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Spotlight Track Lighting 12W 4000K 1020LM T0103N Beam Angle 24˚ TRL001- Kosoom


Product Technical Specifications – T0103N Series Track Lighting

Product CodePower (W)LumenSize (Lmm)Cut-off (Ømm)Voltage (V)CRIColorBeam Angle (°)CCT (K)

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

Cost-effective analysis of product T0103N:

The product T0103N is a 12W lighting product with a black appearance, and has the following performance parameters:

Lumens: 1020
Color temperature: 4000K
Color Reduction Index (CRI): ≥80
Lighting angle: 24 degrees
The price to match these performance parameters is 29.99 euros.

Cost performance refers to the comprehensive performance of the price advantage and performance advantage of a product within a certain range of performance. For T0103N, let’s conduct a cost-effective analysis:

Price advantage: The price of T0103N is 29.99 Euros. Under the parameters of 12W power and 1020 lumens, this price is relatively reasonable and competitive. Compared with other similar products, the price of T0103N is more attractive, providing customers with an economical choice.

Premium Performance: Despite its price advantage, the T0103N doesn’t compromise on performance. The product’s 1020 lumen output means it has a high level of brightness for bright and even lighting. At the same time, the 4000K color temperature provides customers with neutral white light, which is suitable for lighting needs in many different places. The excellent color reproduction performance of CRI ≥ 80 enables it to restore the true color of objects and provide a more natural and real visual experience.

Comprehensive evaluation: In the cost performance analysis, T0103N shows a good balance. For a price of 29.99 euros it offers excellent performance, especially in terms of brightness and color reproduction. This makes T0103N an attractive choice for various places, including commercial spaces, offices, homes, etc., bringing users a high-quality lighting experience.

The unique charm of KOSOOM brand and products:

As a trusted commercial lighting brand, KOSOOM attracts many users with its unique charm:

High quality: KOSOOM takes high quality as its belief, and constantly strives to provide high-quality lighting products. All products have undergone strict quality testing and certification to ensure stable and reliable performance and provide users with an excellent lighting experience.

Carefully designed: KOSOOM’s product design integrates aesthetics and function, showing fashion and modernity. Whether it is exterior design or light effect design, our products can add unique charm to your space.

Diversified choices: KOSOOM provides a variety of product series to meet the lighting requirements of different places and needs. Whether you are in a home, commercial or office space, we have the right lighting solution.

Invitation to choose KOSOOM’s TRL001 Track Lights series products:

We sincerely invite you to choose KOSOOM’s TRL001 Track Lights series products. It is a star among our lighting products with the following advantages:

High quality: TRL001 Track Lights series has undergone strict quality control to ensure the reliability and durability of the product. You can rest assured that it will provide you with high-quality lighting effects whether it is a home or a commercial space.

Efficient lighting experience: TRL001 Track Lights series adopts advanced LED technology to provide high brightness and uniform lighting effect. Whether you need intense lighting or soft ambient light, it can meet your needs.

In addition to the TRL001 Track Lights series, KOSOOM also provides other high-quality product series, such as indoor spotlights. These series of products are carefully designed and optimized to provide users with comprehensive lighting solutions.

At KOSOOM, we firmly believe that lighting can change life and bring more beauty to your space. Choose our products, you will have high-quality, efficient lighting experience, and add unique charm to your space. We look forward to your choice, let KOSOOM be your choice of lighting.

About Certification and Warranty

Certification: The product T0103N has passed CE and ROHS certification, which means that it meets the relevant safety and environmental standards of the European Union and is a safe and reliable lighting product.

Warranty period: The warranty period of T0103N is 3-5 years, and you can enjoy 3-5 years of warranty service from the date of purchase. During the warranty period, if there is any quality problem with the product, we will provide you with free repair or replacement service to ensure your purchasing rights.

IP protection level: The IP protection level of T0103N is IP20, it has a certain dustproof function, but it does not have waterproof function. Therefore, it is recommended to use T0103N in a dry indoor environment and avoid places exposed to moisture or water.

We are full of confidence in the quality and performance of T0103N, so we promise to provide a warranty period of up to 3-5 years, so that you can worry-free during use. Products certified by CE and ROHS guarantee their safety and environmental protection. The dustproof function of IP20 is also suitable for the needs of most indoor spaces. Choose T0103N, you will enjoy high-quality lighting experience, and also get our all-round after-sales support, making your lighting choice more assured and considerate.

Installation method of product T0103N:

To install T0103N Track Lighting, follow the steps below:

Turn off the power: Before starting the installation, be sure to turn off the power switch in the relevant area to ensure safety.

Prepare tools: Make sure you have the following tools: electric drill, hole saw (diameter should match the hole size of T0103N (55mm)), screwdriver, wire connector, wrench, etc.

Positioning and Marking: Where you plan to install the T0103N Track Lighting, use a measuring tape to measure the exact opening location, then use a pencil or other marking tool to mark the exact opening point on the ceiling.

Drilling: Using a power drill and a matching hole saw, drill holes along the marked points. Please ensure that the diameter and depth of the opening match the size requirements of T0103N to ensure that the lamp can be installed firmly.

Installing the track: Insert the track of T0103N into the opening to ensure that the track is installed on the ceiling smoothly and firmly. If the length of the track is longer than required, it can be shortened appropriately with a saw tool according to the actual situation.

Connect the power supply: According to the power requirements of T0103N, use the wire connector to connect the track with the power line. Make sure the connection of the power cord to the track is secure and the polarity of the wire is correct.

Install the lamp head: Insert the lamp head of T0103N into the track, and adjust the position and angle of the lamp head as needed. Please ensure that the connection between the light head and the track is tight to avoid instability.

Turn on the power: After the installation is complete, check all connections and fixings again to ensure that the installation is firm and stable. Then turn on the power switch to test whether the lighting effect of T0103N Track Lighting is normal.

Please note that the above are general installation steps, and the specific installation steps may vary according to the installation manual and instructions attached to the product. It is recommended to strictly follow the installation manual of the product during installation to ensure correct and safe installation. If you are not familiar with electrical aspects, it is recommended to ask a professional electrician to install it to ensure safety and reliability.











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