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Are you an electrician or lighting professional?

Welcome to the wonderful world of the LED industry! Ready for a revolutionary lighting solution? Let me introduce you to the SL931 Linear Lighting – a product with amazing benefits and features.

In this article, we’ll delve into the importance and applications of LED linear lighting, as well as the key benefits and features of the SL931 Linear Lighting. Ready to get started? Let’s set sail and explore this exciting world of lighting! Scroll down quickly and let’s get started!

SL931 Linear Lighting Product Overview

SL931 Linear Lighting is a revolutionary lighting solution that offers remarkable features and benefits. Let’s dive into the details of SL931 Linear Lighting and explore its key parameters and core value. Get ready to be amazed!

1. Product Key Parameters

SL931 Linear Lighting stands out with its exceptional key parameters that ensure outstanding performance. Take a look at the table below to understand the key parameters and their values:

Parameter Value
Brightness High
Color Temperature Adjustable (Warm to Cool)
Color Rendering Index High (CRI > 90)
Energy Efficiency Excellent
Lifespan Long (Average 50,000 hours)

 SL931 600x600

2. Core Value of LED Linear Lighting

The core value of SL931 Linear Lighting lies in its energy efficiency and reliability. By utilizing advanced LED technology, SL931 outperforms traditional lighting solutions, resulting in significant energy savings. Additionally, SL931 offers an exceptional lifespan, reducing maintenance and replacement costs. Its reliable performance ensures consistent illumination without frequent failures or diminished brightness.

Detailed Introduction to SL931 Linear Lighting

Let’s explore the design features and components of SL931 Linear Lighting, which provide a diverse range of lighting options.

1. Design Features of LED Linear Lighting

  • Trunking System: SL931 Linear Lighting incorporates a convenient trunking system, making installation and maintenance easier. The trunking design offers flexibility in layout options, accommodating various spatial requirements.
  • Multi-functional Line Lighting System: SL931 Linear Lighting features a multi-functional line lighting system that allows for adjustable angles and directions of light. This enables personalized lighting configurations to meet different illumination needs.
  • Connectable Classic Linear Lights: SL931 Linear Lighting offers the ability to connect classic linear lights effortlessly, allowing easy expansion of the lighting system to adapt to spaces of different sizes and shapes.
  • Adjustable Line Lighting System: SL931 Linear Lighting provides a line lighting system with adjustable brightness and color temperature, enabling users to customize the lighting effect to create desired atmospheres and comfort levels.
  • Classic 918 Linear Light: Within the SL931 series, the classic 918 linear light stands out with its sleek and stylish design, suitable for various applications, seamlessly blending with different environments from residential to commercial settings.
  • Exquisite Grid Linear Light: The SL931 series also offers exquisite grid linear lights, featuring a unique design that enhances light dispersion, creating a distinctive lighting ambience.
  • Ultra-thin Surface-mounted Magnetic Lighting System: The SL931 Linear Lighting includes an ultra-thin surface-mounted magnetic lighting system, simplifying the installation process while providing excellent lighting performance, and illuminating your space with elegance.

2. Components and Characteristics of Line Lighting Products

  • Power Driver: SL931 Linear Lighting utilizes high-quality power drivers, ensuring stable and reliable performance. The parameters and brand of the power driver can be selected based on specific requirements.
  • Lens Material and Characteristics: The lens material of SL931 Linear Lighting is crafted with high-quality materials to ensure uniform light distribution and high brightness output. The characteristics of accessories, such as water resistance and durability, can be chosen according to different environmental needs.
  • Housing Material Composition, Characteristics, and Fire Resistance: The housing material of SL931 Linear Lighting is composed of durable and lightweight materials. It offers various options based on specific requirements, ensuring excellent characteristics and fire resistance for a safe and reliable lighting environment.
  • Installation Methods and Features: SL931 Linear Lighting can be installed using various methods, including suspension, wall-mounted, and recessed options. Each installation method offers unique features, allowing users to select the most suitable installation option based on their space requirements and aesthetic preferences.

Applications of SL931 Linear Lighting

LED linear lighting has a wide range of applications in various fields, and its excellent performance and reliability make it an ideal lighting solution in many scenarios. Let’s explore LED linear lighting applications in the home, commercial and industrial sectors from a professional perspective.

