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What is an LED panel light?
An LED panel light is an illumination device that uses LED (Light Emitting Diode) as the light source. It consists of a flat optical light guide panel, a group of LED chips mounted on the back of the light guide panel, and a frame. LED panel lights are typically installed on the ceiling and used for providing overall indoor lighting.

Why choose KOSOOM LED panel lights?
KOSOOM is a company dedicated to the research and development of high-efficiency LED equipment. Compared with traditional LED panel lights, KOSOOM LED panel lights have the following advantages.
Energy-efficient: LED panel lights use LEDs as the light source, which have higher energy efficiency and lower energy consumption compared to traditional fluorescent or incandescent lights. LED panel lights have a higher energy utilization rate, converting a higher proportion of electrical energy into light energy.
Uniform and soft light: LED panel lights utilize a light guide panel to achieve uniform light distribution, resulting in more even and soft lighting without producing glaring spots or flickering.
Ultra-thin design: LED panel lights typically have a slim profile, causing minimal impact on the indoor space after being installed on the ceiling.
Dimmable performance: Some LED panel lights have dimming capability, allowing users to adjust the brightness according to their needs and provide a more comfortable lighting environment.
Long lifespan: The LED chips in LED panel lights have a longer lifespan, usually lasting tens of thousands of hours or more, making them more durable than traditional lighting products.
Environmentally friendly and non-polluting: LED panel lights do not contain harmful substances like mercury, and they do not emit ultraviolet or infrared radiation during use, making them environmentally friendly and non-polluting to both the environment and human health.
Classification of LED panel lights
Kosoom LED panel lights come in various types, including 595mm x 595mm LED panel lights, super energy-saving LED panel lights, and anti-glare panel lights. Below, we will share the characteristics of each type of LED panel in detail.

595mm x 595mm LED panel lights
The 595mm x 595mm LED panel light is a common LED lighting product with dimensions of 595mm x 595mm. It consists of an aluminum alloy frame, evenly distributed LED beads, a light guide panel, and a heat sink. The light emitted by the LED beads undergoes reflection and diffusion through the light guide panel to achieve a uniform and soft lighting effect. It is commonly used for commercial and office space lighting, such as offices, conference rooms, schools, hospitals, and shopping malls.
Advantages of 595mm x 595mm LED panel lights
High brightness and efficiency: LED panel lights use high-brightness LED beads, providing sufficient lighting brightness while having lower energy consumption. Compared to traditional fluorescent lights, LED panel lights are more energy-efficient and can significantly reduce energy consumption.
Uniform and soft lighting effect: LED panel lights employ light guide panel technology for reflection and diffusion, delivering a uniform and soft lighting effect while reducing glare and shadows.
Space-saving: The 595mm x 595mm LED panel light features a flat design with a thickness of 26mm. It is thinner compared to traditional embedded lighting fixtures, allowing for space-saving installation in indoor environments.
Long lifespan and durability: LED panel lights have a long lifespan, usually exceeding 50,000 hours, reducing the frequency of light fixture replacement. Additionally, LED panel lights are made with sturdy materials, providing durability and resistance to vibration.
Applications of 595mm x 595mm LED panel lights
595mm x 595mm LED panel lights are suitable for various commercial and office spaces, including but not limited to:
Offices: LED panel lights can provide uniform and soft lighting in offices, enhancing employee productivity and comfort.
Schools and universities: LED panel lights are suitable for lighting classrooms, libraries, laboratories, and other educational spaces, providing bright environments for students and staff.
Hospitals and clinics: LED panel lights can offer a clear and soft lighting, creating a comfortable and pleasant environment in hospitals and clinics.
Shopping malls and retail stores: LED panel lights can be used for lighting in shopping malls and retail stores, enhancing product displays and attracting customer attention.
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Super Energy-saving LED Panel Light
The Super Energy-saving LED Panel Light is the latest energy-saving luminaire developed by Kosoom. It is designed with energy efficiency in mind, achieving higher energy utilization efficiency through optimized circuit and component design. Compared to traditional energy-saving panel lights, it can save 58% of electricity expenses, and compared to ordinary LED panel lights, it can save 37% of electricity expenses, offering a high cost-performance ratio.

