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At KOSOOM, we are dedicated not only to providing excellent product quality and design but also offering unparalleled free custom installation solutions. Our installation team is committed to serving you and providing precise and perfect installation experiences for your custom and commercial lighting.

If you desire to inject unique personality and charm into your space, choose KOSOOM’s free custom installation solutions. Let our professional team bring you extraordinary lighting effects and help you create a distinctive spatial experience.

Whether you need to illuminate commercial spaces or personal areas, KOSOOM’s custom and commercial lighting will be your best choice. By choosing KOSOOM, you will gain exceptional products, professional installation, and a unique personalized experience. Let’s together create a bright, comfortable, and eye-catching new era of lighting!

TLCB Track Light Product Overview:

We proudly introduce KOSOOM’s TLCB series led track lights, which offer various power options ranging from 15W to 35W and luminous flux from 1150 lumens to 3200 lumens. Whether you require soft ambient lighting or brighter task lighting, our products can meet your needs.

They come in multiple size options, ranging from Φ58H138mm to Φ90H180mm, to accommodate different installation requirements. Whether it’s a small shop or a large office space, our products can provide the ideal lighting effect.

They can operate within a wide voltage range, supporting power supplies of 220-240V and 100-277V to adapt to different regional grid standards.

Our products have a high power factor (PF) greater than 0.9, ensuring efficient energy utilization and reduced energy consumption. In terms of color, we offer multiple choices. You can select black, white, or custom colors based on personal preferences and scene requirements.

With a high color rendering index (CRI), our products achieve accurate and natural color reproduction, presenting objects with true colors.

The beam angles include options such as 18°, 24°, and 38° to meet various lighting needs. Whether you require focused lighting or wide illumination coverage, we can provide the solution that suits you.

Our LED lights support various dimming methods such as DALI, TRIAC, and 0-10V, allowing you to adjust the brightness level of the fixtures according to your needs. This flexibility meets the lighting requirements of different scenes and times.

TLCB Track Lighting Product Features:

Practicality: KOSOOM’s LED lights are designed with practicality as the core. We deeply understand user needs and provide customized solutions for different scenarios. Whether it’s a commercial space, office, or home environment, our LED lights can deliver the perfect lighting effect to meet users’ practical requirements. We prioritize product usability and functionality, making installation and operation simple and convenient.

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Friendliness: We are committed to providing energy-efficient and environmentally friendly lighting solutions to our customers. KOSOOM’s LED lights utilize advanced LED technology, significantly reducing energy consumption and improving energy utilization efficiency compared to traditional lighting products. LED light sources have high luminous efficacy and low power consumption, making our LED lights outstanding in terms of energy efficiency. By reducing energy consumption, we contribute to environmental protection together.

Aesthetics: In addition to practicality and energy efficiency, we also focus on the aesthetics of our products. KOSOOM’s LED lights are beautifully designed, combining modern aesthetics and stylish styles to seamlessly blend with various interior decor styles. We offer multiple color and color temperature options, allowing users to choose the most suitable lighting effect based on their preferences and needs. Our LED lights not only provide excellent lighting effects but also add a sense of beauty and comfort to the space.

Reliability: We have strict quality control and extensive lifespan testing to ensure the quality and reliability of our products. KOSOOM’s LED lights are manufactured using high quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, ensuring the stability and durability of the LED lights. Whether it’s a commercial space or a residential environment, our LED lights are built to be long-lasting and reliable, providing users with a dependable lighting solution.

TLCB LED Track Light Technical Specifications

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Product CodePower (W)Luminous Flux (Lm)Dimensions (mm)VoltagePower Factor (PF)Color Rendering Index (CRI)ColorBeam AngleDimmableWarrantyColor TemperatureCertificationWaterproof RatingOptical Accessories
TLCB06015151150Φ58*H138mm220-240V/100-277V>0.983/90/95/ThriveBlack/White18/24/38°DALI/TRIAC/0-10V5-year2700/3000/3500/4000/5000KCE RoHSIP20Honeycomb, Stretch Lens, Diffuser
TLCB07524242200Φ74*H160mm220-240V/100-277V>0.983/90/95/ThriveBlack/White18/24/38°DALI/TRIAC/0-10V5-year2700/3000/3500/4000/5000KCE RoHSIP20Honeycomb, Stretch Lens, Diffuser
TLCB09035353200Φ90*H180mm220-240V/100-277V>0.983/90/95/ThriveBlack/White18/24/38°DALI/TRIAC/0-10V5-year2700/3000/3500/4000/5000KCE RoHSIP20Honeycomb, Stretch Lens, Diffuser

Note:  The TLCB Track light series is available in a variety of product codes, each tailored to specific technical parameters and dimensions. Whether you need a specific voltage, power factor, color rendering index, color options, beam angle or correlated color temperature (CCT), TLCB Track light can be customized to meet your precise lighting needs. With its strong certifications, extended warranty and IP20 rating, the TLCB Track light ensures performance and peace of mind.

