3000K 3100LM Beam Angle 24˚ Spotlight Track Lighting 30W TRL001 T0109B- Kosoom


Product Technical Specifications – T0109B Series Track Lighting

Product CodePower (W)LumenSize (Lmm)Cut-off (Ømm)Voltage (V)CRIColorBeam Angle (°)CCT (K)

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

Certification: CE, ROHS
Warranty period: 5 years
IP Protection: IP20.

Product brand profile:

A star product of the KOSOOM LED Track series – T0109B, is one of the brand’s professional lighting solutions. As a leading lighting solution provider, KOSOOM has won wide recognition for its high-quality products and professional services. T0109B is a jewel in the series, made of high-quality aluminum material, selected and die-casting, and the surface is treated with anti-oxidation to ensure durability and excellent performance. Let’s take a look at this exciting LED Track lamp.

What is LED Track:

LED Track is a flexible and versatile lighting solution, suitable for various environments and scenarios. As a product of KOSOOM, T0109B LED Track lamps can be widely used in the lighting needs of supermarkets, retail stores, shelf warehouses, industrial plants and other places. Its superior design and excellent performance make it an ideal choice for meeting diverse lighting requirements.

Product description and characteristics:

Description: T0109B is an efficient and environmentally friendly LED track light fixture with excellent lighting performance, providing comfortable and soft light for different scenes. The soft light luminous mask is used to effectively reduce light stimulation and avoid glare and blue light hazards. At the same time, it has a variety of excellent color rendering properties, among which the color rendering index of CRI ≥ 80 can perfectly restore the true color of the illuminated object.

Features: The lamp body of T0109B is made of high-quality aluminum, and has been carefully processed by die-casting and baking paint to ensure that the product is resistant to oxidation and corrosion, thereby prolonging the service life. The light-emitting surface is made of PMMA material, which makes the light more uniform and soft, and effectively reduces the glare. The design of various light distribution curves makes it suitable for different scenarios such as shelf lighting, ambient lighting, and aisle lighting. In addition, a variety of color temperature options meet different visual perceptions. The neutral color 3000K brings softness and nature, and the daylight color is clear and bright. The classic white appearance is suitable for spaces with various decoration styles.

Why choose LED Track:

LED Track is popular for many reasons. First, its durability and high quality ensure a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, greatly reducing the frequency of lamp replacement and maintenance costs. Its safety is guaranteed, no blue light, no stroboscopic hazards, providing users with a comfortable lighting environment. Its decorative advantages make it not only a lighting tool, but also a part of interior decoration. Dimmability, versatility and ease of installation provide a flexible experience to meet different needs of users. High-brightness LED lamp beads ensure sufficient lighting effects and bring users a more comfortable and efficient lighting experience.

Product advantages:

The product advantages of T0109B are unique. The use of high-brightness LED beads not only has no blue light hazards, but also has low light decay and maintains long-term stable light effects. Its high-quality optical lens makes the light uniform and soft without glare, which is more suitable for long-term use. In addition, this product provides a variety of optical accessories, such as honeycomb mesh, stretched lens, diffuser, etc., to meet the light requirements of different application scenarios and enhance the flexibility of the product.

Technical Parameters:

The technical parameters of T0109B are as follows:

Color: White
Power: 30W
Lumens: 3100
Color temperature: 3000K
Beam Angle (°): 24
Price: 45 euros
Certification: The product has passed CE and ROHS certification to ensure compliance with safety standards and environmental protection requirements.
Warranty period: T0109B provides up to 5 years of warranty service, providing all-round protection for users.
IP Protection: IP20 protection level, suitable for various indoor environments.

Installation method and precautions:

The installation of T0109B is very simple and easy. According to the installation guide attached to the product, users can easily complete the installation. To ensure safety and effectiveness, please be sure to follow the steps in the manual for installation. For more complex installation scenarios, it is recommended to ask professionals to operate to ensure safety and stability.

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As a professional lighting solution provider, KOSOOM provides users with a variety of lighting products and customized solutions. Whether it is indoor spotlights, free commercial lighting solutions, LED strips or linear lights, KOSOOM has won the trust of customers with excellent quality and professional services. Whether it is home lighting, commercial places or industrial lighting, KOSOOM can provide users with the best lighting experience.

Why choose LED Track at Kosoom:

Choosing KOSOOM’s LED Track, especially the T0109B product, has many advantages. First of all, KOSOOM provides convenient customization services and provides personalized lighting solutions according to user needs. The price of its products is also competitive, which is more cost-effective than similar products. In addition, KOSOOM is known for its excellent after-sales service, providing users with all-round support. The product specifications are complete to meet the needs of different users. The fast delivery cycle also provides users with more flexible purchasing options. In general, T0109B, as a product of KOSOOM, will bring users bright lighting solutions suitable for various places such as supermarkets, retail stores, shelf warehouses, and industrial plants.

Product care and maintenance

In order to ensure the stability and long life of T0109B, it is recommended to clean and maintain the product regularly. Users can clean according to the recommendations in the product manual, and avoid using strong corrosive cleaning agents to avoid damage to the surface coating. In addition, KOSOOM provides a warranty period of up to 5 years for T0109B. If any quality problems occur during the warranty period, users can contact KOSOOM for repair and replacement.

Product cost performance analysis

Compared with competing products with the same parameters, T0109B has obvious advantages in price and excellent performance. Its high-brightness LED lamp beads, a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, and a variety of excellent color rendering properties have brought users a higher cost performance. Purchasing T0109B not only means owning a high-quality LED Track lamp, but also means having KOSOOM’s professional lighting solution support and high-quality after-sales service.











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