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1. The STL003 series profile is also called LED profile, LED channel, channel profile, and has a beautiful appearance and good heat dissipation. It is mainly used in conjunction with LED light strips. The LED aluminum profile includes several parts, including aluminum extrusion, PC diffuser, end cap, clip, suspension wire, etc.2. The main body of the STL003 series profile is integrally extruded from high-quality aluminum material and surface-treated with anodizing to resist oxidation and corrosion. The PC diffuser adopts a milky white PC scatter lens, which has a low light transmittance of 50-60%, and even SMD process LED light strips can be well hidden to make the light emission more uniform and soft.3. The STL003 series profile has various classifications and is suitable for various types of lighting and installation environments.Surface mount: This type of profile is also called U-shaped extrusion and is usually used to install on various flat surfaces, such as in kitchen cabinets, living room ceilings, wardrobes, etc.Embedded installation: This type of profile is also called T-shaped profile, which can be embedded and installed on the surface of walls, ceilings, or furniture, and can be divided into frameless and framed versions.Corner profile: This type of profile has a vertical angle and can be installed in ceiling corners, cabinet corners, walls, stairs, etc.Architectural profile: This type of profile is another type of embedded profile. This method requires professional design and installation because its installation and maintenance are relatively difficult. We need to groove on the wall or ceiling, fix it with screws, and cooperate with plastering to hide the edge of the profile.Cabinet and furniture series: This type of profile also belongs to embedded type, and the profile is usually embedded in the wooden board of the furniture. The thickness of the wooden board is usually 16-17mm, so a thinner designed aluminum profile is needed.Kickboard light series: This type of profile is suitable for installation in wall corners, can be used as a kickboard line, and can also illuminate the wall corner to outline the spatial outline, with a unique atmosphere.4. The STL003 profile can achieve various lighting effects when used with LED light strips, such as outlining the spatial contour to create atmospheric lighting, or installing it in furniture or display cabinets as local key lighting. More usage methods require your active exploration.