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White Small 5W LED Linear Lighting 4000K L1006 SLL005-A – Kosoom


LED Linear Lighting Product Description

SLL005-A belongs to LED linear lighting. This embedded grid luminaire features an efficient and environmentally friendly LED light source, suitable for various scenes including, but not limited to, offices, retail stores, and various commercial spaces. With a black cup grid emission design, it provides better glare control while offering a comfortable and uniform lighting environment.

With a color rendering index (CRI) index of over 80, the SLL005-A excels in reproducing the true colors of the illuminated object. This not only makes spaces more vivid and vibrant but also allows for specific environments where color accuracy is required.

The narrow grid downlight has a width of only 45mm, allowing it to be discreetly hidden in the ceiling, seamlessly integrating into your space design.

This grid luminaire is highly versatile and can meet various lighting needs, including task lighting, ambient lighting, decorative lighting, and general lighting.

Why choose LED linear lighting?

Outstanding Energy Efficiency

LED linear lighting exhibits excellent energy efficiency performance. Compared to traditional fluorescent lighting, LED linear luminaires can produce brighter light with less energy consumption, significantly reducing energy consumption and electricity costs. The energy efficiency advantage of LED linear luminaires makes them the preferred choice for sustainable lighting solutions.

Long Lifespan

LED linear lighting has an exceptionally long lifespan. LED chips typically have a lifespan of tens of thousands of hours or even longer. In contrast, traditional fluorescent lights have a shorter lifespan and require more frequent replacement. The long lifespan of LED linear luminaires reduces maintenance and replacement frequency, lowering maintenance costs and inconvenience.

Superior Light Quality and Color Rendering Performance

LED linear lighting has excellent light quality and color rendering properties. LED beads provide a more even, consistent, and natural lighting effect, making spaces brighter, more comfortable, and more pleasant. With excellent color capability, it allows back-illuminated objects to be illuminated in true, full color.

Flexibility and Design Versatility

The LED linear luminaire is extremely flexible and can be adapted to different lighting needs and space designs. With a wide choice of power models, it can be used for local decorative lighting, task lighting or to create basic lighting. 36° beam angle can create an artistic lighting effect for spaces.

Environmentally Friendly and Energy Saving

LED linear lighting is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving lighting solution. LED chips do not contain harmful substances such as mercury and can effectively reduce carbon emissions. Due to their high energy efficiency and long lifespan characteristics, LED linear luminaires can significantly reduce energy consumption and environmental impact, contributing to sustainable development and reducing carbon footprints.

LED Linear Lighting Product Specifications

Luminaire Structure

The luminaire adopts 6063 aluminum alloy + PC fireproof material, with anti-oxidation treatment on the aluminum alloy parts, making it heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

It utilizes efficient LED light sources and PC optical lenses with excellent light transmittance. The color tolerance of the light is less than 5, and it has a fire protection rating of V2.

Power, Color Temperature, Luminous Flux

Power (W)Color Temperature (K)Luminous Flux (Lm)

 Luminaire Color

Simple round white body with a black anti-glare reflector cup.

Beam Angle

A 36° beam angle provides medium beam characteristics, offering precise directional lighting for spaces.

Color Temperature Selection

The warm white color (3000K) helps create a cozy environment, while the neutral white (4000K) contributes to a natural and bright effect.

Color Rendering Index (CRI)

SLL005-A has a CRI of ≥80, with an R9 index greater than 50, which is beneficial for red-colored goods or objects.

Power Supply Parameters

Equipped with high-quality Lifud power drivers, with a power factor (PF) of ≥0.9. It operates on 220V~240V AC power, compliant with European standards. The luminaire is supplied with stable power through a 0.75mm² copper core multi-strand flexible wire, eliminating flickering effects.

Protection Level

IP20 protection level prevents finger contact with internal electrical components and ingress of objects with a diameter greater than 12.5mm.

Anti-Glare Index (UGR)

With deep anti-glare control, UGR < 19, it can be flexibly applied in office spaces.

LED Linear Lighting Applications

Commercial Spaces

LED linear lighting is suitable for commercial spaces such as retail stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, etc. The narrow 36° beam angle provides precise directional lighting for the space. Low-power luminaires can be used for general areas and aisles in retail stores, while high-power luminaires are suitable for cashier areas in shops, malls, and supermarkets. The flexibility of LED linear lighting can also be utilized to divide spaces, create atmospheres, and showcase brand images.


With excellent glare control capability, low-power SLL005-A luminaires can be used for aisle lighting or area decorative lighting. The 36° beam angle can be used for focused lighting, whether to illuminate specific areas or create a warm atmosphere on the walls.

Office Buildings

LED linear lighting is widely used in office spaces, conference rooms, and lobbies. It provides sufficient and uniform illumination, improving employees’ work efficiency and comfort. It also offers excellent glare control. SLL005-A can be flexibly applied in office spaces, whether for basic lighting in rest areas or task lighting in office areas, providing appropriate lighting to enhance work efficiency and visual comfort for employees.

LED Linear Lighting Installation

Tools You’ll Need

Chalk line or laser, measuring tape, drill, pad saw, hole saw (appropriate size for the drill bit), small drill bit for pilot holes, screwdriver, electrical tester, connector (chocbox).

