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Product Technical Specifications – SLDB6215 Custom Track Lights

Product CodeSLDB6215
Power (W)15W
Voltage (V)220-240V/100-277V
Beam Angle (°)15°/24°/36°
CCT (K)2700/3000/3500/4000/5000K

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

Introducing Kosoom: Illuminating Excellence in LED Light Fixtures

At the forefront of innovation, Kosoom emerges as a prominent player in the realm of LED lighting solutions. As a seasoned product marketer, I’m thrilled to guide you through the dazzling world of Kosoom and its groundbreaking offerings. Specializing in led light fixtures, Kosoom is synonymous with quality, craftsmanship, and cutting-edge design. Let’s delve into one of their remarkable series – Custom Track Lights.

Setting the Stage for Brilliance: Unveiling Custom Track Lights

In the dynamic landscape of lighting solutions, Custom Track Lights stand out as versatile and sophisticated luminaires. As a skilled product marketer, I’m excited to shed light on their concept and applications. Custom Track Lights transform environments with their adaptability, finding their place in luxurious hotels, cozy interiors, bustling retail spaces, and even supermarkets. They are the epitome of tailored illumination, offering lighting solutions that cater to diverse needs and aesthetics.

Unveiling Brilliance: TLCB09035 Custom Track Lights

Step into a world of exquisite illumination with the TLCB09035 Custom Track Lights, a true gem within Kosoom’s collection. This luminaire redefines lighting with its unparalleled features. With adjustable CCT options ranging from 2700K to 5000K, the TLCB09035 brings the perfect ambiance to any setting. Emitting 1250 lumens of radiant light, its carefully crafted 15°/24°/36° beam angles ensure precise lighting distribution. The TLCB09035 boasts an impressive CRI range of 83 to 95, enhancing color accuracy and vibrancy.

Crafted with utmost precision, this 15W wonder stands at Ø62*H140, a harmonious blend of elegance and functionality. But that’s not all – customization is the heart of Kosoom, allowing you to tailor the color temperature, beam angle, and even the fixture’s color to your specific needs. Joining the league of Kosoom’s exclusive products, the TLCB09035 is a beacon of brilliance in the world of lighting.

Elevate Your Space: Discovering KOSOOM’s TLCB09035

As a seasoned product marketer, I’m delighted to present KOSOOM’s TLCB09035, a shining star amidst the constellation of lighting solutions. Choosing this marvel is a decision rooted in practicality and sophistication. Its durability is unrivaled, ensuring longevity that meets your expectations. Safety is paramount, and the TLCB09035 adheres to the highest standards, making it a trustworthy choice for any setting.

When it comes to brightness, the TLCB09035 takes the lead, illuminating spaces with unmatched radiance. Its multi-functionality is a game-changer, adapting effortlessly to different scenarios. Installation is a breeze, reflecting Kosoom’s commitment to convenience. This luminaire shines not only in its luminosity but also in its swift setup.

Radiance Redefined: Unmasking the Advantages of TLCB09035

The TLCB09035 is a beacon of innovation, redefining illumination in more ways than one. Dressed in LED high-brightness beads, it paints your space with resplendent light. Its high luminosity of 1250 lumens transforms environments, casting a vivid glow that captivates. Uniform light distribution eliminates shadows, creating a harmonious atmosphere that beckons. With a palette of CCT choices and exceptional Color Rendering Index (CRI) values, it brings colors to life, unveiling their true vibrancy.

Personalization is at the core of the TLCB09035 experience. Imagine crafting your lighting ambiance – choosing the perfect color temperature, the ideal beam angle, and even the fixture’s color. Kosoom’s commitment to customization elevates your space, making it truly yours. Its distinctive appearance adds an aesthetic edge, ensuring it doesn’t just illuminate, but also leaves a lasting impression.

Intrigued by other Kosoom offerings? Take a glimpse at their linear light fixture series, a testament to their dedication to diverse lighting solutions.

Unwavering Quality: Assurance and Certifications by KOSOOM

In the realm of LED lighting, trust is paramount. As a seasoned product marketer, I’m thrilled to assure you of KOSOOM’s commitment to quality. Backed by rigorous testing and adherence to industry standards, the TLCB09035 comes certified with CE and ROHS, ensuring its safety and performance.

KOSOOM takes pride in standing behind their products. The TLCB09035 enjoys a 5-year warranty period, a testament to its enduring excellence. With KOSOOM, you’re not just purchasing a product – you’re investing in an illuminating experience that lasts.

Seamless Brilliance: Installing TLCB09035 with Finesse

As a seasoned product marketer, I understand the significance of a seamless installation process. The TLCB09035’s installation is designed with simplicity in mind. Begin by ensuring a stable mounting surface, allowing the luminaire to shine without compromise. Follow the user-friendly guide for step-by-step instructions, ensuring a hassle-free setup that aligns with KOSOOM’s commitment to convenience.

Keep in mind a few essentials: always turn off the power before installation to ensure safety. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to consult a professional. Embrace the possibilities that TLCB09035 brings, creating an ambiance that reflects your unique style.

Illuminating Value: Unveiling the TLCB09035’s Cost-Effectiveness

As a seasoned product marketer, I know the value of a well-rounded analysis. Let’s delve into the cost-effectiveness of the TLCB09035. This luminaire is not just about radiance; it’s about value. With its exceptional features, the TLCB09035 redefines what you get for your investment. Its competitive pricing paired with remarkable performance places it in a league of its own.

Compared to other products with similar specifications, the TLCB09035 shines bright with an unparalleled balance of price and quality. Its longevity, efficiency, and customization options ensure that every dollar invested is a dollar well spent. KOSOOM’s commitment to value is evident in every facet of the TLCB09035, making it a standout choice for the discerning customer.

Elevate Your World: Choose KOSOOM’s TLCB09035 Custom Track Lights

As our journey draws to a close, allow me to emphasize the essence of KOSOOM’s brilliance. With its commitment to innovation, quality, and design, KOSOOM illuminates not just spaces, but experiences. The TLCB09035 Custom led track lights embody this ethos, providing a symphony of light that transforms any setting into a masterpiece.

As a seasoned product marketer, I invite you to take action. Choose KOSOOM’s TLCB09035, an embodiment of excellence that offers more than just illumination. It offers a transformative experience, a testament to KOSOOM’s dedication to crafting a brighter future.

Thank you for allowing me to guide you through the captivating world of KOSOOM and its luminous offerings. The path to brilliance lies ahead, and it starts with a choice – the choice to embrace the radiance that KOSOOM brings.










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