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1. Home Lighting

LED linear lighting has a wide range of applications in home lighting. Its high brightness and adjustable color temperature make it an ideal choice for creating a warm and comfortable home environment. Installing LED linear lighting in areas such as living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and hallways can provide soft and even lighting effects, creating comfortable living spaces for family members. In addition, the energy-saving benefits of LED linear lighting can help reduce energy consumption in the home and reduce energy bills.

2. Commercial Lighting

The lighting needs in commercial environments are diverse and complex, and LED linear lighting can meet these needs and provide excellent lighting effects. In places such as offices, stores, restaurants and exhibition spaces, installing LED linear lighting can provide high brightness, evenly distributed light, making interiors bright and comfortable and enhancing brand image. the adjustability of LED linear lighting makes it possible to adapt the lighting effect to different commercial needs, creating the ideal atmosphere and comfort. In addition, LED linear lighting’s long life and low maintenance costs make it a cost-effective lighting solution for commercial locations.

3. Industrial Lighting

Industrial environments often have high lighting requirements and require durable, reliable lighting solutions. LED linear lighting has a wide range of applications in industrial lighting for factories, warehouses, parking lots, etc. LED linear lighting has excellent brightness and uniform light distribution, providing sufficient illumination to ensure safety and efficiency in the work area. Its reliable performance and long life reduce maintenance costs and the need for frequent luminaire replacement, improving the reliability and economic efficiency of industrial environments.

LED linear lighting has a wide range of applications in the home, commercial and industrial sectors. Whether it is to create a warm and comfortable living environment for families, to provide high-quality lighting effects for commercial premises, or to provide safe and reliable lighting solutions in industrial environments, LED linear lighting can meet the needs of different scenarios and create an ideal lighting experience for users. If this is also what you want, please hurry to place an order.

SL931 Linear Lighting: A Highly Efficient, Energy-Efficient Lighting Solution

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SL931 Linear Lighting is an efficient, energy-saving lighting solution that combines advanced technology and innovative design to provide a superior lighting experience for users. Let’s explore the benefits and features of SL931 Linear Lighting more specifically.

1. Energy Efficiency Advantages

SL931 linear lighting uses LED technology, which is known for its efficient energy conversion rate. Compared to traditional lighting products, LED linear lighting is more energy efficient and can convert more electrical energy into light without wasting energy. This means that using SL931 linear lighting can significantly reduce energy consumption and electricity expenses, providing users with significant savings.

2. Energy-saving features

LED linear lighting has multiple features in terms of energy saving. First, LEDs have a longer life as a light source, often reaching tens of thousands of hours, far exceeding the life of traditional lighting products. This reduces the frequency of lamp replacement, reducing maintenance costs and the impact on the environment. Second, LED linear lighting can achieve adjustable brightness and color temperature, enabling users to adjust the lighting effect as needed to avoid unnecessary energy waste. In addition, LED linear lighting has no warm-up time, instant start, and no waiting, further improving energy efficiency.

3. Environmental Friendliness

LED linear lighting is an environmentally friendly lighting solution. LED luminaires do not contain hazardous substances, such as mercury and lead, making LED linear lighting less polluting to the environment than traditional fluorescent lamps. In addition, the long life and low maintenance requirements of LED linear lighting reduce the number of discarded luminaires, reducing the consumption of natural resources and waste generation. By choosing SL931 linear lighting, users can not only enjoy high-quality lighting effects but also actively participate in sustainable development and environmental protection.

4. Light quality advantages

SL931 linear lighting is known for its excellent light quality. Using a high color rendering index (CRI) LED light source, it can accurately restore the true color of objects, making them look more natural and vivid. Whether in a home, commercial or industrial environment, SL931 linear lighting provides clear, even and soft light to create a comfortable and pleasant lighting atmosphere.

By choosing SL931 linear lighting, users will get a lighting solution that is efficient, energy efficient, environmentally friendly and has high-quality light. Whether it’s to save energy costs, reduce maintenance frequency, or contribute to the environment and enhance lighting quality, SL931 linear lighting is an ideal choice. Join our lighting revolution and choose SL931 linear lighting to create a brighter and more sustainable future together!

Reasons to Choose SL931 Linear Lighting

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Why should you choose SL931 Linear Lighting? Here are some compelling reasons to get a better understanding of the benefits and features of this product.

