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Track Lights

What is track lighting?

Track lighting is a lighting fixture system used for illumination, typically installed on a ceiling LED light track. It consists of a long and narrow metal track and a series of movable fixtures. Track lights usually consist of multiple independently adjustable lamp heads or fixtures that can be moved and adjusted as needed, providing flexibility for directional lighting and lighting design.

One of the main features of track lighting is adjustable light direction. Each lamp head can be individually rotated, tilted, or moved to direct the light onto specific areas or objects. This adjustability makes track lighting highly suitable for various environments such as display venues, commercial spaces, galleries, and residences. Users can adjust the position and angle of the lamp heads according to their needs to achieve the desired lighting effect.

Classification of track lighting

KOSOOM offers several types of commercial track lighting, including high color rendering index (CRI) track lighting, adjustable beam angle track lighting, anti-glare track lighting, super energy-saving track lighting, customized track lighting, track lighting with a 5-year extended warranty, and customized magnetic track lighting.

High CRI LED track lighting

High CRI LED track lighting is a lighting device that features a high color rendering index. The Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a metric used to measure the ability of a light source to reproduce colors of objects accurately, with values ranging from 0 to 100. A higher value indicates a better ability to render colors.

LED track lighting

Advantages of high CRI LED track lighting

Accurate color reproduction: High CRI means that track lighting can accurately reproduce the colors of objects, making them appear more real and natural.

Good lighting effects: Due to the high CRI, track lighting provides more uniform and bright illumination, reducing shadows and color discrepancies, resulting in a brighter and clearer environment.

Enhanced visual comfort: High CRI track lighting can reduce eye fatigue and discomfort, improving visual comfort, especially in environments that require prolonged visual work or have special color requirements, such as galleries, malls, and exhibition halls.

Good fixture design: High CRI track lighting typically employs advanced fixture designs, offering a longer lifespan, high energy efficiency, and adjustable light intensity, providing more flexible lighting solutions.

Applications of high CRI LED track lighting

Commercial spaces: High CRI LED track lights is suitable for commercial spaces such as malls, retail stores, supermarkets, providing accurate color reproduction of products and enhancing the shopping experience for customers.

Exhibition halls and museums: Exhibition halls and museums often require accurate color reproduction of artworks, artifacts, or exhibits. High CRI track lighting can meet these requirements, allowing viewers to better appreciate and understand the displayed content.

Galleries and art studios: Accurate color reproduction of artworks is crucial for galleries and art studios. High CRI track lighting can provide high-quality lighting effects, helping artists and viewers better appreciate and evaluate the artwork.

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Dimmable beam angle track lighting

Dimmable beam angle track lighting fixtures are lighting devices that have an adjustable beam angle. They can change the beam’s spread range to adjust the coverage and intensity of the illumination as needed.

LED track lighting

Advantages of dimmable beam angle track lighting

Flexibility and adjustability: Dimmable beam angle track lighting fixtures allow control over the lighting range by adjusting the beam angle. They can provide focused illumination, concentrating on specific areas, or wide coverage to span larger spaces. This flexibility enables track lighting LED to adapt to different scenes and requirements.

Energy-saving and environmentally friendly: By adjusting the beam angle, dimmable beam angle track light fixtures can reduce energy waste. When a smaller lighting range is needed, narrowing the beam angle concentrates more light on the target area, reducing energy consumption. This helps conserve energy and decrease carbon emissions.

Excellent lighting effects: Dimmable beam angle track lighting fixtures typically employ high-quality light sources and lighting fixture designs, delivering uniform, bright, and adjustable lighting effects. They can meet various lighting requirements, whether emphasizing specific objects or providing overall illumination.

Emphasis and ambiance creation: Due to the ability to adjust the beam angle, dimmable beam angle track lighting fixtures can be used to highlight specific areas, objects, or details. They can be utilized in display venues, commercial spaces, or art exhibitions to create various atmospheres and focal points.

