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High-Precision Lens LED, 15W, 900-1250 Lumens, Adjustable 20°-55° Beam Angle – TLD06215 – Kosoom


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TLD Track Lighting Spotlights – light up the stars of the business world!

Make your store, restaurant, gallery or supermarket glamorous and create a great experience for your customers with the TLD Series Track Lighting Spotlights, which are eye-catching but also innovative and functional. Whether you’re looking for the perfect lighting solution for a new store or an upgrade for an existing location, we promise to bring you a superior lighting experience. Now, let us light up your business world!

TRL003 03

TLD Color Rendering Index (CRI) – True colour reproduction of objects

  • Color Rendering Index(CRI) is a measure of a light source’s ability to reproduce the actual colour of an object, and the TLD Track Lighting Spotlights series has a high CRI, typically 83 or higher and up to 90 or more, ensuring that the colour of an object in a lighting environment appears authentic and natural.
  • A high colour rendering index is essential for commercial locations, especially scenes that require accurate colour reproduction, such as display merchandise, artwork or restaurants. With TLDSeries luminaires, you can be assured that the true colours of your inventory will be displayed to attract customer attention and enhance your brand image.

TLD Series Track Lighting Spotlights

TLD series offers a range of track lighting spotlights with different product codes, each corresponding to specific technical parameters and dimensions. These spotlights are designed to provide high-quality lighting solutions for various applications. Below are the detailed technical specifications for each product code:

Product CodePower (W)Lumen OutputColour TemperatureBeam Angle (°)Dimensions (Ø*H mm)VoltagePower FactorCRIFinish

TLD Color temperature selection – create the right lighting atmosphere

  • TLD Track Lighting Spotlight offers various colour temperatures, including 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K. Different colour temperatures bring different feelings and atmospheres to people.
  • Lower colour temperatures (2700K or 3000K) can create a warm, cosy atmosphere for environments that need a relaxed, welcoming feel, such as a restaurant or casual space.
  • Higher colour temperatures (4000K or 5000K) provide bright, crisp lighting for places where attention to detail and a professional feel are needed, such as retail stores or offices.

TLD Beam angle adjustment – flexible control of lighting range

TRL003 01

  • The TLD Track Lighting Spotlights series offers different beam angle options, such as 20 and 45 degrees. The beam angle determines the lighting coverage and spotlighting effect.
  • Smaller beam angles (e.g. 20 degrees) can highlight specific objects or areas, providing a concentrated, focused lighting effect. This suits scenes where particular items, such as an art gallery or jewellery display case, must be stressed or emphasised.
  • Larger beam angles (such as 45 degrees) provide broader lighting coverage. They are suitable for scenes where the entire area needs to be evenly illuminated, such as supermarkets or large shopping malls.

TLD’s Variety of styles to suit every design need

  • The TLD Track Lighting Spotlights series has various styles, including modern minimalist, industrial, art deco and more. No matter your commercial space’s design style, we can provide the proper fixture to add a unique visual appeal to the entire area.
  • Whether it’s a shopping mall, hotel, office or exhibition hall, TLDseries luminaires can blend perfectly with various interior decoration styles to create a unique atmosphere and style for your space.

TLD Rail mounting method, convenient and flexible

  • TLDSeries luminaires are track-mounted for flexibility and ease of installation. The luminaire can be freely moved and positioned to meet different lighting needs by installing the track on the ceiling or wall.
  • The track mounting method also allows for simple replacement and upgrade of the luminaire without extensive changes to the wiring. This provides greater flexibility and convenience for the lighting layout and adjustment of commercial spaces.

TRL003 03

Space lighting layout enhances the space experience

  • A series of lamps and lanterns can precisely illuminate specific areas or objects, such as highlighting products in display cabinets and details of artwork or sculptures. Through a reasonable lighting layout and adjustment of lighting effects, various visual effects can be created to enhance the attractiveness and charm of the space.
  • In commercial spaces, lighting is not only to provide lighting functions but also to create an atmosphere, guide people’s flow, and highlight specific areas. Old series luminaires can provide personalised and unique lighting layout solutions for commercial spaces through flexible adjustment performance and high-quality lighting effects.

Energy saving and environmental protection reduce operating costs

  • TLDseries luminaires use LED technology with high efficiency and energy-saving features. LED luminaires are more energy-efficient than traditional lighting products and can provide the same or higher brightness lighting effect while reducing energy consumption and operating costs.
  • In addition, LED luminaires have a long life span and low maintenance costs, reducing the need for frequent lamp replacement and further reducing operating costs. Using TLDSeries luminaires in commercial spaces saves energy and reduces the cost of routine maintenance and fixture replacement.

Multi-angle and multi-application options – customise the light for your commercial space

  • TLD Track Lighting Spotlights are luminaires designed for commercial lighting, offering multi-angle, multi-application options to meet the lighting needs of different retail spaces. Our luminaires can create the best light for display cases, shelves, walls or specific areas.
  • Each luminaire can be adjusted to the illumination angle, allowing you to illuminate the target object or area precisely. In addition, we offer accessories such as a focus function that enables you to adjust the range and angle of light as needed. This flexibility makes the TLDSeries suitable for various commercial locations such as retail stores, restaurants, galleries and supermarkets.

