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High Quality L0306N Diamond module Linear LED Lights MLL003-A High Brightness Multifunctional Black 4W 4000k 360LM-Kosoom


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Product Technical Specifications – L0306N Linear Lights

Product CodeL0306N
Power (W)4W
Voltage (V)220
Beam Angle (°)130°
CCT (K)4000K

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

KOSOOM: Illuminating the Path to LED Brilliance

Step into the dazzling realm of KOSOOM, where LED brilliance takes center stage! As a seasoned and passionate LED lighting supplier, KOSOOM has mastered the art of illuminating spaces with an array of exceptional products. In this radiant journey, we proudly present the shining star of our lineup – the L0306N linear light fixture series! Get ready to be mesmerized by innovative designs, captivating features, and an illuminating experience like no other!

Unveiling the Enchanting World of Linear Light Fixtures

Ah, linear light fixtures, the magical enchanters of illumination! Like fairy lights that dance in the night, these radiant luminaires redefine the concept of lighting. Picture this: your cozy retail shop bathed in a warm, welcoming glow; a bustling supermarket transformed into a vibrant wonderland, and an industrial space awash in productivity-enhancing brightness. Thanks to their unrivaled adaptability, KOSOOM’s linear light fixtures are the versatile knights in shining armor, offering tailored lighting solutions for every setting.

Embracing the Luminous Wonder: Meet the Marvelous L0306N

Ladies and gentlemen, behold the shining star of our galaxy – KOSOOM’s L0306N linear light fixture! Prepare to be dazzled as we unveil its radiant secrets. With a color temperature of 4000K, this luminaire casts a soft yet invigorating glow, ideal for spaces that crave a touch of warmth. Emitting a stunning 360 lumens, it gracefully illuminates even the darkest corners, banishing shadows to the realm of forgotten memories. And oh, the beam angle of 130° ensures a seamless spread of brilliance, leaving no corner untouched by its charm. But wait, there’s more! Its incredible Color Rendering Index (CRI) of ≥80 takes colors under its wing, presenting them in their most authentic and vibrant hues. If that’s not enough to capture your heart, its sleek dimensions of 70*70mm add a touch of elegance, making it a masterpiece born under the prestigious KOSOOM brand!

Why Choose KOSOOM’s L0306N Linear Light Fixture?

We see you raising an eyebrow, wondering what sets this luminaire apart from the rest. Let us unravel the tale of its undeniable charm! Firstly, its durable and robust construction ensures it stands tall against the tests of time. No flickering or fussing – just a steady, unwavering glow. Safety? KOSOOM’s got your back with certifications that guarantee peace of mind – CE and ROHS, the superheroes of safety standards! But hold on tight, there’s more to this story. Imagine a light fixture that not only illuminates but also captivates! With its eye-catching design, the L0306N adds a touch of decorative flair to any space, like a bow on a beautiful present. And don’t even get us started on its versatility! From residential havens to commercial hubs, it fits right in, chameleonic in its adaptability. And here’s the cherry on top: installation made easy-peasy! Anyone can set it up like a pro, hassle-free and lightning fast.

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Brilliant Advantages of the L0306N

As the curtain rises, we proudly present a symphony of advantages that will leave you spellbound. Brace yourself for the crescendo of brilliance! Picture this: LED high-brightness beads shining like stars in the night, conserving energy like wise sages, and dispersing light like a masterful conductor directs an orchestra. The result? A harmonious, even distribution of light that transforms your space into an ethereal haven. But wait, there’s more! With multiple color temperature options, the L0306N allows you to set the mood, tailor-made to your desires. Warm and cozy? Or cool and invigorating? The choice is yours! And let’s not forget the CRI – an enchanting 80 or above, bringing colors to life in their truest forms. Like artists on a canvas, colors leap into existence, transforming your space into a gallery of wonders. But dear readers, hold on to your seats, for the brilliance doesn’t end here! Allow us to introduce you to a constellation of wonders – KOSOOM’s LED panel light series, a mesmerizing collection that complements the L0306N’s brilliance, completing your illuminating journey.

KOSOOM: Shining Bright with Quality and Certifications

Quality and safety form the backbone of KOSOOM’s values. As you journey through the cosmos of lighting, we assure you that our products bear the badges of excellence – the esteemed CE and ROHS certifications. These stellar endorsements vouch for the safety and reliability of our luminaires, ensuring you bask in the glow of peace of mind. And speaking of peace, KOSOOM offers an extended 5-year warranty that serves as a guiding star, reassuring you that we stand behind our products, radiant and unwavering.

Lights On, Worries Off: Installation Made Easy!

Take a deep breath and exhale your worries, for installing our L0306N linear light fixture is a walk in the park! Follow our simple, step-by-step guide, and watch your space transform before your very eyes. It’s like magic – only without the need for a magician’s hat or a wand! And while you’re at it, consider giving your creativity a little nudge; experiment with different arrangements, and let your space blossom like a spring garden. But a word of advice from the illuminating experts – leave a little space for your lights to breathe, for a well-lit space is a happy space!

Embrace Brilliance, Choose KOSOOM’s L0306N!

Why settle for ordinary when you can have the extraordinary? It’s time to seize the spotlight and shine bright with KOSOOM’s L0306N linear light fixture series. With bespoke customization at your fingertips, revel in the joy of creating your own luminous masterpiece. And guess what, dear readers? Our luminaires don’t break the bank – their competitive prices ensure that brilliance is within reach, illuminating your spaces without casting a shadow on your budget. As you bask in the radiant embrace of our luminaires, take a moment to appreciate our lightning-fast delivery and top-notch customer service. Need help? We’re just a heartbeat away, ready to illuminate your path. And did we mention their versatility? Oh yes, they light up every nook and cranny, from your humble abode to that hidden gem of a cafe you love. Don’t believe us? Just ask our LED tape light collection, another shining star in our constellation of wonders!

Let the Lights Shine On: Maintenance and Care

As the stars shimmer in the night sky, we assure you that caring for your L0306N linear light fixture is as simple as a stroll on a moonlit beach. A gentle wipe and a dash of dust-off will keep your luminaires gleaming like new. And in case of any unforeseen flickers, don’t fret! Remember our extended 5-year warranty that serves as a shining beacon of reassurance, guiding you through the night.

The Bright Side of the Equation: L0306N’s Cost-Effectiveness

In this cosmic dance of brilliance, let’s not forget the numbers that make our hearts skip a beat – the cost-effectiveness of our L0306N linear light fixture. Prepare to be astounded by its ability to deliver premium quality and unrivaled performance while being kind to your pocket. Efficiency and economy intertwine like celestial bodies, forming a constellation of delight, specially crafted for you by KOSOOM.

Concluding the Illuminating Odyssey: Embrace KOSOOM’s Brilliance!

As the final notes of this enchanting symphony play, we invite you to embrace the brilliance of KOSOOM and its illuminating wonders. Allow the L0306N linear light fixture series to weave a tale of enchantment, brightening your spaces with a touch of magic. Choose KOSOOM, and embark on a journey of high-quality and efficient lighting experiences that transform your surroundings into radiant havens. For with KOSOOM, it’s not just about lighting up spaces; it’s about illuminating your life with the brilliance of LED luminaires. So why wait? Step into the spotlight, and let your world shine bright like a dazzling star, courtesy of KOSOOM’s mesmerizing luminaires!











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