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SL925 LED linear lighting product description

The SL925 is a customizable LED linear lighting solution that supports personalization. It offers flexible customization options for various parameters, such as color rendering index, appearance color of the fixture, beam angle, and color temperature, all of which can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

The SL925 utilizes efficient power drivers and high-quality, efficient LED light sources, which contribute to energy savings and reduced electricity expenses.

Multiple control options are available for the SL925, including 0-10V, DALI, TRIAC, and other intelligent control methods. It seamlessly integrates with mainstream control hardware, making installation, debugging, and maintenance convenient while catering to individual preferences.

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Why choose SL925 LED linear lighting?

Outstanding energy efficiency

The SL925 LED linear lighting demonstrates excellent energy efficiency, with a power factor (PF) of ≥0.9. It also delivers high luminous efficacy, reaching up to 100Lm/W. Compared to traditional lighting types such as fluorescent lamps and CFLs, it significantly reduces energy consumption and electricity costs. The energy efficiency advantage of LED linear fixtures makes it the preferred choice for sustainable lighting solutions.

Long lifespan

The SL925, featuring LED chips, boasts an ultra-long lifespan. Based on tests conducted by kosoom engineers, the SL925 typically has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. This greatly reduces the frequency of maintenance and replacement for LED linear fixtures, resulting in lower repair costs and inconvenience.

Environmentally friendly

The SL925 is environmentally friendly. Neither the chips inside the fixtures nor the various accessories, including the housing, contain harmful substances such as mercury. Even after reaching the end of its lifespan, the SL925 is highly suitable for recycling and does not have a negative impact on the environment.

SL925 LED linear lighting product description

The SL925 is a customizable LED linear lighting solution that supports personalization. It offers flexible customization options for various parameters, such as color rendering index, fixture appearance color, beam angle, and color temperature, allowing you to tailor it to your specific requirements.

The SL925 features a durable construction with a body made of 6063 aluminum alloy and PC flame-retardant material. The aluminum alloy is treated to resist oxidation, providing heat and corrosion resistance. The aluminum body also acts as an excellent heat sink, effectively dissipating the heat generated by the LED light source. This innovative thermal management design ensures optimal operating temperature

With high-efficiency LED light sources and excellent light transmittance PC optical lenses, the SL925 achieves a color tolerance of less than 3 and has a fire rating of V2. The SL925 LED linear fixture is designed for suspension mounting and has dimensions of 1185*55*80.

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The SL925 operates at a power of 40W, providing an output of 4000 lumens.

Fixture colors

Choose between minimalist black or white options, or opt for personalized customization with other color choices.

Beam angle

Multiple customization options are available for beam angles, ranging from narrow to medium. It supports three beam angles: 15°, 24°, and 45°, making it suitable for office task lighting.

Color temperature options

Choose from commonly used warm white to daylight color temperatures, including 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K.

Color rendering index (CRI)

Various options are available for customizing the color rendering index, such as CRI ≥ 83, CRI ≥ 90, and CRI ≥ 95, with an R9 index greater than 50.

Power parameters

Equipped with high-quality LIFUD power drivers, the SL925 offers excellent flicker control functionality and a power factor (PF) of ≥ 0.9. It supports two power supply options: 220V~240V and 100-277V. The fixture is supplied with a stable power delivery through multi-core flexible copper wires.

Protection rating

The SL925 has an IP20 protection rating, preventing direct contact with internal components and protecting against the intrusion of objects larger than 12.5mm in diameter.

SL925 LED linear lighting applications

Office spaces

The SL925 LED linear lighting fixtures are commonly used in office environments, such as open-plan offices and individual offices in office buildings. They are also suitable for conference rooms. In these office spaces, they are typically used for task lighting on desks. The fixtures are suspended above the desks, and the beam angle can be selected based on the installation height, providing various options to suit your lighting needs, installation height, and desk size.

Commercial spaces

The SL925 is also suitable for other commercial spaces, such as management offices in commercial areas and offices for property personnel. It can fulfill various requirements for color rendering index. If you have a personal independent studio and require a high color rendering index, the SL925 is the ideal choice. We offer customization with a CRI ≥ 95.

For supermarket or retail checkout areas, the SL925 is an excellent choice. These areas require high-quality and bright lighting to ensure smooth checkout operations. The high color rendering index also enhances the final confirmation and display of products, enhancing the shopping experience for customers.

SL925 LED linear lighting installation

Tools you will need

Pencil or chalk, measuring tape, electric drill, screwdriver, electrical tester.

Installation steps

Step 1: All active power sources should be turned off before starting the installation. Use an electrical tester to ensure there is no live power on the circuit. If the indicator light on the electrical tester does not turn on, it means the power has been safely disconnected.

