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Light up a bright light in a dark room and make everything look new again! It is not only a lighting product, but also an energy-efficient LED solution that brings your space to life instantly. Now, let’s unveil the mystery of this linear lighting and discover its outstanding features and infinite possibilities for you! Let’s light up your world!

SL9252 LED Linear Lighting Product Overview

Let’s go through a table to understand this product:

Power Factor>0.9
Cutout Size1208mm46mm34mm
IP RatingIP20
Double InsulationYes
DimmingDali dimming, Triac dimming
Warranty5 years
CertificationsCE, RoHS, FCC

The SL9252 model is an outstanding LED linear lighting product with a number of compelling attributes. It is designed with a high power of 50 watts to produce a powerful luminous flux of 5000 lumens, ensuring that indoor spaces are filled with bright illumination. With dimensions of 1185mm55mm80mm, the product’s compact and sophisticated design makes it suitable for a variety of indoor environments.

SL9252 is suitable for the 220-240V/100-277V voltage range and has a power factor higher than 0.9 to ensure stable power input. In addition, it offers color rendering index options of 83/90/95/Thrive to choose the most suitable color performance according to your needs.

In addition to the high-performance design, the SL9252 also features an IP20-rated dustproof rating and double insulation to ensure product reliability and safety. It also supports multiple dimming methods, including daily dimming and thyristor dimming, to meet the needs of different scenes for light brightness.

It is worth mentioning that the SL9252 has passed certifications such as CE, RoHS, FCC, etc., providing additional assurance for users. It also offers a 5-year warranty period to ensure that users enjoy lasting quality assurance during use after purchase.

The SL9252 model has become a desirable LED linear lighting solution with its excellent performance and several quality features. Whether for commercial lighting or home lighting, the SL9252 provides satisfactory lighting effects and reliability, creating a comfortable and bright environment for users.

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SL9252 LED linear lighting Design and Material

The SL9252 linear lighting fixture is stunningly crafted in terms of design and materials. It features a simple and stylish blend of elegance and modernity, making it the perfect addition to interior decor. Whether in a commercial setting or a home environment, the SL9252 brings a touch of chic ambience to a space.

With its smooth lines and exquisite appearance, this fixture gives a high-quality visual impression. Its design is carefully crafted to reflect attention to detail and the pursuit of excellence in craftsmanship. When the lights are on, the SL9252’s unique exterior design will cast a dazzling glow, injecting a sense of style and comfort into the room.

The SL9252 is made of high-quality materials to ensure its durability and stability. The clever combination of aluminium, iron and plastic gives the luminaire a solid structure while providing excellent heat dissipation performance. This means that the SL9252 not only lasts but also maintains long hours of efficient operation, providing you with a reliable lighting solution.

In addition, the SL9252 luminaire features fire-rated V2 materials to ensure safety in the event of an emergency. Its 6063 pure aluminium body has an excellent heat dissipation design, which effectively reduces the temperature of the luminaire and extends the life of the luminaire. This makes the SL9252 a reliable choice for both commercial environments and home use.

The SL9252 luminaire’s design and materials blend elegance, modernity and durability to provide you with an outstanding lighting experience. Whether used for commercial lighting or home décor, the SL9252 adds unique charm and warmth to a space. Let the SL9252 be your fixture of choice for a beautiful world of light!

SL9252 LED linear lighting Installation and Application

Mounting options

SL9252 linear lighting fixtures offer a variety of installation methods to suit different scenarios and needs:

  • Suspended installation: Suspended installation is ideal for locations that require centralized lighting, such as shopping malls, display counters, conference rooms, etc. By using a boom or rope, the luminaire is mounted above the area that needs to be illuminated to provide direct and bright light. Suspended mounting allows the luminaire to shine down from high above, effectively highlighting display items or creating a focused lighting effect.
  • Surface Mount: The SL9252 linear lighting fixture can be mounted directly on the ceiling or wall to provide an overall lighting effect. This type of installation is suitable for places with large lighting areas, such as offices, mall corridors, restaurants, etc. By distributing the luminaire evenly on the ceiling, you can achieve uniform light distribution and provide a comfortable lighting effect for the whole area.
  • Track mounting: If you need the flexibility to adjust the position and angle of the luminaire to suit different layouts and needs, track mounting is an ideal choice. By using the track system, you can mount the SL9252 linear lighting fixture on the track, which enables the free movement and adjustment of the luminaire. This installation method is suitable for shopping malls, galleries, exhibitions, etc. The position of the luminaire can be flexibly adjusted according to demand to highlight display items or create unique lighting effects.
Applicable scenes suggestions

According to different usage scenes and needs, the following are the recommendations for SL9252 linear lighting fixtures:

  • Commercial lighting scenarios:

Retail stores and shopping malls: Install the SL9252 inside stores to provide bright, eye-catching lighting effects for merchandise and attract customers’ attention.

