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“Too bright, not bright enough? Lighting too dim for productivity? Don’t worry! Our SL27100 LED linear lighting is here to save you from your lighting woes! Featuring 30W + 15W of top and bottom illumination, this pendant-type linear light not only provides bright, even lighting, but also amazing customizable features. Scroll down now to find out how to light up your space and create a perfectly lit atmosphere!”

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Why choose the SL27100 LED linear lighting?

The SL27100 LED linear lighting is a high-quality, versatile lighting solution with a flexible choice of color temperatures including 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K for a wide range of color temperature lighting needs.

This linear lighting supports many types of customised dimming systems, such as mainstream 0-10V, DALI or TRIAC dimming control methods, adjusting brightness, colour temperature, timing control, automation control and more for a wide range of personalised lighting experiences.

This linear lighting has a very high colour rendering index customisation to meet all your requirements, and can support custom colour rendering indexes of 83/90/95/Thrive, thrive is close to the spectrum of daylight, we also call it a full spectrum light source.
The SL27100 LED linear lighting is driven by an efficient power supply and uses a high quality and efficient LED light source, which helps to save on power and electricity costs.

5 advantages of SL27100 LED linear lighting

Balanced light

The SL27100 LED linear lighting uses an up-and-down luminous pattern to even out the light in the space and reduce the contrast between light and dark in the space, which is very good for eye health and allows for constant, focused, and productive work.

Outstanding energy efficiency

The SL27100 LED linear light uses high-quality LED drivers with a PF ≥ 0.9 and has more energy use than conventional types of lighting, making it the luminaire of choice for sustainable lighting solutions.

Long life

The SL27100 linear lighting with LED chips has a very long life span, typically up to 50,000 hours as tested by kosoom engineers, which means that the maintenance and replacement of LED linear lighting fixtures is greatly reduced, reducing maintenance costs and inconvenience.


The SL27100 LED linear lighting is green, both the chips in the luminaire and the various accessories such as the housing do not contain harmful substances such as mercury, making it easier to recycle even at the end of its life without impacting on the environment.

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About SL27100 LED linear lighting

Lamp body construction

The SL27100 LED linear lighting fixture is made of high-quality 6063 aluminum alloy + PC fire-resistant material, the aluminum alloy part is treated with oxidation to provide heat and corrosion resistance.

The aluminum body of the SL27100 LED linear luminaire is designed to act as an excellent heat sink, effectively dissipating the heat generated by the LED light source and ensuring optimum working temperature.

The high-efficiency LED light source with a color tolerance of less than 5SDCM provides you with a bright and energy-efficient lighting experience.

The SL27100 LED line light is pendant mounted and has a luminaire size of 1200*27*100.


The SL27100 LED linear lighting fixture has a power of 30W+15W. The 30W power provides downward illumination with an output of 2700 lumens, while the 15W power provides upward illumination with an output of 1000 lumens.

Lamp body colors

The SL27100 LED linear lighting fixture offers a variety of color customization options, including common colors such as black and white, as well as any other color you can think of. We can accommodate your preferences.

Beam angle

The SL27100 LED linear lighting fixture has a wide beam angle of 100 degrees, allowing for more uniform light distribution on the desk surface. It is suitable for office task lighting.

Color temperature options

The SL27100 LED linear lighting fixture provides customizable color temperature options, including popular warm white to daylight ranges such as 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K.

Color rendering index

The SL27100 LED linear lighting fixture offers various options for color rendering index customization, including CRI ≥ 83, CRI ≥ 90, CRI ≥ 95, and full-spectrum options. The R9 index is greater than 50, and the color tolerance is less than 5 SDCM.

Power supply parameters

The SL27100 LED linear lighting fixture uses high-quality LIFUD power drivers with excellent flicker control functionality. It has a power factor (PF) of ≥ 0.9 and offers two power supply options: 220V~240V or 100-277V. The fixture is equipped with multi-core flexible copper wire to provide stable power supply.

Protection class

The SL27100 LED linear lighting fixture has an IP20 protection rating, preventing contact with internal components and protecting against the intrusion of objects with a diameter greater than 12.5mm.

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Where can SL27100 LED linear lighting be used?

Office premises

The SL27100 LED linear lighting is the preferred choice for office spaces, whether open-plan offices or private individual offices.

In these office spaces, the luminaire is usually used for task lighting on desktops. The luminaire is mounted over the desktop using a pendant and the mounting height of the luminaire can be adjusted to meet the task lighting required for desktops in offices with different floor heights.

Commercial premises

The SL27100 is also suitable for use in other office spaces, such as office rooms in commercial spaces, offices for property personnel, etc.

If you are a personal studio with high requirements for color rendering index, for example for display or filming needs, the SL27100 would be the best choice, as we not only offer customized parameters for color rendering index CRI ≥ 95 but also up to near full spectrum color rendering performance.

The SL27100 is also an excellent choice for checkout areas in boutique retail shops, where high-quality, bright light is required for stable checkout operations, and where a high color rendering index facilitates the final confirmation and display of the product, enhancing the customer’s shopping experience and adding a special ambiance to the space with the SL27100’s up and down illumination.