Step 2: Refer to the fixture design drawings to determine the installation location of the SL925 LED linear lighting. Mark the positions on the ceiling where the installation brackets need to be drilled using a pencil. Then, drill holes at the marked positions and secure the installation brackets to the ceiling. Note that some specific installations may require additional hooks to complement the ceiling brackets, which we do not provide, but you can easily purchase them at any DIY store.

Step 3: Use steel wire or suspension rods to fix the SL925 LED linear lighting to the ceiling brackets and adjust the fixtures to the desired height. You can adjust them based on the instructions provided in the lighting design drawings and ensure the stability of their installation.

Step 4: Retrieve the reserved power wires and use an electrical tester to confirm that the power is disconnected. Then, turn off the power again. Use wire connectors to connect the wires of the LED linear lighting to the reserved power wires. Connect the grounding wire of the fixture to the grounding wire inside the ceiling.

Repeat this step for all remaining embedded LED linear lighting fixtures.

For more information on the installation of linear LED lights, you can refer to our blog article titled “How do you install linear LED lights?”

SL925 LED linear lighting product testing

To ensure product quality and performance, all our SL925 LED linear lighting fixtures undergo rigorous testing procedures before shipment to ensure their compliance.

Electrical safety assessment: We conduct essential electrical safety tests to verify that the SL925 LED linear lighting fixtures do not pose potential safety risks such as electric shock or fire during normal use. This testing includes factors such as electrical shock protection, insulation resistance, grounding continuity, and electrical leakage.

Optical performance testing: Our professional team thoroughly evaluates the brightness, light output, color temperature, color consistency, and beam angles of the SL925 LED linear lighting fixtures through a series of optical performance tests. This includes tests for light output, light distribution curve, and color correlation.

Durability verification: We comprehensively assess the durability and reliability of the SL925 LED linear lighting fixtures by simulating various environmental and operating conditions that may be encountered during their normal lifespan. This includes vibration detection, temperature cycling tests, and mechanical impact tests.

Electromagnetic compatibility review: We conduct electromagnetic compatibility testing to ensure that the SL925 LED linear lighting fixtures do not interfere with other electronic devices and are not affected by other electromagnetic sources.

Safety standards compliance check: The SL925 LED linear lighting fixtures must meet specific safety standards and regulatory requirements. Therefore, we perform relevant certification tests, including CE certification, ROHS certification, etc., to ensure their full compliance with industry and international standards.

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SL925 LED linear lighting purchasing and service information

Purchase Channels

Customize the relevant parameters through our online store or send us an email with your requirements. We will provide you with customized solutions and delivery schedules. Once the product is completed, it will be shipped from Milan, Italy.

Provide us with your EU tax number, and we can provide you with a tax-exempt invoice. If you don’t have an EU tax number, a 22% tax fee will be charged, and the invoice will be sent with the goods.

Price Information

We aim to provide high-efficiency and high-quality LED products with strict control over product quality. The customized products have different prices depending on your order quantity. If you have a large quantity, we can offer you an unexpected discount price.

After-sales Service

We attach great importance to after-sales service and customer satisfaction. We provide free technical support and a 5-year free product repair service for customized products. We also offer free lighting solutions for commercial spaces. If you encounter any problems while using our products, contact us online or via email. Our professional after-sales team is available to assist you at any time.

Product Certification

We always strive to provide customers with high-quality lighting products. To ensure the performance of the fixtures, all our fixtures have passed CE and ROHS certifications.


What is the wattage of SL925?

The SL925 has a power of 40W and provides a light output of 4000 lumens, making it suitable for office lighting.

How is SL925 installed?

The SL925 is designed for suspension mounting and can be fixed using steel wire or metal rods. Pay attention to the installation height of the fixture.

Does SL925 accurately reproduce colors?

The SL925 offers multiple color rendering options. We provide customization options with CRI indices exceeding 83, 90, and 95 to choose from.

Is SL925 safe and environmentally friendly?

The SL925 has undergone various fixture tests, including safety requirements, and has passed rigorous CE and ROHS certifications.

What spaces can SL925 be used in?

The SL925 is commonly used in office areas, whether in office spaces of office buildings or office areas in commercial spaces.

When can the goods be shipped after purchase?

The SL925 is a customized product. After receiving your requirements, we will respond within 24 hours, providing you with a production plan and delivery time for the fixtures.

Can an invoice be provided?

Provide us with your EU tax number, and we will provide you with a tax-exempt invoice. If you cannot provide one, a 22% tax fee will be charged. The invoice will be shipped with the goods to you.








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