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SMEB07-B(W)-1 Factory Directly 24° Lens DC-DC SSM G1 Light Module KOSOOM


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Product Technical Specifications – SMEB07-B(W)-1 Custom LED Chandelier

Product CodeSMEB07-B(W)-1
Power (W)7W
Voltage (V)220-240V/100-277V
Beam Angle (°)24°
CCT (K)2700/3000/3500/4000/5000K

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

KOSOOM: Your Premier LED Lighting Supplier

In the ever-evolving world of illumination, KOSOOM stands as a beacon of excellence. As a seasoned product marketing specialist, I take immense pride in introducing you to the remarkable KOSOOM brand and its Custom LED Chandelier series.

KOSOOM – Lighting the Path to Brilliance

In an industry where innovation is key, KOSOOM emerges as a true trailblazer. As led light supplier, KOSOOM is synonymous with cutting-edge technology, unmatched quality, and captivating design. Our commitment to excellence has earned us a prominent place as a premier LED light supplier.

Custom LED Chandeliers: Where Elegance Meets Efficiency

In the realm of interior aesthetics and ambiance, Custom LED Chandeliers reign supreme. Allow me to elucidate the concept of these exquisite lighting fixtures and their versatile applications across various settings.

Custom LED Chandelier are the epitome of sophistication. They seamlessly blend elegance with efficiency, making them an ideal choice for a myriad of environments. From illuminating chic restaurant lighting to enhancing the allure of art gallery lighting, from setting the perfect mood in retail stores to adding a touch of glamour in supermarkets, these chandeliers are your ultimate lighting solution.

Unveiling SMEB07-B(W)-1: The Epitome of Illumination

Now, let’s delve into the star of our show – the SMEB07-B(W)-1. This remarkable lighting fixture boasts a plethora of features that set it apart from the competition.

The SMEB07-B(W)-1 offers a diverse range of customizable parameters, including adjustable color temperatures (CCT) ranging from 2700K to 5000K, a luminous output of 560 lumens, and a versatile beam angle of 15°. With an impressive Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 83/90/95/Thrive, this fixture ensures impeccable color accuracy, making it a perfect choice for environments where true-to-life colors are essential.

Standing at 7 watts, with dimensions of 115x35x200mm, and the option for customization in color, beam angle, and CRI, the SMEB07-B(W)-1 shines as a beacon of flexibility and innovation within the KOSOOM product portfolio.

With this product, KOSOOM continues to uphold its reputation as a provider of cutting-edge lighting solutions, ensuring that quality and design are always at the forefront.

Choosing Excellence: KOSOOM’s SMEB07-B(W)-1 Custom LED Chandelier

Now, let’s explore the reasons why the SMEB07-B(W)-1 is the clear choice for those seeking exceptional lighting solutions. This product is more than just a luminaire; it’s a statement of KOSOOM’s commitment to quality, durability, safety, versatility, ease of installation, and brilliance.

1. Durability: The SMEB07-B(W)-1 is built to withstand the test of time. Crafted with precision and using high-quality materials, it offers remarkable durability, ensuring that it will shine brightly for years to come.

2. Safety: Safety is paramount in any lighting solution. KOSOOM understands this, and the SMEB07-B(W)-1 is designed to meet the highest safety standards. With top-notch electrical components and rigorous quality control, it’s a reliable choice for any environment.

3. High Luminous Efficacy: When it comes to brightness, the SMEB07-B(W)-1 doesn’t disappoint. With its high luminous efficacy, it ensures that your space is brilliantly illuminated, creating the perfect ambiance.

4. Multifunctionality: This fixture is not just about illumination; it’s a versatile tool for designers and architects. Its customizable features make it adaptable to a wide range of settings, from elegant hotels to cozy cafes.

5. Easy Installation: We understand the value of your time, which is why the SMEB07-B(W)-1 is designed for hassle-free installation. Your lighting project will be up and running in no time.

In addition to the SMEB07-B(W)-1, KOSOOM offers an array of other exceptional products, such as LED Lighting Strips, designed to cater to diverse lighting needs. With KOSOOM, you’re not just purchasing lighting fixtures; you’re investing in an elevated lighting experience.

Unveiling the Advantages of SMEB07-B(W)-1

Now, let’s explore the myriad advantages of the SMEB07-B(W)-1 Custom LED Chandelier. This lighting masterpiece boasts an impressive array of features that set it apart from the rest.

1. LED High-Brightness Chips: At the heart of the SMEB07-B(W)-1 are high-brightness LED chips that ensure a luminous and captivating illumination. Whether you’re creating an intimate atmosphere or highlighting artworks, these chips deliver exceptional performance.

2. Exceptional Brightness: With a lumen output of 560, the SMEB07-B(W)-1 stands as a beacon of brightness. It provides ample light to elevate any space, making it ideal for both functional and aesthetic lighting purposes.