1. Diversified Design Options

The SL931 linear lighting series offers diverse design options to meet the needs of different application scenarios. Whether it’s a classic line light, a sophisticated grille line light or a pole fibre pendant line light, you can choose the right style according to the style and aesthetic requirements of your space. This diversity allows you to create unique and individual lighting effects.

2. High quality and reliability

SL931 linear lighting is known for its high quality and reliability. Using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, it ensures long life and stable performance. You can choose SL931 linear lighting with confidence and enjoy a long-lasting and consistent lighting effect without the need to frequently replace the luminaire or worry about the deterioration of lighting quality.

3. Energy efficiency and energy saving

SL931 linear lighting with LED technology stands out for its outstanding energy efficiency and energy-saving features. Compared with traditional lighting products, LED linear lighting can provide higher brightness with less energy consumption. This means you can reduce your energy bills and have a smaller carbon footprint on the environment. Choosing SL931 linear lighting not only helps save energy but also contributes to your economic and environmental responsibility.

4. Adjustable lighting effects

SL931 linear lighting provides adjustable brightness and color temperature functions, allowing you to adjust the lighting effect according to your needs. You can choose the right brightness level and color temperature for different scenes and activities to create a comfortable, warm or professional lighting atmosphere. This flexibility allows you to personalize your lighting to suit different needs, enhancing the aesthetics and practicality of your space.

5. Affordable long-term investment

Choosing SL931 linear lighting is an affordable long-term investment. You can save on energy costs and maintenance due to its efficient energy use and long life. the SL931 linear lighting’s superior quality guarantees consistent long-term performance and reduces the frequency of luminaire replacement. This makes the SL931 linear lighting a sustainable and cost-effective lighting solution.

About Kosoom

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As a leading brand in the lighting industry, KOSOOM always focuses on customer needs to provide you with high-quality and high-performance LED lighting solutions. Our commercial-led lighting fixtures not only offer superior performance but are also designed to blend beauty and practicality to create the perfect lighting experience for your commercial space.

No matter what type of commercial led light fixtures you need, KOSOOM can meet your needs and provide a personalized lighting solution. We understand the importance of lighting to your commercial space, so we are constantly pursuing innovation, combining advanced technology and design concepts to create an efficient, energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing lighting environment for you.

Don’t hesitate anymore! Join KOSOOM’s lighting revolution and choose our commercial-led lighting fixtures to give your commercial space a new lease of life! Contact us now and start a dazzling bright journey together!


Q: What are the key parameters of SL931 Linear Lighting?
A: The key parameters of SL931 Linear Lighting include high brightness, adjustable color temperature (warm to cool), high color rendering index (CRI > 90), excellent energy efficiency, and a long lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours.

Q: What are the design features of SL931 Linear Lighting?
A: SL931 Linear Lighting features a convenient trunking system for easy installation and maintenance. It offers a multi-functional line lighting system with adjustable angles and directions of light. The product allows for the effortless connection of classic linear lights and provides adjustable brightness and color temperature options. Additionally, the SL931 series offers various designs such as the classic 918 linear light, exquisite grid linear light, and ultra-thin surface-mounted magnetic lighting system.

Q: What are the applications of SL931 Linear Lighting?
A: SL931 Linear Lighting has a wide range of applications. It can be used for home lighting to create warm and comfortable environments. In commercial settings such as offices, stores, restaurants, and exhibition spaces, it provides high brightness and adjustable lighting effects to enhance the overall ambience. In industrial environments like factories, warehouses, and parking lots, SL931 Linear Lighting offers reliable and durable illumination for safety and efficiency.

Q: What are the energy efficiency advantages of SL931 Linear Lighting?
A: SL931 Linear Lighting utilizes LED technology, known for its efficient energy conversion rate. It significantly reduces energy consumption compared to traditional lighting products. LED linear lighting has a longer lifespan, reducing the frequency of lamp replacement and maintenance costs. It also offers adjustable brightness and color temperature, avoiding unnecessary energy waste. Furthermore, LED linear lighting is environmentally friendly, as it does not contain hazardous substances and contributes to sustainable development.