TLD Efficient heat dissipation treatment – maintains stable brightness and extends the life

  • The TLD Track Lighting Spotlights series uses highly thermally conductive body material and advanced heat dissipation treatment technology to ensure the luminaire maintains a stable brightness and extends its service life while working. The high thermal conductivity material can quickly conduct and dissipate the heat generated by the luminaire, effectively reducing the temperature and avoiding overheating problems.
  • This efficient heat dissipation treatment helps maintain the luminaire’s brightness stability, improves energy efficiency, and reduces maintenance costs. The TLDSeries luminaires provide long-lasting, high-quality illumination through effective thermal management, reducing energy consumption and operating costs.

Installation points

  • Ensure adequate preparation of the installation area before installing TLDseries luminaires. Check the electrical system’s safety and wiring and ensure compliance with relevant electrical standards and codes.
  • Install the track system at a suitable location according to the design plan and requirements, and ensure that the track is stable and firm. The way should be installed vertically and straight to ensure proper installation and adjustment of the luminaire.
  • Before installing the luminaire, carefully read the product manual and guide to ensure the installation is done correctly and sequentially. Use the proper tools and equipment to ensure the luminaire is installed accurately.
  • When making electrical connections, ensure the luminaire’s power cord is connected correctly and insulated with suitable insulating material. Before making connections, disconnect the power supply to ensure safe operation.

Commissioning and adjustment

  • After the installation, commission and adjust the luminaire to ensure the lighting effect meets expectations. According to the actual demand, adjust the luminaire’s angle, beam direction, and brightness to obtain the best lighting effect.
  • Use suitable dimming equipment to adjust the brightness of the luminaire as needed—test luminaire performance and lighting effects at different dimming levels to meet the needs of actual application scenarios.
  • For the luminaire with a dimmable colour temperature function, please select the appropriate colour temperature and adjust it according to the scene’s demand. Test the effect of the luminaire under different colour temperatures, and choose the most suitable light colour temperature.

Maintenance and Care

  • Check and clean the luminaire and track system regularly to ensure its regular operation and pleasing appearance. Remove accumulated dust, dirt and other contaminants to maintain efficient operation and stable luminaire performance.
  • Check electrical connections and wiring to ensure they are safe and reliable. If any damage, looseness or abnormalities are found, repair and replace them promptly to avoid safety risks and degradation of luminaire performance.
  • Pay attention to the heat dissipation performance of the luminaire to ensure that the temperature of the luminaire is appropriate during the working process. Clean the heat dissipation holes and fans in time to maintain good heat dissipation and prolong the luminaire’s service life.

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TLD Track Lighting Spotlights will light up your business world!

Choose the TLD Series today to create engaging commercial spaces that enhance the customer experience. Whether you’re opening a new store or renovating an old one, we’ll provide customised lighting solutions to ensure your store stands out in the marketplace. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your business to the next level! Act now and put our professional team to work for you!

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As a KOSOOM brand, we are committed to providing commercial LED lighting solutions. Our Commercial LED Lighting product line, including high-performance and flexible led lighting fixtures, will bring an incredible lighting experience to your retail space.

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Let KOSOOM be your first choice for commercial lighting to brighten up your space. Choose KOSOOM’s Commercial LED Lighting today, and let’s create a unique lighting environment together!


Q: What is CRI (Color Rendering Index), and why is it important for LED lighting products?

A: CRI, or Color Rendering Index, is used to evaluate the accuracy of a light source in reproducing object colours. For LED lighting products, a high CRI value means that they can accurately render colours, providing a more natural and detailed lighting effect. Choosing LED products with high CRI ensures that your commercial space displays colours accurately.

Q: How does colour temperature affect commercial lighting? How do I choose the appropriate colour temperature?

A: Color temperature influences the lighting environment’s ambience and visual effect. Lower colour temperatures (warm white light) create a cosy and comfortable atmosphere suitable for restaurants and bars. Higher colour temperatures (cool white light) provide clear and bright illumination, ideal for offices, shops, and places that require attention to detail and clarity. Choosing the appropriate colour temperature depends on the function and design style of the commercial space.

Q: What is beam angle, and how does it impact commercial lighting?

A: Beam angle refers to the spread of light emitted by LED fixtures. The beam angle directly affects the uniformity and coverage of the lighting. In commercial lighting, different spaces and applications require different beam angles to meet specific lighting needs. Smaller beam angles are suitable for focused lighting or highlighting particular objects, while larger beam angles are ideal for providing broad lighting coverage.

Q: What is track lighting installation, and why is it commonly used in commercial lighting?

A: Track lighting installation is a flexible mounting option that utilises a track installed on the ceiling to support LED fixtures. The way can accommodate multiple institutions and allows for flexible adjustment of their positions and directions to meet different lighting requirements. In commercial lighting, track lighting installation is widely used because it offers convenient installation, easy adjustment of fixtures, and allows for rearrangement to adapt to space changes and different display needs.

Q: What are the considerations for installing and maintaining LED fixtures in commercial lighting as an LED installation engineer?

A: When installing LED fixtures in commercial lighting, it is essential to ensure proper installation location and method following the relevant installation guidelines and requirements. In terms of maintenance, regular inspection and cleaning of the fixture surfaces are necessary to maintain optimal light output. Additionally, attention should be paid to the heat dissipation of the fixtures to ensure efficient cooling and prolong the LED’s lifespan. Promptly replace any damaged fixtures or repair faulty components when needed. Following the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines for proper operation and longevity of LED fixtures is recommended.


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