Luminous Efficacy (Luminous Flux/Power): KOSOOM’s LED lights excel in luminous efficacy. Luminous flux refers to the total light output of the luminaire, while power indicates the electrical consumption of the luminaire. Our LED lights achieve outstanding luminous efficacy by efficiently converting electrical energy into bright light. The combination of high luminous flux and low power consumption gives our LED lights a significant advantage in energy efficiency. They not only provide ample illumination but also reduce energy consumption, resulting in lower operating costs.

Power Factor (PF): Power factor is one of the indicators used to measure the efficiency of electrical equipment in utilizing power. KOSOOM’s LED lights have a high power factor, typically above 0.9 and even higher. A high power factor indicates that our LED lights can utilize electrical power more effectively, reducing power losses and improving overall energy utilization efficiency. This helps to reduce power wastage and save energy costs for users.

Color Rendering Index (CRI): Color rendering index measures the ability of a light source to accurately reproduce the true colors of objects. KOSOOM’s led light fixtures  have excellent color rendering index, typically above 83/90/95 levels. A high CRI ensures that our LED lights provide more accurate and natural light, making colors of objects appear more vivid and distinct. This is particularly important for applications that require precise color representation, such as art exhibitions, commercial displays, and outdoor lighting.

Beam Angle: Beam angle refers to the scattering range of light emitted by a luminaire. KOSOOM’s LED lights offer multiple beam angle options, such as 18°, 24°, and 38°, to cater to different lighting needs. Narrow beam angles achieve focused lighting effects, suitable for targeted illumination, while wider beam angles provide broader coverage, suitable for wide-area lighting requirements.

Dimmable: KOSOOM’s LED lights are dimmable and support various dimming methods, including DALI, TRIAC, and 0-10V. The dimming function allows our LED lights to adjust brightness according to specific lighting requirements. Whether it’s a bright working environment, comfortable nighttime lighting, or a cozy ambiance, our LED lights can meet diverse lighting needs.

Color Temperature: KOSOOM’s LED lights offer multiple color temperature options, including 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K. Color temperature is a metric that measures the color characteristics of light. Different color temperatures create different atmospheres and environmental effects. Lower color temperatures, such as 2700K and 3000K, emit warm yellowish light suitable for creating a cozy and comfortable ambiance. Higher color temperatures, such as 4000K and 5000K, produce cool white or natural white light, ideal for providing bright and clear illumination. Users can choose the appropriate color temperature based on specific requirements to meet the lighting needs of different scenarios.

Voltage: KOSOOM’s LED lights are compatible with a wide range of voltages, including 220-240V and 100-277V. This means our LED lights can adapt to different regional and national power standards, providing users with greater flexibility and convenience. Whether in residential, commercial, or industrial environments, our LED lights can operate stably and deliver high-quality lighting effects.

Our LED lights feature high luminous efficacy, high power factor, excellent color rendering index, diverse beam angle options, and dimmable functionality. Additionally, we provide multiple color temperature choices and compatibility with a wide voltage range to meet the diverse needs of our users. Whether you need to create a cozy and warm home environment, provide high-quality work lighting, or showcase impressive commercial effects, KOSOOM’s LED lights can offer you reliable and efficient lighting solutions.


TLCB LED Light Product Testing

During the production process, we conduct rigorous testing on each product to ensure its performance and quality meet high standards. We employ various testing methods and equipment, including functionality testing, performance testing, and durability testing.

Functionality Testing: We test the various functions of the product to ensure its proper operation and compliance with specifications. We test features such as switches, dimming, and color adjustment to ensure optimal lighting effects and operational performance.

Performance Testing: We conduct performance tests to verify the product’s performance under different operating conditions. This includes testing parameters such as current, voltage, and power to ensure stability and reliability during product use.

Durability Testing: We subject the product to durability testing by simulating real-world usage environments and workloads. This includes tests for temperature variations, humidity changes, vibration, and impact to assess the product’s long-term durability and reliability.

Our product testing process is rigorous and comprehensive, ensuring that products undergo thorough validation and confirmation before being delivered to customers. These tests ensure that the quality and performance of the products align with our commitments and standards, providing customers with a reliable product experience.

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Product Certification and Warranty

Our products have undergone multiple authoritative certifications to ensure compliance with relevant safety, quality, and environmental standards. These certifications include CE certification, RoHS certification, and others.

CE Certification: CE certification is the safety certification standard for the European market, indicating that the product meets European safety, health, and environmental requirements. Through CE certification, we assure our customers of the safety and compliance of our products, enabling them to freely circulate and sell in the European market.

