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Product Technical Specifications – SMXT04 Custom LED Spotlights

Product CodeSMXT04
Power (W)5W
Voltage (V)220-240V/100-277V
Beam Angle (°)18°/25°/28°/36°
CCT (K)2700/3000/3500/4000/5000K

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

Introducing Kosoom – Your LED Lighting Partner

Allow me to introduce you to Kosoom, your premier led light supplier. At Kosoom, we have mastered the art of illuminating spaces with precision and elegance. Our commitment to excellence has culminated in the creation of the Custom LED Spotlights series, a testament to innovation and guidance in the lighting industry.

Custom LED Spotlights – Illuminating Possibilities

LED Spotlights, in essence, are the torchbearers of modern illumination. These versatile luminaires find their niche in a multitude of environments and scenarios, making them the go-to solution for lighting connoisseurs. From enchanting restaurant lights atmospheres to the meticulous lighting of art galleries, from enhancing the ambiance of retail stores to the practicality of supermarkets, and from spotlighting stages to creating inviting spotlight bar spaces, Custom LED Spotlights offer a versatile and dynamic lighting solution for all.

  • Energy-saving and efficient: LED spotlights use LEDs as light sources. Compared with traditional lighting fixtures, LEDs have higher energy efficiency and lower energy consumption. LED spotlights can reduce energy consumption and save electricity bills while providing high-brightness lighting.
  • Long life: LED spotlights generally have a longer life than traditional lighting fixtures. LEDs have lower heat generation, reducing the risk of bulb burnout, and the LED chip has a lifespan of tens of thousands of hours, greatly reducing the frequency of bulb replacement and maintenance costs.
  • Rich colors: LED spotlights can provide a variety of color temperatures and color options, from warm white light to cool white light, as well as various colored lights. This gives indoor spot lights great flexibility in creating different atmospheres and creating special effects.
  • Dimming performance: LED spotlights usually have a dimmable function, which allows the light intensity and brightness level to be adjusted as needed. The dimmable performance of this fixture makes it ideal for use in different occasions and events to meet different lighting needs.

Illuminating Excellence – The SMXT04 Spotlight

Enter the SMXT04, the pinnacle of Kosoom’s lighting prowess. This remarkable luminaire boasts a comprehensive set of parameters:

  • CCT: Choose from a wide range of color temperatures, including 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K.
  • Lumen Output: A powerful 280 lumens ensure that your space is bathed in brilliance.
  • Beam Angles: Tailor your lighting with beam angle options of 18°/25°/28° or36°.
  • CRI (Color Rendering Index): Select from CRI values of 83, 90, 95, or our innovative Thrive spectrum.
  • Power Consumption: A frugal 5W, making it energy-efficient.
  • Dimensions: Compact at 49.5×49.5×35.6mm, with a hole cutout size of 45x45mm.
  • Customization: SMXT04 is your canvas; customize color temperature, color, and CRI to suit your vision.

This spotlight isn’t just a product; it’s an embodiment of the Kosoom brand’s commitment to excellence.

Choosing Kosoom’s SMXT04 Custom LED Spotlights

Why opt for the SMXT04 series from Kosoom? It’s a question with an array of compelling answers.

Durability: When you choose Kosoom, you choose durability. The SMXT04 is built to last, ensuring your lighting investment stands the test of time.

Safety: We prioritize your safety. Our LED spotlights are rigorously tested and compliant with CE and ROHS certifications, guaranteeing that your lighting is not just exceptional but also safe.

High Efficiency: With high lumen output and precise beam angles, the SMXT04 is a paragon of lighting efficiency. It’s the epitome of “doing more with less.”

Versatility: From accentuating architectural elements to highlighting artworks, the SMXT04 adapts seamlessly to your lighting needs. Its multi-functionality is a testament to thoughtful design.

Ease of Installation: Installing brilliance has never been easier. The SMXT04’s surface-mounted design simplifies installation, minimizing disruption to your space.

Brightness Beyond Compare: The SMXT04’s LED chips produce an unparalleled brightness, ensuring your space is bathed in the perfect amount of light.

As you can see, the SMXT04 isn’t just another spotlight; it’s the cornerstone of a lighting revolution.

Unveiling the Advantages

The SMXT04 Custom LED Spotlights offer a plethora of advantages that set them apart in the world of lighting solutions. Here’s a closer look at the benefits you can expect:

LED Brilliance: Our spotlights are equipped with high-quality LED chips, ensuring brilliant illumination that stands the test of time.

High Luminosity: With a powerful 280 lumens, the SMXT04 ensures that even the darkest corners of your space are brought to life.

Uniform Lighting: Experience the joy of evenly distributed light, creating a harmonious atmosphere in any setting.

Versatile Color Temperature: Choose from a wide spectrum of color temperatures, catering to your unique lighting preferences.

Outstanding Color Rendering: The SMXT04 boasts exceptional Color Rendering Index (CRI) values, ensuring that colors appear vivid and true to life.

