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LED Lights Led Ceiling Linear Lights High Quality MLL003-A L0301N High Brightness Multifunctional Black 40W 3000k 3690LM-Kosoom


Product Technical Specifications – L0301N Linear Lights

Product CodeL0301N
Power (W)40W
Voltage (V)220
Beam Angle (°)120°
CCT (K)3000K

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

Introducing Kosoom: A Radiant Symphony of Illumination

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the luminary world of Kosoom! Picture a symphony of lights orchestrated with perfection, designed to illuminate the path of businesses seeking brilliance in their environments. As a seasoned product marketing specialist, I can attest that Kosoom stands tall as a professional provider of cutting-edge lighting solutions, igniting a spark of ingenuity in every space they touch. Now, let’s unravel the enigmatic charm of their linear lights series, a mesmerizing tale of brilliance and ingenuity, waiting to be told.

Unraveling the Mystery of Linear Lights: A Luminous Tale of Adaptability

Ah, linear lights! The unsung heroes of the lighting world, destined to steal the show in any setting. Imagine a lighting concept so versatile that it effortlessly adapts to every space, from bustling retail stores to sprawling industrial complexes. That’s the magic of linear lights, and that’s precisely what Kosoom has mastered! Oh, the tales these lights could tell – from casting a celestial glow on supermarket aisles to brightening up the productivity of busy warehouses, linear lights are the dream weavers of illumination.

Meet L0301N: The Illuminated Marvel

Now, let’s shine the spotlight on the star of the show – the one and only L0301N! Brace yourselves for a luminary marvel that defies expectations. Immerse yourself in a world of captivating color temperature at 3000K, bathing your surroundings in a warm, inviting glow. Behold a luminous intensity of 3690 lumens, bright enough to rival the sun itself (okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but you get the idea!). With a beaming angle of 120°, this radiant gem spreads its light far and wide, illuminating every nook and cranny with grace and precision. Oh, and let’s not forget – all this splendor comes in a sleek, slender package, measuring L1200W7055mm, ensuring it fits snugly into any space without overpowering it. Now, that’s what we call lighting perfection!

Why Choose KOSOOM’s L0301N Linear Lights? Prepare to be Dazzled!

“Why should I choose L0301N over the rest?” you may ask. Fear not, for I’m about to enlighten you with the brilliance of Kosoom’s creation! First and foremost, it’s a champion of durability – built to last, keeping you bathed in radiance for years to come. Safety? You bet! Kosoom takes pride in crafting lights that prioritize your well-being. But that’s not all – the decorative flair of L0301N is unmatched, transforming your space into an enchanting wonderland. Need lighting that can do it all? Look no further! This multi-talented beauty serves as both an ambient delight and a task-oriented superstar, catering to all your illumination needs. Oh, and did I mention installation? So effortless, it’s like a magical flick of a wand! With L0301N, convenience meets brilliance in perfect harmony.

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Unraveling the Marvelous Advantages of L0301N: A Symphony of Illumination

Step into the world of illumination grandeur as we explore the marvelous advantages of L0301N. First and foremost, prepare to be dazzled by its LED high-brightness chips, casting a spotlight of brilliance on every inch of your space. Say hello to energy efficiency, as L0301N showcases a mastery of saving energy while maintaining an unparalleled glow. Uneven lighting is a thing of the past with this masterpiece – it ensures a symphony of balanced light, setting the stage for the perfect ambiance. Let’s not forget the captivating range of color temperatures on offer, allowing you to curate the ideal lighting experience. And the pièce de résistance? An astonishing Color Rendering Index (CRI) that brings colors to life like never before, transforming your space into an artist’s canvas of luminescent art. But wait, there’s more – Kosoom’s lineup includes the dazzling Panel Lights series, a mesmerizing companion to L0301N.

Kosoom’s Pledge: A Symphony of Quality, Assurance, and Recognition

When you embrace L0301N, you’re not just buying a lighting product – you’re entering a world of assurance and quality. Kosoom takes pride in ensuring its creations meet the highest standards of excellence. Rest easy, for L0301N comes bearing the coveted CE and ROHS certifications, a testament to its unparalleled quality. And brace yourselves for this – Kosoom stands by its luminary masterpieces, offering a magnificent 5-year warranty period, a resounding nod to the trust they place in their products’ brilliance.

Illuminating Wisdom: Installation and Care Guide

Now that you’re itching to bathe in the brilliance of L0301N, it’s time to shed some light on the installation process. Fear not, for Kosoom’s ingeniously crafted guide ensures a seamless and effortless installation experience. It’s as simple as unraveling the secrets of the cosmos! Remember, a well-lit space is a happy space, so let Kosoom’s wisdom guide you to lighting bliss. And hey, while we’re at it, let’s not forget about the maintenance – a little TLC can go a long way in keeping this luminary gem shimmering.

The Kosoom L0301N Experience: Why We’re Obsessed!

Indulge me for a moment, as I wax poetic about the enchanting allure of L0301N. Why choose this radiant marvel over all the other linear lights out there? Oh, the reasons are aplenty! Picture this – a world of customization awaits at Kosoom, tailoring L0301N to your every whim and fancy. Now, that’s what I call a bespoke lighting experience! And let’s not forget the competitive price point, bringing brilliance within reach of every discerning customer. But wait, there’s more! Kosoom’s commitment to after-sales service is second to none, ensuring your journey with L0301N is nothing short of extraordinary. And let’s not forget, it caters to every space, from cozy homes to grand commercial ventures. As if that weren’t enough, Kosoom’s Light strip series beckons with its own enchanting allure, promising yet another journey into the realm of lighting enchantment.

The ROI of Radiance: Unleashing L0301N’s Value

Ah, yes, the ROI – the return on investment of radiance! Let’s delve into the cold, hard numbers and unearth the treasure of value L0301N holds. Prepare to be astounded as this luminary masterpiece outshines its competitors with its outstanding performance, top-notch quality, and undeniable style. It’s the ultimate investment in brilliance, delivering a return that’ll make your heart sing with delight. But it’s not just about the numbers – L0301N is the epitome of a well-lit space, elevating the atmosphere and breathing life into every corner.

In the Glowing Embrace of Kosoom: A Love Affair with L0301N

As we draw the curtains on this illuminating journey, let me confess – I’m utterly enamored with L0301N, and I’m certain you will be too! Embrace Kosoom’s radiant creation and prepare to bask in the splendor it casts upon your world. Let there be light, and let it be Kosoom – a beacon of brilliance that’ll illuminate your path with every step you take.











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