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KOSOOM is a supplier dedicated to providing lighting solutions, committed to creating a comfortable, efficient, and environmentally friendly lighting experience for customers. As a product under the KOSOOM brand, MLL004-A is a shining star in the Linear Pendant Lights series. With innovative design and advanced technology, this product has gained the favor of a wide range of users with its outstanding performance and unique style.

Explore Linear Pendant Lights

Linear Pendant Lights are lighting solutions designed to bring modern and stylish lighting effects to various indoor environments. MLL004-A, as a Linear Pendant Lights product under the KOSOOM brand, combines high-quality materials and innovative LED ultra-efficient light beads to provide users with an excellent lighting experience.

This product excels in design and energy consumption, making it a leader in energy-saving lighting. Compared to traditional 40W LED fixtures, MLL004-A significantly saves energy consumption, providing significant energy-saving effects for large spaces. This outstanding advantage has made MLL004-A a highly anticipated product in the industry.

Whether it’s an office, retail store, or commercial space, MLL004-A demonstrates its unique application value. In the office, it creates a bright and comfortable working environment, enhancing work efficiency and comfort. In retail stores, it showcases products vividly, attracting customers’ attention and enhancing the shopping experience. In commercial spaces, it gives the place a unique atmosphere and personality, creating an unforgettable spatial experience.

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MLL004-A: Elegant and Practical Product

MLL004-A, as a product in the KOSOOM Linear Pendant Lights series, is an efficient and environmentally friendly LED chip linear lighting fixture. Its unique design and outstanding features make it an ideal lighting solution for various scenarios such as offices, retail stores, commercial spaces, warehouses, and industrial plants.

One of the features of MLL004-A is its five-sided light emission, providing users with light from multiple directions. The light is softer and more uniform, effectively reducing glare and creating a comfortable and cozy lighting environment. Additionally, this product allows for free combination and customization of various shapes of personalized lighting effects, meeting users’ demands for unique lighting designs.

The product boasts excellent color rendering performance, with a color rendering index (CRI) exceeding 80, allowing for a more realistic representation of the colors of illuminated objects, resulting in more vivid and natural color effects.

MLL004-A is made of high-quality aluminum material, crafted through selected high-quality aluminum casting and treated with anti-oxidation coating for excellent corrosion resistance. Its design allows for seamless splicing, enabling multiple fixtures to blend perfectly together, creating a more unified and coherent lighting effect.

With a beam angle of 120°, the product illuminates spaces widely, ensuring even light distribution. The neutral 4000K light color creates a soft and natural environment that is neither overly cool nor warm, suitable for spaces with various decorative styles.

MLL004-A is available in two color options, classic white and deep space black, making it a perfect match for both minimalist modern and luxurious retro-style spaces, adding a unique decorative effect.

Linear Pendant Lights: The Wise Choice for Lighting Selection

  • Durability and Safety:
    MLL004-A is made of high-quality aluminum material with anti-oxidation treatment on the surface, ensuring excellent corrosion resistance and long-lasting lifespan. Moreover, it complies with relevant safety standards and certifications, providing users with reliable usage protection.
  • Decorative Appeal:
    The Linear Pendant Lights series features a stylish and exquisite design, adding a touch of unique decorative style to spaces. Whether it’s modern minimalist or classic retro, it blends seamlessly with various decorative styles, injecting aesthetics and personality into the space.
  • Dimmability:
    MLL004-A is dimmable, allowing users to adjust the brightness of the light according to different needs, creating an ideal ambiance and comfort. Whether it requires bright task lighting or warm ambient lighting, it can be easily achieved.
  • Versatility:
    Apart from providing high-quality lighting effects, Linear Pendant Lights can also serve as artistic decorative elements, creating unique lighting patterns and effects, making spaces more creative and individualized. It can be flexibly applied in different occasions and requirements, meeting users’ diverse needs.
  • Ease of Installation:
    MLL004-A is designed for easy and convenient installation. Users can freely assemble and install it according to their needs and space layout without the need for complex tools or technical support. This provides users with a convenient and time-saving experience, reducing time and costs.
  • Brightness:
    With the adoption of high-efficiency LED chips, MLL004-A delivers excellent luminous efficacy, reaching between 120-130Lm/W, which can replace similar 40W LED fixtures. Especially when used in large spaces, its energy-saving effect is significant, saving users energy consumption and operational costs.
  • Long Lifespan:
    The LED light source of MLL004-A has low light decay characteristics, with a lifespan of over 50,000 hours, making it more durable compared to traditional lighting fixtures. Users do not need to frequently replace bulbs, reducing maintenance and replacement costs, while also reducing environmental pollution.

