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Buy in Bulk 35W White Track Lighting Pendants 3000K 2560LM Beam Angle 36˚ TRL003-T0302B-Kosoom


Product Technical Specifications – T0302B Series Track Lighting

Product CodePower (W)LumenSize (Lmm)Cut-off (Ømm)Voltage (V)CRIColorBeam Angle (°)CCT (K)

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

Unveiling Kosoom: Illuminating Brilliance!

Welcome to the realm of Kosoom, where brilliance meets innovation! As a prominent provider of commercial lighting solutions, Kosoom has been illuminating spaces with unmatched expertise. Our journey into the captivating world of Kosoom begins with an exploration of the revolutionary LED Track Lights series – a brilliant solution for all your commercial lighting needs!

Shedding Light on LED Track Lights: Illumination Redefined

Prepare to be amazed by LED Track Lights, the epitome of lighting evolution! These luminaires redefine illumination, offering a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. Kosoom’s LED Track Lights transcend ordinary lighting fixtures and provide a seamless integration of design and technology. Let’s delve into the applications and versatility of these luminaires, as they effortlessly transform various environments like retail stores, supermarkets, warehouses, and even art galleries, into captivating spaces bathed in radiant light!

Unraveling the T0302B Marvel: A Beacon of Brilliance

Step into the spotlight: T0302B! Brace yourself for a sensory delight as we explore the astounding features of this luminaire. The T0302B model stands tall as a beacon of brilliance in the vast array of Kosoom’s LED Track Lights series. Let’s dive into the specifics and marvel at its engineering prowess – from the carefully selected CCT of 3000K, providing warm and inviting ambiance, to the impressive Lumen count of 2560, ensuring a luminous space that captivates attention.

The 36° beam angle casts an enchanting glow, showcasing your space’s finest details. The CRI, exceeding 90, ensures colors come to life, rendering your products and displays with unmatched accuracy. T0302B is truly the superstar of Kosoom’s product lineup, embodying the essence of our brand – innovative, elegant, and efficient.

The Illuminating Choice: T0302B by Kosoom

You might wonder, “Why should I choose T0302B among the myriad of options out there?” Fear not, for the answer is as radiant as the light itself! Let us shed light on the reasons that make T0302B the ideal choice for your lighting projects.

First and foremost, T0302B’s design is a masterpiece in itself. It seamlessly blends into any space, effortlessly enhancing the ambiance and becoming an integral part of the décor. With durability built into its very core, T0302B promises a long-lasting relationship that shines through the years.

Safety is paramount, and T0302B leaves no room for compromise. The luminaire is designed with precision, ensuring optimal performance without any safety concerns. Dimmability is a feature that adds versatility, allowing you to set the mood just right for any occasion, be it an intimate gathering or a bustling event.

Installation woes are a thing of the past with T0302B. Its user-friendly design makes setup a breeze, so you can focus on what matters most – experiencing the brilliance of our LED Track Lights. And let’s not forget the pièce de résistance – the brightness! T0302B lights up your space like no other, immersing your visitors in a captivating world of luminous charm.

Advantages Galore: Unraveling T0302B’s Secrets

Be dazzled by the secrets that lie within T0302B! The heart of this luminaire is the LED high-brightness chips that ensure maximum luminous efficiency and exceptional performance. Complemented by precision optical lenses, the light distribution is even and inviting, leaving no corner untouched by its brilliance.

A wide range of color temperature options is available to cater to your specific preferences. Whether you seek a cozy warm glow or a crisp cool radiance, T0302B has the perfect shade to suit your needs. The versatility of this luminaire knows no bounds, and it shines in various settings, from intimate homes to grand commercial spaces.

Kosoom’s Indoor Spotlight series, a constellation of extraordinary luminaires, deserves a special mention. These spotlights add a touch of drama and focus to your space, allowing you to accentuate the finest details with a captivating beam of light. With T0302B at the helm of our LED Track Lights series and Indoor Spotlight ready to steal the show, you have an entire universe of lighting possibilities at your fingertips!

Quality Assurance and Certifications: Kosoom’s Promise

You may wonder, “Can I trust the quality of Kosoom’s LED Track Lights?” The answer is a resounding “Yes!” At Kosoom, quality is the cornerstone of our brand promise, and we leave no stone unturned to ensure excellence in every aspect of our products.