RoHS Certification: RoHS certification is an environmental certification standard for electronic and electrical products, ensuring that the products do not contain harmful substances that are detrimental to the environment and human health. Our products have obtained RoHS certification, representing our commitment and responsibility to environmental protection.

Product Certification: The TLCB Track Light has undergone certifications such as CE, RoHS, FCC, ensuring compliance with stringent safety and environmental standards. These certifications signify that our products adhere to internationally recognized quality and reliability standards in their design, manufacturing, and use. By obtaining these certifications, we assure our customers of high quality and reliability of our products.

Warranty Period: We provide a 5-year warranty service for this track light, offering reliable product coverage. During the warranty period, if your product experiences any quality issues or manufacturing defects, we will be responsible for repairing or replacing the relevant components. We are committed to providing the best after-sales service to ensure that you have a fully satisfactory user experience.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with quality product certifications and warranty services. Through rigorous product testing and authoritative certifications, we ensure product quality and safety. Meanwhile, our warranty service protects the rights and interests of customers during product usage. We will continuously strive to improve and enhance our products and services to meet customer needs and expectations.


The TLCB track light is installed using a track mounting method, which is easy to install and offers flexibility. Below are the installation and usage instructions for the TLCB track light.

Installation: a. Preparation: Determine the installation location and install the track, ensuring the track is level and secure. b. Fix the track: Use screws to secure the track to the ceiling or wall, ensuring a sturdy installation. c. Install the light head: Insert the light head of the TLCB track light into the track groove, ensuring a tight connection between the light head and the track. d. Connect the power supply: Connect the power cord of the track light to the power supply, ensuring correct wiring and a secure connection. e. Adjust the angle: Adjust the illumination angle and direction of the light by rotating and tilting the light head according to your needs.

Usage: a. Switch control: The TLCB track light is typically controlled by a switch. Depending on the installation location, users can control the on/off state of the track light using a wall switch or a switch on the power cord.

b. Dimming control: The TLCB track light supports dimming function, allowing users to adjust the lighting brightness as needed. Depending on the dimming method supported by the light fixture (such as DALI dimming or triac dimming), use the corresponding dimming device for adjustment. By adjusting the brightness, users can create different lighting atmospheres to meet the requirements of different scenes.

c. Head adjustment: The light head of the TLCB track light can be tilted. Users can adjust the angle and direction of the light head according to their needs, achieving precise lighting. Through head adjustment, users can focus the light on specific areas or objects, highlighting key illumination or creating unique lighting effects.

d. Maintenance: Regularly clean the light head and lampshade of the track light to maintain brightness and appearance. Before cleaning, make sure to disconnect the power supply to avoid electrical hazards. If needed, refer to detailed maintenance and care instructions in the user manual.

With its convenient track installation and flexible usage options, the TLCB track light offers a quick and personalized lighting experience. Users can easily install and operate the TLCB track light according to their needs, enjoying high-quality lighting effects. Whether in commercial spaces, offices, or residential environments, the installation and usage of TLCB track lights make them a practical and elegant lighting solution.



Q: Does the LED track light support customizable color temperature and colors?

A: Yes, our LED track lights offer multiple color temperature options, including 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K, and we can also customize specific colors according to customer requirements.

Q: Does the LED track light support remote dimming?

A: Yes, our LED track lights support various dimming methods, including DALI dimming, TRIAC dimming, and 0-10V dimming, allowing brightness adjustment through remote control.

Q: Does the LED track light comply with relevant certification standards?

A: Yes, our LED track lights have obtained CE and RoHS certifications, complying with international standards and featuring high quality and safety.

Q: What is the lifespan of the LED track light?

A: LED track lights have a long lifespan, typically exceeding 50,000 hours. This means they have a prolonged operational life and stable performance, reducing the frequency of maintenance and replacement.

Q: Are LED track lights suitable for commercial spaces?

A: Yes, our LED track lights are suitable for various commercial spaces such as shopping malls, hotels, and exhibition halls. They provide excellent lighting effects and dimming capabilities, creating a comfortable and bright lighting environment to enhance the image and ambiance of commercial spaces.


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About guarantee: As a professional and powerful commercial lighting company, while providing excellent cost performance (our lamps can achieve the lowest cost performance in Europe), we insist on taking quality as the first goal. Every product leaving the factory has visual inspection (check whether there are scratches on the shell or mirror of the lamp, whether the screws are loose, whether the label is correct, etc.), photoelectric parameter test (including color temperature, color rendering index, luminous flux, light distribution) curve, power , power factor, etc.), aging, grounding resistance, withstand voltage value, strict quality inspection procedures, we can provide you with a 3-5 year warranty.About returns: If the product has quality problems, we can provide you with a return service; if there is no quality problem, we will not return or exchange the product; customized products depend on the situation, please contact us.
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