MLL004-A’s Outstanding Performance

The MLL004-A series of Linear Pendant Lights offers a range of different product codes, each corresponding to specific technical parameters and dimensions. Here is a detailed description of the technical parameters for each product code:

Product CodeColorCctLuminosityAngoloCRIPFPowerDimensions
L0403BBianco4000K3900 lm120°≥800.930WL1200mm * H70mm * W60mm
L0403NNero4000K3600 lm120°≥800.930WL1200mm * H70mm * W60mm

The product operates on a power supply voltage of 220V~240V AC and utilizes a high-quality driver, ensuring stable power supply without flickering.

The product is certified with CE and ROHS, complying with relevant quality and safety standards.

A warranty period of 3 years is provided, allowing users to enjoy product warranty services for up to 3 years after purchase.

The IP protection rating of the product is IP20, suitable for indoor lighting environments.

With the detailed explanation of the technical parameters above, you can have a clear understanding of the differences between the product codes in terms of color, color temperature, luminosity, beam angle, color rendering index, power factor, power, and dimensions. This information will help you make informed choices and purchasing decisions based on your specific needs.

Making Installation of Linear Pendant Lights Easier

The installation of MLL004-A is straightforward and offers two installation methods: suspension and recessed installation, to meet different scene requirements.

1、Suspension Installation

For scenarios that require suspension installation, users can follow these steps:

Step 1: Determine the installation location, ensuring it can bear the weight and load of the fixture.

Step 2: Use the provided suspension devices to secure the fixture to the ceiling. Adjust the height of the fixture as needed to achieve optimal lighting effects.

Step 3: Connect the power supply, ensuring the power lines are connected correctly and securely.

2、Recessed Installation:

For scenarios that require recessed installation, users can follow these steps:

Step 1: Ensure the installation location has sufficient space for embedding the fixture and complies with relevant safety regulations.

Step 2: Use the provided recessed installation accessories to secure the fixture into the pre-prepared holes.

Step 3: Connect the power supply, ensuring the power lines are connected correctly and securely.

During the installation process, please pay attention to the following:

  • Always disconnect the power supply during any installation process to avoid the risk of electric shock.
  • It is recommended to have a professional electrician or lighting technician perform the installation to ensure safety and correctness.
  • Take note of the weight of the fixture during installation and ensure the selection of appropriate installation materials and brackets.
  • Read and follow the installation guide in the product manual to ensure proper installation and operation.

Accessory Information: For specific installation methods, we provide corresponding accessories. For example, for suspension installation, you can purchase the LA0302 accessory kit, which is suitable for ceiling installation with a 70mm opening slot.

With simple installation steps and professional installation suggestions, we ensure that you can install MLL004-A safely and conveniently, making your lighting solution a success.

Why Choose Linear Pendant Lights from KOSOOM

When selecting a LED lighting solutions, there are several reasons to choose the Linear Pendant Lights series from KOSOOM, such as the MLL004-A:

  • Customization: KOSOOM offers convenient customization services, providing personalized lighting solutions based on customers’ needs and space characteristics. This ensures that each customer receives tailored fixtures that meet their specific lighting requirements. Whether it’s an office, retail store, commercial space, warehouse, or industrial plant, the Linear Pendant Lights series from KOSOOM provides the best lighting solution.
  • Competitive Pricing: KOSOOM is committed to providing cost-effective products to customers. Through optimized production and supply chain management, as well as the advantages of scaled production, we keep the product prices competitive. This allows customers to obtain high-quality Linear Pendant Lights fixtures at reasonable costs.
  • Comprehensive After-Sales Service: KOSOOM offers comprehensive after-sales services, including product warranty, technical support, and issue resolution. Our professional team ensures timely responses to customer needs and provides satisfactory solutions. We are dedicated to establishing long-term partnerships with customers and providing continuous support and service.
  • Wide Range of Choices:
    The Linear Pendant Lights series from KOSOOM offers various models and specifications. Customers can choose fixtures that suit their space and design style based on their specific requirements. Whether it’s color, brightness, size, or functionality, KOSOOM provides a wide range of options to meet diverse customer needs.

