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RGB LED Strip Lights

RGB Strip LightsAre you looking for unique and high quality RGB light strips? Our range of RGB LED strip lights offer a wide range of color options to add color and ambience to your space. Easy to install and flexible in design, it is suitable for various scenarios such as home decoration, behind the TV, and party atmosphere creation. It has 300 high-brightness LED lamp beads to ensure bright and uniform lighting effects. Long-lasting materials and reliable quality make it ideal for your long-term lighting solution. Whether creating a cozy home or creating a stylish atmosphere, our RGB LED light strips can meet all your expectations.
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Do you want to add some unique lighting effects to your home, office, or public places? Are you tired of traditional lamps and want to DIY some personalized lighting designs? If your answer is yes, then you will love our RGB LED strip lights products.


RGB light strip is energy-saving and environmentally friendly

RGB light strip are a kind of lighting products that use a special processing technology to solder LED chips of three primary additive colors: Red, Green, and Blue, to copper wires or flexible circuit boards (FPC) or rigid circuit boards (PCB), and then connect them to the power supply to emit light. RGB light strip have the following advantages:

RGB light strip consume less energy than traditional lamps, saving electricity bills, reducing carbon emissions, and protecting the environment.

Safety of RGB LED light strips

This series of RGB LED light strips have a low operating voltage, generally 12V or 24V, which will not cause harm to the human body or cause fire or other safety accidents.

Our series of RGB LED light strips have a longer service life than traditional lamps, generally up to more than 50,000 hours, without frequent replacement, saving time and effort.

RGB strip lights are colorful and rich

RGB strip lights can adjust the color according to the needs, achieving single color, dual color, three color, seven color, etc. color changes, and can also use controllers to achieve flicker, gradient, jump, etc. mode changes, adding infinite charm to your space.

Our RGB strip lights products can be divided into high-voltage light strips and low-voltage light strips according to the different voltages. You can choose according to your needs and scenarios.

Our RGB LED strip lights can overcome the voltage drop problem during long-distance transmission, allowing the length of a single light strip to reach a longer distance. At the same time, the colors of RGB LED strip lights are more bright and beautiful, and they are suitable for every place in the home.


Choosing the right RGB light strips

Our RGB light strips have low working voltage, are relatively safe, can be driven by ordinary power supplies, are relatively simple to install and operate, and are convenient for personal DIY. At the same time, RGB light strips consume less energy, are energy-saving and environmentally friendly. RGB light strips are suitable for personalized lighting, such as home, display cabinets, rooms, game tables, etc.

No matter you choose RGB LED strip lights for any scene, our products can meet your various light strip application needs, whether it is the light strip protection level or the light strip power specification, there are many options. Our RGB LED strip lights serve as light sources and can be used in various DIY applications when combined with profiles. The application of RGB LED strip lights on profiles can be matched according to the internal dimensions of the profiles. In some places that require different color atmospheres, you can choose RGB LED strip lights.


Kosoom provides the best rgb light strips

If you are interested in our RGB LED strip lights, we provide you with the best rgb light strips and the most reasonable prices. Our RGB LED strip lights fill your space with light and make your life more exciting!