Applications of dimmable beam angle track lighting

Commercial spaces: Dimmable beam angle track lighting fixtures are suitable for supermarkets, retail stores, showrooms, exhibition venues, and other commercial spaces. The beam angle can be adjusted to highlight specific products or display areas according to merchandise presentation requirements.

Exhibition venues and museums: In exhibition venues and museums, dimmable beam angle track lighting fixtures can be used to emphasize exhibits, artworks, or artifacts, providing precise lighting effects for better appreciation and understanding by visitors.

Restaurants and hotels: Dimmable beam angle track lighting fixtures can be employed in lighting designs for restaurants and hotels to create different dining areas or room ambiances. The beam angle can be adjusted as needed to establish a cozy, romantic, or fashionable atmosphere.

Display spaces and art studios: In display spaces and art studios, dimmable beam angle track lighting fixtures can be used to highlight showcased works, art pieces, or handmade products, aiding artists and viewers in better appreciating and evaluating the works.

Anti-glare track lighting fixtures

Anti-glare track lighting fixtures are lighting devices that possess the feature of reducing glare. Glare refers to the discomfort and reflection caused by excessively bright or dazzling light. Anti-glare track lighting fixtures employ special designs and techniques to minimize or eliminate glare, providing a more comfortable lighting environment.

LED track lighting

Advantages of anti-glare track lighting fixtures

Provision of comfortable illumination: Anti-glare track lighting fixtures can reduce glare, alleviating eye fatigue and discomfort. By changing the position of the light source, utilizing anti-glare shades, or employing diffused lighting methods, they minimize direct light exposure, resulting in softer and more even lighting effects.

Protection of visual health: Glare poses certain risks to visual health, as prolonged exposure to intense glare can lead to visual fatigue, eye disorders, and visual impairments. The design of anti-glare track lighting fixtures helps mitigate these risks and safeguard the user’s visual health.

Enhancement of visual clarity: Glare can cause visual distortions and blurring, affecting the observation of object details and colors. Anti-glare track lighting fixtures reduce glare reflections, thereby enhancing visual clarity and making object details more clearly visible.

Enhancement of space aesthetics: Anti-glare track lighting fixtures often feature carefully designed fixtures and shades with lower visible light reflectance. They not only provide high-quality lighting effects but also contribute to creating a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Applications of anti-glare track lighting fixtures

Offices and commercial spaces: Anti-glare track lighting fixtures are suitable for offices, shops, showrooms, and other spaces that involve prolonged visual work. They provide gentle and even lighting, reducing the impact of glare on work efficiency and visual comfort.

Learning spaces and libraries: In learning spaces and libraries, anti-glare track lighting fixtures can offer comfortable illumination, helping readers concentrate and minimizing the disruption caused by glare during reading experiences.

Restaurants and cafes: Anti-glare track lighting fixtures in restaurants and cafes provide soft and comfortable lighting, creating a warm and relaxed dining atmosphere while reducing the impact of glare on customers’ vision.

Exhibition venues and galleries: Anti-glare track lighting fixtures are suitable for exhibition venues and galleries, reducing the interference of glare for viewers appreciating artworks and providing a comfortable and clear visual experience.

Super energy-saving track lighting

Super energy-saving track lighting is an efficient and energy-saving lighting device with excellent energy efficiency and a long lifespan. They typically consist of a track, adjustable lamp heads, and built-in LED light sources. Track lights can be mounted on ceilings or walls, and the adjustable lamp heads allow for flexible adjustment of the lighting direction and angle to meet specific lighting needs.

LED track lighting

Advantages of super energy-saving track lighting

High energy efficiency: Super energy-saving track lighting utilizes LED technology, which features high energy conversion efficiency and low energy loss. Compared to traditional lighting devices such as incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lamps, LEDs are more energy-efficient. They have a high energy utilization rate, converting more electrical energy into light and reducing energy waste.

