50W Black LED – Dual Polarized 25˚ Angle – 4000K Temperature – L0108N MLL002-A Kosoom

Product Technical Specifications – L0108N Linear Lights

Product CodeL0108N
Power (W)50W
Voltage (V)220
Beam Angle (°)90°
CCT (K)4000K

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

A Comprehensive Installation Guide for the KOSOOM L0108N Linear Light

The KOSOOM L0108N is a high-end LED linear light designed to provide exceptional illumination for commercial and industrial venues. With its refined design and easy installation, the L0108N can transform any dreary space into a bright, eye-catching environment. In this guide, we will walk through the steps to properly install the L0108N led fixture for optimal performance.

Step 1: Inspect the Fixture and Accessories

Upon receiving your KOSOOM L0108N fixture, carefully unpack the contents and inspect for any damage or missing pieces. The package should include:

L0108N aluminum housing tube with integrated LEDs
Polycarbonate lens covers
Mounting brackets
End caps
Wiring with connectors
Mounting hardware (screws, anchors, etc.)
Ensure you have all necessary components before beginning installation. Contact KOSOOM support if any items are damaged or missing.

Step 2: Determine Mounting Location

Decide on appropriate mounting locations for the L0108N fixtures based on your lighting needs. Key factors to consider:

Space dimensions and ceiling height.
Obstructions like ductwork and pipes.
Adequate distance from heat sources.
Uniform coverage and avoiding shadows.
Accessibility for maintenance.
Refer to the L0108N manual for recommended spacing (usually 1.2m between fixtures). Have a lighting plan ready before installation.

Step 3: Install Mounting Brackets

The L0108N comes with sturdy mounting brackets for attachment to ceilings and walls. To install:

Mark precise bracket locations with a pencil based on your lighting plan.
Drill pilot holes if attaching to wood or concrete surfaces.
Secure brackets using suitable screws and anchors (not included). Verify weight capacity.
Use laser level to align brackets and ensure proper positioning.
Attach approximately one bracket per 1-1.5 meters along the fixture run.

Step 4: Mount the Fixtures

With brackets installed, you can now mount the L0108N housings:

Align housings with mounting brackets and make necessary wiring connections (detailed later).
Lift housings into place and insert mounting tabs on brackets into slots on fixture rear.
Secure housing to each bracket with included screws. Do not overtighten.
Connect fixtures together by sliding female connector end into male connector end.
Attach protective end caps at any exposed fixture ends.
Ensure housings are oriented properly and mounted securely before releasing.

Step 5: Install Lens Covers

Once housings are mounted, install the snap-fit lens covers:

Align clear polycarbonate lens over LED strip channel in housing.
Starting at one end, press lens into place until it clicks and locks into housing.
Work down length of fixture, securing lens every 1-2 feet to prevent bulging.
Trim excess lens using shears or utility knife.
Repeat to install lenses along entire run. Ensure lenses are fully secured.

Step 6: Make Wiring Connections

KOSOOM’s L0108N fixtures feature quick connector wiring for easy installation:

Connect female wiring plugs from fixtures together to create continuous runs.
Secure plug connections with included locks to prevent detachment.
Run 16-14 gauge supply wire from power source to fixture runs.
Connect supply wire to first fixture male connector plug. Follow local codes.
Alternate connecting incoming and outgoing wires across fixtures.
Avoid placing strain on wire connections. Leave slack.
Consult wiring diagrams in manual as needed for proper polarity and connections.

Step 7: Connect Power and Test

With everything connected, it’s time to power up:

Ensure all connections and end caps are tight and secure.
Turn on power at circuit breaker or panel.
Verify proper illumination across all fixtures. Check for dark spots.
Use light meter to verify equal light levels between fixtures.
Install any accessory controls like dimmers or sensors as this point.
Refer to troubleshooting section in manual for any issues.

Step 8: Finish the Installation

To complete the professional looking installation:

Route and secure any loose wiring using wire clips. Hide wires above lenses.
Confirm lenses are clean and debris-free after install. Clean gently with microfiber cloth if needed.
Affix any supplied labels or stickers for fixtures controls and circuit identification.
Document the lighting layout on plans and note any accessories or custom wiring.
Gather and store any leftover mounting hardware, connectors, or accessories.
Discard all lighting packaging and debris when finished.

With that, your powerful and durable KOSOOM L0108N LED linear lighting system is installed! Enjoy your bright, attractive, and energy-efficient lighting for years to come. Contact KOSOOM support with any questions or maintenance needs. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Step 9: Installation for Suspended Mounting

If suspending the L0108N fixtures from the ceiling, follow these steps:

Purchase KOSOOM’s adjustable aircraft cables or cords for hanging.
Determine desired suspension height from ceiling for proper lighting coverage.
Mark and install anchoring points on ceiling to attach cables.
Screw circular cable grips onto fixture housing ends and tighten set screws.
Attach cables to grips on one end and anchors on the other. Adjust length.
Use KOSOOM’s canopy kits to create a finished look.
Follow wiring instructions to connect fixtures and power cables.
Take care when aligning and securing suspended fixtures.

Step 10: Installation for Wet or Damp Locations

When installing the L0108N in damp environments:

Use KOSOOM’s silicon gasket accessory to seal housing covers.
Apply weatherproof caulking around mounting brackets and wiring access points.
Ensure wiring routes avoid standing water or drainage paths.
Take precautions to prevent moisture damage to connections and ends.
Consider a professional marine grade finish for permanent outdoor fixtures.

Step 11: Ongoing Maintenance Tips

To keep your L0108N fixtures performing optimally:

Inspect wiring connections and end caps periodically for damage.
Check lens covers and gaskets for cracks or leaks. Replace immediately if found.
Clean lenses every few months with microfiber cloth to remove dirt and residue.
Tighten any loose mounting brackets or hardware.
Test fixture functionality regularly and replace bulbs promptly when needed.
Re-apply weatherproofing treatments annually or as needed.
Contact KOSOOM Support for troubleshooting, replacements parts, or rewiring.


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