Customization at Its Best: Tailor your lighting with ease. Select your desired color temperature, color, and CRI to match your vision perfectly.

Effortless Surface Mounting: The surface-mounted design simplifies installation, making it a breeze for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

These advantages combine to make the SMXT04 an illuminating choice for all your lighting needs.

Quality Assurance and Certifications

At Kosoom, we don’t just promise quality; we guarantee it. Here’s a closer look at our quality assurance and certifications:

Certifications: Our commitment to meeting international standards is evident through our CE and ROHS certifications. These certifications signify that our products adhere to strict quality and safety guidelines, giving you peace of mind.

Warranty Period: We stand behind the quality of our products. The SMXT04 comes with a generous 5-year warranty. This warranty period reflects our confidence in the durability and reliability of our LED spotlights.

When you choose Kosoom, you’re not just choosing superior lighting; you’re choosing a partner dedicated to your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Installation Methods and Considerations

Installing the SMXT04 Custom LED Spotlights is a straightforward process, ensuring that you can enjoy exceptional lighting with ease. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Preparation: Ensure that you have all the necessary tools and materials ready for installation.
  2. Safety First: Turn off the power supply to the area where you’ll be installing the spotlights. Safety should always be a top priority.
  3. Marking: Mark the installation location for each spotlight, taking into account the desired beam angles and spacing.
  4. Wiring: Connect the wiring according to the specifications provided in the product manual. If you’re unsure, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance.
  5. Mounting: Securely mount the SMXT04 spotlights in the designated locations, ensuring they are aligned correctly.
  6. Testing: Once the installation is complete, switch on the power supply and test each spotlight to ensure they are functioning as expected.


  • Ensure proper ventilation to prevent overheating.
  • Regularly inspect and clean the spotlights to maintain optimal performance.
  • Seek professional assistance for complex installations or if you have any doubts about the process.

By following these installation steps and considerations, you can enjoy the benefits of the SMXT04 Custom LED Spotlights with confidence.

Why Choose SMXT04 Custom LED Spotlights from Kosoom

When it comes to lighting solutions, the choice is pivotal. Here’s why choosing the SMXT04 series from Kosoom is the wisest decision:

Convenient Customization: Tailor your lighting precisely to your preferences. Whether it’s color temperature, color, or CRI, the SMXT04 offers effortless customization to match your vision.

Competitive Pricing: Exceptional doesn’t have to come with a steep price tag. At Kosoom, we offer competitive pricing, ensuring you receive top-notch quality without breaking the bank.

Dedicated After-Sales Service: Your satisfaction is our priority. Our dedicated after-sales service ensures that you have support every step of the way.

Comprehensive Range: Explore our full spectrum of lighting solutions. Beyond the SMXT04, our ceiling spotlights and other product lines cater to diverse lighting needs.

Prompt Delivery: Time is of the essence. We understand the importance of timely delivery and strive to get your lighting solution to you as quickly as possible.

Versatility Across Environments: The SMXT04 isn’t just a spotlight; it’s a versatile lighting solution suitable for a myriad of spaces, from homes to commercial establishments.

By choosing the SMXT04 Custom LED Spotlights from Kosoom, you’re investing in quality, affordability, and innovation.

The Value Proposition – SMXT04 Cost-Benefit Analysis

When investing in lighting solutions, understanding the cost-benefit ratio is essential. Let’s delve into the cost-effectiveness of the SMXT04 Custom LED Spotlights:

Price Advantage: The SMXT04 offers an exceptional price-to-performance ratio. Its competitive pricing ensures that you receive premium lighting without the premium price tag.

Energy Efficiency: With a power consumption of just 4W, the SMXT04 is an energy-efficient choice. It not only reduces your carbon footprint but also lowers your energy bills in the long run.

Longevity: The SMXT04’s durability and 5-year warranty mean that your initial investment pays dividends for years to come, minimizing replacement and maintenance costs.

Customization Benefits: Tailoring your lighting needs with the SMXT04 prevents unnecessary spending on features you don’t require. You get precisely what you need, optimizing your investment.

Quality Assurance: With CE and ROHS certifications, you can trust that your investment is in a high-quality product that meets rigorous international standards.

The SMXT04 Custom LED Spotlights from Kosoom deliver a remarkable blend of affordability, energy efficiency, longevity, and quality, making them a cost-effective choice for all your lighting needs.

Choose Kosoom

At Kosoom, we proudly present to you the Custom LED Spotlights range of products. This range of lighting solutions represents a combination of excellence, innovation and quality. From flexible customization to efficient energy use, our products are designed to meet the lighting needs of a variety of occasions.

We invite you to choose Kosoom’s SMXT04 Custom LED Spotlights. Whether you need to improve your home lighting, enhance the ambience of your commercial space, or highlight your artwork, the SMXT04 is the ideal choice for you. Our products not only light up your space, but also make your life more exciting.

For your next lighting project, choose Kosoom. Choose excellence. Choose trust. We look forward to lighting up the future with you.






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