3. Uniform Lighting: One of the standout features of this fixture is its ability to deliver uniform lighting. Say goodbye to harsh shadows and uneven illumination; the SMEB07-B(W)-1 ensures a seamless and harmonious glow.

4. Versatile Color Temperature Options: Tailoring your lighting to suit your environment has never been easier. The SMEB07-B(W)-1 offers a range of color temperature options from 2700K to 5000K, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance.

5. Outstanding Color Rendering Index (CRI): With CRI options of 83, 90, 95, or Thrive, this fixture excels at color accuracy. It renders colors vividly and authentically, making it an ideal choice for spaces where color fidelity is crucial.

6. Customization at Its Finest: KOSOOM takes pride in offering a high degree of customization. Beyond color temperature and CRI, you can choose from various beam angles (e.g., 24°), colors (black, white, custom), and more, ensuring that your lighting solution aligns perfectly with your vision.

7. Surface-Mounted Elegance: The SMEB07-B(W)-1 features a sleek surface-mounted design that adds a touch of sophistication to any setting. It seamlessly blends with your interior while making a statement of its own.

And, while we’ve highlighted the SMEB07-B(W)-1 here, don’t forget to explore our other product series, such as linear light fixture, which offer equally exceptional lighting solutions.

Unveiling KOSOOM’s Commitment to Quality and Certification

Quality and peace of mind are at the core of KOSOOM’s values. Let’s delve into the warranty and certification information for our products, specifically, the SMEB07-B(W)-1 Custom LED Chandelier.

Quality Assurance with CE and ROHS Certification: KOSOOM’s commitment to quality is solidified through certifications. The SMEB07-B(W)-1 proudly holds CE (Conformité Européenne) and ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) certifications. This signifies that our product has undergone rigorous testing and complies with European safety and environmental standards. You can trust in the reliability and safety of our lighting solutions.

5-Year Warranty: At KOSOOM, we stand by the durability and longevity of our products. The SMEB07-B(W)-1 comes with a generous 5-year warranty, providing you with peace of mind and assurance in the event of any unforeseen issues. We believe in the quality of our lighting solutions, and our warranty reflects that belief.

Effortless Installation and Key Considerations

Now that we’ve explored the remarkable features and assurance of quality, let’s talk about how to install the SMEB07-B(W)-1 Custom LED Chandelier seamlessly, along with some important considerations.

Installation Guidelines:

Installing the SMEB07-B(W)-1 is a straightforward process, designed to save you time and effort. Follow these steps for a hassle-free installation:

  1. Preparation: Ensure you have all the necessary tools and components at hand before starting the installation. This includes the chandelier itself, mounting hardware, and appropriate electrical wiring.
  2. Location: Choose the optimal location for your chandelier, considering factors such as ceiling structure and aesthetics. Ensure it’s well-suited for the chosen space.
  3. Mounting: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mounting the chandelier securely. Make sure it is firmly attached to the ceiling to prevent any accidents.
  4. Wiring: Connect the electrical wiring as per the provided guidelines. If you’re not experienced with electrical work, it’s advisable to consult a professional electrician to ensure safety and compliance with local regulations.
  5. Testing: Once the chandelier is installed, test it to ensure it’s functioning correctly. Check for any flickering or issues with brightness.

Important Considerations:

  • Ceiling Height: Take into account the ceiling height to ensure the chandelier is positioned at an appropriate distance from the floor. This ensures optimal illumination and aesthetics.
  • Maintenance: Regularly clean the chandelier to maintain its shine and performance. Dust and dirt can accumulate on the fixture over time, affecting its brightness.
  • Safety: Prioritize safety during installation and use. Always turn off the power supply when working with electrical connections, and make sure the installation is secure to prevent accidents.

With these installation guidelines and considerations in mind, you can confidently set up your SMEB07-B(W)-1 Custom LED Chandelier to create a stunning and well-lit environment.

Making the Smart Choice: SMEB07-B(W)-1 Custom LED Chandelier by KOSOOM

Now that we’ve explored the excellence of the SMEB07-B(W)-1, let’s delve into why choosing this product from KOSOOM is a decision backed by numerous advantages.

1. Convenient Customization: KOSOOM understands that every project is unique. That’s why the SMEB07-B(W)-1 offers a high degree of customization, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs. From color temperature and beam angle to color options, you have the flexibility to create the perfect lighting solution for any environment.

2. Competitive Pricing: Quality need not come at a premium. KOSOOM is committed to providing top-tier lighting solutions at competitive prices. This ensures that you not only get the best in illumination but also in value for your investment.

3. Post-Sales Service: KOSOOM’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the purchase. Our dedicated post-sales service team is ready to assist you with any inquiries or support you may need. Your satisfaction is our priority.

4. Comprehensive Specifications: The SMEB07-B(W)-1 is just one example of our commitment to delivering comprehensive lighting solutions. Explore our range of products, from LED Lighting Strips to led panels, to discover a complete suite of options that cater to your diverse lighting needs.

