15W LED Linear Lighting-MLL004-A-L0405N 4000K-KOSOOM


Product Technical Specifications – L0405N Linear Lights

Product CodeL0405N
Power (W)15W
Voltage (V)220
Beam Angle (°)120°
CCT (K)4000K

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

Illuminating Brilliance: Kosoom’s Odyssey into Light

Greetings, seekers of brilliance! We stand at the threshold of an extraordinary journey, one that transcends the ordinary and dances with radiance. In this saga, we present none other than the beacon of illumination genius, Kosoom. Step into the world where light meets artistry, where spaces are transformed into realms of enchantment, all under the spell of Kosoom’s LED magic.

Kosoom: Igniting the Pathway to Radiance

Imagine a realm where every corner gleams with a touch of ethereal brilliance. Enter Kosoom – not just a brand but a beacon of innovation that paves the way for enlightened spaces. Imagine the artisans of light, the architects of luminosity, and the wizards of radiance; that’s Kosoom in a nutshell. Allow us to guide you through their masterpiece: the linear light fixture.

Linear Light Fixtures: Enchantment in Light

Ladies and gentlemen, let us unveil the epitome of elegance and ingenuity – the linear light fixture. Imagine a cascade of light, a harmonious melody that weaves through spaces, embracing every nook and cranny. These fixtures are more than just sources of light; they are storytellers, painting narratives with luminous strokes. From lavish retail emporiums to bustling supermarkets and even the haute couture boutiques that beckon your inner shopaholic, linear light fixtures are the catalysts of ambiance, setting the stage for captivating experiences.

L0405N: The Symphony of Illumination

Ladies and gentlemen, may we present the luminary star: L0405N. It’s not just a light fixture; it’s a symphony, an ode to perfection in lighting. This prodigy boasts a Color Correlated Temperature (CCT) of 4000K, casting a resplendent dance of 1620 lumens that reaches out with an expansive angle of 120°. Picture it as the conductor of your illumination orchestra, orchestrating beams of light that dance with every note of brilliance.

But there’s more – its dimensions, L600W7060mm, speak volumes about its compact yet powerful presence. It’s not just a fixture; it’s an embodiment of Kosoom’s dedication to aesthetics, design, and the art of lighting. Here’s the twist: L0405N is not just a product; it’s a representation of a brand that knows illumination like the back of its hand.

MLL004 01

Illuminating the Excellence: Why L0405N?

In a world where brilliance is the currency of choice, L0405N reigns supreme. It’s not just a fixture; it’s a testament to the pursuit of perfection. Durability? Check. Safety? Check. Versatility? Check. But let’s talk about its pièce de résistance – its luminosity. Imagine a spotlight that embraces every inch of your space, creating a haven of light and warmth. It’s not just a fixture; it’s a promise fulfilled, a testament to innovation.

Beyond Brightness: Unveiling L0405N’s Arsenal

Ladies and gentlemen, gather ’round as we dive into the treasure trove of advantages that L0405N brings to your world. With LED gems that could give stars a run for their money, this fixture isn’t just about illumination; it’s about efficiency. Worried about the erratic dance of light? Fear not, for L0405N ensures a ballet of light that’s evenly spread, turning every corner into a canvas of radiance. And don’t even get us started on the color temperature options – it’s like having a palette of emotions at your disposal. Oh, and the Color Rendering Index (CRI)? It’s your personal artist, ensuring that colors burst forth in all their glory. And hey, let’s not forget about the star-studded supporting cast: the splendid LED panel lights that shine in tandem.

Trust the Quality: Certified Brilliance

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s not just about promises; it’s about trust. Kosoom is the bearer of quality, and their certifications scream excellence. Think CE and ROHS – a seal of authenticity that ensures your light isn’t just a glow; it’s a testament to perfection. But wait, there’s more – a warranty that stretches to 5 years, a guarantee that they stand by their creation.

Assembling Brilliance: Installation Magic

Now, let’s delve into the realm of installation wizardry. Picture this: you, the virtuoso of DIY, assembling L0405N with the grace of a conductor guiding an orchestra. It’s more than just a fixture; it’s a tale of simplicity. We’ll guide you through the dance of assembly, ensuring that your space transforms from ordinary to extraordinary with every piece you put together. And here’s the tip of the day – a sprinkle of caution ensures that your illumination odyssey is smooth sailing.

L0405N: A Symphony of Practicality

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s take a moment to bask in the symphony of practicality that is L0405N. It’s not just about making a choice; it’s about choosing brilliance that fits your needs. From customization options that bow to your preferences to a price tag that leaves your wallet grinning, it’s a win-win. And let’s not forget about the cherry on top: impeccable customer service that’s as reliable as your favorite comfort food.

Illuminating Care: The TLC Guide

We’re on a journey where care and illumination walk hand in hand. Imagine this – you, nurturing your L0405N like a cherished friend. Dusting off its brilliance, making sure it shines like the beacon it is. And the best part? Your effort is met with a 5-year warranty that speaks volumes about Kosoom’s commitment to lasting brilliance.

The Saga of Value: L0405N’s Price-Performance Ballet

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s unravel the saga of value that L0405N brings to your world. Imagine the stage set for a grand ballet – a dance of pricing and performance. L0405N doesn’t just illuminate; it waltzes gracefully with your budget, all while delivering a performance that’s nothing short of remarkable. It’s not just a fixture; it’s an investment in brilliance.

A Grand Finale: Embrace Brilliance

And now, dear readers, we arrive at the grand finale of this illumination odyssey. What have we learned? That Kosoom isn’t just a brand; it’s an embodiment of brilliance. That L0405N isn’t just a fixture; it’s an orchestra of light, a testament to innovation. Let’s embrace brilliance, shall we? Let’s choose the path that leads us to L0405N, where quality, efficiency, and illumination join forces to paint our spaces with a canvas of radiance. It’s more than just light; it’s a symphony of brilliance that awaits you.











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