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SLDB Track Light Product Overview

SLDB LED Track Lights are outstanding lighting products that utilize advanced lighting technology to provide excellent lighting solutions for commercial and residential environments. With its high brightness light source, flexible installation, and multiple functional options, it becomes an ideal choice for illuminating large areas and creating a comfortable lighting ambiance. The SLDB Track Light features a compact size to adapt to different track systems, while its high power factor and double insulation design ensure safety and energy efficiency. Its color rendering index and adjustable color temperature offer high-quality color reproduction and personalized lighting effects. With CE and RoHS certification, the SLDB Track Light meets high-quality and safety standards while possessing IP20 waterproof rating. Equipped with optical accessories such as honeycomb, stretch lens, and diffuser, it can meet various lighting requirements and create a comfortable and diverse lighting experience. Whether it is a commercial space or a residential environment, the SLDB Track Light showcases its outstanding performance and functionality, making it an ideal lighting solution.

SLDB Led Track Light Product Features

The SLDB Track Light has the following features:

Excellent Lighting Capability: High Brightness Light Source: Utilizing advanced lighting technology, it provides powerful luminous flux to ensure bright illumination in indoor spaces. Multiple Beam Angles: It offers various beam angle options to meet the lighting requirements of different spaces. Dimmable Functionality: It supports multiple dimming methods such as DALI, TRIAC, and 0-10V, allowing users to adjust the brightness of the light source according to their needs. Multiple Color Temperature Options: It provides a range of color temperature options, including 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K, to meet the lighting needs in different environments. High Color Rendering Index (CRI): With an excellent CRI of 80 or above, it can reproduce the true colors of objects, providing a more comfortable visual experience.

Energy Efficiency: The SLDB Track Light prioritizes energy efficiency as its goal. It adopts advanced LED lighting technology, which has higher energy utilization and lower energy consumption compared to traditional lighting products. With a power factor above 0.9, it effectively reduces energy waste. Additionally, the SLDB Track Light features efficient optical design that focuses the light on the target area, maximizing light utilization and minimizing energy loss. By selecting the appropriate beam angle, users can achieve precise lighting direction and avoid unnecessary energy dispersion.

Environmentally Friendly: The SLDB Track Light embraces an environmentally friendly approach by incorporating several eco-conscious measures in its design and manufacturing process. Firstly, it utilizes LED light sources, which significantly reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions compared to traditional fluorescent or halogen lamps. Its low energy consumption and high efficiency make the SLDB Track Light a sustainable lighting choice. Moreover, the SLDB Track Light complies with CE and RoHS certifications, ensuring it is free from hazardous substances and environmentally safe for both the ecosystem and human health.

Versatile Application Scenarios: The SLDB Track Light is suitable for various application scenarios, including commercial buildings, office spaces, retail stores, exhibition halls, hotels, restaurants, and homes. Its flexible installation methods and dimmable functionality allow it to adapt to different lighting needs and spatial layouts. Whether illuminating an entire area or highlighting specific display items, the SLDB Track Light provides precisely tailored lighting effects to meet the requirements of different settings.

SLDB Track Lighting Technical Specifications

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ModelProduct CodePower (W)Lumen (Lm)Size (mm)VoltagePower Factor (PF)CRIColorBeam AngleDimmableWarrantyColor Temperature (K)CertificationWaterproof RatingOptical Accessories
SLDBSLDB6215151250Φ62*H140220-240V/100-277V>0.983/90/95/ThriveBlack/White/Custom15/24/36°DALI/TRIAC/0-10V5-year2700/3000/3500/4000/5000CE RoHSIP20Honeycomb Grid, Stretch Lens, Diffuser
SLDBSLDB7024242300Φ70*H140220-240V/100-277V>0.983/90/95/ThriveBlack/White/Custom15/24/36°DALI/TRIAC/0-10V5-year2700/3000/3500/4000/5000CE RoHSIP20Honeycomb Grid, Stretch Lens, Diffuser
SLDBSLDB8035353400Φ80*H158220-240V/100-277V>0.983/90/95/ThriveBlack/White/Custom15/24/36°DALI/TRIAC/0-10V5-year2700/3000/3500/4000/5000CE RoHSIP20Honeycomb Grid, Stretch Lens, Diffuser

Note:  The SLDB Track light series is available in a variety of product codes, each tailored to specific technical parameters and dimensions. Whether you need a specific voltage, power factor, color rendering index, color options, beam angle or correlated color temperature (CCT), SLDB Track light can be customized to meet your precise lighting needs. With its strong certifications, extended warranty and IP20 rating, the SLDB Track light ensures performance and peace of mind.

