LED Downlight Color Temperature Custom 6W 450LM Energy Efficient Adjustable Beam Angle 15°/24°/36°SLN52R06TA-Kosoom


Product Technical Specifications – SLN52R06TA Custom LED Spotlights Downlights

Product CodeSLN52R06TA
Power (W)6W
Hole Size52mm
Voltage (V)220-240V/100-277V
Beam Angle (°)15°/24°/36°
CCT (K)2700/3000/3500/4000/5000K

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

Introduction and Brand Overview

Welcome to the world of KOSOOM, where innovation meets excellence in Commercial Lighting supply. Let me take you on a journey through the brilliance of our brand and the captivating allure of our Custom LED Spotlights Downlights series. In a realm where illumination defines ambiance, KOSOOM shines as a trailblazer, offering a symphony of light that transforms spaces into captivating experiences.

Concept and Application of Custom LED Spotlights Downlights

Imagine a canvas where light becomes an artist’s brush, painting vibrant hues and casting enchanting shadows. This is the essence of our Custom LED Spotlights Downlights – a concept that combines precision engineering with artistic finesse. From the grandeur of hotel lobbies to the intimacy of retail spaces, these spotlights and downlights play a pivotal role in sculpting ambiance. Versatility is our forte, as they seamlessly adapt to indoor settings, supermarkets, and more, promising to elevate any environment they grace.

Unveiling the Distinctive SLN52R06TA: Brilliance in Detail

Meet the crown jewel of KOSOOM’s collection – the SLN52R06TA. This luminaire stands as a testament to our commitment to superior craftsmanship. It boasts a variable CCT range (2700K to 5000K), offering customizable warmth that suits every atmosphere. Emitting a luminous 450 lumens, its adjustable beam angle (15°, 24°, 36°) is a stroke of ingenuity, directing light with precision. Its CRI options (83, 90, 95, Thrive) ensure colors remain authentic, captivating attention at every glance. With dimensions of 107mm in diameter and a height of 78mm, the SLN52R06TA redefines elegance. This is not merely a fixture; it’s an embodiment of KOSOOM’s commitment to lighting excellence.

Elevating Brilliance: KOSOOM’s SLN52R06TA Custom LED Spotlights Downlights

Amidst a sea of choices, the SLN52R06TA stands tall as the pinnacle of illumination solutions. What makes it an unequivocal choice? Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this luminaire encompasses a fusion of traits that define its superiority. Durability takes center stage; it’s not just a light – it’s an investment in longevity. Safety is non-negotiable; its meticulous design ensures secure usage in diverse settings.

The SLN52R06TA isn’t just a light source; it’s a conductor of ambiance. With heightened luminous efficacy, it transforms spaces with a symphony of light. Multi-functionality is in its DNA, effortlessly shifting from accentuating architectural features to spotlighting focal points. Easy installation underscores convenience, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Brightness becomes an art form; this luminaire doesn’t just illuminate, it captivates.

While the SLN52R06TA may be the star, our constellation extends beyond. Enter the realm of LED Lighting Strips – a tapestry of innovation that weaves light into spaces with a touch of magic.

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Radiance Redefined: Unveiling the Advantages

Step into the world of advantages, where the SLN52R06TA Custom LED Spotlights Downlights beckon with a symphony of brilliance. Picture LED light sources that transcend mere functionality, illuminating spaces with an artistry that’s second to none. High-intensity LED chips emerge as luminous gems, casting a radiance that defies convention.

Brightness is matched with uniformity – the light dances across surfaces, evoking a sense of harmony. A kaleidoscope of color temperatures (2700K to 5000K) is at your fingertips, allowing spaces to be tailored to emotions. The CRI spectrum (83, 90, 95, Thrive) embraces color authenticity, evoking true-to-life hues. A canvas of customization unfolds: from color to beam angle, from size to CRI, the SLN52R06TA obeys your creative command.

But it’s not just about light; it’s about embedding luminescence within architecture. Recessed installation elevates aesthetics, seamlessly merging illumination with design. The SLN52R06TA isn’t just a fixture; it’s a canvas where light paints stories.

