I0106N Factory Directly 10W 3000K 570LM Black Cylinder Shaped LED Pendant Lights CSL001-M Kosoom


Product Technical Specifications – I0106B LED Chandelier

Product CodeI0106N
Power (W)10W
Voltage (V)220
Beam Angle (°)36°
CCT (K)3000K

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

Introduction: Unveiling Kosoom’s Radiant World

Welcome, connoisseurs of illumination, to the realm of Kosoom—an embodiment of artistry and brilliance. As we journey through the cosmos of lighting, I, your guide, shall unfurl the narrative of the brand and its crowning jewel: the Chandelier series. Prepare to be captivated by the interplay of luminescence and elegance, where innovation meets design, and every space transforms into a canvas of radiance.

Unraveling the Enigma of Chandeliers

Envision a tapestry of light woven with finesse—the Chandelier. This concept transcends mere lighting, transcends conventional fixtures. It is a symphony of craftsmanship, breathing life into every space it graces. Let’s venture into the heart of this concept, exploring its essence and the myriad scenarios it enhances—retail palaces, supermarkets, intimate boutiques, and more. The Chandelier series emerges as the quintessential solution for each setting’s distinctive aura.

CSL001 02

Jewel in the Crown: Introducing I0106N

Gaze upon the luminary gem that is I0106N—a fusion of technology and design. This marvel boasts a Color Correlated Temperature (CCT) of 3000K, emitting a warm, inviting glow. The Lumen output, an impressive 570, ensures spaces are elegantly bathed in light. With a broad 36° beam angle, it orchestrates light’s dance, crafting an ambiance that beckons. Its dimensions, L600*Ø55mm, are the epitome of chic minimalism, intertwining aesthetics with innovation.

Illuminating Beyond: Exploring I0106N’s Attributes

Peer into the heart of I0106N’s brilliance, a treasure trove of features. As light embraces darkness, I0106N emerges with a spotlight effect, enchanting its surroundings. Choose from an array of color temperatures, aligning illumination with ambiance. With a Color Rendering Index (CRI) exceeding 90, colors breathe and spaces flourish. This is not merely a product; it’s a testament to Kosoom’s commitment to excellence.

Elevating Excellence: Why Choose I0106N

The selection of Kosoom’s I0106N is no ordinary choice—it’s a declaration of superiority. Beyond aesthetics, it stands as a paragon of endurance and safety. Its adaptability is its armor, seamlessly integrating into diverse environments. Installation becomes an art, and luminosity knows no bounds. A realm of excellence awaits—a realm where Chandelier isn’t just a fixture, but an emblem of enlightenment.

A Symphony of Advantages

Witness a symphony of virtues unfold with I0106N. The radiant LED light beads cast a spell, while energy conservation remains its steadfast companion. Uniform illumination embraces spaces, underscoring the nuances of architecture. Traverse a spectrum of color temperatures, while the remarkable CRI creates living artworks. And amid this symphony, the Linear Light Fixture series beckons—an ensemble of brilliance complementing the I0106N’s luminous lead.

Crafting Confidence: Certifications and Warranty

Amidst the brilliance, a sanctuary of confidence is crafted—backed by certifications and warranty. I0106N bears the CE and ROHS seals, attesting to its quality and adherence to standards. A 5-year warranty stands as a testament to our trust in its endurance. As you welcome I0106N into your space, know that its brilliance is safeguarded.

Guiding Luminescence: Installation and Care

Let’s embark on the journey of installation, a fusion of precision and artistry. The steps are demystified, adorned with insights and recommendations. As light finds its place, remember the care regime to ensure a lasting bond with brilliance. The interplay of design and light continues to astound.

Kosoom’s Triumph: I0106N’s Reign

The saga of I0106N unfolds within Kosoom’s dominion—a triumph of design, affordability, and service. Customization meets convenience, while price meets performance. A plethora of specifications awaits your discerning eye, underlined by swift delivery and customer-centric care. Amid this splendor, the LED Light Panel series stands as a kindred spirit, a symphony of excellence.

Nurturing Radiance: Maintenance and Assurance

Beyond the transaction, the journey endures—nurtured through maintenance. The guide to nurturing and cleansing unveils, ensuring the passage of brilliance through time. The 5-year warranty, an emblem of our dedication, stands as a testament to enduring quality. Allow your space to evolve while its radiance remains constant.

Economics of Illumination: A Comparative Discourse

Engage in the discourse of illumination’s economics—a realm where I0106N triumphs. The equilibrium of price and brilliance is achieved, making it an irresistible investment. Witness the convergence of affordability and excellence, where every illumination resounds with value. The art of lighting, now democratized.

Epilogue: Illumination Redefined

As our voyage draws to a close, let the allure of Kosoom’s brilliance resonate within. The interplay of light and design, artistry and innovation, converges in I0106N. Evoke the luminary symphony, where quality, design, and craftsmanship converge. Illuminate your spaces, and in doing so, illuminate your life. Kosoom’s I0106N isn’t just a fixture—it’s an anthem of brilliance, an invitation to illuminate, and a testament to the power of light.











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