Advantages of the Super Energy-saving Panel Light
High Energy Efficiency: The Super Energy-saving LED Panel Light adopts highly efficient LED light sources and circuit design, achieving a maximum luminous efficacy of 143Lm/W. Compared to traditional lighting products, it has higher energy utilization efficiency. With 25W of power, it can provide the same brightness as a 40W ordinary LED panel light. The more fixtures used, the more significant the energy-saving effect.
Long Lifespan: The KOSOOM Super Energy-saving LED Panel Light also has a long lifespan. Based on testing data from Kosoom engineers in the laboratory, the lifespan of the luminaire is 50,000 hours. This means they are more durable, reducing the frequency of replacing fixtures and also reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
Cost Savings: Due to the low energy consumption and longer lifespan of the Super Energy-saving LED Panel Light, both businesses and individuals can save a significant amount on energy costs and maintenance expenses.
Environmentally Friendly: The Super Energy-saving LED Panel Light does not contain harmful substances such as mercury and does not produce ultraviolet radiation. They are an environmentally friendly lighting choice, helping to reduce carbon emissions and environmental pollution.
Applications of the Super Energy-saving Panel Light
The Super Energy-saving LED Panel Light is suitable for various commercial, office, hospital, and school spaces, including but not limited to:
Office and Conference Rooms: LED panel lights can provide uniform and bright lighting, suitable for long hours of work and meetings.
Commercial Places and Retail Stores: The Super Energy-saving LED Panel Light can be used for lighting needs in shopping malls, supermarkets, specialty stores, etc., enhancing product displays and attracting customers.
Schools and Universities: LED panel lights are suitable for lighting in classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and other educational institutions, providing a comfortable learning environment for students.
Hospitals and Clinics: LED panel lights provide soft lighting, helping to enhance the comfort and work efficiency of hospitals and clinics.
Anti-Glare LED Panel Light
An anti-glare panel light is an illumination device that uses LED technology as its light source. Its design objective is to reduce glare and reflections, creating a comfortable, glare-free space. It usually consists of an aluminum alloy frame, anti-glare material like diamond crystal to control light, evenly distributed LED beads, a light guide panel, and a heat sink. The anti-glare material effectively scatters light, reducing the glare phenomenon and maintaining a uniform and soft lighting effect.

Advantages of the Anti-Glare LED Panel Light
Glare and Reflection Reduction: The design objective of the anti-glare panel light is to reduce glare and reflections. It uses anti-glare material like diamond crystal and a special optical design to effectively scatter and disperse light, reducing the stimulation of glare on the eyes and providing a more comfortable and soft lighting environment.
Uniform and Soft Lighting Effect: The anti-glare panel light achieves a uniform and soft lighting effect through the reflection and diffusion technology of the light guide panel and a wide beam angle. It can provide evenly distributed light, avoiding shadows and hotspots, and providing consistent overall brightness.
Improved Visual Comfort: By reducing glare and reflections, the anti-glare panel light improves visual comfort. It is suitable for environments where people work, study, and read for long periods, reducing eye fatigue and discomfort.
Energy-saving and Efficient: The anti-glare panel light adopts LED light sources, featuring high energy efficiency and energy-saving characteristics. LED beads have low energy consumption and a long lifespan, reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.
Applications of the Anti-Glare LED Panel Light
The anti-glare panel light is suitable for various environments that require comfortable and uniform lighting, including but not limited to
Office and Conference Rooms: The anti-glare panel light is suitable for offices and conference rooms, providing a comfortable working environment and clear visual effects.
Schools and Libraries: The anti-glare panel light can be used in classrooms, libraries, and study rooms, providing a comfortable environment for reading and studying.
Hospitals and Clinics: The anti-glare panel light is suitable for the lighting needs of hospitals and clinics, reducing irritation and discomfort and improving the comfort of patients and medical staff.
Factors to Consider When Installing LED Panel Lights
Installation Location: Determining the installation location of the LED panel lights is crucial. Consider the lighting requirements and spatial layout to determine the optimal installation position. Ensure that the installation does not obstruct other equipment or impede passage.
Lighting Requirements: Determine the brightness and lighting range of the LED lights panel based on your needs. Considering the size and purpose of the installation environment, select an appropriate brightness level to meet the lighting requirements.
Size and Adaptability: Choose the appropriate size of LED panel lights to fit the installation location’s size and requirements. Ensure that the dimensions of the LED panel lights match the installation space to achieve the best lighting effect.
