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Product Technical Specifications – S0104 LED Strip

Product CodeS0104
Power (W)25W(5W/m)
LED Quantity300(60LED/m)
Voltage (V)DC24V
Beam Angle (°)120°
CCT (K)4000K

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

Igniting Brilliance: The KOSOOM Journey with Flexible LED Strip Lights

Ladies and gentlemen, gather ’round, because we’re about to embark on a luminous journey that’ll leave you dazzled and inspired. Brace yourselves as we delve into the world of KOSOOM, the veritable maestros of led light fixtures. Imagine a symphony of light, an orchestra of illumination – that’s what KOSOOM brings to the table! 🎶

Chapter 1: KOSOOM Unveiled

Picture this: a brand that’s not just about lights, but about crafting an experience. KOSOOM, the trailblazing name in the world of lighting, has been revolutionizing spaces since its inception. With an innovative mindset and an eye for quality, KOSOOM brings you more than just lights; it brings you a masterpiece that transforms environments and elevates experiences.

Chapter 2: The Magic of Flexible LED Strip Lights

Ah, flexible led strip lights – the unsung heroes of ambience. Think of them as your personal lighting chameleons, capable of adapting to any mood, any space, and any setting. Whether you’re transforming a retail space into a shopper’s paradise, adding an enchanting aura to a supermarket, or infusing a clothing boutique with a touch of elegance, these lights are your secret weapon.

Chapter 3: The S0104 Marvel

Now, let’s shine the spotlight on the star of the show: the S0104. This isn’t just a light; it’s a piece of art in itself. Imagine having a lighting solution that’s not just effective, but also a conversation starter. With a color temperature of 4000K, a luminous output of 2650, and a wide 120° beam angle, it’s your gateway to a world of mesmerizing illumination. But it’s not just about the specs – it’s about the experience. The S0104 isn’t just a light; it’s an enchantment that transforms spaces into living dreams.

STL001 03

Chapter 4: Unveiling KOSOOM’s S0104

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the magic of S0104. Choosing this marvel isn’t just a decision; it’s a journey towards excellence. What makes it stand out? Well, it’s a powerhouse of durability, a champion of safety, a testament to creativity, and a whisperer of style. Plus, let’s not forget the ease of installation that even your grandma could handle! And the best part? It shines like the North Star on a crisp winter night.

Chapter 5: The Symphony of Advantages

Imagine a world where lights aren’t just functional – they’re magnificent. S0104 offers a spectacle of LED brilliance, ensuring you’re not just saving energy, but also indulging in a dance of colors. Its light dances gracefully, embracing every corner of your space with a warm embrace. And when it comes to color accuracy, it’s like having an artist’s palette at your disposal. Oh, and did we mention it’s best friends with CRI, ensuring your space is a masterpiece of vibrant hues?

Chapter 6: Guarantees and Certifications

In a world of uncertainties, KOSOOM stands as your beacon of trust. CE and ROHS certifications? Check. Quality assurance? Double-check. And the pièce de résistance: a 5-year warranty that’s more than just a promise; it’s a commitment to excellence. When you choose KOSOOM, you’re not just choosing lights; you’re choosing peace of mind.

Chapter 7: Lights, Camera, Action: Installation Guide

Now, let’s dive into the action-packed world of installation. You’ve got your S0104, you’ve got the dream – now what? Fear not, for we’ve got your back. Our step-by-step guide is as easy to follow as your favorite recipe. Just remember, while these lights might be magical, they’re not meant for gymnastics. No limbo competitions, folks!

Chapter 8: Decoding the S0104 Attraction

Choosing S0104 isn’t just a choice; it’s a statement. It’s about embracing customization that’s as smooth as silk, reveling in prices that’ll make your wallet cheer, and indulging in a post-purchase service that’s as warm as a hug. It’s about being spoilt for choice with a range of lighting solutions that make your space truly yours. Oh, and did someone say led light panel? Your dream space is just a flick of a switch away.

Chapter 9: Nurture the Brilliance: Maintenance Rituals

Every masterpiece needs a bit of tender love and care, and S0104 is no exception. A dash of dusting, a hint of wiping, and your lights will continue to shine as bright as a supernova. Oh, and that 5-year warranty? It’s not just a paper promise; it’s a bond of brilliance that lasts.

Chapter 10: Value that Shines Brightest

In a world where value is king, S0104 takes the crown. It’s not just about the luminance; it’s about the bang for your buck. With a performance that rivals the stars and a price that won’t dim your smile, it’s the epitome of value-packed brilliance. It’s not just an investment; it’s a journey towards a brighter, more efficient future.

Chapter 11: The Grand Finale: A Toast to KOSOOM

As our luminous adventure draws to a close, let’s raise a glass to KOSOOM and its masterpiece, S0104. It’s not just light; it’s the essence of brilliance, the heart of ambiance, and the soul of transformation. So, fellow illuminators, are you ready to embark on this journey of light and magic? Choose KOSOOM, and let’s light up your world with elegance, innovation, and a touch of the extraordinary. It’s not just lighting; it’s a symphony of illumination that dances to your tune. 🎉










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