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Wholesale Black Track Lighting Pendants 2560LM 3000K Beam Angle 36˚ 35W TRL003-T0302N-Kosoom


Product Technical Specifications – T0302N Track Lighting

Product CodeT0302N
Power (W)35W
Size (Lmm)165
Cut-off (Ømm)Ø83
Voltage (V)220
Beam Angle (°)36°
CCT (K)3000

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

A Dazzling Prelude: Unveiling KOSOOM

In the vast cosmos of commercial lighting, one name shines brighter than the rest: KOSOOM! As a connoisseur of brilliance, KOSOOM is a revered supplier of awe-inspiring Commercial Lighting Solutions. Prepare to be mesmerized as we embark on a cosmic adventure to explore the celestial realm of KOSOOM.

KOSOOM’s LED track lights series stands as a beacon of innovation and creativity. With a penchant for the extraordinary, KOSOOM has crafted an enthralling lineup of LED track lights that are the epitome of elegance and functionality. Let’s set the stage for the dazzling spectacle that is about to unfold!

LED Track Lights Unraveled: A Beacon of Light

Gentle reader, picture this: LED track lights, akin to celestial stars, sprinkling their radiant glow upon various environments. These luminous wonders are no ordinary lights; they possess the power to transform spaces and immerse them in a celestial aura.

From charming retail boutiques to colossal supermarket warehouses, these celestial illuminators have the rare gift of adapting to any setting. They wield their luminescence to accentuate products in a boutique, guiding customers like the North Star. Meanwhile, in vast supermarket warehouses, they weave a cosmic dance of light, ensuring every corner basks in brilliance.

Meet T0302N: A Streak of Genius

Ah, brace yourself for the revelation of the prodigious T0302N – a stellar masterpiece under KOSOOM’s banner! With its extraordinary features, it effortlessly steals the spotlight in any lighting constellation.

The captivating T0302N boasts an array of impressive attributes: CCT at 3000K, Lumen power of 2560, and an Angolo spanning 36°. But that’s not all – its CRI of ≥90 ensures colors shine with unparalleled vibrancy, rendering any space a celestial wonderland.

But wait, dear reader, there’s more! Its exquisite design and premium materials speak to KOSOOM’s commitment to crafting lighting marvels. T0302N’s ethereal light effect is nothing short of cosmic artistry, transcending the boundaries of mere illumination.

A Match Made in Illumination: KOSOOM’s T0302N

Why do enlightened souls flock to embrace T0302N in all its splendor? Prepare for the grand revelation, where we unravel the celestial secrets of this LED track light extraordinaire!

First and foremost, T0302N’s durability defies the cosmic odds, making it a reliable companion for eons to come. It weaves a protective cosmic shield around its users, ensuring safety is its cosmic priority.

Decorative and functional, T0302N knows how to charm its way into your heart. With its dimmable prowess, it sets the mood like a cosmic conductor orchestrating the celestial symphony of ambiance. Its multifunctional essence further elevates its allure, like a cosmic chameleon adapting effortlessly to any space.

The cosmic marvel doesn’t stop there! T0302N’s easy installation proves that navigating the cosmos can be a breeze. With this celestial creation, anyone can become a cosmic lighting virtuoso in the blink of an eye.

Oh, but there’s still more to discover! T0302N’s celestial radiance extends to its remarkable brightness, rendering it a guiding star in every setting. Its versatility spans across various color temperatures, igniting the cosmos with a kaleidoscope of lighting possibilities. And let’s not forget its stellar companions in the Indoor Spotlight series, adding more cosmic charm to the universe!

Unveiling the Advantages: A Symphony of Brilliance

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be enchanted by a symphony of brilliance as we dive into the myriad advantages of T0302N. Its LED high-brightness chips dance in celestial harmony, partnering with optical lenses to create a celestial light show.

This cosmic phenomenon called T0302N bestows a uniform glow that could rival the celestial constellations. Its repertoire of models spans the cosmic spectrum, offering a stunning selection of lighting options to fulfill any vision.

Behold, as T0302N stands as the guiding star for every setting’s lighting needs. From heavenly boutiques to cosmic warehouses, this celestial beauty embraces them all. And did we mention the stunning Indoor Spotlight series? It’s like a constellation of celestial radiance within your grasp!

Shining Bright, Certified Right: Quality and Warranty

As we traverse the cosmic pathways, rest assured that KOSOOM’s devotion to quality and certification is as unwavering as the Northern Star. Witness the majestic presence of the CE and ROHS certifications, bestowing a cosmic seal of approval on KOSOOM’s luminous creations.

Oh, and let’s not forget the cosmic promise of a 5-year warranty! It’s like a celestial embrace of trust, enveloping customers in cosmic reassurance. KOSOOM’s commitment to satisfaction shines brighter than the cosmic heavens.

Easy as a Shooting Star: Installation & Cautions

Worry not, dear readers, for installing T0302N is smoother than the cosmic dance of celestial bodies. Prepare to be guided through the celestial art of installation, making you a cosmic lighting maestro in no time!

But remember, even cosmic endeavors have their cautions. As we traverse the cosmic paths of illumination, a sprinkle of cautionary notes will keep the cosmic balance in check.

The Cosmic Appeal: KOSOOM’s Track Light Choice

Ladies and gentlemen, the cosmic secret is out! The celestial allure of T0302N has lured countless souls into its cosmic embrace. Come forth and behold the cosmic splendor of KOSOOM’s track light series, a match made in the stars.

Why resist the cosmic pull of T0302N? Embrace the ease of customization, like selecting cosmic constellations in the night sky. Prepare to be dazzled by unbeatable prices that shine like comets, leaving trails of wonder.

KOSOOM’s cosmic after-sales service wraps you in cosmic comfort, always there to guide you through the celestial pathways of illumination. And behold, the full spectrum of options and swift delivery ignites a meteoric joy in every heart.

As the celestial stars align, T0302N stands as the luminary choice for every setting, brightening up the cosmos with its radiance.

Illuminating TLC: Maintenance Guide

Just like cosmic constellations need tender loving care, so does T0302N! Embrace the cosmic wisdom of proper cleaning and maintenance, ensuring the luminous brilliance remains ever-lasting.

As a celestial gift, the 5-year warranty is our cosmic promise of support, guarding the cosmic bond between KOSOOM and its cherished customers.

Priceless Radiance: The Stellar Value

As we traverse the cosmic depths of value, let us weigh T0302N’s brilliance in the cosmic scales. Its celestial performance and cosmic artistry truly make it a supernova of cost-effectiveness.

The cosmic dance of T0302N’s advantages far outweighs the competition, making it the guiding star in the vast cosmos of LED track lights. Embark on a celestial journey of unparalleled value!

The Cosmos Beckons: A Captivating Finale

As the cosmic curtain falls, the captivating allure of KOSOOM and T0302N lingers like a wistful shooting star. The cosmic journey has illuminated the world with unmatched radiance.

KOSOOM beckons you to join the cosmic dance, embracing the stellar quality and cosmic charm of their track lights. Choose T0302N, and you’ll forever bask in a cosmic symphony of brilliance and cosmic joy.

Dear reader, the cosmos awaits your illumination, and with KOSOOM, every space shall shine like a galaxy of celestial wonders. Illuminate the universe, one radiant step at a time!











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