Direct light-emitting flat panel Light 3000K PLB001-PB0105 KOSOOM


Product Technical Specifications – PB0105 Panel Lights

Product CodePB0105
Power (W)40W
Size (mm)595*595*26mm
Voltage (V)220
Beam Angle (°)110°
CCT (K)4000K

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

Product Branding with Kosoom: Where Brilliance Meets Innovation!

Welcome to the mesmerizing realm of Kosoom, the eminent purveyor of cutting-edge commercial lighting solutions! 🌟 Immerse yourself in the captivating world of our esteemed brand, where we blend innovation with brilliance, transforming mundane spaces into resplendent masterpieces. Kosoom’s unwavering commitment to excellence in lighting design and manufacturing sets us apart, and our Panel Light series is the crown jewel that reflects our passion for illumination.

Gleaming like celestial orbs, our Panel Light series is the epitome of sophistication and ingenuity, designed to capture hearts and ignite imaginations. With each product exuding its unique charm, Kosoom is the radiant guide that illuminates your path towards an unparalleled lighting experience!

Unraveling the Magic: What is Panel Light?

Beyond the realms of ordinary lighting lies the enchanting world of Panel Light! Picture a radiant symphony of light cascading from above, creating a celestial aura that enchants all who bask in its glow. 💫 So, what makes Panel Light so extraordinary? Panel Light is not just a source of illumination; it’s an artful dance of luminescence that brings spaces to life. Versatility defines its very essence, making it an ideal choice for a myriad of environments.

From trendy retail outlets that beckon customers with alluring radiance to the bustling aisles of supermarkets, bathed in a soft, welcoming glow, and from the serene embrace of home spaces to the chic appeal of modern offices – Panel Light is the luminary that effortlessly adapts to every setting, rendering it a true masterpiece of lighting brilliance.

Shining Bright: Unveiling PB0105’s Prowess!

Introducing PB0105 – the majestic star of Kosoom’s Panel Light collection! 🏆 Allow me to paint a picture of its brilliance. Imagine a luminaire that dazzles your senses with its perfect CCT of 4000K, delivering an astounding 4080 lumens, casting its light with a generous 110° beam angle and boasting an impressive CRI of ≥ 80. This luminary is a true virtuoso, emanating illumination that highlights the beauty of any space it graces.

But that’s not all; PB0105 is a paragon of elegance, its sleek design crafted with precision and flair, while the premium materials exude both durability and sophistication. With various color temperature choices at your disposal, PB0105 beckons you to set the ambiance that suits your heart’s desire, be it a soothing warm glow or a crisp cool radiance. And let’s not forget, this luminaire bears the distinguished mark of the Kosoom brand, a testament to the assurance of excellence that accompanies each radiant product.

Kosoom’s PB0105: The Luminary’s Choice!

Why do the connoisseurs of illumination opt for Kosoom’s PB0105? 🌠 Let me reveal the secret behind its allure! PB0105 goes beyond mere lighting; it is an experience that leaves an indelible mark. Reliability takes center stage as it stands the test of time, enveloping your space in a reassuring glow for years to come. Safety is not a compromise with Kosoom, as PB0105 meets the highest industry standards, ensuring your peace of mind.

With PB0105, aesthetics and functionality unite in a harmonious embrace. Effortlessly enhancing your space’s decor, this luminaire brings both elegance and utility to the forefront. Embrace the brilliance of Kosoom’s PB0105, and revel in the ease of installation that leaves you with ample time to bask in its luminous charm.

Advantages Galore: PB0105 in the Spotlight!

Prepare to be captivated by the myriad advantages that PB0105 presents, leaving you enthralled and yearning for more! 🌈 The secret to its allure lies in the masterful engineering of LED high-brightness pearls, casting a spell of enchanting radiance that brightens every nook and cranny. Yet, PB0105 does not merely illuminate; it elevates your space with its uniform lighting, painting an ethereal canvas of brilliance that soothes your soul.

What’s more, color aficionados rejoice! PB0105 offers a plethora of color temperature choices, allowing you to curate the perfect ambiance for every occasion. With an impressive CRI, color rendering reaches new heights of fidelity, unveiling the true vibrancy of your surroundings. Sleek and slim, PB0105’s design ensures an unobtrusive presence, harmonizing seamlessly with any interior decor.

