Recessed spotlight 10W White holeΦ75 CDL002-E-D0203 Kosoom


Product Technical Specifications – D0203 LED Downlights

Product CodeD0203
Power (W)10W
Voltage (V)220
Beam Angle (°)36°
CCT (K)3000K

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

Introduction to KOSOOM: Your Path to Illumination Excellence

Greetings, fellow aficionados of radiant brilliance! Prepare to embark on a mesmerizing journey into the realm of KOSOOM, the eminent purveyor of LED illumination. Behold the spotlight as it turns toward KOSOOM’s avant-garde LED downlights series – a symphony of innovation and sophistication that beckons you to dive into its luminary embrace!

Unveiling the Radiant Magic: Demystifying LED Downlights

Imagine orchestrating light like an artist with a brush, painting the canvas of your environment with ethereal radiance. This, my friends, is the artistry of LED downlights! These transformative marvels don’t merely illuminate; they transmute spaces into visual poems. From chic boutiques to bustling supermarkets, LED Downlights emerge as the maestros of ambiance sculpting.

Diving into the Star of the Show: The Unveiling of D0203

Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please? Allow us to introduce the pièce de résistance, the very embodiment of luminary elegance – D0203. With its enchanting Color Correlated Temperature (CCT) of 3000K, a lustrous luminous flux of 790 lumens, and an angle of irradiance that’s as precise as a prima ballerina’s pirouette at 36 degrees, D0203 sweeps you off your feet. Compact in stature (H60mm*Ø117mm), and a cinch to install, this radiant marvel fits snugly within Ø90mm apertures.

CDL001 02

Why Choose KOSOOM’s D0203 LED Downlights? A Revelation

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to elucidate the million-dollar query: Why should D0203 find a cherished spot within your realm? Brace yourselves, for the revelations are about to unfurl – like curtains parting to reveal a mesmerizing act. Imagine a steadfast companion that’s equal parts guardian and decorator, wrapped in the cloak of multifunctionality. It’s like having a luminary Swiss Army knife that delivers brilliance with unmatched finesse!

D0203’s Advantages: A Tapestry of Luminary Wonders

Prepare to be swept off your feet by the radiant tide of D0203’s advantages! From its high-potency LED light beads, akin to celestial gems, to its conservationist energy-saving prowess – every photon emitted is a dance of uniformity akin to a Zen garden. The tapestry of advantages extends further – a myriad of color temperature choices allowing you to curate your ambiance, and a Color Rendering Index (CRI) that breathes life into colors, resuscitating them with a fidelity that’s nothing short of enchanting. Oh, and let’s not forget the extended family, the LED panel light, poised to weave an even more vibrant tapestry!

Where Assurance Meets Excellence: Quality, Certifications, and Care

Ladies and gentlemen, as guardians of your radiant dreams, KOSOOM takes safety and assurance to heart. Our products don’t just shine; they proudly bear the badges of honor – the CE and ROHS certifications. And as for the realm of guarantees, let it be known that D0203 arrives with a solid 5-year warranty, akin to an ironclad pact with quality.

Setting the Stage: Installing D0203 and Showering TLC

Dear illuminators, envision this – a seamless installation process that unfolds like a starlit symphony. Installing D0203 is akin to a choreographed dance, a sequence of steps that, when executed with patience and precision, yield a stellar outcome. For the longevity of your radiant companion, offer it the tender care it deserves – keep it free from dust’s clutches, and it will, in turn, grace your life with light for years to come.

The Grand KOSOOM Choice: Why D0203 Reigns Supreme

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s dwell upon the pivotal question – why indeed should you choose the radiant embrace of KOSOOM’s D0203 LED downlights? Brace yourselves for the crescendo of reasons, each a refrain of practicality and finesse. The ease of customization, the allure of pocket-friendly pricing, and the warm reassurance of steadfast after-sales support. It’s not merely a choice; it’s an invitation to elevate your surroundings with a symphony of luminary artistry. And as you embrace the D0203, don’t forget to nod to its siblings – the captivating LED tape light!

Maintaining the Glow: The Ethereal Dance of Maintenance

Amidst the splendor of D0203’s radiant dance, let’s not forget the choreography of maintenance. Treat it to a regimen of gentle cleaning, preserving its brilliance like a curator safeguards a masterpiece. And remember, the 5-year warranty stands sentinel – a testament to KOSOOM’s commitment to your illumination journey.

Crunching Numbers: The Epiphany of Value and Brilliance

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s indulge in some numerical contemplation. D0203 isn’t merely an embodiment of elegance; it’s a beacon of affordability meeting performance. We’ve run the numbers, and the conclusion gleams – D0203 is like an opulent gem that doesn’t drain the coffers, yet delivers brilliance that eclipses the competition.

The Glorious Finale: A Call to Bask in KOSOOM’s Radiant Embrace

As we draw the curtain on this radiant odyssey, consider this: KOSOOM is more than a brand; it’s an invitation to embrace brilliance. Let D0203’s splendor saturate your spaces, transforming them into galleries of luminous artistry. This isn’t just about light; it’s about a lifestyle of vibrancy. So, take the plunge, make the choice, and immerse yourself in the embrace of KOSOOM’s legacy. With D0203, you’re not just illuminating spaces; you’re crafting a realm that dances with luminary brilliance.











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