Luminous Efficacy: Luminous efficacy is an important metric for measuring the efficiency of lighting products, indicating the amount of light output per unit of power consumed. SLDB Track Light stands out for its excellent luminous efficacy. Through careful design and the use of efficient LED technology, SLDB Track Light is able to produce high brightness illumination at lower power levels. For example, taking SLDB6215 as an example, it has a power rating of 15W but can provide 1250 lumens of high-intensity lighting. This high luminous efficacy design allows SLDB Track Light to meet lighting requirements while minimizing energy consumption and achieving energy-saving and environmentally friendly goals.

Power Factor (PF): Power factor is a measure of the efficiency with which a circuit load utilizes active power from the power system. SLDB Track Light has a power factor greater than 0.9, indicating lower reactive power losses. This means that SLDB Track Light can more effectively utilize the supplied electrical energy, reducing energy waste and improving overall energy utilization. The high power factor design makes SLDB Track Light an ideal choice for users with high energy efficiency and environmental awareness.

Color Rendering Index (CRI): Color Rendering Index is a measure of the ability of a lighting product to accurately reproduce the colors of objects. SLDB Track Light offers multiple CRI options, including 83, 90, 95, and Thrive. Higher CRI values indicate that SLDB Track Light can more accurately render the colors of objects, creating a lighting environment that is more real and natural. Whether for commercial displays or home lighting, SLDB Track Light can present vibrant and detailed lighting effects, providing a more comfortable and appealing visual experience.

Beam Angle: The beam angle refers to the divergence range of light rays emitted from the light source. SLDB Track Light offers different beam angle options, including 15 degrees, 24 degrees, and 36 degrees. This allows users to adjust the lighting range and intensity according to their needs, achieving precise lighting direction. Whether highlighting specific areas or providing comprehensive and uniform illumination, SLDB Track Light can meet the requirements of various application scenarios.

Dimmable: SLDB Track Light features dimmable functionality, allowing users to adjust the brightness of the fixtures according to their needs. By using dimming control systems such as DALI, TRIAC, or 0-10V, users can easily achieve the desired lighting ambiance and create the desired atmosphere.

Color Temperature: SLDB Track Light offers multiple color temperature options, including 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K. Color temperature is a parameter that measures the color characteristics of a light source, and different color temperatures can create different lighting atmospheres and effects. Lower color temperatures such as 2700K and 3000K can create a warm and cozy ambiance suitable for residential and restaurant settings. Higher color temperatures such as 4000K and 5000K provide a clearer and brighter lighting effect, making them suitable for commercial and office spaces. The variety of color temperature choices provided by SLDB Track Light allows users to select the most suitable lighting effect based on their specific needs.

Voltage: SLDB Track Light is compatible with a wide range of voltages, including 220-240V and 100-277V. This enables SLDB Track Light to be widely used worldwide, without being limited by regional voltage differences. Whether in residential, commercial, or industrial settings, SLDB Track Light can operate stably and provide consistent and reliable lighting effects.

SLDB LED Light Product Testing

SLDB Track Light has undergone rigorous product testing to ensure its quality and performance meet the expected standards and provide users with excellent lighting experience. These comprehensive product tests include brightness testing, color temperature consistency testing, color rendering index (CRI) testing, and more, aiming to validate the stability and reliability of SLDB Track Light under various working conditions.

In the brightness testing, the luminous flux of SLDB Track Light is accurately measured and recorded to ensure it provides sufficient lighting brightness. Additionally, color temperature consistency testing is an important aspect where the color temperature among different fixtures is compared and adjusted to ensure SLDB Track Light delivers consistent color temperature throughout the lighting system, avoiding color deviations or hotspots.

Moreover, the color rendering index (CRI) testing is crucial for evaluating SLDB Track Light’s ability to reproduce true colors when illuminating objects. This test compares the light source with a standard light source to assess SLDB Track Light’s color accuracy. SLDB Track Light offers multiple CRI options such as 83, 90, 95, and Thrive to meet different application needs, enabling illuminated objects to display precise and natural colors.

In addition to the mentioned tests, SLDB Track Light has also undergone verification in various aspects, including electrical performance testing, durability testing, and safety performance testing. These tests ensure the stability and reliability of SLDB Track Light under various working conditions, providing long-lasting and exceptional lighting effects in commercial, residential, and office environments.