Restaurants and cafes: Install SL9252 above the dining area or bar to create a comfortable dining environment and give customers a better dining experience.

Display counters and exhibition spaces: By hanging installation or track installation, SL9252 is directed to illuminate display items to highlight the display effect and attract the attention of the audience.

  • Office lighting scenes:

Offices and meeting rooms: By open installation, SL9252 is evenly installed on the ceiling to provide soft and even lighting to improve employees’ work efficiency and comfort.

Reception area and lobby: SL9252 is installed above the reception area or lobby by hanging installation or track installation to create a comfortable and professional impression for visitors.

  • Home lighting scenes:

Living room and living area: install the SL9252 on the ceiling of the living room through open installation to provide a bright and warm lighting effect for the home.

Dining room and kitchen: Install SL9252 on the ceiling of a dining room or kitchen to provide comfortable lighting for the dining area and create a warm dining atmosphere.

These are professional suggestions for the installation and application of SL9252 linear lighting fixtures in different scenarios. According to the specific needs and space layout, choose the appropriate installation method to integrate SL9252 linear lighting fixtures into your environment and create the perfect lighting effect.

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SL9252 LED linear lighting Features and Advantages

1. Energy efficient

SL9252 linear lighting fixture adopts LED technology, which has excellent energy efficiency performance. Compared with traditional lighting products, LED lighting has higher luminous efficiency and lower energy consumption. SL9252 provides high brightness of 5,000 lumens with 50W power, bringing users excellent lighting effects.

Energy efficiency is one of the key benefits of the SL9252. By choosing LED lighting, you will be able to significantly reduce energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions and lower energy costs. the SL9252’s energy-efficient design will provide a lasting energy-saving solution for your lighting needs.

2. Flexibility and Adjustability

The SL9252 linear luminaire offers excellent flexibility and adjustability to meet different lighting needs. The luminaire offers a variety of mounting methods, such as suspended, open and track mounting, to adapt to various space layouts and application scenarios.

In addition, the SL9252 supports a dimming function, enabling users to adjust the brightness of the light according to their needs. With the dimming option, you can achieve a smooth transition from bright lighting to soft ambient lighting to meet the light needs in different scenarios.

3. High quality and reliability

SL9252 linear lighting fixture is recognized for its high quality and reliability. The product has passed strict quality certifications, such as CE, RoHS, FCC, etc., ensuring compliance with international quality and safety standards. This enables users to purchase and use the product with confidence.

In addition to the certification, SL9252 is made of high-quality materials and a superb manufacturing process. The luminaire’s combination of aluminium, iron and plastic ensures strength and stability while providing excellent heat dissipation performance. As a result, the SL9252 has excellent durability and can operate stably for a long time, reducing the frequency and cost of maintenance and replacement.

4. Applicable to a wide range of application scenarios

The features of the SL9252 linear lighting fixture make it suitable for a wide range of application scenarios. It has excellent performance in commercial lighting, such as shopping malls, retail stores, exhibition halls and offices. It is also suitable for various places such as hotels, homes and schools.

The SL9252’s high luminous flux and adjustability make it ideal for areas such as display counters, shelves, office areas, guest rooms, lobbies and corridors. Whether it’s lighting needs or decorative effects, the SL9252 will meet your expectations and provide an outstanding lighting solution for your space.

The SL9252 linear lighting fixture stands out for its energy efficiency, flexibility, high quality and reliability. Whether it’s saving energy, meeting diverse lighting needs or being used in different scenarios, the SL9252 provides you with a superior lighting experience and creates a comfortable, bright and high-quality lighting environment.