How to install SL27100 LED linear lighting?

The tools you will need

Pencil or chalk, tape measure, drill, screwdriver, electrical tester, connectors (checkbox).

Installation steps

Step 1: Before starting the installation, make sure to switch off all active power supplies. Use the electrical tester to confirm that there is no active power in the circuit. If the electrical tester does not show an illuminated light, the power supply is safely disconnected.

Step 2: Based on the design drawings of the SL27100 LED linear lighting fixture, determine the installation position and use chalk to mark the locations on the ceiling where the mounting brackets need to be drilled. Use a power drill to make holes at the marked positions and securely fasten the mounting brackets to the ceiling.

Step 3: Use steel wires or suspension rods to fix the SL27100 LED linear lighting fixture onto the ceiling brackets and adjust the fixture to the appropriate height. Follow the instructions on the lighting design drawings for adjustments and ensure the stability of the installation.

Step 4: Take out the reserved power wires and use an electrical tester to confirm that the power is disconnected. Use wire connectors to connect the wires of the LED linear lighting fixture to the reserved power wires. Also, connect the grounding wire of the fixture to the grounding wire inside the ceiling.

For more information on the installation of LED linear lighting, see our blog article “How do you install linear LED lights?

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Is SL27100 LED linear lighting safe?

To ensure product quality and performance, our SL27100 LED linear lights undergo a rigorous testing process before dispatch to ensure they meet quality standards.

Electrical safety assessment: We carry out critical electrical safety tests to verify that the S2700 LED linear light poses no safety risks such as electric shock or fire during normal use. The tests covered important factors such as electric shock protection, insulation resistance, earth connectivity, and electrical leakage.

Optical performance testing: KOSOOM’s professional team thoroughly evaluated the SL27100 LED line light’s brightness, luminous flux, color temperature, color consistency, and beam angle through a series of optical performance tests. The tests included luminous flux testing, light distribution curve testing, and color correlation testing.

Durability verification: We fully evaluated the durability and reliability of the SL27100 LED line light under a variety of environmental and operating conditions that may be encountered during its simulated normal service life. Testing included vibration testing, temperature cycling testing, and mechanical shock testing.

Electromagnetic compatibility review: Electromagnetic compatibility testing was carried out to ensure that the SL27100 LED line light would not cause interference with other electronic equipment and would not be affected by other electromagnetic sources.

Safety standards compliance check: The SL27100 LED line light needs to comply with specific safety standards and regulatory requirements. Therefore, relevant certification tests, including CE marking and ROHS certification, are carried out to ensure compliance with industry and international standards.

How to buy SL27100 LED linear lighting?

Purchase channels

Through our online store, please provide us with your lighting requirements, and we will respond to you as soon as possible, providing you with customized LED linear lighting solutions and delivery schedules. Once the production of the LED linear lighting products is complete, we will ship them from Milan, Italy.

About the invoice

Please provide us with your EU VAT number, and we can provide you with a tax-free invoice. If you do not have an EU VAT number, we will charge a 22% tax fee, and the invoice will be sent along with the lighting products.

Price information

Our aim is to provide highly efficient and high-quality LED linear lighting products. We have strict control over product quality. Customized products have different prices based on your order quantity. If you have a large quantity, we can offer you an unexpected discount price.

After Sales Service

We pay special attention to after-sales service and customer satisfaction. We provide free technical support and a 5-year free product maintenance service for customized LED linear lighting products. We also provide free commercial space lighting solutions. If you encounter any problems while using our products, please contact us online or via email. Our professional after-sales team will be available to assist you at any time.

Product certification

We always insist on providing customers with high-quality lighting products. All LED linear lighting fixtures are CE and ROHS certified to ensure the performance of the fixtures.


How powerful is the SL27100?

The SL27100 uses 30W+15W of power to provide downward 2700Lm of illumination.

How do I install the SL27100?

The SL27100 is suspended and can be fixed using wire or metal rods, attention needs to be paid to the mounting height of the luminaire.

What color rendering indices can the SL27100 be customized with?

The SL27100 can be customized with four color rendering indices with a CRI of over 83, 90, 95, and full spectrum.

What spaces can the SL27100 be used in?

The SL27100 is typically used for desktop lighting, both in office areas of office buildings and in home scenarios.

Is the color temperature of this LED linear light customizable? 

Yes, the color temperature of the SL27100 LED linear lamp can be customized as required. You can choose from 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, or 5000K color temperatures to suit different lighting needs.

Does this LED linear lamp support a dimming function?

Yes, the SL27100 LED linear lamp supports a dimmable function. You can use the 0-10V, DALI, or TRIAC dimming control to adjust the light brightness as required to create the ideal lighting atmosphere.

When can I ship my product after purchase?

The SL27100 is a custom product and we will contact you within 24 hours after receiving your custom request.

Can I be invoiced?

Provide us with your EU tax code and we will provide you with a tax-free invoice, if not, we will charge 22% tax. The invoice will be shipped to you together with the goods.


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