T0302B proudly carries the CE and ROHS certifications, a testament to its compliance with rigorous industry standards and regulations. These certifications guarantee that our LED Track Lights are safe, reliable, and free from harmful substances, ensuring not just stunning illumination but peace of mind too.

We take immense pride in our creations and back them up with an impressive 5-year warranty. With Kosoom by your side, you can rest assured that we’ve got your lighting needs covered for years to come. The journey of illuminating brilliance continues, knowing that our customers’ satisfaction remains our brightest reward!

Easy Installation and Handy Tips: Shedding Light on T0302B

Fret not, for installing T0302B is as easy as flipping a switch! Allow us to guide you through the straightforward installation process, ensuring your space is illuminated in no time. To make your experience even smoother, we’ve prepared some bright advice to brighten up your day (and space).

Before embarking on the installation journey, measure twice, shine once! Accurate measurements guarantee a perfect fit, making sure T0302B aligns seamlessly with your vision. And for the extra touch of brilliance, feel free to consult our lighting experts, who will gladly provide tailored advice to cater to your unique lighting requirements.

Illuminating the Why: T0302B by Kosoom

You might wonder what sets T0302B apart from the competition. Oh, let us count the ways! At Kosoom, we strive to create a unique experience for our valued customers, and T0302B reflects our commitment to brilliance.

Customization takes center stage at Kosoom. We understand that every space is different and deserves a distinct touch of brilliance. T0302B comes in various configurations, allowing you to choose the perfect combination that best suits your needs. Our lighting experts are eager to collaborate with you and create the ultimate lighting masterpiece that embodies your vision.

Affordability is yet another star quality of T0302B. We believe that everyone deserves to bask in the brilliance of Kosoom’s LED Track Lights without breaking the bank. We’ve curated competitive pricing that ensures you enjoy top-notch quality without compromising your budget.

And when it comes to after-sales service, Kosoom shines brightest! Our team of dedicated professionals is always at your service, ready to assist and address any inquiries you may have. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we’re here to make sure you have an illuminating experience with Kosoom, from beginning to end.

With a comprehensive range of specifications, T0302B is designed to cater to any space, large or small. Whether you’re illuminating a cozy corner or transforming an expansive venue, T0302B has the perfect configuration to bring your vision to life.

Brighten Up Your Budget: Unraveling T0302B’s Value

The brilliance of T0302B extends beyond its impeccable performance and captivating design. It’s time to explore the cost-effectiveness that makes it shine even brighter!

In the world of lighting, value goes beyond mere price tags. T0302B’s exceptional performance, coupled with its long lifespan and energy efficiency, makes it a wise investment that saves you more in the long run. Say goodbye to frequent replacements and high energy bills – with T0302B, you’re choosing a luminaire that not only delivers outstanding lighting but also enhances your budget’s brilliance!

When comparing T0302B to other options, its impressive specifications and competitive pricing stand out like a lighthouse in the dark. We understand the importance of making informed choices, and that’s why T0302B’s value proposition shines like no other – brightening up both your space and your budget!

A Luminous Finale: Kosoom’s Captivating Charm

As we reach the end of this illuminating journey, let us take a moment to reflect on the captivating charm of Kosoom. Our brand essence is built on innovation, elegance, and efficiency, and T0302B embodies these qualities with its brilliance.

With a plethora of applications and configurations, T0302B empowers you to create spaces that exude the desired ambiance and capture the essence of your vision. From retail spaces that allure customers to warehouses that optimize productivity, T0302B is the guiding light in every setting.

We invite you to embrace the brilliance of T0302B LED Track Lights and experience the world of Kosoom – a world where lighting transcends the ordinary and transforms spaces into enchanting realms.

Let the allure of Kosoom brighten your life and your space. Choose T0302B, where quality, efficiency, and elegance converge, and illuminate your world like never before!

In conclusion, Kosoom’s LED Track Lights series, led by the extraordinary T0302B, offers a luminous solution that combines technology, design, and affordability. From application to installation, from maintenance to performance, Kosoom remains dedicated to delivering brilliance to our cherished customers.

Embrace the brilliance, embrace the charm, and embrace the Kosoom experience. We invite you to be part of our illuminating journey as we continue to redefine lighting and brighten up lives worldwide!











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