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At KOSOOM, we understand that each customer’s lighting needs are unique and personalized. To meet your requirements, we offer free custom LED light installation solutions. Whether it’s for residential, commercial, or other spaces, our professional team will tailor the best lighting solution based on your preferences and spatial characteristics. At the same time, we provide top-notch after-sales service to ensure your satisfaction and comfortable experience.

TLJ Track Lighting Product Overview:

TLJ LED Track Lighting Fixture is a classic series of track lights, renowned for its family-style design and durability, making it a preferred lighting solution for museums and various venues. This track light is designed to provide users with perfect light distribution and a smooth experience.

Housing Material and Fire Performance: 

The housing of the TLJ LED Track Lighting Fixture is made of aluminium, iron, and plastic, with a fire-resistance rating of V2, ensuring a safe operating environment. The 6063 pure aluminum housing not only provides fire resistance but also offers excellent heat dissipation design, ensuring the efficient operation of the lighting fixture over an extended period.

Lens Material and Features: 

The light fixture’s lens is made of high-quality PC material, equipped with a high-transmittance lens and a deep anti-glare electroplated reflector cup, ensuring excellent light distribution and lighting effects. The superior lens material enables an even and soft distribution of light, providing a pleasant lighting experience.

Why Choose KOSOOM Track Lighting:

Multi-functional Dimming and Focus Design:

The TLJ LED Track Lighting Fixture features outstanding dimming and focus capabilities, allowing you to freely adjust the light brightness and lighting angle according to your needs. Whether you want to highlight a specific artwork or create a particular lighting ambiance, this light fixture can meet your requirements.

Perfect Light Distribution and Smooth Experience:

This track light utilizes a high-transmittance lens and a deep anti-glare electroplated reflector cup to ensure perfect light distribution. Whether it’s showcasing precious artwork or creating a soft ambient illumination, TLJ LED Track Lighting Fixture delivers a delightful experience.

Economical and Minimalist Design, Preferred for Engineering Projects:

The TLJ LED Track Lighting Fixture is renowned for its economical and durable minimalist design, making it the preferred lighting solution for various engineering projects. Its long-lasting characteristics ensure reliability and high performance, saving you maintenance costs while providing dependable lighting effects.

Unique Appearance and High Recognition:

This track light stands out with its unique design and high recognition. Not only does it fulfil lighting requirements, but it also adds a touch of uniqueness and personalized elements to the space. the TLJ LED Track Lighting Fixture becomes the highlight and focal point of your space.

Flexible Beam Angles and High-Quality Texture:

The TLJ LED Track Lighting Fixture offers flexible beam angle adjustment, allowing you to precisely control the lighting range and angle according to your needs. Whether you need focused illumination or wide-area lighting, this light fixture provides the ideal lighting effect. Its solid texture adds a sense of nobility and quality to the space.

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Technical Specifications and Certifications of our TLJ Track Lighting:

 color temperature2700K/3000K/3500K/4000K/5000K
Power Factor>0.5/>0.9
IP RatingIP20
Double Insulation
Dimmingdail dimming, controllable silicon dimming
Warranty5 years
CertificationCE, RoHS, FCC, and others
Power Driver, Brand, Parameter, Cable TypeLefford
Lens Material, Features, Accessories FeaturesPC, high light transmittance lens, deep anti-glare electroplated reflector cup
Housing Material, Features, Fire PerformanceAluminum + Iron + Plastic, fire-resistant V2, 6063 pure aluminum housing, excellent heat dissipation design
Installation MethodStrip light (suspended/recessed), track light (track-mounted)
Product Advantages/FeaturesHigh efficiency and energy-saving
R9 Index>50
Color Tolerance<5

Power and Luminous Flux Parameters

The TLJ LED Track Lighting Fixture offers multiple power options, including 15W, 24W, 30W, and 40W, with a luminous flux ranging from 1250LM to 4000LM, allowing you to choose the appropriate brightness according to your needs.

Size and Voltage Requirements

This track light comes in sizes ranging from 62*140mm/72*160mm/80*180mm to 94*190mm, accommodating different installation environments and space requirements. The voltage range is 220-240V and 100-277V, meeting the usage requirements under various voltage conditions.

Colors and Color Rendering Index

The TLJ LED Track Lighting Fixture offers multiple color options, including black, white, and custom colors, to meet the decorative needs of different settings. The Color Rendering Index (CRI) can reach 83, 90, 95, and Thrive, ensuring a true and natural lighting effect.

Color Temperature

The TLJ LED Track Lighting Fixture also has multiple color temperature options, including 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K. You can choose the appropriate color temperature based on the desired lighting effect and ambiance. 2700K and 3000K are suitable for creating a warm and cozy environment, 3500K and 4000K are ideal for providing natural and bright illumination, while 5000K offers a clearer white light.

Beam Angle

TLJ LED Track Lighting Fixture also features adjustable beam angles, allowing you to choose between 15°, 24°, or 36° depending on your needs. This flexible design enables precise illumination of the desired area, providing personalized lighting effects for your space.

Technical Certifications (CE, RoHS, FCC, etc.)

TLJ LED Track Lighting Fixture has obtained relevant certifications such as CE, RoHS, FCC, demonstrating its compliance with international standards and safety requirements. These certifications provide users with greater confidence and reliability.

