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LED Downlight Color Temperature Custom 30W 2600LM Energy Efficient Adjustable Beam Angle 15°/24°/36° SLN120R30TA-Kosoom


Product Technical Specifications – SLN52R06TA Custom LED Spotlights Downlights

Product CodeSLN52R06TA
Power (W)6W
Hole Size52mm
Voltage (V)220-240V/100-277V
Beam Angle (°)15°/24°/36°
CCT (K)2700/3000/3500/4000/5000K

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

Introducing KOSOOM: Pioneers in Commercial Lighting Solutions

In the dynamic landscape of commercial lighting, KOSOOM stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability. Specializing in cutting-edge Commercial Lighting supply, KOSOOM has redefined the industry standards with its exceptional product lineup. At the forefront of their offerings lies the remarkable Custom LED Spotlights Downlights series – a blend of sophistication, efficiency, and performance.

From the gleaming lobbies of high-end hotels to the cozy corners of retail stores, the Custom LED Spotlights Downlights series encapsulates the essence of adaptable illumination. Crafted with precision, these luminaires transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences. This introduction aims to take you on a journey through the world of KOSOOM’s Custom LED Spotlights Downlights, showcasing their unique features and captivating qualities that set them apart.

Unveiling Custom LED Spotlights Downlights: Illuminating Brilliance

In the realm of lighting innovation, Custom LED Spotlights Downlights emerge as the epitome of functional elegance. Picture a lighting solution that seamlessly integrates into diverse environments, enhancing their aesthetics and functionality. The essence of these luminaires lies in their adaptability – from creating ambient elegance in hotel suites to accentuating product displays in retail outlets.

Bringing precision and focus to every beam of light, the Custom LED Spotlights Downlights series is designed to cater to a spectrum of settings. Whether it’s setting the mood in intimate indoor spaces or illuminating sprawling supermarket aisles, these fixtures stand as the embodiment of versatile lighting solutions. Let’s delve deeper into the concept, exploring their applications and impact on various scenarios.

Brilliance Redefined: Exploring SLN120R30TA’s Features

Embark on an exploration of brilliance with the SLN120R30TA, a shining star within KOSOOM’s Custom LED Spotlights Downlights series. This luminaire isn’t just a source of light; it’s a beacon of innovation. With an array of captivating attributes, the SLN120R30TA takes center stage as an embodiment of sophisticated illumination.

Immerse yourself in its world of specifications: the adjustable CCT (Color Correlated Temperature), ranging from 2700K to 5000K, offers a customizable ambiance that fits any mood. Emitting 800 lumens of light, it boasts a selection of beam angles (15°/24°/36°) for precision lighting. The Color Rendering Index (CRI) options of 83, 90, 95, and Thrive ensure true color representation. Standing at 12W, this luminaire measures 134mm in diameter and 99mm in height, with a 75mm aperture. Furthermore, its personalized attributes like color temperature, beam angle, and even color finish make it an emblem of customization. In every sense, the SLN120R30TA embodies the ethos of the KOSOOM brand – innovation married with performance.

Embracing Excellence: KOSOOM’s SLN120R30TA Custom LED Spotlights Downlights

In the vast realm of lighting solutions, one product emerges as a true embodiment of excellence – the KOSOOM SLN120R30TA Custom LED Spotlights Downlights. Why choose this luminaire? It’s not just about illumination; it’s about a comprehensive lighting experience that redefines spaces.

What makes the SLN120R30TA stand out? First, its durability is a testament to KOSOOM’s commitment to quality. Constructed to withstand the tests of time, this luminaire ensures a lasting investment. When it comes to safety, the SLN120R30TA takes the lead, complying with CE and ROHS certifications, providing peace of mind for both installers and end-users.

The spotlight’s high efficiency is another feather in its cap. With a focus on energy conservation, it delivers remarkable brightness while minimizing power consumption. Whether it’s the effortless installation process or its versatile functionality, the SLN120R30TA addresses the diverse needs of various settings. Furthermore, its luminous prowess extends to other product series, such as the LED Lighting Strips, forming a holistic lighting ecosystem that KOSOOM proudly offers.

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Enlightening Advantages: Illuminating with SLN120R30TA Custom LED Spotlights Downlights

Bask in the radiance of SLN120R30TA Custom LED Spotlights Downlights as we unravel their multitude of advantages. Picture this: high-intensity LED light sources that effortlessly brighten up spaces, whether for focused task lighting or ambient illumination. The customizable color temperature options ranging from warm to cool tones ensure a tailored ambiance, perfect for any setting.

Let’s not overlook the incredible Color Rendering Index (CRI) choices – 83, 90, 95, and Thrive – ensuring accurate color representation that brings out the true essence of objects. The beam angle customization of 15°, 24°, and 36° empowers you to direct light precisely where it’s needed. The option to choose between black or white finishes, or even custom colors, adds a touch of personalization to your lighting setup.

