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High Quality Glow up and down LED Light SL27100 Linear Lighting 1200*27*100mm 30W+15W 2700+1000LM -Kosoom 2023


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Product Technical Specifications – SL27100 Custom Linear Chandelier

Product CodeSL27100
Power (W)30*15W
Voltage (V)220-240V/100-277V
Beam Angle (°)/
CCT (K)2700/3000/3500/4000/5000K

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

In the lighting industry, Kosoom has always been a shining star. Kosoom is a professional LED lighting supplier known for its superior quality and innovative products. Today, let’s take a deeper look at Kosoom’s Custom Linear Chandelier series, which will bring you a unique lighting experience.

What is Custom Linear Chandelier?

Custom Linear Chandelier is a new definition of lighting fixtures. It is more than just a lamp, it is a unique design element that can be perfectly integrated into various environments and scenes. Whether it is a gallery lighting, restaurant lighting, retail store or supermarket, Custom Linear Chandelier can provide you with excellent lighting solutions. Not only does it brighten up the space, it also illuminates your creativity.

Product Description and Features

Let’s take a closer look at the star product SL27100 in the Custom Linear Chandelier series. This lamp is more than just a lamp, it is an art of light. The SL27100 comes with a variety of amazing features, including customizable color temperature, exceptional brightness, superior Color Reproduction Index (CRI), and multiple size and color options. Whether you’re looking for a warm ambience or clear lighting, the SL27100 has you covered. Plus, it’s under the Kosoom brand, which means you can trust its quality and reliability.

Why Choose SL27100 Custom Linear Chandelier

Durability: The SL27100 is designed with durability at its core, ensuring it can operate stably for a long time, not only providing excellent lighting for your space but also reducing maintenance costs.

Security: Kosoom always puts security first. SL27100 has undergone rigorous safety testing to ensure it can provide safe lighting in various environments.

High light efficiency: SL27100 uses high-brightness LED lamp beads, which can provide brighter lighting effects at lower power consumption, saving you energy costs.

Versatility: No matter what lighting effect you need, the SL27100 can deliver it. It is suitable for different scenes and environments, from restaurants to galleries to retail stores, it will fit perfectly.

Easy installation: The installation process of the SL27100 is simple and intuitive, requiring almost no professional skills. You can easily install it where you want it without a lot of time and effort.

Brightness: Not only is the brightness of the SL27100 impressive, but the light is evenly distributed, ensuring there are no inconsistencies between light and dark.

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OEM Opal DC-DC 120° SMB12-B(W)-1 SSM G1 Light Module KOSOOM-Panel Lights

Warranty and Product Certification Information

We understand your concerns about product quality. The SL27100 Custom Linear Chandelier series products not only have excellent performance, but also have solid warranty support. We offer you a 5-year warranty to ensure peace of mind for your investment. In addition, our products have obtained CE and ROHS certifications, which is another verification of their high quality and safety.

Product advantages

LED high-brightness lamp beads: SL27100 adopts the most advanced LED lamp bead technology to provide excellent lighting effects. These high-brightness lamp beads are not only long-lasting but also energy-saving.

Multiple color temperature options: SL27100 has customizable color temperature options, allowing you to choose the appropriate lighting color temperature according to different scenarios and preferences. Whether it’s warm yellow light or clear white light, it can be easily achieved.

Excellent Color Reduction Index (CRI): CRI is an important standard for measuring the ability of light to restore the color of an object. The high CRI of SL27100 ensures that the colors of objects are vivid and true, making it suitable for occasions requiring high color reproduction performance, such as art galleries.

Customizable: Kosoom understands that every project has its own unique needs. As a result, the SL27100 is customizable, allowing you to choose different color temperatures, colors and CRIs to meet your specific project requirements.

Surface Mount: The SL27100’s surface mount design is simple and suitable for a variety of ceiling types and heights. Installation can be completed easily without complicated installation procedures.

In addition, Kosoom also provides other lighting series products, such as LED linear lighting, to meet the lighting needs of different projects.

Installation Methods and Precautions

The installation process of the SL27100 Custom Linear Chandelier is very simple, but there are still some considerations:

Before installation, please make sure to disconnect the power supply for safety.
Please follow the installation instructions provided with the product and follow the steps to install.
If you are unsure about the installation process, it is recommended to ask a professional electrician or installer to assist.
During the installation process, ensure that the position and hanging height of the light fixture meet design requirements.
Regularly check the light fixture’s power supply and cords to make sure there are no damaged or loose parts.
The above are suggestions on the installation methods and precautions of SL27100 Custom Linear Chandelier. Safety is always the first consideration.

Why Choose SL27100 Custom Linear Chandelier at Kosoom

Convenient customization: Kosoom understands that every project is unique, and the SL27100 Custom Linear Chandelier’s convenient customization options allow you to precisely select color temperature, color, and CRI based on project needs to meet design requirements.

Competitive Price: While the SL27100 Custom Linear Chandelier offers superior performance and design, Kosoom has always maintained a competitive price. We believe high quality lighting should be affordable.

After-sales service: Kosoom is committed to providing excellent after-sales service. Whether it’s product consultation, installation support or maintenance services, we will provide you with all-round support to ensure the success of your project.

FULL SPECIFICATIONS: The SL27100 Custom Linear Chandelier series offers a wide range of specifications and customization options to suit a variety of project needs. No matter what size, color temperature or CRI you need, we have you covered.

Fast delivery: Kosoom understands the importance of project time, so we maintain an efficient delivery speed. You can count on us to ensure your project stays on schedule.

In addition, Kosoom also provides other lighting series products, such as led panels, to meet the needs of different projects.

Product Care and Maintenance

To ensure the long-term performance and appearance of your SL27100 Custom Linear Chandelier, here are some cleaning and care recommendations:

Regularly check the cords and power supply of your light fixtures to make sure they are securely connected.
Use a soft cleaning cloth to gently wipe the surface of the fixture, avoiding the use of chemical cleaners that can damage the appearance.
Regularly check whether the lamp beads are working properly. If there is any fault, please replace it in time.
Avoid prolonged exposure to wet or dusty environments to extend product life.
Product price/performance analysis
The SL27100 Custom Linear Chandelier series products are very cost-effective. Not only is it reasonably priced compared to competing products with similar specs, it also offers superior performance and customization options. Considering its high light efficiency, versatility and customizability, the SL27100 Custom Linear Chandelier is undoubtedly your smart choice.

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The Kosoom brand has won the trust of customers around the world with its excellent products and outstanding services. The SL27100 Custom Linear Chandelier series represents the pinnacle of high-quality, efficient lighting experience. If you’re looking for a solution that enhances the lighting of your space and meets your specific project needs, look no further. Choose Kosoom’s SL27100 Custom Linear Chandelier and experience the art of lighting excellence.








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