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5W 350LM Factory Directly SMJM01 Commercial LED Downlights Customizable SMJ Kosoom


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Product Technical Specifications – SMJM01 Custom LED Spotlights

Product CodeSMJM01
Power (W)5W
Voltage (V)220-240V/100-277V
Beam Angle (°)15°/24°/36°/50°
CCT (K)2700/3000/3500/4000/5000K

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

kosoom is a professional LED lighting supplier

Let me take you on a journey into the essence of Kosoom. Kosoom is not merely a brand; it’s a beacon of excellence in the world of LED lighting. As a seasoned led light supplier, our dedication to quality and innovation knows no bounds.

5W 350LM Factory Directly SMJM01 Commercial LED Downlights Customizable SMJ Kosoom-LED Spotlights

Within the expansive realm of Kosoom, the spotlight shines brightly on our Custom LED Spotlights series. This isn’t just a product line; it’s an embodiment of novelty and guidance. Here, we invite you to explore the distinct advantages that set our products apart, enticing you to journey further into the world of Kosoom.

The wonderful world of Custom LED Spotlights

Prepare to step into a world where illumination takes on a new dimension – the world of Custom LED Spotlights. These remarkable luminaires aren’t just lights; they are the architects of ambiance. They redefine the art of lighting in various settings, from the sophisticated charm of restaurants to the curated elegance of galleries, from the inviting warmth of retail spaces to the vibrant allure of spotlight bar.

Custom LED Spotlights are the chameleons of illumination, effortlessly adapting to diverse environments, ensuring that each space is bathed in perfect light. Join us as we embark on a journey to discover their multifaceted applications, with a special focus on their role as the quintessential lighting solution for restaurant lights, galleries, retail stores, supermarkets, and bars. Let’s unveil the magic of Custom LED Spotlights.

SMJM01 Product Characteristics Analysis

Now, let’s zoom in on the star of the show: the SMJM01. This isn’t your ordinary spotlight; it’s a masterpiece of engineering and design. Picture this: adjustable color temperatures ranging from the cozy warmth of 2700K to the crisp clarity of 5000K. Its radiant output boasts an impressive 350 Lumens, painting spaces with brilliance. Need a focused beam? No problem, you can choose from various beam angles (15°, 24°, 36°, 50°).

What truly sets the SMJM01 apart is its ability to bring colors to life with an exceptional Color Rendering Index (CRI) available in options of 83, 90, 95, and Thrive. All of this power packed into a sleek, compact design measuring a mere 42x42x66mm. And to top it off, it’s eco-conscious, consuming only 5 watts of power.

But wait, there’s more! The SMJM01 isn’t just a product; it’s an experience you can tailor. You have the power to adjust its color temperature, select your preferred color (black, white, or even customize it), and fine-tune the CRI to suit your exact needs. This level of customization is what makes the SMJM01 shine even brighter, and it proudly carries the Kosoom brand promise. Stay tuned as we unveil more about the magic of this luminary marvel.

Good reasons to choose SMJM01

Now, let’s delve into why choosing the Kosoom SMJM01 Custom indoor spot lights is a decision that’s bound to brighten your life.

Picture this: you’re searching for lighting solutions, and amidst the sea of options, you stumble upon the SMJM01. Why should you pick it? There are several compelling reasons:

Durability: The SMJM01 is built to withstand the test of time. It’s not just a lighting solution; it’s a long-term investment. You can trust it to keep shining brilliantly, year after year.

Safety: When it comes to lighting, safety is paramount. The SMJM01 is designed with safety in mind, ensuring that you enjoy its radiance without any worries.

High Efficiency: Efficiency matters, both for your wallet and the environment. The SMJM01 is an eco-conscious choice, consuming minimal energy while delivering maximum brightness. It’s a win-win for your utility bills and the planet.

Versatility: The SMJM01 is the Swiss Army knife of lighting. Its adaptability knows no bounds. Whether you need focused lighting or ambient glow, it can do it all. It’s a versatile solution that suits various needs.

Easy Installation: Installing the SMJM01 is a breeze. You won’t need an engineering degree to get it up and running. Its user-friendly design ensures that you have hassle-free installation.

Brightness: Let’s talk about lumens. With 350 lumens of brightness, the SMJM01 will illuminate your space like a star. You’ll bask in its radiance, and everything will come to life under its light.

But the SMJM01 isn’t the only luminary in our collection. Explore our range of ceiling spotlights and discover even more lighting possibilities. Your journey to exceptional illumination begins with the SMJM01.