5. Fast and Reliable Delivery: Time is of the essence in any project. With KOSOOM, you can rely on swift and dependable delivery services to ensure your lighting solutions arrive promptly, keeping your project on track.

By choosing the SMEB07-B(W)-1 Custom LED Chandelier from KOSOOM, you’re not only investing in a lighting fixture; you’re investing in a partnership that values your unique requirements, budget, and timeline.

Ensuring Longevity: Maintenance and Care for SMEB07-B(W)-1

Maintaining the brilliance and performance of your SMEB07-B(W)-1 Custom LED Chandelier is essential to maximize its longevity. Let’s delve into some crucial maintenance and care guidelines to ensure your investment remains in top form.

Cleaning Guidelines:

Regular cleaning is key to preserving the luminous allure of your chandelier:

  1. Dust Removal: Dust can accumulate on the chandelier’s surface and affect its brightness. Use a soft, lint-free cloth or a feather duster to gently remove dust from the fixture.
  2. Cleaning Solutions: For more stubborn stains or dirt, a mild cleaning solution can be used. Mix a small amount of mild dish soap with warm water and apply it with a soft cloth. Be sure to avoid abrasive or harsh chemicals, as they can damage the fixture’s finish.
  3. Crystal Care: If your chandelier includes crystals, take extra care when cleaning them. Use a gentle touch and a crystal cleaner to maintain their sparkle.

Warranty Reminder:

Remember that your SMEB07-B(W)-1 comes with a generous 5-year warranty. Should you encounter any issues or defects during this period, our dedicated customer service team is here to assist you promptly. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our utmost priorities.

By following these maintenance and care guidelines and taking advantage of our warranty, you can enjoy the brilliance of your SMEB07-B(W)-1 Custom LED Chandelier for years to come.

Value Unveiled: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of SMEB07-B(W)-1

In today’s competitive market, the cost-effectiveness of a lighting solution is a crucial factor. Let’s conduct a comprehensive analysis of the SMEB07-B(W)-1 Custom LED Chandelier, showcasing its remarkable value proposition.

Competitive Pricing: The SMEB07-B(W)-1 offers exceptional value without breaking the bank. Its competitive pricing ensures that you receive a premium lighting solution without sacrificing your budget.

Longevity and Durability: When evaluating cost-effectiveness, it’s essential to consider the fixture’s longevity and durability. The SMEB07-B(W)-1’s robust construction and quality components guarantee a long service life, minimizing the need for frequent replacements.

Energy Efficiency: LED lighting is renowned for its energy efficiency. The SMEB07-B(W)-1 is no exception. Its high luminous efficacy ensures optimal brightness while consuming minimal energy, resulting in long-term cost savings on electricity bills.

Customization: Tailoring your lighting solution to your specific needs minimizes unnecessary expenses. With the SMEB07-B(W)-1’s extensive customization options, you only pay for the features you require, enhancing its overall cost-effectiveness.

Low Maintenance Costs: Regular maintenance is essential for any lighting fixture. However, the SMEB07-B(W)-1’s durability and quality materials keep maintenance costs low over its extended lifespan.

Total Cost of Ownership: When considering cost-effectiveness, it’s crucial to examine the total cost of ownership. The SMEB07-B(W)-1 excels in this aspect, offering competitive upfront pricing and minimal operating and maintenance costs over its lifetime.

By choosing the SMEB07-B(W)-1 Custom LED Chandelier, you not only acquire a remarkable lighting solution but also a cost-effective investment that pays dividends in the form of long-term savings and outstanding performance.

Illuminating Brilliance with KOSOOM

As we come to the end of our journey through the world of KOSOOM and the exceptional SMEB07-B(W)-1 Custom LED Chandelier, let’s recap the unique charm of our brand and products.

KOSOOM is not merely a provider of lighting solutions; we are your partners in creating brilliant spaces that inspire, captivate, and enhance every aspect of life. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction defines us. With every product we offer, including the SMEB07-B(W)-1, we strive to raise the bar in the world of illumination.

Our Custom LED Chandeliers, such as the SMEB07-B(W)-1, epitomize elegance, efficiency, and versatility. They are designed to transform spaces, infusing them with warmth and radiance, making every moment memorable. Whether you’re illuminating a restaurant, gallery, retail store, or any other environment, KOSOOM’s lighting solutions are your trusted allies.

Your Invitation to Brilliance

We invite you to embark on a journey of illumination with KOSOOM. Choose the SMEB07-B(W)-1 Custom LED Chandelier and experience the difference that quality, customization, and innovation can make. Bask in the allure of our comprehensive product range, from led light tape to LED Light Panels, tailored to meet your diverse lighting needs.

Make the smart choice by choosing KOSOOM. Join us in crafting spaces that radiate brilliance, style, and functionality. Elevate your lighting experience with us.

Contact us today, and let’s begin your journey toward a brighter, more captivating world of illumination. Choose KOSOOM, where excellence meets elegance.









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