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Professional-Grade IP20 LED strip 21W/m 3000K 2540 lm/M 120˚ STL001-S0111- Kosoom


Product Technical Specifications – S0111 LED Strip

Product CodeS0111
Power (W)105W(21W/m)
LED Quantity1190(238LED/m)
Voltage (V)DC24V
Beam Angle (°)120°
CCT (K)3000K

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

Introducing Kosoom: The Radiant Revolution in Lighting

Greetings, light aficionados and trendsetters! Step into the limelight with us as we introduce you to the brilliant cosmos of Kosoom. 🌟 Brace yourselves for an electrifying journey where innovation dances hand in hand with illumination. Today, we’re unleashing the star of the show – the revolutionary flexible led strip lights!

The Art of Brilliance: Demystifying Flexible LED Strip Lights

Hold onto your hats, because we’re about to unravel the enchantment behind flexible LED strip lights. Imagine a lighting solution that’s not just functional but incredibly versatile. These luminous marvels adapt like chameleons, molding themselves to your desires. Whether it’s a sophisticated retail haven, a bustling supermarket, or a chic boutique, these lights redefine ambiance with every flicker.

S0111: The Epitome of Luminary Luxury

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s roll out the red carpet for the undisputed star – S0111! This luminary sensation is all about wowing you with its numbers: a dazzling Color Correlated Temperature of 3000K, an astounding 12700 lumens that could rival a starry night, and a wide 120° angle that casts its brilliance far and wide. Did we mention its svelte physique, measuring an elegant L5000W10H1.3mm? With customizable design and the power to trim, S0111 redefines lighting elegance.

STL002 02

Empowering Light: Why S0111 Is Your Luminary Ally

Hold onto your seat, because S0111 is here to shine! It’s not just a pretty face; it’s your dependable luminary ally. Built to stand the test of time, it’s a beacon of safety and style. But that’s not all – its adaptability lets it strut its stuff in diverse spaces. Worried about installation? Fear not, for it’s as easy as flipping a switch!

A Symphony of Excellence: Unveiling S0111’s Advantages

Let’s talk perks, shall we? S0111 doesn’t just light up your world; it paints it in radiant hues. Imagine LED lights that rival the brilliance of the sun, energy-saving prowess that leaves a green footprint, and a beam so even it could give a Zen master a run for their money. With a color palette to set your mood and a Color Rendering Index that’s simply spellbinding, S0111 isn’t just a luminary – it’s an artist’s palette. And don’t forget its partner-in-lumens, the linear light fixture!

Guaranteed Brilliance: Certifications and Quality

Quality is our middle name, and certifications are our badge of honor. With the CE and ROHS stamps of approval, you’re guaranteed nothing but excellence. And for the cherry on top, a generous 5-year warranty that whispers, “Relax, we’ve got you covered!”

Lighting Made Simple: S0111 Installation Unveiled

Ready for some DIY magic? Installing S0111 is like conducting a symphony of light. We’re here to guide you, step by step, so you can light up your world hassle-free. Oh, and don’t worry – we’ve sprinkled some expert tips to ensure your masterpiece dazzles like the northern lights.

The Luminary’s Choice: Why Opt for S0111 from Kosoom?

Let’s answer the million-dollar question: Why should you choose S0111 as your luminary companion? First off, it’s like a lighting tailor, customizing brilliance to fit your desires. And the price? Let’s just say your wallet will be giving you a standing ovation. Top-notch customer service, speedy delivery, and the ability to transform any space into a visual spectacle – S0111 is more than just a luminary; it’s your partner in style.

Caring for Your Luminary: Maintenance Unveiled

Even the brightest stars need some tender love and care. Fear not, for we’ve prepared a simple maintenance guide to keep your S0111 gleaming. And that warranty we mentioned earlier? It’s like a guardian angel, ensuring your luminous adventure remains lit!

The Value Equation: Unleashing S0111’s Performance

Time to crunch the numbers and get real about value. S0111 isn’t just a pretty face; it’s a high-performance champion. From its luminary prowess to its pocket-friendly price tag, S0111 redefines the value equation, proving that brilliance doesn’t have to break the bank
The Grand Finale: Embrace the Brilliance of S0111

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve reached the crescendo! Kosoom and S0111 – a partnership that’s rewriting the book on brilliance. Ready to transform your space into a luminous paradise? Choose S0111, embrace the magic, and let your world shine brighter than a meteor shower!

Final Curtain: Illuminating Possibilities with Kosoom

And there you have it, a captivating journey through the world of Kosoom and their star player, S0111 flexible LED strip lights. With a dash of innovation, a sprinkle of style, and a whole lot of brilliance, Kosoom’s S0111 is more than a luminary – it’s an experience, an ambiance, a story. Illuminate your world and make every corner glow with the spirit of innovation!










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