Enduring Beauty: Maintaining and Caring for Linear Pendant Lights

To maintain the excellent lighting performance and extend the lifespan of the product, it is recommended to follow the following cleaning and maintenance guidelines:

  • Cleaning the fixture:Regularly clean the surface of the fixture by gently wiping it with a soft cloth, avoiding the use of cleaning agents that are corrosive or abrasive. Ensure to disconnect the power before cleaning to avoid the risk of electric shock.
  • Maintaining ventilation:Ensure good ventilation around the installation location to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on the fixture.
  • Regular inspection of power and connections: Periodically check the power cords and connections to ensure they are secure. If any looseness or damage is detected, it should be repaired or replaced immediately.
  • Safety precautions: During usage, ensure the correct use of power supply and switches, avoiding overloading or improper operation.

Warranty Period Service:

We provide a 3-year warranty period for the MLL004-A series of Linear Pendant Lights products. Within the warranty period, if any quality issues or manufacturing defects occur, we will provide free repair or replacement services. Please keep the purchase receipt as a warranty certificate and contact our customer service team when needed.

Excellent Value for Money: Value Analysis of Linear Pendant Lights

Our products offer significant price advantages and excellent value for money compared to similar parameters. The MLL004-A product, as a modular linear light, delivers outstanding lighting performance. With an average beam angle (50%) of 124.7°, it provides wide lighting coverage.

Compared to other similar products, our fixtures not only demonstrate superior performance and functionality but also come with a more competitive price. Through optimized production and supply chain management, we reduce costs to ensure customers can purchase high-quality Linear Pendant Lights products at a more reasonable price.

Whether for architects, decorators, or end-users, our products can meet their lighting needs, offering excellent performance and reliable quality. We strive to create more value for customers with cost-effective products and provide better choices for lighting solutions in various settings.


  • Q1: Can the size of MLL004-A be customized according to requirements?
    A: Currently, the size of MLL004-A is L1200mm * H70mm * W60mm, and we provide products in standard sizes. If you have specific size requirements, we can offer customization options to meet your needs and provide tailored solutions.
  • Q2: How does the product warranty work?
    A: We provide a 3-year product warranty service. If any quality issues or manufacturing defects occur within the warranty period, you can contact our customer service team and provide the purchase receipt as a warranty certificate. We will provide free repair or replacement services.
  • Q3: How to select the appropriate accessories for installation?
    A: We provide corresponding accessory kits for different installation methods. When making a purchase, you can consult our sales team who will provide you with relevant accessory information and suggestions to ensure you select the appropriate accessories for installation.
  • Q4: Which scenarios are suitable for the beam angle of MLL004-A?
    A: MLL004-A has an average beam angle (50%) of 124.7°, providing a wide lighting coverage. Therefore, it is well-suited for scenarios that require extensive lighting coverage, such as offices, retail stores, commercial spaces, warehouses, and industrial plants.
  • Q5: How to clean and maintain the product?
    A: To maintain the lighting performance and extend the lifespan of the product, it is recommended to regularly clean the surface of the fixture by gently wiping it with a soft cloth. Avoid using cleaning agents that are corrosive or abrasive. Also, ensure good ventilation around the installation location and periodically check the stability of the power supply and connections. Please refer to the cleaning and maintenance guidelines in the product manual for proper operation.

Choose Linear Pendant Lights to Illuminate a Bright Life

By selecting the Linear Pendant Lights series from KOSOOM, you will experience its unique charm and advantages. We firmly believe in the importance and rationality of LED commercial lighting, committed to providing you with high-quality and efficient lighting experiences.

In addition to MLL004-A, we offer other series of products, such as LED track lighting, to meet the lighting solutions for different spaces and needs.

Take action now and choose the Linear Pendant Lights series from KOSOOM to bring high-quality and efficient lighting effects to your space. Please contact our sales team for more information about the products and customization services.











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