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Product Technical Specifications – TLKC060 Twelve Grid Customized Track Light

Product CodeTLKC060
Power (W)30W*2
Voltage (V)220-240V/100-277V
Beam Angle (°)15°/24°/38°/50°
CCT (K)2700/3000/3500/4000/5000K

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

Introducing the Luminary World of KOSOOM

In the realm of lighting excellence, one brand shines brighter than the rest – KOSOOM. Specializing in state-of-the-art led light fixtures, KOSOOM is the beacon of innovation in the illumination industry. Today, let’s embark on a journey to explore the captivating universe of KOSOOM’s revolutionary products, with a special focus on their Custom Track Lights series.

Unveiling Custom Track Lights: Illumination Redefined

Imagine a world where light adapts to your desires – this is where Custom Track Lights come into play. A concept that marries functionality with aesthetic elegance, these versatile luminaires are designed to transform any space into a realm of ambiance and creativity. From luxurious hotel suites to cozy living rooms, vibrant retail stores to bustling supermarkets, Custom Track Lights offer an unparalleled lighting solution tailored to every environment.

TLKC060: Unveiling Brilliance

Enter the TLKC060, a masterpiece in the realm of lighting design. With precision-engineered parameters that set it apart, the TLKC060 boasts a versatile CCT range of 2700K to 5000K, casting a customizable glow to suit any ambiance. Emitting a dazzling luminous flux of 2500 lumens per unit, and featuring an adjustable beam angle of 15° to 50°, this fixture ensures that every corner is bathed in the perfect radiance. Noteworthy is its extraordinary CRI range of 83 to Thrive, assuring lifelike color rendition that captivates the senses.

But that’s not all. The TLKC060 isn’t just a luminaire; it’s an artful manifestation of KOSOOM’s commitment to excellence. With its sleek dimensions of Ø40545160 and the power-packed 30W output, it effortlessly blends style and performance. What’s more, it’s a canvas for personalization – choose from an array of color temperatures, beam angles, and even colors like classic black or pristine white. It’s not just a light; it’s an extension of your vision.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the world of TLKC060 and its remarkable attributes, all under the prestigious banner of KOSOOM.

Elevating Brilliance: TLKC060 Takes the Spotlight

Why choose the TLKC060 series from KOSOOM? The answer is simple – it’s a symphony of excellence that resonates with every aspect of your lighting needs. Let’s take a closer look at why TLKC060 stands tall in the realm of illumination solutions.

Durability? Check. Safety? Check. TLKC060 doesn’t just meet industry standards; it redefines them. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these fixtures are built to endure, ensuring your spaces remain beautifully lit for years to come. Its cutting-edge technology guarantees not just safety but also exceptional energy efficiency – a perfect blend of brilliance and responsibility.

Speaking of brilliance, the TLKC060 is a light magician. Its high luminous efficacy casts a spell of enchantment, turning any room into a captivating space. The twelve grid design is a testament to its versatility, allowing you to shape the light according to your mood and task. From focused beams for dramatic accents to broader illumination for ambient allure, TLKC060 adapts at your command.

Installation? A breeze. TLKC060’s user-friendly design makes setup a seamless experience, whether you’re a lighting connoisseur or a novice. And the best part? Its affordability doesn’t compromise on quality or performance, making it a smart choice for both design enthusiasts and budget-conscious customers.

But TLKC060 is just the beginning. KOSOOM’s array of offerings, including the dynamic flexible led strip lights and other cutting-edge products, promise a complete lighting solution that’s as diverse as your imagination.

Shining Beyond Compare: TLKC060’s Stellar Advantages

TLKC060 doesn’t just light up spaces; it transforms them into realms of splendor. Its LED high-brightness beads dance with radiance, effortlessly illuminating every nook and cranny. The intensity of its luminosity, combined with a selection of diverse color temperatures, creates an ambiance that suits every occasion – from cozy warmth to clinical precision.

The magic lies in its uniform light distribution. Say goodbye to harsh shadows and uneven patches; TLKC060 offers a symphony of consistency that paints every surface with grace. Its remarkable Color Rendering Index (CRI) spans from 83 to an astonishing Thrive level, ensuring that colors remain true and vibrant, making TLKC060 a favorite among artists and designers alike.

Personalization is key, and TLKC060 embraces it wholeheartedly. With customizable options for color temperature, beam angle, and even fixture color, you’re not just choosing a light; you’re crafting an experience that’s uniquely yours. The 12-grid design allows you to tailor the lighting precisely to your needs, bringing forth a play of shadows and highlights that accentuate your space’s allure.

But TLKC060 isn’t just about visual appeal; it’s about tactile delight too. Its robust build exudes a sense of luxury, transforming a mere fixture into a statement of style. And let’s not forget, TLKC060 belongs to KOSOOM – a hallmark of quality and innovation that elevates your lighting experience to unprecedented heights.

Stay tuned as we unveil more about TLKC060’s journey of brilliance.

Excellence Backed by Assurance

When it comes to KOSOOM, quality is not just a promise; it’s a guarantee. The TLKC060 series carries the torch of KOSOOM’s dedication to excellence and has been validated with essential certifications, including CE and ROHS. These seals of approval are more than just stamps; they embody KOSOOM’s commitment to delivering products that meet the highest industry standards.

