Energy Efficiency Faretto a Binario 8W 560LM White LED Track Lighting 3000K CRI>80 TRL008-T0802B- Kosoom


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TRL008 LED Track Lights Product Overview

The TRL008 is an efficient and environmentally friendly COB chip led track lighting. It emits a warm white light at 3000K, creating a cozy and gentle atmosphere. With an excellent color rendering index (CRI) of over 80, it accurately reproduces the colors of illuminated objects. It maintains a glare index (UGR) below 19 while achieving a luminous efficacy of 100Lm/W and a power factor (PF) greater than 0.9. The light features outstanding anti-glare design, with an embedded light source that reduces eye strain and prevents dizziness. It is free from blue light and flicker hazards.The luminaire is available in two colors, black and white, and can also be customized with other colors. It has an IP20 protection rating and features double insulation. The dimming options include DALI dimming or Triac dimming, catering to different lighting needs. 

Technical Specifications and Certification for TRL008 Track Lights

Beam Angle24°
Power Factor>0.9
Color Rendering Index (CRI)>=80
Color Temperature3000K
IP RatingIP20
Double InsulationYes
Warranty3 years
CertificationsCE, RoHS, FCC, etc.
Color temperature, luminous flux, beam angle, and CRI parameters.

Voltage Requirements: The voltage requirements for this linear light encompass a versatile range of 220-240V and 100-277V, ensuring compatibility with different voltage conditions. Whether it’s for installations with standard 220-240V power supply or locations with a wider voltage range of 100-277V, this light is designed to operate seamlessly, providing flexibility and convenience in diverse electrical setups. Color There are two stylish color options, black and white, for you to choose from. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern look or a classic and timeless aesthetic, these colors are versatile and adaptable to different design preferences. Additionally, if you have a specific color in mind that complements your unique decor, we also offer the option for custom colors. With this flexibility, you can create a lighting solution that perfectly matches your desired ambiance and complements the overall style of your space. Color Rendering Index (CRI) The Color Rendering Index (CRI) can reach 80 or above, ensuring a true and natural lighting effect. The CRI is typically measured on a scale from 0 to 100, with a higher value indicating better color reproduction capability of the light source. A light source with a high CRI can accurately render the colors of objects, presenting them with authentic and natural hues. The CRI is essential when selecting lighting fixtures, particularly in places that require precise color identification, such as art galleries, shops, and hospitals. PF In the context of lighting, having a power factor greater than 0.9 is desirable. It means that the lighting fixtures or bulbs are operating with high efficiency and are utilizing electrical power effectively. A high power factor helps to minimize energy losses and optimize energy consumption, resulting in reduced energy costs. Having lighting products with a power factor greater than 0.9 is important for energy efficiency and can contribute to overall energy savings. Color Temperature The color temperature is 3000K. Color temperature has a significant impact on the lighting effect and environmental ambiance. Generally, lower color temperatures (such as 2700K to 3000K) produce warm yellowish light, suitable for creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, such as in homes or restaurants. Beam Angle It has a beam angle of 24°. A smaller beam angle is suitable for targeted lighting, highlighting specific objects or areas. For example, when illuminating artwork in a gallery or showcasing items in a display case, a smaller beam angle can concentrate the light and accentuate the display. A larger beam angle is suitable for scenes that require wide-area lighting, such as large shopping malls, offices, or conference rooms. A wide-angle beam can cover a broader area, providing uniform lighting effects. Technical Certifications (CE, RoHS, etc.) It has obtained relevant certifications such as CE and RoHS, demonstrating its compliance with international standards and safety requirements. These certifications provide users with greater confidence and reliability.

white 3000K led track lights

Advantages of Our Track Lights

Utilizes COB high-brightness LED chips, free from blue light hazards. Features a large rear opening for efficient heat dissipation, resulting in lower light decay and extended lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.Equipped with high-quality optical lenses that offer high light transmittance, excellent spotlighting, and soft, uniform illumination without causing discomfort to the eyes.Maintains a glare index (UGR) below 19 while achieving a power factor (PF) greater than 0.9.The lamp body is made of premium aluminum material, die-cast with selected high-quality aluminum and treated with anti-oxidation surface painting process, ensuring corrosion resistance.Efficient Heat Dissipation: These track lights feature a large rear opening design that facilitates efficient heat dissipation. This design helps reduce light decay and prolong the lifespan of the fixtures, ensuring long-lasting performance.High-Quality Optical Lenses: Equipped with high-quality optical lenses, the track lights offer excellent light transmittance, precise spotlighting, and soft, uniform illumination. This ensures a comfortable lighting experience without burdening the eyes.Low Glare Index and High Luminous Efficacy: The track lights maintain a glare index (UGR) below 19, minimizing discomfort caused by glare. Additionally, they achieve a luminous efficacy of 100Lm/W, ensuring efficient light output while consuming less energy. A power factor (PF) greater than 0.9 further enhances energy efficiency.Premium Aluminum Construction: The lamp body of the track lights is made of high-quality aluminum material. It is crafted using selected high-quality aluminum and treated with an anti-oxidation surface coating process. This ensures the fixtures’ corrosion resistance and durability.

Instructions for Use

Can be installed and powered using track systems, allowing for easy installation, maintenance, and flexible adjustment of the light fixture’s position.Alternatively, it can be installed using a ceiling mount, providing a sleeker appearance compared to track installation.The lamp axis can rotate 350°, and the lamp body can rotate 90°, enabling comprehensive and angle-free lighting while avoiding damage to internal wiring.