Track lighting Installation and Accessories:

TLJ LED track lights offer various installation methods to meet different needs and installation environments. Here are the common installation methods for track lights:

Pendant Mounting: Suitable for places with high ceilings. The track light can be suspended above the ceiling using pendant mounting accessories, providing overhead lighting. This installation method is commonly used in showrooms, malls, and other large spaces.

Surface Mounting: Suitable for places with lower ceiling heights or the need for close-range lighting. The track light is directly mounted on the ceiling, aligning it with the ceiling surface to provide direct localized lighting. This installation method is commonly used in homes, offices, and commercial spaces.

Lighting Fixture Installation:

  1. Preparation: Before starting the installation, ensure that the power is disconnected and the installation location is confirmed. Check if the track light and installation accessories are complete.
  2. Positioning and Marking: Determine the installation position of the track light based on lighting requirements and design specifications. Use a measuring tape and a level to ensure the track installation position is level and aligned.
  3. Install the Track: Secure the track to the ceiling or wall using screws or mounting clips. Depending on the length of the track light, ensure that the track is firmly and stably fixed.
  4. Connect Power: Connect the power line according to the electrical requirements of the track light. Usually, the track light will have a power line connector or terminal block, follow the instructions on the junction box for proper wiring.
  5. Installing Track Light Head: Insert the track light head into the track groove on the track. The track light head usually has sliding or rotating functionality, allowing for the free adjustment of the position and direction of the fixture.
  6. Fixture Installation and Adjustment: Install the fixtures on the track according to your needs. The fixtures typically have specific slots or mounting devices to be inserted into the track and ensure a secure and stable fixture. Adjust the angle and direction of the fixtures according to your lighting requirements to achieve the desired lighting effect.
  7. Power Connection and Testing: Connect the power cord of the track light to the power source and double-check all the wiring for correctness and safety. Turn on the power and test the working condition of the track lights to ensure the fixtures are functioning properly.

With their flexible installation methods, TLJ LED track lights can adapt to different indoor layouts and lighting needs. Whether you are aiming for overall illumination or emphasizing lighting in specific areas, track lights provide adjustable and directional lighting, bringing comfort and a high-quality lighting experience to your space.

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Application Scenarios of our TLJ Track Lighting:

  1. Home Lighting Needs: TLJ LED Track Lighting Fixtures are suitable for home lighting needs, providing ideal lighting effects for your living room, dining room, or bedroom. Whether you want to create a cozy ambiance or highlight specific areas with brightness, this track light can meet your residential lighting requirements.
  2. Commercial Lighting Solutions: TLJ LED Track Lighting Fixtures are an ideal choice for commercial lighting. Its multi-functional dimming and focusing design makes it suitable for various commercial settings such as retail stores, display counters, hotel lobbies, and office spaces. Whether you want to highlight product displays or create a stylish lighting ambiance, this fixture can provide you with a perfect solution.
  3. Industrial Lighting Solutions: TLJ LED Track Lighting Fixtures demonstrate excellent durability and high performance in industrial environments. Its cost-effective and minimalist design makes it the preferred lighting solution for factories, warehouses, workshops, and other industrial places. Whether you need intense illumination or broad lighting coverage, this fixture can meet the requirements of industrial lighting.

Product Testing of our Track Lighting:

Our track lights undergo rigorous testing before shipping to ensure their quality and performance meet the requirements.

(1) Electrical Performance Testing: This includes testing parameters such as voltage, current, power, etc., to ensure the product operates within the normal working range.

(2) Optical Performance Testing: Testing the brightness, color temperature, color rendering index, etc., of the light source to ensure the product provides high-quality lighting effects.

(3) Durability Testing: Through long-term stable operation and testing under high and low-temperature conditions, the durability and reliability of the product are verified.

Product Certification and Warranty:

We always strive to provide excellent service to our customers and offer high-quality lighting products. To ensure the environmental friendliness and performance of our fixtures, this track light has passed CE and ROHS certifications and has relevant certificates. Additionally, we provide a 3-year quality guarantee and offer 3 years of free warranty service.


Q: What is the warranty period for TLJ LED track lights?
A: TLJ LED track lights come with a 5-year warranty to ensure product quality and performance. During the warranty period, if any quality issues arise, we will provide repair or replacement services to ensure your peace of mind.

Q: What types of tracks are TLJ LED track lights suitable for?
A: TLJ LED track lights are suitable for standard track systems, such as 2-wire tracks and 3-wire tracks. You can choose the appropriate track type based on your requirements and ensure that the track dimensions and specifications are compatible with TLJ LED track lights.

Q: How do I install TLJ LED track lights on the track?
A: Installing TLJ LED track lights on the track typically requires specific mounting accessories. You can select suitable mounting accessories based on the design and specifications of your track system, and then secure the TLJ LED track lights onto the track. Please refer to the installation guide to ensure the correct installation steps and methods.

Q: How can the TLJ LED track light be dimmed? Does it support adjusting the lighting angle?
A: TLJ LED track lights support multiple dimming methods, including DALI dimming and SCR dimming. In addition, TLJ LED track lights have adjustable lighting angle options, such as 15°, 24°, and 36°, to meet different lighting needs.


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