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Customer Spotlight

A customer spotlights typically refers to a lighting fixture that can be tailored to meet specific design or functional requirements, such as the desired beam angle, color temperature, brightness level, or even the shape and size of the custom logo spotlight itself.

There are two main ways to customer spotlights:

Custom spotlight function: This involves specifying the intended use of the spotlight, such as whether it will be used for general illumination, accent lighting, or task lighting. This will determine the type of beam angle, brightness, and color temperature needed for the fixture. For example, if the spotlight is intended for accent lighting, a narrow beam angle may be desired to focus the light on a specific object or area.

Custom led spotlight parameters: This involves selecting specific parameters for the spotlight, such as the type of bulb or LED used, the color temperature, the mounting options, and the shape and size of the fixture. Some manufacturers may offer a range of customization options for their spotlights, allowing customers to choose from different finishes, materials, and design features to suit their needs.

How can I customize the LED spotlight?

For Kosoom’s spotlight customs process, we will contact you after receiving your customized order and communicate with you the details of the customized order. Once the communication between the two parties is smooth, we will arrange the order for production immediately. After receiving your final payment, we will ship the customized order, and we can also provide quality assurance for customized lamps. You can contact us for the specific time limit.

For the customization of indoor spotlights, how will you deliver?

We also accept custom orders for indoor spotlight, we will follow our custom process, and we will provide you with a custom indoor spotlight sample for your inspection, if you are satisfied with the quality, we will make further arrangements for custom orders.