OEM IP40 10W 4000K 730LM Adjustable Led Downlights C0304 CSL003-A Kosoom


Product Technical Specifications – C0304 LED spotlight

Product CodeC0304
Power (W)10W
Voltage (V)220
Beam Angle (°)24°
CCT (K)4000K

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

Illuminating Brilliance: Unveiling Kosoom’s C0304 Indoor Spotlights

Greetings, fellow light enthusiasts! Prepare to be dazzled as we embark on a journey into the captivating world of Kosoom and their star player, the C0304 Indoor Spotlights. Buckle up, because we’re about to light up the night with knowledge, humor, and more lumens than you can shake a glow stick at!

Shining the Spotlight on Kosoom: A Symphony of LED Magic

Step into the spotlight with us as we unveil the magic of Kosoom – the true pioneers in the realm of LED lighting. Picture this: a stage bathed in a kaleidoscope of colors, all thanks to the ingenious brilliance of Kosoom. We’re not just a brand; we’re the wizards behind the curtain, making the world shine brighter one LED at a time.

A Guided Tour: What’s the Buzz with Indoor Spotlights?

Hold onto your seats, because we’re diving headfirst into the electrifying world of indoor spotlights! These aren’t just your run-of-the-mill light fixtures; they’re the unsung heroes of illumination, the Sherlock Holmes of the lighting universe, solving the mystery of the missing brightness with style. But guess what? They don’t stop at solving crimes – they’re the lighting solution for your retail haven, the supermarket oasis, and even that trendy clothing boutique down the street.

Unveiling C0304: A Symphony of Light and Style

Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the star of the show – the one and only C0304 Indoor Spotlight! Imagine a CCT of 4000K, where light meets perfection in a dance of 730 lumens that’ll have you reaching for your sunglasses. With a spotlight angle of 24°, it’s like having your very own mini sun. But here’s the kicker – its CRI is beyond 90, ensuring colors pop like fireworks on the Fourth of July. Oh, and did we mention its dimensions? H88*Ø105mm, with a hole size of 95mm. If you’re worried about installation, fear not; it’s easier than putting together a LEGO masterpiece!

CSL003 01

C0304: More Than a Light Fixture – It’s a Lifestyle

Why C0304, you ask? Think of it as the James Bond of indoor spotlights – sleek, sophisticated, and ready for action. Its durability is the envy of superheroes, and its safety features are tighter than Fort Knox. But wait, there’s more! It’s not just a light; it’s a decorator’s dream, a chameleon that transforms any space into an illuminated wonderland. Worried about the installation process? Don’t be – it’s smoother than butter on a warm pancake. And that brightness? It’s like daylight on steroids, making you wonder how you ever survived without it.

Illuminating Advantages: A Kaleidoscope of Brilliance

Hold onto your hats, folks – C0304 isn’t just a spotlight; it’s a game-changer! Imagine LED gems that rival the treasures of Aladdin’s cave, delivering not just illumination but a symphony of brilliance. It’s eco-friendly, saving you energy and the planet, all in one swoop. The light? Oh, it’s smoother than jazz on a lazy Sunday morning. And the best part? You get a buffet of color temperatures, and a CRI that brings colors to life like never before. And let’s not forget our other star, the LED panel light collection – it’s like a galaxy of illumination options!

Certified Brilliance: The Kosoom Promise

Worried about authenticity? Fear not! Kosoom comes bearing not just gifts but certifications – the CE and ROHS kind. And guess what? We’re not just about one-night stands; our 5-year warranty is here for the long haul, guaranteeing your peace of mind like a warm hug on a chilly night.

Installation Magic: Lights, Camera, Action!

Time to get hands-on with brilliance! Installing C0304 is like crafting a masterpiece; it’s easy, fulfilling, and leaves you with a sense of accomplishment that’s second to none. Our step-by-step guide is your guiding star, ensuring you’ll have your space shining brighter than the sun in no time. And if you’re ever in a pickle, remember – we’re just a call away, ready to guide you through the cosmic maze.

Why C0304 Indoor Spotlights? Prepare for Revelation

Now, let’s talk business – why choose C0304? Imagine having a Swiss Army knife that customizes its features to your whims, delivering a performance that’s worth every penny. And speaking of pennies, our prices are as competitive as a game of Monopoly among friends. And that’s not all – our after-sales service is as attentive as a butler in a five-star hotel. But wait, there’s more! C0304 doesn’t just light up spaces; it transforms them into havens of brilliance, making it the ultimate solution for any lighting conundrum. Psst, don’t forget our LED tape light collection – it’s the sprinkle of stardust you never knew you needed!

A Dance with Care: Maintaining Your Luminescent Love

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s not just about lighting up your world; it’s about keeping that light alive. Caring for C0304 is simpler than ABC – just a gentle wipe here, a dust-off there, and it’ll keep shining brighter than the North Star. And remember, our warranty is your insurance, ensuring your journey into the cosmos remains smooth and trouble-free.

Numbers and Brilliance: The Power of C0304

Alright, let’s crunch some numbers and see the magic unfold! C0304 isn’t just a spotlight; it’s a revolution in illumination. It’s like finding a unicorn in a field of horses – the value is unmatched, the performance unparalleled. You’re not just getting a light; you’re investing in a beacon of brilliance that won’t break the bank. So why wait? Dive into the world of C0304 and witness the future of lighting unfold.

In Conclusion: Kosoom’s Odyssey of Brilliance

Ladies and gentlemen, adventurers of illumination, and seekers of brilliance – we’ve taken you on a journey through the enchanting realm of Kosoom and their C0304 Indoor Spotlights. As the curtains draw to a close, remember that it’s not just about lighting up spaces; it’s about creating a symphony of radiance that touches hearts and ignites souls. So take the plunge, embrace the cosmic charm, and let C0304 light up your world in ways you never thought possible.











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