Long lifespan: The LED light sources in super energy-saving track lighting have a long lifespan, typically lasting for tens of thousands of hours or more. In comparison, traditional incandescent bulbs have a lifespan of only a few thousand hours. This means that super energy-saving track lighting requires minimal maintenance and bulb replacements, significantly reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

Excellent lighting effects: Super energy-saving track lighting provides outstanding lighting effects, delivering uniform illumination while reducing shadows and glare. The adjustable lamp heads allow for changes in the lighting direction and angle, enabling flexible lighting designs as needed.

Environmentally friendly: Super energy-saving track lighting is free of harmful substances such as mercury and lead, and it emits no ultraviolet or infrared radiation. LED technology reduces energy consumption, helping to lower carbon footprints and minimize negative environmental impacts.

Applications of super energy-saving track lighting

Commercial spaces: Super energy-saving track lighting is suitable for commercial venues such as malls, department stores, supermarkets, and retail shops. They provide efficient and energy-saving lighting solutions while accommodating various display needs.

Office environments: In offices, conference rooms, and lobbies, super energy-saving track lighting offers comfortable, uniform, and energy-efficient lighting effects. Its adjustable and directional lighting characteristics allow the light to be adjusted according to the requirements of different work areas.

Hotels and the food industry: Super energy-saving track lighting is applicable to hotel rooms, lobbies, restaurants, and bars. They can create various atmospheres and lighting effects, providing a comfortable dining and leisure experience.

Beauty and displays: Super energy-saving track lighting can be used in beauty salons, art galleries, exhibition halls, and museums to highlight displayed items or artworks and provide accurate color rendering.

Customized track lighting

Customized track lighting is a lighting system tailored to the customer’s lighting needs, space layout, and design requirements. It typically consists of customized track structures, adjustable lamp heads, and various light fixtures to achieve flexible lighting effects and visual impact.

LED track lighting

Advantages of customized track lighting

Personalized design: Customized track lighting allows for personalized designs based on the customer’s requirements, including the shape, size, material, and color of the track, as well as the number, type, and layout of lamp heads. This enables unique lighting effects and visual impacts tailored to specific environments and space needs.

Flexibility and adjustability: Customized track lighting often incorporates adjustable lamp heads, allowing for changes in the lighting direction, angle, and intensity to meet different lighting requirements in various scenarios. This flexibility makes customized track lighting highly suitable for places that require focused, directional, and adjustable lighting.

Efficient energy utilization: Customized track lighting can use efficient LED light sources, which have lower energy consumption and longer lifespans. By selecting energy-efficient LED fixtures and adjusting the brightness and direction of the light, higher energy utilization efficiency can be achieved, reducing energy waste.

Excellent lighting effects: Customized track lighting provides uniform, soft, and adjustable lighting effects. It avoids issues like shadows and glare while allowing for adjustments in brightness and color temperature to meet the lighting demands of different environments.

Applications of customized track lighting

Commercial displays: Customized track lighting can be used in malls, boutiques, exhibition halls, and museums for commercial displays. It allows for customizing the types of fixtures, brightness levels, and angles of the lighting to highlight the details and aesthetics of displayed items.

Food industry: Restaurants, cafes, and bars can use customized track lighting to create unique dining atmospheres. By customizing the layout of the lighting fixtures and adjusting the color temperature, warm, romantic, or modern dining environments can be created.

Art spaces: Art galleries, studios, and creative spaces often require special lighting effects to showcase artworks. Customized track lighting can customize the brightness, color temperature, and angles of the light according to the type of artwork and exhibition requirements, emphasizing the uniqueness of the art pieces.

Hotels and interior design: High-end hotels, resorts, and luxury residential projects often require personalized lighting solutions. Customized track lighting can tailor the shape, length, and material of the track, as well as the style and layout of the fixtures, to provide unique lighting effects for the space.

Office environments: Offices, conference rooms, and study spaces can utilize customized track lighting to meet different work requirements. Customized track lighting can provide suitable lighting brightness and color temperature to enhance work efficiency and comfort.

Extended 5-Year Warranty Track Lighting

The extended 5-year warranty track lighting is a lighting fixture known for its outstanding quality and reliability, with KOSOOM offering a warranty period of up to 5 years. This means that during the warranty period, you can receive services such as repairs or replacements for any manufacturing defects or malfunctions.