Q: Why should I choose SL931 Linear Lighting?
A: There are several reasons to choose SL931 Linear Lighting. It provides diverse design options to suit different aesthetics. The product is known for its high quality, reliability, and long-lasting performance. SL931 Linear Lighting is energy-efficient, helping to save on energy costs and reduce environmental impact. It offers adjustable lighting effects, allowing for customization according to specific needs. Lastly, SL931 Linear Lighting is an affordable long-term investment, with savings in energy costs and maintenance expenses.


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How to view or purchase products of the same model with different parameters?

You have the option to explore and purchase products with varying specifications and accessories from the same series by referring to the table located beneath the product images on the current page.

What are the advantages of Kosoom lamps compared to other brands?

Comparing the prices of lighting fixtures with other brands, you'll discover that many categories of Kosoom products boast the lowest prices in Europe. All our products come with a 3-5 year warranty, ensuring a prolonged period of quality assurance, alleviating concerns about potential issues. Furthermore, the diverse product line from Kosoom caters to various lighting needs, including indoor and outdoor fixtures. Whether you're seeking ideal lighting solutions for home, commercial, or outdoor spaces, we offer a multitude of choices to meet the personalized requirements of different customers. Our commitment lies in creating bright and welcoming lighting environments while consistently striving for excellence in the diversity and quality of our products.

Can I become a partner of Kosoom?

Certainly! We welcome you to become a distributor for Kosoom. As our partner, you'll enjoy greater discounts and favorable pricing, along with support from our eight production facilities worldwide to enhance your business competitiveness.

Are there any other discounts for professionals?

Saluting the professionals and installers in the lighting industry! We recognize your dedicated expertise and contributions to the field of lighting. As a token of appreciation for your ongoing support and collaboration, we are pleased to offer you exclusive, tailored benefits. Register now to secure the advantages reserved just for you.

Can products be customized according to needs?

We are pleased to customize products to meet your specific requirements. However, customized production requires a certain amount of time and resources. Therefore, our minimum order quantity for custom products is 500 units, and the production lead time is at least 30 days or more.

Is it possible to purchase only a few lamps?

Certainly! You can choose to purchase a few light fixtures based on your actual needs. We welcome you to select according to your personal preferences and space requirements. Please note that if the order amount doesn't meet the free shipping conditions, there may be a shipping fee. It's advisable to consider buying multiple products at once. This not only helps increase the order amount for free shipping but also better satisfies your lighting needs. Additionally, purchasing a variety of light fixtures allows you to create a more diverse lighting effect in different spaces, enhancing overall aesthetics and functionality.



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Welcome to Kosoom! We are here to offer you the most cost-effective spot lighting products in Europe, along with a range of thoughtful shopping benefits:

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Kosoom looks forward to providing you with high-quality lighting products and attentive service. Let’s work together to create a bright and welcoming lighting environment!

As a professional and robust commercial lighting company, Kosoom has consistently prioritized quality as our primary goal. To ensure that our products maintain the best cost-effectiveness in the market, we have implemented a series of rigorous quality control measures, ensuring that each luminaire undergoes meticulous manufacturing and strict inspection.

Quality Inspection Process:
Every product undergoes a stringent quality inspection process before leaving the factory. This includes visual checks to ensure the absence of scratches on the housing or mirrors, secure screw fastening, and accurate labeling. Additionally, we conduct photoelectric parameter tests, covering color temperature, color rendering index, luminous flux, light distribution curve, power, power factor, etc., to ensure that the product’s lighting performance reaches optimal levels. We also perform aging tests, ground resistance checks, withstand voltage tests, etc., to verify the stability and durability of the product during long-term use.

Quality Assurance Commitment:
We provide a 3-5 year warranty for each product, offering a robust guarantee for product quality. In the event of any quality issues within the warranty period, our dedicated after-sales customer service team is ready to assist you. Importantly, we pledge to adhere to a “replace-only, no repair” policy in case of product quality issues, ensuring the maximum protection of your rights.

Professional After-Sales Service:
Our after-sales customer service team is highly professional, capable of responding promptly to your needs and providing expert solutions. We strictly adhere to our after-sales policy, aiming to ensure that you feel secure and confident in purchasing and using our products.

Kosoom is committed to providing customers with outstanding value for money and excellent product quality. We will continue our unwavering efforts to ensure that you consistently enjoy a high-quality lighting experience.

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