Color Temperature and Color Selection: Choose the color temperature of the LED panel lights based on the environment and personal preferences. Color temperature is typically measured in Kelvin (K). Selecting the appropriate color temperature can create the desired ambiance and visual effects.
Dimming and Control Options: Determine whether the LED panel lights require dimming functionality and select the appropriate dimming method. Some LED panel lights can be dimmed and controlled through switches, remote controls, or smart control systems.
Power and Electrical Requirements: Ensure that there are suitable power interfaces near the installation location and follow proper electrical installation specifications. If needed, seek the assistance of a professional electrician to ensure safe connections and correct electrical settings.
Installation Method: Choose the appropriate installation method based on the design and installation requirements of the flat panel LED lights. The KOSOOM LED panel lights in this category typically use embedded installation.
Safety Considerations: When installing LED panel lights, pay attention to safety precautions. Ensure that the fixtures are securely installed, avoiding any loose or unstable conditions. Follow the provided installation instructions and recommendations to ensure safe usage.
Most importantly, before installing LED panel lights, carefully read and adhere to the installation guide and user manual provided to ensure proper installation and operation. If you are unsure about the installation process, it is best to consult professionals or seek the assistance of an electrician.
How to Choose the Color Temperature for LED Panel Lights?
KOSOOM provides various color temperature options for LED panel lights, such as warm white 3000K, neutral white 4000K, and cool white 6000K. Before choosing the color temperature, it is important to determine your specific use case.

Determine the Use Case: For example, in an office setting, it is necessary to balance comfort and work efficiency. Warm color temperature can create a relaxing atmosphere, while cool color temperature may enhance focus and alertness in the short term but can lead to fatigue over extended periods. It is recommended to choose neutral white 4000K as the lighting color temperature in an office environment for clear visual effects and a good level of comfort.
Commercial Environments: Commercial environments typically require higher visual clarity to allow employees to perform tasks effectively. Neutral white 4000K or cool white 6000K lighting can provide higher brightness and color rendering, allowing people to see objects and text clearly, thus improving work efficiency. Cool white (6000K) can provide a brighter and more attention-focused effect.
The lighting in commercial environments is also associated with brand image and professionalism. Cool white light is generally perceived as clear, modern, and professional, making it suitable for various commercial places such as office buildings, shopping malls, and restaurants, creating a professional and efficient working and shopping environment for customers and employees.
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Consider Personal Preferences and Needs: Personal preferences for lighting vary among individuals. Some may prefer warmer and softer lighting, while others may prefer brighter and clearer lighting. Choose the corresponding color temperature based on personal preferences.
Task Requirements: Different tasks may require different color temperatures. For instance, when performing detailed work or operations, neutral or cool white lighting can provide better visual clarity and concentration.
Consider Coordination with Surrounding Lighting: If there are already other lighting fixtures (such as desk lamps or wall lights) present in the environment, it is advisable to choose LED panel lights with a color temperature that harmonizes with the surrounding lighting. This helps maintain overall consistency and harmony.
How to Install LED Panel Lights?
The following steps, provided by KOSOOM engineers, outline the installation process for recessed LED panel lights. They are intended to assist you in completing the lighting installation successfully:

Power off: Before performing any installation or maintenance procedures, ensure that the power is turned off and disconnect the power cables associated with the light fixtures.
Read the instruction manual: Carefully read the installation manual provided for the recessed LED panel lights. It is usually found in the packaging box. Familiarize yourself with the specific installation requirements and steps outlined in the LED panel light manual.
Determine the installation location:
Based on the lighting design drawings, determine the optimal installation location for the recessed LED panel lights. Consider the structure and load-bearing capacity of the installation location to ensure secure and stable embedding of the fixtures.
Prepare installation holes and cut mounting holes:
Using measuring tools and marking instruments, mark the installation hole positions for the recessed LED panel lights on the ceiling or wall. Ensure accurate measurement of the hole size to accommodate the dimensions of the fixtures.
Using appropriate tools such as drills or saws, cut the ceiling or wall according to the marked positions to create the installation holes.
Ensure accurate cutting of the holes to match the recessed LED panel lights.
If the ceiling adopts a 600×600 suspended ceiling system, you can skip the above steps. Simply remove the ceiling panel and replace it with our light fixtures. We highly recommend using our LED panel lights in such ceiling spaces.