LED track lighting

Advantages of Extended 5-Year Warranty Track Lighting

Reliability and Quality Assurance: The extended 5-year warranty track lighting undergoes rigorous quality control and testing, ensuring its reliability and durability. The manufacturer’s 5-year warranty period reflects their confidence in the product’s quality and their commitment to providing service and support during the warranty period.

Cost-Effective: The extended 5-year warranty provides users with an extended period of maintenance and replacement coverage when purchasing the track lighting. This reduces the costs associated with repairs and replacements. It also demonstrates the manufacturer’s confidence in the quality and durability of their product, providing an economical choice.

User Experience: The extended 5-year warranty track lighting offers users additional peace of mind and confidence. Users can enjoy high-quality lighting for an extended period, reducing inconveniences and disruptions caused by lighting failures. Additionally, the manufacturer’s warranty commitment ensures a good customer service and support experience.

Efficient Energy Utilization: Extended 5-year warranty track lighting typically utilizes efficient LED light sources, which have lower energy consumption and longer lifespans. They are known for their energy-efficient characteristics, reducing energy consumption and extending the lifespan of the fixtures, contributing to energy savings and operational cost reductions.

Applications of Extended 5-Year Warranty Track Lighting

Commercial Spaces: The extended warranty track lighting is highly suitable for commercial venues such as shopping malls, department stores, and supermarkets. These places often require reliable lighting solutions for extended operating hours, and the extended warranty period provides additional assurance and confidence.

Hotels and Hospitality: Hotels, lobbies, restaurants, and bars can benefit from the extended warranty track lighting. These locations require lighting fixtures that are frequently in use, and the extended warranty period reduces the frequency of maintenance and light fixture replacements, providing more stable lighting effects.

Exhibitions and Art Spaces: Museums, galleries, exhibition halls, and art galleries require reliable lighting fixtures to showcase artworks and exhibits. The extended warranty period ensures that the lighting fixtures maintain good performance and reliability during prolonged operation.

Commercial Offices: Commercial office spaces often require lighting fixtures that operate continuously. The extended warranty track lighting ensures that the lighting needs of office spaces are met while reducing the frequency of maintenance and light fixture replacements.

Custom Magnetic Track Lighting

Custom magnetic track lighting is one type of track lighting system that utilizes magnetic technology to secure the fixtures to the track, enabling flexible installation and adjustment. The track typically consists of rails and a power supply, while the fixtures are connected to the rails through magnetic force, allowing them to move freely and be positioned along the track.

Magnetic Track Lighting

Advantages of Custom Magnetic Track Lighting

Flexible Installation: The magnetic design of custom magnetic track lighting allows for easy installation and removal of fixtures. There is no need for screws or other fasteners; simply align the fixtures with the track, and they will magnetically adhere, making installation and replacement very convenient.

Adjustability: Custom magnetic track lighting allows fixtures to move and rotate freely along the track to meet different lighting requirements. Users can adjust the position, angle, and lighting direction of the fixtures according to specific scenes and personal preferences, achieving directional and focused lighting effects.

Personalized Design: Custom magnetic track lighting can be tailored to customer requirements. Users can choose different types and styles of fixtures, and adjust the number and layout of fixtures, as well as the shape and material of the track, creating unique lighting solutions to meet specific design requirements and styles.

Space Saving: Due to the ability of custom magnetic track lighting fixtures to move and be positioned freely, it allows for efficient use of space and flexible lighting arrangements. This makes it particularly suitable for spaces with limited room or those that require frequent adjustments to the lighting layout, such as exhibition halls, galleries, shopping malls, restaurants, etc.

Energy Efficiency: Custom magnetic track lighting typically utilizes efficient LED light sources, which have low energy consumption and long lifespans. LED fixtures can provide high brightness and uniform lighting while reducing energy consumption, contributing to energy savings and operational cost reduction.