The SLN120R30TA’s embedded adaptability is matched only by its ease of installation. With the capability for embedded mounting, it seamlessly integrates into architectural spaces, transforming them into captivating illuminated masterpieces. In this array of features, we witness the fusion of creativity and technology that defines KOSOOM’s vision.

Quality Assurance & Certifications: Trust in KOSOOM’s Commitment

When it comes to investing in lighting solutions, confidence is key. KOSOOM’s SLN120R30TA Custom LED Spotlights Downlights come with not just quality but a promise of excellence. Certified with CE and ROHS, these luminaires adhere to international standards, ensuring both performance and safety.

Underlining their commitment to customer satisfaction, KOSOOM offers a warranty period that spans five years. This warranty isn’t just a legal obligation; it’s a reflection of the brand’s belief in the durability and reliability of their products. When you choose the SLN120R30TA, you’re not just investing in a luminaire; you’re investing in lasting brilliance.

Seamless Installation & Considerations: Illuminating Spaces with Precision

Bringing the brilliance of SLN120R30TA Custom LED Spotlights Downlights to life requires a seamless installation process. Here’s where functionality meets aesthetics. To ensure a flawless installation, follow these steps: Begin by identifying the optimal position to achieve the desired lighting effect. Once determined, mark the installation points accurately. Gently create an opening for the fixture, ensuring a snug fit. Finally, secure the luminaire in place and connect the power source. Remember, attention to detail guarantees an impeccable lighting outcome.

A word of advice – prior to installation, assess the electrical conditions and ensure the power source is turned off. When it comes to dimmable variants, ensure compatibility with your existing dimming systems. As these luminaires embrace adaptability, aligning the desired beam angle with your lighting goals is crucial. With careful consideration, your space can be transformed into a captivating haven of light.

The Logic of Choice: SLN120R30TA Custom LED Spotlights Downlights by KOSOOM

In the vast landscape of lighting solutions, choosing the SLN120R30TA Custom LED Spotlights Downlights from KOSOOM is a decision rooted in logic and ingenuity. Imagine the convenience of tailored illumination, customized to meet your precise requirements. Picture an offering that balances competitive pricing with uncompromised quality – that’s where SLN120R30TA shines.

KOSOOM’s legacy of exceptional customer service comes to life through this product. Whether you’re an architect designing a boutique hotel or a retail entrepreneur curating a shopping experience, the SLN120R30TA’s adaptability is your asset. The allure of this luminaire lies in its ability to seamlessly blend into any environment, harmonizing aesthetics and function.

And that’s not all; the SLN120R30TA is a beacon of efficiency, designed to match modern lifestyles. Its compatibility with diverse scenarios – from residential spaces to commercial complexes – is a testament to its versatile nature. It’s an invitation to embrace brilliance in the most practical and aesthetic manner.

Care & Maintenance: Nurturing the Brilliance

The journey with SLN120R30TA Custom LED Spotlights Downlights doesn’t end with installation; it continues through proper care and maintenance. To ensure the enduring brilliance of your luminaires, adhere to these simple guidelines. Regularly clean the fixtures with a soft, damp cloth to remove dust and particles. Avoid abrasive cleaning agents that may damage the finish.

To keep the lighting performance at its peak, periodically inspect the fixtures for any signs of wear or malfunction. In the unlikely event of any issues, remember that KOSOOM’s five-year warranty has you covered. This assurance underscores their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Value in Brilliance: The Economical Edge of SLN120R30TA Custom LED Spotlights Downlights

In the realm of lighting solutions, the economic aspect plays a pivotal role. The SLN120R30TA Custom LED Spotlights Downlights bring unparalleled value to the table. Beyond their aesthetic charm and technological finesse, these luminaires offer an economical edge that makes them an intelligent choice for both short-term and long-term lighting projects.

Imagine achieving the same level of luminous brilliance while optimizing energy consumption and operational costs. The SLN120R30TA’s efficiency translates into substantial savings, aligning with sustainability goals and budgetary considerations. When you choose these luminaires, you’re not just investing in light; you’re investing in a brilliant balance between performance, aesthetics, and financial prudence.

Captivating Conclusion: Embrace Brilliance with KOSOOM

In the ever-evolving world of lighting solutions, KOSOOM’s SLN120R30TA Custom LED Spotlights Downlights shine as beacons of innovation, sophistication, and luminous brilliance. Their unique blend of adaptability, efficiency, and aesthetics has set new benchmarks in the industry.

Choosing the SLN120R30TA means embracing a world where illumination is elevated to an art form. Whether you’re an architect, designer, or business owner, these luminaires offer more than just light; they offer an experience that transforms spaces into captivating realms of brilliance. KOSOOM’s commitment to excellence, backed by their five-year warranty, is a testament to their confidence in the lasting allure of their products.

Elevate your spaces with the SLN120R30TA Custom LED Spotlights Downlights – a testament to KOSOOM’s pursuit of brilliance, and an embodiment of the future of lighting.








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