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If you are looking for a lighting solution that can do multiple things in one fell swoop, then you have come to the right place now. SL926G Linear Lighting, will not only provide the lighting effect you expect, but its energy efficiency will also amaze you.

Energy-Efficient LED Light Development Trends

LED lighting is developing rapidly around the world, because of its high energy efficiency, long life, environmental protection and pollution-free characteristics, it has already occupied a dominant position in the lighting market. Among all LED lighting products, linear lighting, such as SL926G Linear Lighting, is more and more popular among consumers because of its flexible design, simple installation, and excellent light efficiency.

Positioning of SL926G Linear Lighting

As a high-performance LED linear lighting product, SL926G Linear Lighting not only has an excellent performance in basic parameters such as power, luminous flux, and size but also has passed CE, RoHS, FCC and other certifications. It is a reliable lighting product.

SL926G Linear Lighting is not just an ordinary lighting solution, it is an exceptional choice that will revolutionize your space. With its superior performance and innovative design, SL926G brings a new level of brilliance and efficiency to line lighting applications.

Product Specifications:

Lumen Output3000lm
Size1194mm x 34mm
Power Factor (PF)>0.9
Color Rendering Index83/90/95/Thrive
Color OptionsBlack/White/Customized
Aperture Size1208mm x 46mm x 34mm
IP RatingIP20
InsulationDouble Insulation
Dimming OptionsDALI Dimming, TRIAC Dimming
Warranty5 years
CertificationsCE, RoHS, FCC, and more

SL926G Linear Lighting incorporates advanced features and components that make it stand out among other line lighting products in the market. Let’s delve into the key aspects of this remarkable lighting solution.

High Efficiency and Energy Savings: With a power consumption of 30W, SL926G delivers an impressive lumen output of 3000lm, ensuring ample illumination for your space. Its high luminous efficacy of 100lm/W allows for efficient energy utilization, helping you save on electricity costs while maintaining excellent lighting performance.

Superior Light Quality: SL926G Linear Lighting excels in color rendering, with CRI options of 83, 90, 95, or Thrive. This means it accurately reproduces colors and enhances visual comfort, creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere in any setting. The color options of black, white, and customized provide versatility to suit different design preferences.

Reliable and Durable Construction: SL926G Linear Lighting is built to last. The housing is constructed from a combination of aluminium, iron, and plastic, ensuring robustness and longevity. The 6063 pure aluminium body not only offers excellent heat dissipation capabilities but also adds a touch of elegance to the overall design.

Flexible Installation Options: This versatile lighting solution offers two installation options: as a suspended linear light or as a track light. Whether you prefer a sleek suspended design or a track-mounted configuration, SL926G adapts effortlessly to your specific installation requirements. The installation accessories are designed with quality materials to ensure stability and ease of installation.

SL926G Linear Lighting is a testament to the innovative advancements in LED line lighting technology. Its exceptional performance, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal make it an ideal choice for various applications, including commercial spaces, offices, retail stores, and more.

In the next section, we will explore the specific advantages and unique features of SL926G Linear Lighting, further highlighting why it stands out in the market.
Product Features: Advantages of SL926G LED Linear Lighting

SL926G Linear Lighting Energy Efficiency

The R9 index of SL926G is greater than 50, and the color tolerance is less than 5, which ensures its excellent performance in light color reproduction and color consistency. It can not only provide a more natural and comfortable light environment but also effectively reduce energy consumption and achieve high efficiency. energy saving.

Power drive, brand, parameters, cable type, etc.

The product adopts Liford’s power drive, with precise parameters and various types of cables, which can meet different installation requirements.

Characteristics of luminaire lenses and housings and their fire performance

SL926G lamps

The lens is made of high-efficiency PC material, with a deep anti-glare electroplated reflector, which can provide a uniform and soft light projection effect. The shell is made of aluminium, iron and plastic, and is made of fireproof V2 material, which ensures the safety of the product. In addition, the design of the 6063 pure aluminium lamp body not only endows the product with perfect heat dissipation performance but also increases texture and durability.

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SL926G Linear Lighting Installation and Maintenance

Mounting methods and characteristics of accessories

SL926G can be used as linear light (ceiling/surface mounted) or track light (track mounted), suitable for different installation requirements. The materials and characteristics of the accessories have been carefully designed to ensure a solid and reliable installation experience.

Product maintenance and warranty

The SL926G is designed with ease of maintenance in mind, users can easily replace the luminaire lens for cleaning and maintenance. In addition, the product provides a 5-year warranty, so that users have no worries.

SL926G Linear Lighting Advantages

Application advantages in supermarkets and warehouses

SL926G Linear Lighting is specially designed for supermarkets and warehouses, its high light efficacy, reliability and flexibility make it an ideal choice for these places. The high luminous efficiency of 100lm/W ensures sufficient lighting brightness, and the simple installation process also greatly improves work efficiency.