The difference and choice between track lighting and linear lighting

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CategoryTrack LightingLinear Lighting
InstallationInstalled on-track systemsInstalled on ceilings or walls
MobilityAdjustable and movable along the trackFixed installation, not easily movable
Lighting FlexibilityAdjustable lighting angles based on needsProvides even illumination suitable for wide areas
ApplicationMalls, galleries, exhibitions, etc.Commercial, residential, and office lighting

Below is a detailed comparison and selection guide for track lighting and linear lighting:

Track Lighting

Track lighting is a lighting system installed on a track system. It has the following features:

  • Installation: Track lighting fixtures can be easily installed on a track system, allowing freedom of movement and adjustment along the track. This installation method is suitable for spaces that require frequent adjustments in lighting layout, such as malls, galleries, and exhibitions.
  • Mobility: Track lighting fixtures can be freely moved and adjusted along the track as needed. This mobility allows users to flexibly adjust the position and angle of the fixtures based on different lighting needs and layout requirements.
  • Lighting Flexibility: Track lighting fixtures offer the flexibility to adjust lighting angles, catering to specific areas or objects that require focused illumination. Users can achieve directional lighting and highlighting effects by adjusting the position and angle of the fixtures along the track.
  • Application: Track lighting is suitable for spaces that require frequent adjustments in lighting positions and angles. It is commonly used in areas such as malls, galleries, and exhibitions, where flexible display and highlighting of specific items or artworks are needed.
Linear Lighting

Linear lighting is a lighting method where fixtures are arranged in a linear fashion. It has the following features:

  • Installation: Linear lighting fixtures are installed on ceilings or walls to provide uniform and widespread illumination. This installation method is suitable for spaces that require coverage of wide areas, such as commercial spaces, residential areas, and offices.
  • Mobility: Linear lighting fixtures are typically fixed in place and not easily movable or adjustable. This makes linear lighting more suitable for stable and even illumination, without the need for frequent adjustments of fixture positions.
  • Lighting Flexibility: Linear lighting fixtures are known for their even illumination. They are suitable for providing uniform lighting throughout an area, making them ideal for commercial spaces, residential areas, and office environments.
  • Application: Linear lighting is widely used in commercial lighting, residential lighting, and office lighting. It provides uniform and widespread illumination, suitable for various indoor environments.
Selection Guide

The choice between track lighting and linear lighting depends on specific lighting needs and application scenarios:

  1. If you require the ability to adjust fixture positions and angles within a specific area to highlight certain objects or artworks, track lighting is the preferred choice.
  2. If you need to provide uniform illumination over a wide area, such as in commercial spaces, residential areas, and offices, linear lighting is the recommended choice.

Based on your specific requirements and application scenarios, choosing the appropriate lighting solution will ensure you achieve the best lighting effects and a comfortable environment.

About Kosoom

As a KOSOOM brand, we bring you high-quality LED lights with our years of lighting experience. We understand the importance of lighting in commercial spaces, which is why we focus on providing you with innovative Commercial LED Lighting Solutions to create a more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and long-lasting lighting environment.

Our led lighting fixtures offer not only superior performance and design but also practicality and aesthetics. No matter what type of commercial led light fixtures you need, we can meet your needs and provide a professional commercial lighting supply service.

At KOSOOM, you will receive first-class commercial lighting solutions that will make your commercial space shine. Choose KOSOOM today and let us bring you an eye-catching lighting experience!


Q1: What is the difference between track lighting and linear lighting?

A1: Track lighting is a system where fixtures are installed on a track, allowing for adjustable and movable lighting. Linear lighting, on the other hand, involves fixtures arranged in a linear fashion, providing uniform illumination over a wide area.

Q2: What are the advantages of LED lighting fixtures?

A2: LED lighting fixtures offer several advantages, including high energy efficiency, long lifespan, and flexibility in design. They also provide better color rendering and are environmentally friendly compared to traditional lighting options.

Q3: Where can SL9252 linear lighting be used?

A3: SL9252 linear lighting is versatile and can be used in various applications, such as commercial spaces like malls, retail stores, and offices. It is also suitable for residential settings, providing efficient and stylish lighting solutions.

Q4: What makes KOSOOM’s commercial LED lighting fixtures stand out?

A4: KOSOOM’s commercial LED lighting fixtures stand out due to their high-quality performance, energy efficiency, and innovative design. They are designed to meet the specific lighting needs of commercial spaces, offering both functionality and aesthetics.

Q5: How can I ensure optimal lighting for my commercial space?

A5: To ensure optimal lighting for your commercial space, it is recommended to assess your specific requirements and consult with lighting experts. They can help you determine the right lighting solutions, such as selecting the appropriate fixtures, considering lighting angles, and optimizing energy efficiency.








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