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The TLDC track lighting is the ideal choice for providing high-quality lighting solutions. Learn about the technical parameters, features and application scenarios of the TLDC range and get professional guidance advice to create the perfect lighting effect for your space.

Overview of the TLDC Track Light Fixture

  • The TLDC Track Light Fixture Spotlighting range is a collection of high-quality LED lighting products that provide superior lighting solutions for the home and office. With advanced technical parameters and unique features, these luminaires are designed to bring great lighting to your space.

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  • The TLDC series includes the following product codes and their corresponding technical parameters:
Product CodePower (W)Lumen OutputColour TemperatureBeam Angle (°)Dimensions (mm)DimmableVoltagePower FactorCRIFinish

TLDC Track Light Fixture are widely used in the following scenarios

  • Home lighting: provide comfortable and bright lighting effects for family living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, etc., to create a warm home atmosphere.
  • Office lighting: provide high-quality lighting solutions for offices, meeting rooms, work areas, etc., to enhance work efficiency and comfort.
  • Commercial premises: for commercial spaces such as shopping malls, restaurants and cafes to create stunning lighting effects and draw customers’ attention.

TLDC Track Light Fixture has the following features

  • Selected home and office lighting: TLDC series luminaires are carefully designed to suit various home and office locations, providing the ideal lighting solution.
  • High-quality heat dissipation treatment: Highly thermally conductive body material effectively dissipates heat and ensures efficient luminaire operation over a long period.
  • Adjustable angle and accessories: according to the needs of different scenes, TLDC luminaires can be flexibly adjusted in tilt, and adaptable accessories can be added to meet different lighting needs.
  • A new generation of upgraded chips: Using a new one is more energy efficient, bringing lower energy consumption and longer service life.
  • Multi-position adjustable colour temperature: TLDC luminaires can be adjusted in 5 positions to meet the needs of different scenes and applications, creating the ideal lighting atmosphere for you.

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When choosing the suitable TLDC Track Light Fixture

, you can consider the following factors

  • The Colour Rendering Index (CRI) measures a light source’s ability to reproduce an object’s colour. The TLDC range is available in CRI values of 83, 90, 95 and Thrive to choose the appropriate CRI level for your needs.
  • Colour temperature is the quality of light emitted by a light source, expressed in Kelvin (K). Different colour temperatures can create other lighting effects and atmospheres. When choosing a TLDC series track lighting fixture, you can select the correct colour temperature depending on the use of the space and the desired ambience. The following colour temperature options are commonly available:

2700K: provides a warm yellow light, suitable for creating a warm and cosy atmosphere, and is ideal for spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms where soft lighting is required.

3000K: A warm white light with a slight hint of yellow is suitable for creating a cosy and friendly atmosphere in homes and commercial premises.

4000K: Provides a natural white light, close to natural daylight, suitable for offices, shopping malls and other spaces where clear and bright lighting is required.

5000K: provides cool white light, suitable for task areas where high brightness and clarity are required, such as operating theatres, laboratories, etc.

  • The TLDC range of track lighting luminaires is available in various look and style options such as black, white or custom colours. When selecting the suitable luminaire, consider matching the décor of the space to achieve a unified and harmonious overall effect. For example, in a contemporary style space, a minimalist, streamlined luminaire may be more appropriate, while in a traditional style space, a classic or more decorative luminaire may be chosen.
  • Consider the specific space requirements for using the TLDC range of track lighting luminaires. Different spaces may require additional lighting layouts and luminaire wattages. Depending on the size, height and use of the room, select the appropriate TLDC luminaire wattage (Wattage) to meet the lighting requirements.

Warranty and certification for TLDC Track Light Fixture

The TLDC track lighting luminaires have been awarded several relevant certifications for demonstrating compliance with international standards and safety requirements. The following are common certification standards:

  • CE certification: CE certification signifies that a product complies with the European Economic Area’s safety, health and environmental requirements (EEA). The TLDC range of track lighting luminaires is CE-certified, demonstrating compliance with the relevant standards for the European market.
  • RoHS certification: RoHS certification ensures that the content of hazardous substances in products meets European restrictions to protect human health and the environment. The TLDC range of track lighting luminaires are RoHS certified and meet environmental requirements.
  • FCC certification: FCC certification is a certification by the Federal Communications Commission to ensure electronic product compliance with the radio spectrum. The TLDC range of track lighting luminaires is FCC certified to demonstrate compliance with the relevant requirements for using the radio spectrum.

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TLDC Track Light Fixture will provide excellent lighting for your space.

Whether for your home, office or commercial premises, the TLDC range of luminaires has something to suit your needs. Please choose the suitable TLDC luminaire for your lighting needs and personal preferences, and let it illuminate your space. Choose a TLDC range track lighting fixture today and bring the perfect lighting experience to your room!

About Kosoom

As a professional LED lighting brand, our mission is to provide you with a superior lighting experience. The KOSOOM brand is backed by years of lighting experience and innovative technology to produce high-quality LED luminaires. Choosing the right lighting solution for your needs is vital in the Commercial LED Lighting sector.

The KOSOOM brand always focuses on the needs of our customers and meets your expectations by constantly improving our products. Our commercial led lighting fixtures are the ideal lighting products many customers seek. Whether in terms of colour reproduction, colour rendering index (CRI), or colour temperature selection, our TLDC range of track lighting fixtures will meet your requirements.

As a KOSOOM brand, we are committed to providing quality products and professional service. Our professionals regularly solve various lighting problems, providing you with innovative Commercial LED Lighting Solutions. Our commercial led light fixtures have been widely used in commercial lighting and have won the praise and trust of our customers.


Q: What is the Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of the TLDC range of track lighting luminaires?

A: The TLDC range of track lighting has a high colour rendering index (CRI), typically above 90, ensuring excellent colour reproduction and revealing objects’ true colours.

Q: Can I choose a different colour temperature depending on my needs?

A: Yes, the TLDC range of track lighting luminaires offers a wide choice of colour temperatures, from warm yellow (2700K) to cool white (5000K), to suit the lighting effect of different environments and needs.

Q: Is the TLDC range of track lighting luminaires available in various styles?

A: Yes, our TLDC Series track lighting fixtures are available in various styles and design options, including modern, minimalist, industrial and more, to suit the decorative types and needs of different commercial spaces.

Q: What is the power of the TLDC range of track lighting fixtures?

A: The TLDC range of track lighting fixtures uses highly efficient LED technology, typically ranging from 10 to 50 watts, providing ample illumination while being energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Q: Is there a warranty on the TLDC range of track lighting?

A: We offer a warranty on the TLDC range of track lighting. The exact duration of the contract may vary depending on the product; please check the product manual or contact our customer service team for details.


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