Installation Steps

Step 1: Turn off the power to the wires. Determine the installation position of the LED linear light based on your luminaire design drawings. Use a chalk line to mark the center point of the luminaire and make markings according to the cut-out size of the luminaire. Drill a small pilot hole in the ceiling and check above the ceiling to ensure there are no joists/wires/pipes obstructing. Make sure there is ample space around the installation area of the LED linear light, so it is not too close to joists or other obstacles. We recommend maintaining a 6-inch gap to ensure proper ventilation of the fittings.

Step 2: Look for the cut-out size of the luminaire in the instruction manual or on the LED linear light box. We have listed the cut-out sizes for all power luminaires in the table below. For best results, it is recommended to use a hole saw (a type of drill bit) to adjust the recessed light’s correct size. You can purchase one from most DIY stores at a very affordable price. Alternatively, you can use a pad saw (drywall saw) where you don’t need a drill bit or hole saw. With this method, you’ll need to draw a rectangular guide of the correct size on the ceiling to start sawing.

Step 3: Pull the power wires from the hole in the ceiling and use an electrical tester to check for power. Then, turn off the power again. Use wire connectors to connect the wires of the LED linear light to the wires in the ceiling, and connect the ground wire of the luminaire to the ground wire in the ceiling.

Step 4: Install the LED linear light into the cut-out. Hold the two springs against the sides of the downlight, then push it up into the hole. The springs will lay flat on the top of the ceiling, securing it in place.

Repeat this step for all remaining recessed LED linear lights.

Note: This luminaire is suitable for recessed installation inside ceilings with a thickness of 0.4-1.2cm. The power and cut-out sizes of the luminaires are listed in the table below.

Power(W)Cut-out SizeLuminaire Size

If you want to learn more about the installation of LED linear lights, you can check out our blog post “How do you install linear LED lights?”

LED Linear Lighting Product Testing

To ensure product quality and performance, all LED linear lights undergo the following rigorous testing processes before shipping, ensuring compliance.

Electrical Safety Testing: Critical tests to ensure that the LED linear lights do not pose electric shock, fire, or other safety hazards during normal use. It covers tests on electric shock protection, insulation resistance, grounding connections, and electrical leakage.

Optical Performance Testing: These tests evaluate the optical performance of LED linear lights, such as brightness, luminous flux, color temperature, color consistency, and beam angles. They include tests for luminous flux, light distribution curves, and color correlation.

Durability Testing: Evaluates the durability and reliability of LED linear

lights, simulating various environmental and operational conditions that may be encountered during their normal lifespan. This includes vibration detection, temperature cycling tests, and mechanical impact tests.

Weather Resistance Testing: Assesses the durability of LED linear lights under various environmental conditions such as high temperature, low temperature, humidity, and UV radiation, ensuring long-term usage in outdoor or harsh conditions.

Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing: Evaluates the electromagnetic compatibility of LED linear lights to ensure they do not interfere with other electronic devices and are not affected by other electromagnetic sources.

Safety Standard Compliance Testing: LED linear lights need to meet specific safety standards and regulatory requirements. Relevant tests include CE certification, ROHS certification, etc.

LED Linear Lighting Purchase and Service Information:

Purchase Channels

You can purchase LED linear lights through our online store. We offer free shipping for orders over 99 Euros, and the luminaire products will be shipped from Milan, Italy within 48 hours after your order is placed.

Provide us with your EU VAT number, and we can provide you with a tax-exempt invoice. If you don’t have an EU VAT number, a 22% tax fee will be applied, and the invoice will be sent along with the goods.

Price Information

We aim to provide efficient and high-quality LED linear lights, with strict control over product quality. If you have a large quantity requirement, we can offer you an unexpected discounted price.

After-Sales Service

After-sales service and customer satisfaction are of great importance to us. We provide free technical support and product repairs. We also offer free commercial space lighting solutions. If you encounter any issues while using our products, you can contact us online or via email. Our professional after-sales team is available to assist you at any time. We provide a 3-year free warranty for this LED linear light.

Product Certifications

We always strive to provide customers with high-quality lighting products. To ensure the performance of our luminaires, all our lights have passed CE and ROHS certifications.


How many power options are available for SLL005-A?

We offer multiple power options for SLL005-A, including 1W, 2W, 5W, 10W, and 15W. It can be used for aisle lighting, general lighting, and task lighting purposes.

What is the installation method for SLL005-A?

SLL005-A is designed for recessed installation. Please note that different power options require different cut-out sizes.

Does SLL005-A have a high color rendering index (CRI)?

SLL005-A has an excellent color rendering index but not the highest. It has a CRI index exceeding 80, which can excellently reproduce the colors of the space.

Is SLL005-A safe and reliable?

SLL005-A has undergone multiple luminaire tests and is certified with CE and ROHS. Additionally, we provide a free warranty for up to 3 years.

Which spaces can SLL005-A be used in?

SLL005-A is commonly used in commercial spaces such as retail stores, supermarkets, restaurants, and offices. It can be used for both general lighting and task lighting purposes.

When will the goods be shipped if I make a purchase now?

After placing an online order, we will ship the goods from Milan, Italy within 48 hours.

Can I request an invoice?

Provide us with your EU VAT number, and we will provide you with a tax-exempt invoice. Otherwise, a 22% tax fee will be applied. The invoice will be shipped along with the goods to you.











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