Applications of Custom Magnetic Track Lighting

Custom magnetic track lighting is suitable for various commercial and residential environments, particularly well-suited for the following places:

Exhibition Halls and Galleries: The adjustability and personalized design of the fixtures make them ideal for illuminating exhibits in exhibition halls and galleries, allowing for flexible lighting and adjustment as needed.

Commercial Spaces: Custom magnetic track lighting can be customized based on commercial needs and spatial layouts, providing unique lighting effects that enhance the attractiveness and comfort of indoor environments in places such as shopping malls, retail stores, and restaurants.

Offices: Custom magnetic track lighting can offer high-quality lighting solutions to meet the lighting needs of office spaces, providing a good working environment and visual comfort.

For more information about magnetic track lighting, you can refer to our blog article “Magnetic Track Lighting Systems: A Comprehensive Guide.”

Factors to Consider When Installing Track Lighting

Lighting Requirements: First, determine the specific lighting requirements for the installation of track lighting, including the areas to be illuminated, light intensity, and color temperature. This helps in identifying the appropriate type, quantity, and layout of fixtures.

Space Layout: Understanding the space layout for installing track lighting is crucial. Determine the position, length, and shape of the track to accommodate the dimensions and geometry of the space. Consider the location of other furniture, decorations, and equipment to ensure that the track lighting arrangement does not create obstacles or blockages.

Power and Electrical Requirements: Track lighting requires a power supply, so consider the location and quantity of power outlets and the necessary electrical wiring. Ensure that the power load can meet the power requirements of the installed track lighting.

Installation Height: The installation height of track lighting has a significant impact on the lighting effect. Consider whether the installation height is suitable for the desired lighting intensity and distribution. In general, a higher installation height provides a wider lighting coverage, while a lower installation height offers more focused lighting effects.

Color Temperature and Color: Choose the appropriate color temperature and color based on lighting requirements and space style. Different color temperatures can create different atmospheres and effects, such as warm white for a cozy and intimate environment, and cool white for a crisp and modern atmosphere.

Dimming and Control: If dimming functionality or remote control is desired, consider selecting a track lighting system that supports dimming and control, and ensure the installation of the corresponding dimming devices and control systems.

Safety Requirements: When installing track lighting, it is essential to follow safety regulations and building codes. Ensure that the fixtures and electrical equipment comply with relevant safety standards and ensure proper grounding and insulation.

For detailed information about track lighting fixture installation, refer to our blog article “Installing Track Lighting – The Ultimate FAQ Guide.”


What are the advantages of track lighting?

  • Flexibility: Track lighting is adjustable and movable to adapt to different lighting needs.
  • Versatility: It accommodates various types of fixtures, providing multiple lighting effects.
  • Directability: The angle and position of the fixtures can be adjusted to achieve precise directional lighting.
  • Space Saving: It efficiently utilizes space, making it suitable for limited-space areas.
  • Customizability: Track lighting can be customized according to specific requirements, including length, shape, material, and types of fixtures.

Where is high CRI track lighting used?

High CRI track lighting is suitable for areas that require accurate and true color rendering, such as art galleries, exhibition halls, museums, commercial display areas, and clothing stores.

Which areas require anti-glare track lighting?

Anti-glare track lighting is suitable for areas that require avoiding glare and providing comfortable lighting, such as offices, study areas, restaurants, and libraries.

How to maintain track lighting?

Track lighting maintenance involves the following steps:

  • Power off: Ensure safe operation by disconnecting the power supply to the track lighting.
  • Check fixture connections: Ensure stable connections without any looseness or damage.
  • Clean the track: Remove dust and debris to maintain smooth movement and fixation of fixtures.
  • Test and adjust: Reconnect the power supply, test the proper functioning of track lighting, and adjust the position and direction of fixtures as needed.

What parameters can be customized for the track?

The track can be customized in terms of length, shape, material, installation method, and accessories. Customization options include size, curvature, material selection, as well as installation and adjustment requirements for different types of fixtures based on specific needs.