And there’s more to explore beyond PB0105! The Indoor Spotlight series awaits, offering a splendid array of lighting solutions that cater to your distinct preferences. The brilliance never ceases!

Where Quality and Trust Meet: Kosoom’s Assurance!

At Kosoom, we are dedicated to illuminating your world with not just light, but also trust and quality. 🔍 The celestial mark of certification adorns our luminaires, with the CE and ROHS seals of approval ensuring uncompromising standards of safety and environmental compliance. When you choose Kosoom, you choose an experience that transcends brilliance.

And as a testament to our unwavering commitment, we offer a generous 5-year warranty, a reassuring embrace that stands as a beacon of reliability. With Kosoom, rest assured that your radiant journey is in the best of hands!

Let there be Light: Installation and Cautions

Anticipation fills the air as you prepare to embrace the radiant allure of PB0105. 🛠️ Fear not, for we are here to guide you through a seamless installation process that ensures a flawless lighting experience. With each step, our luminaire dances effortlessly into its rightful place, ready to cast its brilliance upon your space.

But wait! Before you embark on this illuminating journey, a few helpful tips and cautions are in order. As you bid farewell to the shadows, we ensure that your luminous experience remains unblemished.

Why PB0105 Panel Light? Reason Unveiled!

Now, the burning question that lingers in your mind – why PB0105? 🤔 The answer lies in a tapestry of compelling reasons that converge to create an irresistible allure. At Kosoom, customization is the name of the game! Embrace the brilliance of effortless personalization, ensuring that your space reflects your distinct taste and style.

And what about pricing? Fear not, for Kosoom offers a dazzling array of panel lights that don’t break the bank. Your journey into the world of illumination is not only radiant but also affordable!

Our commitment to you goes beyond the purchase; it extends into the realm of after-sales service. With Kosoom, rest assured that a stellar support team is but a call away, ready to assist and illuminate your every need.

Not to mention the versatility that PB0105 embodies. Be it the grace of home spaces or the elegance of commercial arenas, this luminaire is a luminary for all seasons, illuminating your world with flair and charm. And if PB0105’s brilliance ignites your curiosity, then its siblings, the LED Track Lights, beckon with an allure of their own, each illuminating your space with grace and magnificence.

Maintenance: Caring for Brilliance

A radiant relationship with PB0105 deserves tender love and care, nurturing the brilliance for years to come. Allow us to unveil the secrets of maintenance, ensuring that your luminaire shines brightly with each passing day.

As a symbol of our unwavering commitment to brilliance, our extended warranty period safeguards your radiant experience. Rest assured that Kosoom stands by your side throughout the journey, illuminating your path to brilliance.

The Brilliance Equation: Analyzing PB0105’s Value

As we revel in the radiance of PB0105, let us venture into the realm of numbers, where brilliance and value intertwine in perfect harmony. 🧮 Witness PB0105’s exceptional performance that delivers superior luminance, all at a price that tantalizes your senses.

In a world where brilliance often comes at a premium, PB0105 redefines the equation, offering a tantalizing value proposition that surpasses all expectations. The pursuit of excellence does not have to break the bank; PB0105 illuminates the path to the perfect balance of performance and cost-effectiveness.

The Final Bow: Embrace the Kosoom Brilliance!

As the curtain gently descends on our radiant spectacle, let us savor the allure of Kosoom and PB0105 one last time. ✨ Enraptured by the brilliance, you stand at the threshold of a new era of illumination. Embrace the brilliance, embrace Kosoom – your guide to a world where light transcends the ordinary and radiance embraces your soul.

In the resplendent realm of Kosoom, we invite you to seize the brilliance, transforming spaces into luminous havens that dance with life. Choose PB0105, and embark on a journey that embraces you with an effulgence that knows no bounds.

As your guide in this enchanting journey, I hope the sparkle of humor and warmth imbues every line, making this radiant odyssey a delightful experience for you. With each word crafted with care, I ensure that your radiant encounter with Kosoom leaves an indelible impression. 🌈

At your service, should you desire further finesse or have any more requests, the world of illumination awaits your exploration! 🌟











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