Spaces: Customized LED downlights are suitable for shops, hotels, exhibition halls, and other commercial spaces. By customizing LED downlights according to different industries and brand requirements, they can align with the store’s image, highlight product features or exhibits, and enhance the lighting effect and attractiveness of the commercial space.
Residential Areas: Customized LED downlights are suitable for areas in homes such as living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, etc. Customers can customize the appearance design and lighting effects of LED downlights according to their preferences and home decor style, creating a warm and personalized living environment.
Public Buildings: Customized LED downlights can be applied in public buildings such as schools, hospitals, libraries, and other places. By customizing LED downlights based on the functions and requirements of public buildings, suitable lighting solutions can be provided to meet the lighting needs of different areas.
Factors to Consider for LED Downlights Installation
Several factors need to be considered when installing LED downlights:
Installation Position: The installation position of LED downlights directly affects the lighting effect. Generally, LED downlights should be installed at a higher position from the ground to improve the lighting range and uniformity. It is also necessary to choose the appropriate installation position according to different lighting requirements, such as installing general lighting in a central position and decorative lighting in specific locations.
Number of Fixtures: The number of LED downlights directly affects the lighting effect. Generally, the number of LED downlights should be determined based on factors such as the lighting area and illuminance requirements. It is important not to install too many LED downlights to avoid affecting the lighting effect and causing wastage.
Fixture Color: The color of LED downlights is also a factor to consider. Different colors of LED downlights have different impacts on the lighting effect. For example, white LED downlights can enhance the illuminance, while yellow LED downlights can create a warm atmosphere. Therefore, the appropriate color of LED downlights should be selected based on the specific lighting requirements and decorative style.
Fixture Model: The model of LED downlights is also a factor to consider. Different LED downlight models have different parameters such as power, brightness, color temperature, etc. The appropriate model should be selected based on the specific lighting needs. Additionally, it is important to consider the brand and quality of LED downlights to ensure the lighting effect and lifespan.
Installation Method: The installation method of LED downlights should also be considered. Generally, LED downlights have various installation methods such as surface-mounted, recessed, and suspended. The appropriate installation method should be chosen based on the specific location and decorative style.

Maintenance and Care of LED Downlights
The maintenance and care of LED downlights are crucial for ensuring their proper operation and extending their lifespan. Here are some suggestions for LED downlight maintenance and care provided by KOSOOM engineers:
Regular Cleaning: LED downlights should be regularly cleaned to remove dust, dirt, and other contaminants from the fixture surface and lampshade. A soft cloth or a vacuum cleaner can be used to gently clean the surface. Ensure that the power is disconnected before cleaning to avoid electric shock.
Check Power Connections: Periodically check the power connections of LED downlights to ensure they are secure and that the plugs and sockets are functioning properly. If any looseness, damage, or other issues are found, they should be promptly repaired or replaced.
Inspect Heat Dissipation: LED downlights typically generate some heat, so it is important to ensure that the fixture’s heat dissipation is functioning properly. Make sure there are no obstructions around the LED downlights to ensure good heat dissipation. Additionally, clean the fixture’s heat dissipation holes regularly to prevent dust blockage and ensure effective heat dissipation.
Regular Maintenance: Perform regular maintenance according to the LED downlight’s usage and the manufacturer’s recommendations. This may include component replacement, cleaning internal components, adjusting the lighting angle, etc. Follow the manufacturer’s provided maintenance guidelines and instructions.
Practice Safe Use: When using LED downlights, observe safety precautions. Avoid prolonged continuous use to prevent overheating. Do not use non-waterproof LED downlights in damp environments. Also, use appropriate fixtures and proper power supply according to the requirements.
Maintaining and caring for LED downlights helps ensure their proper functioning, prolongs their lifespan, and provides optimal lighting effects. If any malfunctions or issues occur, it is recommended to consult professional lighting repair service personnel for inspection and repair.
What are the features of LED downlights?
The characteristics of LED downlights include embedded installation, wide beam effect, dimming options, energy efficiency, reliability, and flexibility.
Which areas are high-CRI LED downlights suitable for?
High-CRI LED downlights are suitable for commercial displays, art venues, film and photography, museums, jewelry showcases, clothing stores, beauty salons, stage lighting, galleries, and exhibition areas.
Which areas require embedded LED downlights?
Areas that require embedded LED downlights include ceilings, walls, stairs, corridors, hotel lobbies, commercial office spaces, restaurants, residential homes, display counters, car showrooms, museums, cinemas, etc.
Do LED downlights require regular maintenance?
Yes, LED downlights require regular maintenance to ensure proper operation, cleanliness, heat dissipation, and safety of the fixtures. Regular maintenance may include cleaning the fixtures, checking wire connections, inspecting heat dissipation, and repairing damaged components.

What parameters can be customized for custom LED downlights?

Customized LED downlights can be customized according to customer requirements for power, color temperature, beam angle, light source brand, driver brand, dimming method, appearance design (color, material, surface treatment, etc.).