And as the spotlight fades, let’s not forget its companions in brilliance – the led linear lighting, a manifestation of elegance in linear form.

Quality Assurance and Certification Credentials

At KOSOOM, excellence isn’t just a promise; it’s a guarantee etched in every beam of light. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, backed by the CE and ROHS certifications that speak to our dedication to safety and compliance. When you choose KOSOOM, you choose peace of mind.

But our pledge to quality goes beyond paper – it’s in the confidence we have in our products. The SLN52R06TA boasts a 5-year warranty, a testament to its resilience and reliability. We stand beside our creations, offering not just products, but enduring partnerships in illumination.

Guidance and Installation Wisdom

Elevating spaces with light is an art, and installation is its canvas. The SLN52R06TA Custom LED Spotlights Downlights transcend the mundane, becoming brushstrokes of brilliance. Installing these luminaires is akin to crafting an experience.

Begin with precision – carefully measure and mark the spot where light shall grace. With an array of beam angles, choose the narrative you wish to weave. Wiring is the lifeline; ensure it’s seamless, allowing power to flow without interruption. As you affix the luminaire, it’s not just a fixture; it’s a piece of art.

And amidst the installation symphony, remember a few notes: avoid excessive heat, ensure proper ventilation, and trust your creative intuition. As the SLN52R06TA takes its place, you’ve become a maestro of ambiance.

Choosing Brilliance: The KOSOOM Advantage

In a sea of choices, why set your sights on the SLN52R06TA Custom LED Spotlights Downlights from KOSOOM? It’s a question of synergy, where craftsmanship meets affordability, and innovation joins hands with service.

Ease of customization is a hallmark – like a tailor crafting a bespoke suit, we create light that suits your space. But it’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about a partnership that extends beyond purchase. Our competitive pricing ensures you don’t compromise on quality, and our after-sales service cements your trust.

From architectural wonders to cozy corners, the SLN52R06TA transforms spaces. Its adaptability knows no bounds, a chameleon of illumination. As you explore its virtues, remember that it’s not just about light; it’s about creating an experience, an atmosphere, a sensation.

And beyond the SLN52R06TA lies a constellation of marvels – the led light panel, a canvas of luminescence.

Sustaining Brilliance: Maintenance and Care

The journey with the SLN52R06TA Custom LED Spotlights Downlights is a voyage through brilliance – one that’s sustained by care. To ensure your luminaire remains a beacon of light, a few simple steps suffice.

Cleaning is akin to tending to a masterpiece; use a soft cloth to gently wipe away dust, letting the luminaire shine unhindered. Regularity is key – a few moments of care promise a lifetime of radiance.

And as you marvel at its glow, remember the guardianship we offer – a 5-year warranty, a testament to our belief in the luminaire’s endurance. When you choose KOSOOM, you’re not just choosing light; you’re choosing a commitment to luminosity.

A Bright Decision: The Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

In a realm where brilliance is revered, economics takes center stage. The SLN52R06TA Custom LED Spotlights Downlights isn’t just a luminous masterpiece; it’s a beacon of cost-effectiveness. Let’s delve into the numbers, where value meets performance.

Comparing it to peers, the SLN52R06TA boasts an unmatched balance between price and prowess. With a luminous output of 450 lumens and a spectrum of customization, it stands tall in its class. The numbers tell a story – a narrative of affordability without compromise.

But remember, this isn’t just about numbers; it’s about redefining value. It’s about a luminaire that doesn’t just illuminate spaces; it enriches them. The SLN52R06TA isn’t just a product; it’s an investment in ambiance, an enhancement of experience.

Conclusion and Call to Action

As we dim the lights on this journey, remember that KOSOOM isn’t just a brand; it’s a curator of brilliance. The SLN52R06TA Custom LED Spotlights Downlights encapsulate our commitment to creating spaces that inspire, captivate, and transform.

So, dear reader, the stage is set, the spotlight is yours. Choose brilliance, choose KOSOOM. Elevate your spaces with the SLN52R06TA, and witness illumination that transcends the ordinary. It’s time to shine.








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