Direct light-emitting flat panel Light 3000K PLB001-PB0106 KOSOOM


Product Technical Specifications – PB0106 Panel Lights

Product CodePB0106
Power (W)40W
Size (mm)595*595*26mm
Voltage (V)220
Beam Angle (°)110°
CCT (K)6000K

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

Embrace Illumination with Kosoom – A Light Beyond Ordinary

Ladies and gentlemen, gather around as I illuminate your world with the radiant brilliance of Kosoom – the undisputed expert in commercial lighting solutions! Our brand, Kosoom, shines brighter than a supernova, and our Panel Light series is a cosmic masterpiece of innovation. Prepare for a mesmerizing journey through the dazzling universe of Kosoom!

Panel Light – Illuminating Brilliance for Every Space

Hold your breath, for Panel Light is not your average luminary; it’s a symphony of radiance crafted to dance gracefully in any setting. Picture this: whether it’s a bustling supermarket, a chic retail store, or the coziest nook of your home, Panel Light takes center stage, weaving its magic with LED’s energy efficiency and customizable colors. Say goodbye to dim days and welcome the spotlight with Panel Light!

Unveiling PB0106 – The Radiant Star of Kosoom

Step into the spotlight with PB0106, our celestial creation designed to leave you starstruck! With a CCT of 6000K, emanating a mesmerizing 4200 lumens, and boasting a wide-angle of 110°, PB0106 paints your world with true-to-life colors, thanks to its high CRI of ≥80. And here’s the clincher – it’s not just a brilliant panel light; it’s a Kosoom-born legend, a testament to our commitment to creating luminous wonders.

PB0106 – The Radiance That Charms

Prepare to be enchanted, for PB0106 is no ordinary lighting superstar! Its virtues are as boundless as the cosmos. Picture this: a robust build ensuring it stands the test of time, a secure design putting your worries to rest, and a breathtakingly stylish appearance that adds an exquisite touch to any space. But wait, there’s more! PB0106 is a master of versatility, effortlessly illuminating any setting with its luminous charm. Oh, and did we mention it’s a cinch to install? This luminary star is a celestial charmer!

Brilliance Unleashed – The Advantages of PB0106

Hold onto your shades, folks, for PB0106 is a brilliance bonanza! Let’s start with its LED wonder – it beams with brightness while leaving a tiny carbon footprint, saving both the planet and your wallet. And that’s not all – its light dances harmoniously, illuminating every inch of space with its uniform glow. And here’s the colorful twist – PB0106 comes in multiple hues, turning your ambiance into a kaleidoscope of delight. Talk about color harmony – PB0106’s high CRI ensures colors sparkle like cosmic gems. But wait, there’s more! Its slim design is the cherry on top, adding a modern flair to your space. And don’t miss the encore – our Indoor Spotlight series is a shining star in its own right!

The Kosoom Promise – Quality Guaranteed!

Quality reigns supreme in our cosmic realm, and PB0106 comes bearing the seal of approval – CE and ROHS certifications! When you choose PB0106, you’re guaranteed brilliance, backed by a five-year warranty. It’s a cosmic assurance we stand by with pride!

Illuminating Your Space – Installing PB0106 with Ease

Eager to bask in PB0106’s brilliance? Fear not, for installation is a cosmic breeze! First, power down – safety is our guiding star. Then, follow the step-by-step manual like following a trail of stardust. And here’s a little secret – keep it dry and dent-free for an interstellar glow. We don’t want grumpy stars now, do we?

The Enchanting Choice – Why PB0106 by Kosoom

Why choose PB0106 from Kosoom? It’s a celestial no-brainer, really! Our star-studded customization services cater to your every whim, transforming your space into a magical wonderland. And the best part? PB0106 won’t dim your budget – it’s a shining star with a down-to-earth price tag! With Kosoom, you get premium quality and cosmic prices – a pairing as rare as a solar eclipse. And don’t forget, our after-sales service is a shooting star, always at your service! Oh, and there’s more star power – don’t miss our LED Track lights for another stellar experience!

Lovingly Cared for – PB0106’s Maintenance Guide

PB0106’s glow is meant to dazzle for light-years to come! Simply give it a gentle wipe with a soft cloth – presto, a celestial glow! And with our five-year warranty, you’re covered for light-years ahead!

Beyond Brilliance – The Priceless Brilliance of PB0106

Prepare for a dazzling light show! PB0106 isn’t just a sparkle; it’s a cosmic supernova of value! When you consider its out-of-this-world features, PB0106 eclipses the competition with brilliance and unbeatable value. It’s a celestial win-win!

Final Bow – Embrace the Brilliance of Kosoom!

As the curtains draw to a close, let’s bathe in the radiant allure of Kosoom and PB0106. It’s not just lighting – it’s an odyssey of brilliance. Whether it’s your dream home, a pulsating supermarket, or a trendy retail store, Kosoom’s Panel Light series is the celestial key to an enchanting world. PB0106 will be your guiding star, lighting up your life with brilliance. The cosmic brilliance of Kosoom awaits – are you ready to shine?











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