Versatile and Durable LED strip 590 lm/M 5W/m 120˚ STL001-S0115 – Kosoom


Product Technical Specifications – S0115 LED Strip

Product CodeS0115
Power (W)25W(5W/m)
LED Quantity350(70LED/m)
Voltage (V)DC24V
Beam Angle (°)120°
CCT (K)3000K

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

KOSOOM: Lighting Up Your World with Innovative Brilliance

Ladies and gentlemen, gather ’round as we embark on a dazzling journey through the radiant universe of KOSOOM! 🌟 Let’s delve into the fascinating realm of LED lighting, where innovation meets illumination in the most captivating ways. Buckle up, because we’re about to unveil the mesmerizing story of KOSOOM and its showstopper, the flexible LED strip lights series!

Introducing KOSOOM: Where Light Takes Center Stage

Welcome to the realm of KOSOOM, where brilliance isn’t just a trait; it’s a way of life. If you’re on the hunt for LED light fixtures that redefine how you perceive illumination, your search ends here. KOSOOM isn’t just a brand; it’s a beacon of innovation, a trailblazer in the world of lighting. From mesmerizing aesthetics to cutting-edge technology, KOSOOM has crafted an experience that transforms mere spaces into breathtaking spectacles.

Unleashing the Power of Flexible LED Strip Lights

Flexibility, meet luminescence! Get ready to dive into the mesmerizing world of flexible led strip lights, the true wizards of ambiance creation. These luminaires are like artists, painting your spaces with hues of warmth and sophistication. Imagine them as your trusty sidekicks, ready to adapt to any environment – from the cozy nooks of retail boutiques to the bustling aisles of supermarkets, and even the chic interiors of fashion emporiums.

STL001 02

S0115: Redefining Brilliance with Unparalleled Design

Step aside, ordinary lighting – it’s time to introduce the star of the show, S0115! Brace yourselves for a luminaire that’s not just a source of light, but a masterpiece of design. Imagine a CCT of 3000K painting your surroundings in warm, inviting tones. With 2950 lumens and a beam angle of 120°, this luminaire is your ticket to uniform, exquisite illumination. Oh, and the cherry on top? A CRI of 80+, ensuring colors burst to life like never before. As if that weren’t enough, S0115 is proudly part of the KOSOOM family, a testament to its premium quality and innovation.

Unveiling the Irresistible Allure of S0115

So, what’s the secret sauce that makes S0115 shine brighter than the rest? Let’s break it down, shall we? Firstly, durability – we’re talking about a luminaire that’s designed to stand the test of time. Safety? It’s a non-negotiable feature, ensuring you can bask in the brilliance worry-free. But wait, there’s more! S0115 isn’t just about lighting; it’s a statement piece that transforms any space into a work of art. Plus, the installation? It’s a breeze, a walk in the park, a piece of cake – you get the idea!

Elevating the Game with KOSOOM’s Signature Touch

Picture this: your space bathed in a symphony of light, colors dancing in harmony. That’s what S0115 brings to the table, but KOSOOM’s innovation doesn’t stop there. Think LED powerhouses that are energy-efficient, making your wallet and the planet smile. Add to that a lighting consistency that’s as satisfying as your morning coffee ritual and an array of color temperatures that cater to your every mood. And oh, don’t even get me started on the color accuracy – the CRI that takes ordinary lighting and turns it into an art form. And hey, while you’re at it, explore the stunning “linear light fixture” series for a double dose of radiance.

Certified Brilliance: KOSOOM’s Quality Assurance

Ladies and gentlemen, safety isn’t just a feature; it’s a commitment at KOSOOM. With certifications like CE and ROHS proudly under its belt, you can rest easy knowing that your luminaires are built to meet the highest standards. And the warranty? It’s no joke – a solid 5 years of peace of mind, ensuring your investment is safeguarded for the long run.

The Art of Installation: Guiding You Through S0115

Time to roll up your sleeves and channel your inner DIY guru! Installing S0115 is a breeze, a bit like putting together a puzzle with only one solution – a brilliantly lit space. We’ve got your back with step-by-step guidance that turns installation into a fun, rewarding project. And oh, those useful tips and friendly suggestions? We’ve got those too, ensuring you’re not just installing a luminaire but creating an experience.

S0115: Where Customization Meets Brilliance

Why choose S0115? Let’s dive deeper, shall we? Imagine lighting that’s tailored to your desires, prices that’ll make you smile, customer service that’s as warm as a hug from your favorite person, options that’ll leave you spoilt for choice, and delivery speeds that defy expectations. And that’s not all – S0115 isn’t just a lighting solution; it’s a creative canvas that transforms spaces into dreams. Oh, and if you’re up for a dose of innovation, don’t forget to explore our “led light panel” series. Your world’s about to get a whole lot brighter!

Unveiling the Brilliance: Maintenance Made Easy

Life can get messy, but worry not! We’re here to guide you through the journey of maintaining your S0115 luminaire. From quick cleaning tips to gentle care instructions, we’ll help you keep the brilliance alive. And remember, that 5-year warranty? It’s more than just a promise; it’s our commitment to your satisfaction.

Beyond Illumination: S0115’s Priceless Value

Now, let’s talk numbers – the kind that leaves you pleasantly surprised. When it comes to value, S0115 takes the crown. It’s not just about lighting up a space; it’s about crafting an experience that’s worth every penny. With top-tier features, exceptional performance, and a price tag that won’t leave your wallet gasping for air, S0115 redefines what it means to invest in illumination.

The Grand Finale: Choose Brilliance, Choose KOSOOM

Ladies, gentlemen, and lovers of splendid spaces, the time has come to make a choice that’ll brighten your world. KOSOOM’s S0115 isn’t just a luminaire; it’s an embodiment of brilliance, a canvas of possibilities. So, go ahead, take the plunge, and let S0115 transform your space into a haven of light and beauty. It’s more than lighting; it’s a lifestyle upgrade that turns ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences, day after dazzling day.










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