D1002 7W 4000K 510lm Soffit LED Downlight CRI≥90 CDL001-S Kosoom


Product Technical Specifications – D1002 LED Downlights

Product CodeD1002
Power (W)7W
Voltage (V)220
Beam Angle (°)60°
CCT (K)4000K

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

Introducing Kosoom: Where Radiance Meets Innovation

Ladies and gentlemen, radiant souls seeking the pinnacle of lighting brilliance, allow me to introduce you to the beacon of luminosity that is Kosoom! 🌟 Prepare to be enthralled by a journey through the cosmos of LED marvels, as we unveil the artistry, innovation, and pure magic that define the Kosoom brand.

Shedding Light on LED Downlights: Illuminating Brilliance

Gather ’round, all ye admirers of light in its most enchanting form! Let’s dive into the illuminating world of LED Downlights. Imagine a luminary universe where practicality intertwines with aesthetics, where light not only serves a purpose but paints a canvas of ambiance. From cozy corners to grand galleries, from charming boutiques to bustling supermarkets – LED downlights cast their enchantment everywhere.

CDL002 01

Unveiling D1002: Sculpting Light, Crafting Ambiance

Step into the spotlight, D1002, our masterpiece of light engineering! This isn’t just a downlight; it’s a symphony of innovation that dances on the ceiling. The D1002 boasts a Color Correlated Temperature (CCT) of 4000K, showering your space in a warm yet crisp glow. With 510 lumens, it’s like having a slice of sunshine in your room. The 60° beam angle? It’s your personal spotlight director.

The Kosoom Touch: Elevating LED Downlights to Art

Curious souls, behold the crown jewel of Kosoom’s treasure trove – the D1002 series! Crafted with precision and designed to be the heartbeat of elegance, this downlight isn’t just an illuminator; it’s an artist. It bathes your surroundings in the perfect hues, transforming any space into a haven of aesthetics and sophistication. Think of it as your personal light curator.

Why D1002 from Kosoom? Here’s the Inside Scoop

Ah, the million-dollar question: “Why choose D1002 from Kosoom?” Brace yourselves, for I’m about to unveil the quintessential formula for a lighting love affair. Picture this: a downlight that doesn’t just illuminate; it captivates with its durability, enchants with its safety features, and dazzles with its decorative finesse. Installation? A breeze! Think of it as your lighting equivalent of haute couture – functional yet fabulously glamorous.

A Symphony of Advantages: The D1002 Marvel

Prepare for the revelation of brilliance, my dear readers! D1002 stands as a beacon of LED ingenuity. Immerse yourself in the splendor of high-intensity LED beads that flood your world with light. Delight in the energy-saving prowess that’s more magical than a genie’s whisper. And behold the even spread of illumination that’s smoother than the silkiest of melodies.

Quality Assurance and the Kosoom Promise

Trust, my friends, is the foundation of every glowing relationship. Kosoom is no stranger to this dance of trust, backed by the rock-solid certifications of CE and ROHS. But that’s not all – our warranty isn’t just a promise; it’s a commitment to stand by you for five years, ensuring your space remains aglow with brilliance.

Setting the Stage: Installation Choreography

Let’s talk installation – because even the most wondrous lights need their moment in the spotlight. D1002 waltzes into your life with a choreography so graceful, even beginners will feel like seasoned professionals. With steps smoother than silk and guidance as clear as day, you’ll have your own light show set up in no time.

The Kosoom Difference: Why D1002 Takes Center Stage

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to uncover the reasons that make D1002 the true star of Kosoom’s grand production. Think convenience personalized to your whims, prices that won’t ruffle your budget’s feathers, after-sales service that’s like a warm embrace, and a dazzling array of options that cater to your every lighting desire.

TLC for D1002: Nurturing the Radiance

Like any star, D1002 needs its moments of pampering. Fear not, for we provide a maintenance guide that’s as effortless as your favorite dance move. And remember, that five-year warranty isn’t just a paper promise – it’s a commitment to keep your space shimmering in brilliance.

Economics of Illumination: D1002’s Price-Performance Sonata

Let’s crunch some numbers, shall we? D1002 isn’t just about light; it’s about value and performance in perfect harmony. With a price-performance ratio that rivals the finest symphonies, D1002 ensures that every penny you invest is a step toward a brilliantly illuminated future.

In Closing: The Grand Finale of Brilliance

And so, dear connoisseurs of light and seekers of beauty, our journey reaches its crescendo. Kosoom and its D1002 LED downlights offer more than illumination; they weave tales of radiance, craftsmanship, and the allure of elegance. The stage is set, the lights are dimmed – it’s your cue to embrace the brilliance, revel in the light, and let D1002 from Kosoom take center stage in your luminous odyssey.











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