Connect the power:
Connect the power cables of the fixtures to the nearby power cables at the installation location. Ensure correct cable connections and secure them with screws or insulating sleeves.
Install the LED panel lights:
Gently insert the recessed LED panel lights into the installation holes, ensuring a tight fit between the fixtures and the brackets or installation frames.
Connect the power and test:
Reconnect the power and ensure that the power cables are securely connected. Turn on the power and test the operational status and lighting effects of the recessed LED panel lights. Ensure that the fixtures are functioning properly and check for uniform and expected lighting.
How to Maintain and Care for LED Panel Lights?
Maintenance and care of LED panel lights are crucial steps to ensure their long-term performance and lifespan. Here are some suggested methods for maintaining and caring for LED panel lights, provided by KOSOOM electricians:
Regular cleaning:
Power off the lights and wait for the LED panel lights to cool down. Use a soft cloth or a vacuum cleaner to gently clean the surface of the fixtures, removing dust and dirt. Avoid using chemical solvents or corrosive cleaners to prevent damage to the fixture surface.
Check power cables and connectors:
Regularly inspect the power cables and connectors of the LED panel lights to ensure they are undamaged and secure. If any damage or loose connections are found, repair or replace them immediately.
Inspect heat dissipation:
Check the backside heat dissipation of the LED panel lights. Accumulated dust and debris can affect heat dissipation and cause the fixtures to overheat.
Regularly check the light output:
Periodically check the light output of the LED panel lights to ensure it is normal. If dimming or LED failures are observed, promptly replace the affected LED panel lights.
Maintain environmental ventilation:
Ensure proper ventilation around the LED panel lights to avoid excessive heat buildup, which helps extend the lifespan of the fixtures.
Regularly inspect controllers and dimmers:
If the LED panel lights are equipped with controllers or dimmers, regularly check their operational status and connections to ensure they are functioning correctly.
Prevent overvoltage and overcurrent:
Use appropriate voltage stabilizers and protective devices to prevent LED panel lights from being affected by overvoltage and overcurrent.
Regularly check fasteners:
Inspect the fasteners (such as screws or clamps) of the LED panel lights to ensure they are securely tightened, preventing the fixtures from becoming loose or unstable.
What is an LED panel light?
An LED panel light is an illumination device that uses LEDs as the light source. It consists of a panel light source composed of evenly distributed LED chips, which are installed within a slim aluminum alloy frame. LED panel lights are typically square or rectangular in shape. They are known for their thin profile, uniform lighting, and high energy efficiency. They are widely used in commercial and office spaces, schools, hospitals, and other similar locations.
What are the benefits of LED panel lights?
LED panel lights offer several advantages, including high energy efficiency, uniform light distribution, long lifespan, aesthetic appeal, and easy installation.
What is the KOSOOM Energy-Saving King LED panel light?
KOSOOM Energy-Saving King LED panel light is a panel lighting fixture that utilizes the latest energy-saving LED technology. It can achieve a maximum luminous efficacy of 143 lumens per watt (lm/W), which is 43% higher than the typical 100 lm/W of regular LEDs. Even with anti-glare technology, it can still achieve a luminous efficacy of 118 lm/W, far surpassing other similar products.
Which LED panel light should I choose for my office?
To ensure a conducive working environment for employees, the color temperature and UGR (Unified Glare Rating) of the lighting are crucial factors to consider. KOSOOM offers a specialized office lighting fixture, PLB001 (PB0111, PB0112), with strong anti-glare capabilities. It utilizes diamond crystal materials to control the light direction, resulting in a UGR index below 19, making it the ideal choice for office spaces.
How to maintain and care for LED panel lights?
Regular cleaning: Use a soft cloth or a hairdryer to remove dust and ensure the uniformity and brightness of the light.
Handle with care: Avoid collisions or dropping the LED panel lights to prevent damage to the LED chips or the housing.
Avoid moist environments: LED panel lights are generally not suitable for humid environments. Prevent moisture from entering the fixtures as it can damage the circuitry and pose safety risks.
Regular inspections: Periodically check the power cables, connectors, and other components for looseness or damage to ensure proper functionality.
Safe usage: Follow the installation and usage instructions provided for the LED panel lights, ensuring the correct power voltage and connections to avoid overloading.