Through these rigorous product tests, SLDB Track Light demonstrates its outstanding quality and performance. Users can confidently choose SLDB Track Light as their lighting solution, enjoying high-quality, reliable, and exceptional lighting experiences.

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Product Certification and Warranty

SLDB Track Light, as a reliable lighting product, has obtained CE and RoHS certifications, demonstrating its compliance with strict quality and safety standards in the European market. These certifications acknowledge the consistency and compliance of SLDB Track Light in terms of design, production, and material selection, providing users with additional confidence and assurance.

Furthermore, SLDB Track Light offers an extended warranty period of up to 5 years, providing users with additional coverage and assurance. This means that within the warranty period, if the product experiences any quality issues or manufacturing defects, users can enjoy free repair or replacement services. This long-term warranty commitment reflects SLDB’s confidence and dedication to the quality of its products, offering users a worry-free and reliable user experience.

With CE and RoHS certifications and a 5-year warranty, Kosoom conveys a clear message to users: we are a professional lighting equipment provider, and our products undergo rigorous quality and safety testing, demonstrating outstanding performance and reliability. Users can confidently choose SLDB Track Light as a high-quality, environmentally friendly, and durable lighting solution. Whether it’s for commercial, residential, or office spaces, SLDB Track Light will provide you with exceptional lighting experiences and reliable support.


Installing track lights is a relatively simple process. Here are the general installation steps:

Preparation: Before starting the installation, ensure that you have turned off the power and have the necessary tools such as a screwdriver, pliers, and electrical testing instruments.

Positioning and marking: Based on your lighting needs and design layout, determine the installation positions and hole locations for SLDB track lights. Use measuring tools and a ruler to accurately mark the positions and holes for the track lights.

Installing the track: Use screws and nuts to secure the track to the ceiling. Ensure that the track is securely and smoothly installed. If needed, use a power drill and an appropriate drill bit to create holes and install expansion bolts or other suitable fixing devices.

Connecting the power: Before installing the track lights, make sure the power is turned off. Then, connect the power wires to the track light’s power wires. Match the wire colors correctly, usually connecting the black (or red) wire to the live wire, the white (or blue) wire to the neutral wire, and the green (or green-yellow) wire to the ground wire. Ensure secure connections and use insulation tape or sleeves for insulation.

Installing the fixtures: Insert the light heads of SLDB track lights into the slots on the track and gently rotate them to securely fix them in place. Adjust the position and direction of the fixtures as needed to achieve the desired lighting effect.

Testing and adjustment: It is essential to ensure that the lights provided by reliable LED light suppliers illuminate properly without any flickering or other anomalies. If needed, make adjustments to the angle and direction of the fixtures to meet specific lighting requirements.

Safety check: Once the installation and adjustment process is finished, conduct a final safety check to ensure the highest level of safety. Verify that all wire connections, are correct and secure, leaving no exposed wires. It is crucial to maintain an appropriate gap between the track lights and the ceiling to allow efficient heat dissipation and prevent any potential overheating issues.

Please keep in mind that the aforementioned steps outline a general installation process for Commercial LED Lighting, such as SLDB track lights. For precise installation guidelines and instructions, refer to the product manual or follow the installation instructions provided by the LED light suppliers. If you are not familiar with electrical work, it is advisable to seek assistance from a professional electrician. Prioritize safety throughout the installation process and adhere to relevant safety guidelines and regulations.


Q: Does SLDB Track Light support dimming function?

A: Yes, SLDB Track Light supports dimming function, allowing you to adjust the lighting brightness according to your needs and providing more options for light control.

Q: What type of track is SLDB Track Light compatible with?

A: SLDB Track Light is compatible with standard 3-wire track or 4-wire track systems and can be used with most track accessories.

Q: Is the color temperature of SLDB Track Light adjustable?

A: Yes, SLDB Track Light offers multiple color temperature options such as 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K to meet different lighting needs and ambiance requirements.

Q: Does SLDB Track Light have waterproof functionality?

A: SLDB Track Light has an IP20 waterproof rating, primarily suitable for indoor environments and not suitable for use in damp or splash-prone areas.

Q: Does SLDB Track Light comply with CE and RoHS certifications?

A: Yes, SLDB Track Light has obtained CE and RoHS certifications, ensuring compliance with quality and safety standards in the European market and guaranteeing product quality and environmental performance.




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