As a testament to our confidence in TLKC060’s durability and performance, we proudly offer a comprehensive 5-year warranty. This warranty isn’t just a contract; it’s a testament to the trust we place in every TLKC060 unit to continue shining brightly in your spaces, year after year.

Stay connected as we delve into the intricacies of TLKC060’s installation and the art of creating captivating spaces.

Seamless Installation: Guiding Light into Your Space

Bringing brilliance into your space has never been easier. The TLKC060 Twelve Grid Customized Track Light is designed for effortless installation, ensuring that you spend less time tinkering and more time enjoying the radiance it brings. Follow these simple steps to witness the transformation:

Unpack the Fixture: Gently unwrap your TLKC060, unveiling the masterpiece that will redefine your lighting experience.

Mount the Track: Affix the track securely to your ceiling or wall, ensuring it’s level and stable.

Attach the Fixture: Slide the TLKC060 fixture onto the track, securing it with a simple click.

Power Up: Connect the fixture to a power source, and watch your space come to life with unparalleled luminosity.

A word of advice – while installation is straightforward, precision is key. Ensure the track is securely fastened, and the fixture is aligned for optimal performance. With TLKC060, the result is not just light; it’s a symphony of ambiance that captivates.

Stay tuned for tips and tricks on maximizing the potential of your TLKC060.

The Choice is Crystal Clear: TLKC060 by KOSOOM

Amidst a sea of options, why does TLKC060 emerge as the prime choice? The answer lies in a combination of attributes that set it apart from the crowd.

Precision Customization: TLKC060 is the epitome of personalized lighting. With customizable color temperatures, beam angles, and even fixture colors, it adapts to your desires effortlessly.

Competitive Pricing: Luxurious lighting doesn’t have to come at an exorbitant cost. TLKC060 offers a competitive price point without compromising on quality or performance.

Unmatched After-sales Support: Choosing TLKC060 isn’t just a transaction; it’s a commitment to an exceptional experience. KOSOOM’s dedication to after-sales support ensures that your brilliance journey continues seamlessly.

Versatility and Prompt Delivery: TLKC060’s adaptability makes it suitable for a range of spaces, while KOSOOM’s efficient delivery ensures that your vision becomes reality without delay.

But TLKC060 isn’t alone in its brilliance; it’s part of a larger symphony of lighting solutions. The led light panel series and other innovative offerings by KOSOOM complement TLKC060, creating a holistic and harmonious lighting experience for every setting.

Nurturing Radiance: Caring for TLKC060

Maintaining the brilliance of TLKC060 is as effortless as its installation. To ensure its enduring radiance, follow these simple maintenance guidelines:

Regular Dusting: Gently dust the fixture with a soft, clean cloth to prevent dirt buildup and maintain its luminosity.

Occasional Cleaning: For deeper cleaning, use a damp cloth with mild soap to wipe the surface. Avoid abrasive cleaners to preserve its finish.

Mindful Handling: When adjusting the beam angle or customizing settings, handle the fixture with care to ensure its longevity.

Check for Loose Connections: Periodically ensure that all connections and mounts are secure to maintain consistent performance.

With these tips, TLKC060’s brilliance will continue to shine bright, casting an enchanting glow that elevates your spaces.

Unveiling Value: TLKC060’s Remarkable Cost-Efficiency

When it comes to choosing lighting solutions, value matters. The TLKC060 series by KOSOOM shines not just in brilliance but also in its exceptional cost-efficiency. Let’s delve into the numbers that make TLKC060 a smart investment:

Price Advantage: TLKC060 boasts an impressive price-to-performance ratio. Its competitive cost opens doors to luxurious lighting without stretching your budget.

Longevity Pays Off: Beyond its upfront affordability, TLKC060’s longevity shines bright. With a robust build and enduring luminosity, it ensures long-term cost savings on replacements and maintenance.

Energy Efficiency: TLKC060’s efficient LED technology means it consumes less power while offering superior brightness, contributing to reduced energy bills.

Customization without Premium: The ability to personalize your lighting experience doesn’t come at a premium with TLKC060. Its customization options ensure tailored brilliance without added costs.

Total Package: TLKC060 isn’t just a product; it’s an investment that pays dividends in both aesthetics and economy.

As we unravel the final threads of this analysis, let’s transition to the crowning moments of our journey – the conclusion and call to action.

Elevate Your Spaces with TLKC060: Choose Brilliance

In the dazzling world of lighting solutions, TLKC060 stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence under the banner of KOSOOM. It’s not just a fixture; it’s a statement, an experience, and a touch of brilliance that transforms spaces into captivating realms.

The journey we’ve embarked on, from understanding the KOSOOM brand to delving deep into the attributes of TLKC060, has unveiled a story of luminous mastery. As a high-caliber product marketing specialist, I invite you to seize this opportunity to experience brilliance like never before.

Choose KOSOOM’s TLKC060 Twelve Grid Customized led track lights series for its unparalleled luminosity, exquisite customization, and enduring performance. Transform your spaces into showcases of ambiance and creativity, and bask in the radiance of a future illuminated by KOSOOM.

Illuminate Your Vision. Illuminate with TLKC060.
















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