Multifunctional modular design and its advantages

SL926G has a multi-functional modular design, which enables it to flexibly respond to different lighting needs. According to the needs of the project, the lamp lens of different angles can be easily replaced to achieve more accurate light distribution. In addition, 5/7/11 core cable options provide more expandability.

Exquisite appearance and high-quality user experience

SL926G Linear Lighting has an exquisite appearance design, and the aluminium lamp body brings high texture, which can not only provide excellent lighting effects but also enhance the overall aesthetic feeling of the space. Its reliability and durability also provide users with long-term stable lighting solutions.

SL926G Linear Lighting Application Scenario

home lighting scene

SL926G Linear Lighting can be used for home lighting, providing soft and bright lighting effects for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, etc. Its multifunctional modular design and exquisite appearance can perfectly

It blends beautifully into different home styles.

commercial lighting scene

SL926G is suitable for commercial lighting, such as offices, shops and restaurants. Its high light efficiency and reliability ensure sufficient lighting brightness and long life, while the exquisite appearance also adds a professional feel to commercial spaces.

Industrial lighting scene

The high luminous efficiency and reliability of SL926G make it very suitable for industrial lighting needs, such as factories, warehouses and parking lots. Its fire performance and durable design ensure a safe and reliable lighting solution.

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SL926G Linear Lighting Purchase Information and Conclusion

Where to buy and how to ship

You can buy SL926G Linear Lighting through the official website or authorized resellers. We offer flexible shipping options to ensure you receive your products in a timely manner.

About Kosoom

When it comes to choosing a reliable brand in the field of commercial lighting, KOSOOM is undoubtedly your first choice that cannot be ignored. As an industry leader, with years of lighting experience and rich professional knowledge, we are committed to bringing you high-quality LED lights. In the field of Commercial LED Lighting, we recommend you choose our professional solutions to create a more energy-saving, environmentally friendly and durable lighting environment.

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We are proud that KOSOOM’s led lighting solutions have been widely used in commercial lighting. Whether it is led commercial light fixtures or commercial led light fixtures, they are well received by customers and become the first choice in commercial lighting. We focus not only on product performance but also on design and user experience. To meet your increasingly stringent lighting needs, KOSOOM’s commercial-led lighting fixtures excel in both design and performance. We will continue to devote ourselves to providing you with more efficient and reliable lighting products.

The KOSOOM brand has always adhered to the concept of the customer first and has won wide recognition in the Commercial Lighting industry. Our led light fixtures and led lighting fixtures excel in design and performance to create the perfect lighting ambience for your commercial space. Our professional team keeps pace with the times and provides you with the most cutting-edge led lighting solutions. We believe that by choosing KOSOOM, you will get an unparalleled lighting experience and create a distinctive commercial space.

As a leader in the lighting industry, KOSOOM always pays attention to the development trend of the industry and keeps innovating in the field of Commercial LED Lighting. Our led light fixtures and led lighting fixtures have significant advantages in lighting performance, energy-saving effect and service life, etc., bringing the ideal lighting experience to your commercial space. Whether you need led commercial light fixtures or commercial led light fixtures, KOSOOM can meet your needs and provide professional Commercial Lighting supply services.

The KOSOOM brand is known for its relentless pursuit of quality. We make sure that every Commercial LED Lighting Solutions project will meet your expectations.


Q: What are the key advantages of SL926G Linear Lighting?
A: The key advantages of SL926G Linear Lighting include its high energy efficiency, superior light quality with various color rendering options, durable construction, flexible installation options, and certifications for reliability.

Q: What are the specifications of SL926G Linear Lighting?
A: The specifications of SL926G Linear Lighting include a power of 30W, lumen output of 3000lm, size of 1194mm x 34mm, voltage options of 220-240V/100-277V, power factor (PF) greater than 0.9, multiple color rendering index (CRI) options, color options of black, white, or customized, and certifications such as CE, RoHS, and FCC.

Q: Can SL926G Linear Lighting be dimmed?
A: Yes, SL926G Linear Lighting offers dimming options including DALI Dimming and TRIAC Dimming, allowing for adjustable lighting levels according to preference or specific requirements.

Q: What applications is SL926G Linear Lighting suitable for?
A: SL926G Linear Lighting is suitable for various applications including commercial spaces, offices, retail stores, supermarkets, warehouses, and industrial settings such as factories and parking lots.

Q: Where can I purchase SL926G Linear Lighting?
A: You can purchase SL926G Linear Lighting through the official website of KOSOOM or authorized resellers. They offer flexible shipping options to ensure timely delivery of the products.

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