Versatile and Durable 200W Power Supply – SA04- STL004-Kosoom


Product Technical Specifications – SA05 LED Driver

Product CodeSA05
Power (W)200W
Input Voltage220-240V
Output Voltage24V
I (MAX)8.3A

Igniting Brilliance: KOSOOM LED Drivers Illuminate Your World!

Greetings, fellow seekers of radiance! Prepare to embark on a journey into the mesmerizing universe of KOSOOM LED Drivers. We aren’t just here to light up your spaces; we’re here to redefine your relationship with illumination. Picture this: KOSOOM, the maestro behind a series of LED driver masterpieces that not only illuminate but captivate.

Our brand is more than a name; it’s a symphony of innovation and precision. KOSOOM specializes in crafting LED drivers that don’t just meet industry standards but redefine them. Our commitment to excellence isn’t just a statement – it’s woven into the DNA of every product we create. And what’s the icing on the LED cake? Our LED driver series, born under the KOSOOM banner, is here to enchant, captivate, and elevate your lighting experience.

The Illuminating Enigma: Demystifying LED Drivers

LED Drivers Unveiled: Your Beacon to Brilliance!

Are you ready to uncover the mystique behind those dazzling LEDs? Behold the LED driver – the unsung hero behind the scenes, orchestrating a symphony of light that enchants and uplifts. But let’s not stop there. LED drivers are the true multitaskers of the lighting world, adapting seamlessly to various environments and scenes. And oh, did we mention they’re the driving force behind the spellbinding LED tape lights that are lighting up your life?

The SA05 LED Driver: Unveiling Excellence

SA05: Where Power Meets Elegance!

Hold on to your photons because we’re about to introduce you to the star of the show – the SA05 LED Driver. This isn’t just a run-of-the-mill device; it’s a technological marvel that brings innovation and power to your fingertips. Imagine a compact form factor (W58.6*L207*H28.6mm) housing the power of 200 watts, all wrapped in a fire-resistant casing for that added safety hug.

But wait, there’s more! The SA05 boasts the uncanny ability to embrace different input voltages (220-240V) and output a radiant 24 volts. Picture it as a conductor of a symphony of light, seamlessly transforming energy into brilliance. And guess what? It’s not just a product; it’s a testament to KOSOOM’s commitment to quality, proudly showcasing the craftsmanship that defines our brand.

Why SA05? A Bright Choice

SA05: The Marvel That’s Lighting Up Minds!

Choosing an LED driver isn’t just a task; it’s an investment in your illumination dreams. The SA05, a distinguished member of KOSOOM’s lineup, stands tall with reasons that make it a shining choice. Durability isn’t just a feature; it’s a promise that your SA05 is in it for the long haul. Safety is paramount, and the SA05 delivers with a secure low-voltage output that wraps your space in a comforting embrace.

But that’s not all – versatility is key. The SA05 dances gracefully with multiple circuits, allowing you to weave light into intricate patterns. And did we mention the heart of gold? Beneath that sleek exterior lies a pure copper core that’s the secret behind the SA05’s luminous magic.

Spotlight on Brilliance: The SA05 Advantage

Unleash the Brilliance: SA05’s Advantage Over Others!

Let’s dive deep into the treasure trove of advantages that the SA05 LED Driver brings to the table. Imagine a robust metallic casing that’s more than just armor; it’s a testament to its longevity. Worried about safety? The SA05’s low-voltage output is your guarantee of tranquility. It’s not just about connecting circuits; it’s about creating a symphony of light that dances in harmony.

And don’t forget, our SA05 doesn’t arrive alone; it brings along its equally enchanting companion, the “linear light fixture.” Together, they’re a dynamic duo that turns spaces into magical realms of luminance.

Crafting Quality: Warranty & Certification

Quality Assurance, Certified Brilliance!

When you choose KOSOOM, you’re not just choosing a product; you’re choosing peace of mind. Our SA05 LED Driver comes decked with not only innovation but also certifications that speak to its excellence. CE and ROHS certifications are more than just badges; they’re a promise of quality that you can trust. And speaking of trust, we’re throwing in a 5-year warranty, a safety net that ensures your journey with the SA05 is long-lasting and radiant.

Lights, Camera, Installation Action!

SA05 Unveiled: Let’s Illuminate!

Time to roll out the red carpet for the SA05 installation process! Think of it as setting the stage for a luminary spectacle. From unpacking your treasure to connecting the dots, our installation guide is your backstage pass to a dazzling performance. Pro tip: Approach it like a dance – a graceful twist here and a secure connection there.

Choosing Brilliance: SA05’s Allure

SA05: Your Spotlight Moment!

Why pick the SA05? Because life’s too short for mediocre lighting! The SA05 isn’t just an LED driver; it’s your ticket to a world of brilliance. Customization? Check. Competitive pricing? Double-check. The SA05 isn’t just an investment; it’s a declaration that you’re ready to embrace the light. And did we mention the “led light panel,” the companion that’s ready to create a tapestry of luminescence in your life?

Shine On: Maintenance & Care

Glow On: Maintaining SA05’s Radiance!

Even brilliance needs a little love, and the SA05 is no exception. We’re sharing the ultimate maintenance guide that’s as effortless as a sunrise. A gentle touch and a little care go a long way in preserving the radiance of your SA05. And just in case life throws a curveball, our 5-year warranty is here to catch you.

Brilliance on a Budget: SA05’s Value

Value Redefined: SA05’s Price-Performance Symphony!

Time for the numbers game! The SA05 isn’t just about lumens; it’s also about the dance of value and performance. Imagine getting top-tier quality without breaking the bank. The SA05 isn’t just a product; it’s a testament that brilliance isn’t reserved for the privileged few.

Shining Tomorrow: A Dazzling Conclusion

Curtains Up: A Glittering Finale!

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve arrived at the final act! KOSOOM and the SA05 bid you farewell, leaving behind a trail of luminous enchantment. It’s not just about choosing an LED driver; it’s about choosing a lifestyle that’s radiant and splendid. The SA05 isn’t just an accessory; it’s a masterpiece that’s here to redefine your relationship with light. So, are you ready to step into a world where innovation meets brilliance? Your journey awaits!




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