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OEM Factory D1108 Square White LED Downlight Surface Mounted 40W 4000K 3860lm CDL002-S Kosoom


Product Technical Specifications – D1108 LED Downlights

Product CodeD1108
Power (W)40W
Voltage (V)220
Beam Angle (°)60°
CCT (K)4000K

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

Kosoom: Unveiling Brilliance in LED Lighting

Greetings, fellow light enthusiasts! Ready to embark on an electrifying journey into the radiant universe of Kosoom? Hold tight, because we’re about to unveil a dazzling realm of led light fixtures that redefine brilliance. 🌟 If you’re craving innovation and seeking a guiding light in the world of illumination, get ready to be illuminated!

LED Downlights: Your Luminous Upgrade

Imagine the lights of a Broadway show, condensed into a single, awe-inspiring fixture. That’s the magic of LED Downlights, the true MVPs of contemporary lighting. Think about it: from the hippest retail stores to sprawling supermarkets and even the trendiest fashion boutiques, these aren’t just lights; they’re radiant showstoppers that define ambiance in any space they grace.

Picture this: A sleek, unassuming design that hides a world of brilliance within. Meet the star of the LED Downlights family – D1108. With a color temperature of 4000K, a luminous intensity that boasts a staggering 3860 lumens, and an angle as focused as a laser pointer during an important presentation, D1108 is the embodiment of precision and perfection.

Elevating Excellence: D1108’s Features and Advantages

Let’s dig deeper into the spotlight – it’s time to shine the light on D1108’s features and the incredible advantages it brings to your world. A CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) of 4000K ensures a crisp and invigorating ambiance, while a lumens output of 3860 guarantees a luminous atmosphere that’s both invigorating and comfortable.

But that’s not all – let’s talk design. D1108 isn’t just a luminary; it’s a design statement. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, its dimensions (H165mm x Ø160mm) are a testament to its compact yet powerful nature. The exquisite design complements a variety of spaces, making it a versatile addition to any setting.

In terms of light distribution, this wonder boasts an angle of 60°, ensuring that its radiance reaches even the farthest corners of your space. And if you’re an advocate for true-to-life colors, the CRI (Color Rendering Index) of ≥90 ensures that everything under this light appears as vibrant and true as nature intended.

CDL002 01 1

The Kosoom Touch: Unraveling D1108’s Essence

Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you to the superstar of the Kosoom family – D1108. Why settle for the ordinary when you can bask in extraordinary brilliance? D1108 isn’t just another lighting solution; it’s a commitment to quality, safety, and functionality. Whether you’re seeking an aesthetic upgrade or a luminary that multitasks like a pro, D1108 delivers on all fronts.

Let’s talk endurance – D1108’s durability is the stuff legends are made of. It’s a champion when it comes to longevity, making sure your investment stays radiant for years to come. Worried about safety? Fear not! D1108 adheres to the highest safety standards, ensuring your space is aglow with peace of mind.

The Shining Advantages of D1108

Hold onto your hats, because we’re about to dive into the universe of advantages D1108 brings to your life. First up, the LED high-brightness gems nestled within this marvel. These aren’t just ordinary diodes; they’re the stars that produce a radiant glow that sets the mood for every occasion.

But that’s just the beginning! D1108’s energy efficiency is akin to having a superhero at your service. Say goodbye to sky-high energy bills; D1108 ensures you’re getting the most luminosity for your buck. And the cherry on top? Its light distribution is so even that even your finicky feline will approve.

Your Lighting Journey: It’s All About Choice

D1108 doesn’t just cater to your lighting needs; it pampers you with choices. With a range of color temperatures to select from, you’re in control of the ambiance you create. Whether it’s a warm, inviting glow or a crisp, modern radiance, D1108 bends to your will.

And let’s not forget its stellar performance in color rendering. With a CRI of ≥90, this fixture is a magician that brings out the true essence of colors, making them pop and dance like they’re on a catwalk.

Remember, D1108 isn’t just a light; it’s an experience. An experience that’s further enriched by Kosoom’s commitment to excellence. With the CE and ROHS certifications proudly under its belt, this fixture doesn’t just brighten your world; it does so with unmatched quality and safety.

And let’s talk about peace of mind – we’re not talking a measly one or two years. Oh no, D1108 comes with an impressive 5-year warranty, ensuring that your lighting journey is illuminated with confidence.

Lighting Magic: D1108’s Easy Installation

Fret not, dear light lover! D1108 isn’t here to complicate your life. In fact, its installation process is as smooth as a jazz melody. Think of it as a DIY project that rewards you with a radiant masterpiece. Simply follow the easy steps outlined in the manual, and before you know it, you’ll be basking in the glow of your handiwork.

Now, for a dose of reality – while D1108 is as user-friendly as a smartphone, it’s always wise to heed a few nuggets of wisdom. When installing, ensure you’ve turned off the power to avoid any unplanned disco parties. And if you’re not confident in your electrical prowess, don’t hesitate to call in a professional – your safety is paramount!

Deciphering the Kosoom Enigma

Why, oh why, would you choose D1108 from the Kosoom LED Downlights lineup? Ah, dear reader, the answer lies in the art of simplicity. D1108 isn’t just a lighting fixture; it’s a testament to convenience and customization. It’s like having a tailor-made lighting solution that suits your every whim.

But wait, there’s more! D1108 isn’t content with just being brilliant; it’s also competitive when it comes to pricing. We believe that quality shouldn’t come with a jaw-dropping price tag, and that’s precisely what D1108 promises – top-notch quality that’s easy on your pocket.

And let’s not forget the icing on the cake – Kosoom’s unbeatable after-sales service. Need assistance? We’re here with bells on! Got questions? We’ve got answers. Plus, with a comprehensive range of specifications and lightning-fast delivery, we’re not just illuminating your space; we’re lighting up your life.

Lighting With Care: D1108’s Maintenance Mantra

Now, let’s talk TLC (Tender Loving Care). Just like your favorite plants and pets, D1108 thrives when it’s pampered. Cleaning this lighting marvel is a breeze – simply wipe it down with a soft, damp cloth to keep the radiance unobstructed. And remember, while D1108 is a sturdy workhorse, its warranty ensures that your investment is protected like a precious gem.

Unveiling Value: The Price-Performance Dance

Time for a little math magic! Let’s talk value, shall we? D1108 doesn’t just light up your life; it does so while making sure your wallet remains happy. With unparalleled performance and a price tag that won’t give you sticker shock, D1108 is your ticket to a world where brilliance doesn’t come at a premium.

The Encore: Kosoom’s Brilliance Beckons

As the curtains draw to a close, it’s time to bask in the resplendent allure of Kosoom’s D1108 LED Downlights. It’s more than just lighting; it’s an invitation to embrace a world that radiates with splendor. So why wait? Don’t just illuminate your space; elevate it with the brilliance of D1108. Make the switch, and let the brilliance begin!











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