Recessed spotlight 8W White 390lm hole CDL001-E-D0101 Kosoom


Product Technical Specifications – D0101 LED Downlights

Product CodeD0101
Power (W)8W
Voltage (V)220
Beam Angle (°)70°
CCT (K)3000K

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

Shedding Light on Kosoom: Where Brilliance Meets Innovation

Hey there, fellow seekers of brilliance! Buckle up because we’re about to embark on a journey through the dazzling world of Kosoom, your ultimate LED Light Supplier. But hold on tight, because this isn’t your ordinary brand introduction. This is a tale of innovation, elegance, and a touch of magic that only Kosoom can bring. So, let’s dive in and get ready to be illuminated!

Setting the Stage: Kosoom’s Shining Debut

Imagine a brand that’s not just about lights, but an experience that transforms spaces into works of art. That’s Kosoom for you – the mastermind behind the scenes, crafting LED Downlights that aren’t just functional; they’re enchanting. Get ready to meet a brand that’s all about making a statement with light, because life’s too short for dull moments.

CDL001 01

LED Downlights Decoded: Where Magic Meets Functionality

Now, before we get into the nitty-gritty of Kosoom’s offerings, let’s unravel the magic behind LED Downlights. These unassuming fixtures are like the unsung heroes of ambiance creation. They don’t just light up spaces; they infuse them with a sense of wonder. Picture this: from high-end retail stores that exude luxury, to the bustling aisles of supermarkets where every product shines a little brighter – that’s the magic of LED Downlights. And guess what? Kosoom’s got it all figured out!

Let’s Talk About D0101: A Star is Born

Meet D0101, the star of the Kosoom show. With its impressive specifications – CCT: 3000K, Lumen: 390, Angle: 70°, CRI: ≥90, 8W – this isn’t just a light; it’s a masterpiece. The meticulous design, the careful consideration of every detail, and the warm, inviting glow make D0101 more than just a product; it’s an experience. And let’s not forget about the dimensions – H45mm*Ø88mm – making it a seamless addition to any space. Installation? It’s as easy as a breeze, just like Kosoom promised.

Why D0101 Steals the Spotlight

The question isn’t why choose D0101; the question is, why not? It’s not just about illumination; it’s about embracing a world of advantages. Durability? Check. Safety? Double-check. Aesthetic appeal? Triple-check. Versatility? Oh, you bet! D0101 isn’t just a light; it’s a promise of excellence that Kosoom proudly keeps.

The Symphony of Benefits: Let’s Break It Down

Hold onto your hats because we’re about to unleash the treasure trove of benefits that D0101 brings to the table. We’re talking about LED brilliance that outshines the competition, energy-saving features that are like a warm hug for the planet, and light distribution that’s so even, it’s like poetry in motion. And remember that Color Rendering Index (CRI)? D0101 nails it with style – it’s all about capturing colors as they were meant to be seen. But wait, there’s more! Kosoom’s LED panel light are ready to shine as well, offering a symphony of illumination choices.

Trust the Kosoom Seal: Certifications and Quality

Let’s address the elephant in the room – trust. Kosoom doesn’t just talk; it delivers with CE and ROHS certifications that speak volumes about quality and compliance. And guess what? The warranty isn’t just a piece of paper; it’s a promise of brilliance that’s guaranteed for 5 years. It’s like having a lighting superhero watching over your spaces.

Setting the Stage: How to Set Up D0101

Worried about setting up D0101? Don’t be! We’re here with a step-by-step guide that’s so easy to follow, even your pet parrot could do it. And while you’re at it, here are some pro tips to make sure your D0101 shines brighter than the North Star. Just remember, installing D0101 isn’t just about setting up a light; it’s about adding a touch of radiance to your life.

Why D0101 is Your Shining Knight in Armor

Let’s talk about why D0101 isn’t just a product; it’s a lifestyle choice. Imagine a world where customization meets affordability, and after-sales service is top-notch. That’s the world of D0101. Whether it’s illuminating your cozy corner hideaway or transforming a bustling store into a haven of light, D0101 is the answer. And hey, let’s not forget about its sidekick – the ever-brilliant LED tape light!

Nurturing Radiance: The Art of Maintenance

Wondering how to keep that glow alive? We’ve got your back with a maintenance guide that’s more than just instructions; it’s a journey of care. Because with D0101, it’s not just about lighting up spaces; it’s about nurturing the light within you.

Crunching Numbers: The Value Equation

Let’s crunch some numbers, shall we? D0101 doesn’t just offer brilliance; it offers a whole lot more. When you break it down, it’s a symphony of quality, value, and performance that’s simply unbeatable. It’s like getting a front-row seat to the best show in town.

Embrace the Radiance: The Grand Finale

As our journey through Kosoom’s world of brilliance comes to a close, remember this: it’s not just about lights; it’s about a lifestyle that’s illuminated. D0101 LED Downlights are more than just fixtures; they’re storytellers that add a touch of enchantment to every corner. So, dear reader, are you ready to embrace the radiance? The stage is set, the lights are on, and the spotlight is yours. Let D0101 illuminate your world, one magical moment at a time.











About Kosoom

Kosoom is a famous professional commercial lighting brand in Italy. We have 8 factories all over the world. We have reached cooperation with customers in more than 70 countries around the world. Our address: Via Talamoni, 6, 20861 Brugherio MB, Italy; Tel: +393807494088, we can provide a variety of high-quality commercial lighting products and solutions, including various LED lamps, line lights, chandeliers, track lights, tubes Lamps, spotlights, etc. Kosoom is committed to providing customers with energy-efficient commercial lighting products and solutions. Provide energy-saving and environment-friendly lighting solutions through advanced technology and high-quality products. At the same time, Kosoom also provides customized services.

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Our shipping point is Via Talamoni, 6, 20861 Brugherio MB, Italy, we will send by UPS or other express; special request can contact us.

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The warranty period of all our products is 3-5 years; except for customized products, the warranty period of customized products needs to contact us for consultation.

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All of our orders will be shipped within 24/48 hours, and we will notify you in time if we cannot ship at the normal time due to special reasons; Except for customized products, we require both parties to agree on the delivery time of customized orders.

About Returns

It should be noted that the product cannot be returned if it is not a quality problem. Due to quality reasons, we can return or exchange the product. All of our products come with a 3-5 year warranty.

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When an order is placed, we will generate an invoice containing details such as the order number, a detailed list of the products purchased, quantity, price, any applicable taxes or discounts and the total amount paid. An invoice will be sent to the email address associated with your order. If you have any specific requests or need additional copies of invoices, please contact our Customer Support Team and they will be happy to assist you.

About guarantee: As a professional and powerful commercial lighting company, while providing excellent cost performance (our lamps can achieve the lowest cost performance in Europe), we insist on taking quality as the first goal. Every product leaving the factory has visual inspection (check whether there are scratches on the shell or mirror of the lamp, whether the screws are loose, whether the label is correct, etc.), photoelectric parameter test (including color temperature, color rendering index, luminous flux, light distribution) curve, power , power factor, etc.), aging, grounding resistance, withstand voltage value, strict quality inspection procedures, we can provide you with a 3-5 year warranty.About returns: If the product has quality problems, we can provide you with a return service; if there is no quality problem, we will not return or exchange the product; customized products depend on the situation, please contact us.
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