Applications of TRL008 Track Lights

Suitable for various settings including offices, retail stores, and commercial spaces.Home Lighting: Kosoom track lights can be used for illuminating living rooms, bedrooms, dining areas, kitchens, etc. By adjusting the angle and position of the lamp heads, specific areas or objects can be highlighted, providing comfortable and personalized lighting.Commercial Lighting: Kosoom track lights are highly suitable for commercial spaces. Whether it’s retail stores, display areas, hotel lobbies, or offices, their flexibility and directional capabilities make them an ideal choice for showcasing products, creating an inviting ambiance, and providing focused illumination.Residential Spaces: The TRL008 track lights are highly suitable for various residential spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, dining areas, and kitchens. With their warm white light and adjustable beam angles, these track lights can create a comfortable ambiance, making them a perfect choice for relaxation, entertainment, or highlighting specific areas or objects.Commercial Environments: The versatility of the TRL008 track lights makes them an ideal choice for commercial environments. They can be used in retail stores, display areas, hotel lobbies, offices, and other commercial spaces. Whether it’s emphasizing products, creating an inviting atmosphere, or providing focused lighting in specific areas, these track lights offer flexibility and adaptability to meet diverse commercial lighting needs.Art Galleries and Museums: The TRL008 track lights, with their high color rendering index (CRI) and adjustable beam angles, are particularly suitable for illuminating artworks and exhibits in art galleries and museums. The accurate color reproduction and spotlighting capability help showcase the intricate details and vibrant colors of the artworks, enhancing the overall viewing experience for visitors.Hotels and Entertainment Venues: The TRL008 track lights can also be used in hotels, restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues to create the desired ambiance and enhance the visual appeal of the space. With their dimming options and adjustable beam angles, these track lights can achieve customized lighting effects, setting the mood and atmosphere for different occasions and activities.Office Spaces: Proper lighting is crucial for productivity and a comfortable work environment in office settings. The TRL008 track lights can be installed in offices, conference rooms, and workstations to provide efficient and focused illumination. The adjustable beam angles allow targeted lighting for specific areas such as office desks or conference tables, ensuring clear visibility and reducing eye fatigue.Kosoom track lights are designed with multifunctionality in mind, allowing for customization to meet various application needs. Whether it’s illuminating specific areas, accentuating display items, or providing comprehensive ambient lighting, Kosoom track lights can fulfill diverse user requirements.

black 4000K track lighting

Track Lights Product Testing

Our track lights undergo rigorous testing before shipping to ensure their quality and performance meet the requirements.Electrical Performance Testing: This includes testing parameters such as voltage, current, power, etc., to ensure the product operates within the normal working range.Optical Performance Testing: The brightness, color temperature, color rendering index (CRI), and other optical characteristics of the light source are tested to ensure the product provides high-quality lighting effects.Durability Testing: The product is subjected to long-term stable operation and tested under various environmental conditions such as high and low temperatures to validate its durability and reliability.

Kosoom Track Lights Certification and Warranty

We strive to provide excellent service to our customers and offer high-quality lighting products. To ensure the environmental-friendliness and performance of our fixtures, this particular light has obtained CE and RoHS certifications, with relevant certificates available. Additionally, we provide a 3-year quality guarantee and offer free repair service for 3 years.


Do track lights use a lot of electricity?

Generally, when track lights use LED fixtures, they have relatively low power consumption. LED fixtures have high energy efficiency, allowing them to produce the same or brighter lighting effects with less energy compared to traditional incandescent bulbs or fluorescent lights. LED fixtures typically have high energy efficiency, effectively reducing power consumption.Furthermore, the electricity consumption of track lights also depends on the number of fixtures and the duration of use. If a large number of track lights are installed and used for extended periods, it will correspondingly consume more electricity.To reduce the power consumption of track lights, consider the following measures:
  1. Choose energy-efficient LED fixtures with high energy efficiency.
  2. Control the duration of use to avoid unnecessary waste of lighting.
  3. Regularly clean and maintain the fixtures to ensure their proper operation and high efficiency.
Overall, compared to traditional lighting options, choosing LED fixtures and using track lights appropriately can help reduce power consumption.

What should be considered during the installation and maintenance of track lights?

During the installation of track lights, ensure the correct selection of suitable installation locations and fixing methods to ensure safety and stability. In terms of maintenance, regularly clean the track lights and fixtures to remove dust and dirt, maintaining their lighting effects and lifespan. Additionally, periodically inspect the condition of wires and connectors to ensure circuit safety and reliability. If needed, professional assistance can be sought for installation and maintenance.

Are track lights suitable for all room types?

Track lights are suitable for various room types, including living rooms, dining areas, bedrooms, kitchens, galleries, etc. Due to their adjustable beam angles and flexible positioning of the fixtures, they can be used for directional or general lighting as needed.

What are the advantages of using track lights in a commercial setting?

The advantages of using track lights in a commercial setting include their flexibility and versatility. Track lights can be easily adjusted and repositioned to highlight specific areas or products, making them ideal for retail stores, exhibition areas, hotel lobbies, offices, and other commercial spaces.

Are track lights energy-efficient compared to traditional lighting options?

Yes, track lights are generally energy-efficient compared to traditional lighting options. They often utilize LED technology, which is known for its high energy efficiency and long lifespan. Additionally, track lights with high luminous efficacy can provide ample lighting output while consuming less energy. 

What is the typical lifespan of track lights?

The typical lifespan of track lights varies depending on the quality and usage, but high-quality track lights can last anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 hours or even longer. Regular maintenance and proper usage can further extend their lifespan.










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