SMJM01 excellence

Let’s shine a spotlight on the advantages of the SMJM01. Here’s why it stands head and shoulders above the rest:

High-Intensity LED Chips: The heart of the SMJM01 is its high-intensity LED chips. These little powerhouses deliver a punch of brightness that can transform any space. It’s like having a mini-sun in your hands.

Uniform Illumination: The SMJM01 is a master at spreading light evenly. Say goodbye to harsh shadows and uneven lighting. With this luminary, your space will glow uniformly, creating a harmonious ambiance.

Color Temperature Choices: The SMJM01 understands that different moods require different colors. That’s why it offers a spectrum of color temperatures from warm and cozy 2700K to crisp and invigorating 5000K. You can set the mood with a twist.

Outstanding Color Rendering Index (CRI): Ever noticed how some lights make colors look dull? Not the SMJM01. Its exceptional CRI ensures that colors appear true to life. Whether you’re showcasing art or decorating a room, it brings out the best in colors.

Customizability: Make it yours. The SMJM01 can be customized to your heart’s content. Choose the color temperature that suits your space, pick your favorite color, and fine-tune the CRI. Your lighting, your way.

Surface Mounting: Installing the SMJM01 is as easy as can be. It’s designed for surface mounting, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Say goodbye to complex installations.

Warranty and Certification: Kosoom’s Promise

At Kosoom, we understand that trust is paramount when it comes to selecting lighting solutions. That’s why we’re committed to providing not only exceptional products but also peace of mind through our warranty and certifications.

Certifications: Our dedication to quality and safety is underscored by the CE and ROHS certifications that the SMJM01 proudly holds. These certifications validate the product’s compliance with European standards and its environmental friendliness. When you choose the SMJM01, you’re choosing a product that meets the highest industry standards.

Warranty: We stand behind the SMJM01 with unwavering confidence. It comes with a generous 5-year warranty, a testament to our belief in its longevity and reliability. This warranty serves as a promise that your investment in Kosoom lighting is one that’s safeguarded for years to come.

When you choose the SMJM01, you’re not just investing in quality lighting; you’re investing in a brand that prioritizes your satisfaction and peace of mind. We’re with you every step of the way, from purchase to years of reliable illumination.

SMJM01 installation steps and precautions

Let’s shed light on how to install the SMJM01 Custom indoor spot lights and some essential considerations:

Installation Steps:

  1. Placement: Begin by selecting the optimal location for your SMJM01 spotlights. Ensure they are strategically placed to achieve the desired lighting effect.
  2. Power Off: Before starting the installation process, it’s crucial to turn off the power supply to the installation area. Safety always comes first.
  3. Mounting: Depending on your installation preference, either use the provided surface mount or consult a professional for recessed installation. For surface mounting, securely attach the spotlights to the desired surface.
  4. Wiring: Connect the power supply wires to the SMJM01 following the wiring diagram provided in the product manual. Double-check the connections to ensure they are secure.
  5. Power On: Once the installation is complete and you’ve ensured all connections are secure, it’s time to turn the power back on. Behold as your space comes to life under the radiant glow of the SMJM01.


  • Safety: Always prioritize safety during installation. If you’re not experienced with electrical work, consider hiring a professional electrician to ensure a safe and secure installation.
  • Environment: The SMJM01 is designed for indoor use. Avoid exposing it to outdoor conditions or excessive moisture, as this could damage the product.
  • Cleaning: To maintain the product’s performance and appearance, periodically clean the surface of the SMJM01 using a soft, lint-free cloth. Avoid using abrasive or chemical cleaners that may damage the finish.
  • Maintenance: Regularly inspect the spotlights to ensure they are functioning correctly. If you encounter any issues, refer to the product manual or contact our customer support team for assistance.

By following these installation steps and considerations, you can enjoy the brilliance of the SMJM01 Custom LED Spotlights while ensuring a safe and trouble-free experience.

Why Choose Kosoom’s SMJM01

Let’s now explore why selecting the SMJM01 Custom LED Spotlights from Kosoom is the smart choice.

Convenience in Customization: At Kosoom, we believe that lighting should be tailored to your needs. The SMJM01 offers convenient customization options, allowing you to choose the color temperature, select your preferred color, and fine-tune the Color Rendering Index (CRI) to match your unique preferences. It’s lighting designed your way.

Competitive Pricing: Quality and affordability can coexist. The SMJM01 offers a competitive price point without compromising on excellence. It’s an investment that doesn’t break the bank.

Exceptional After-Sales Service: When you choose Kosoom, you’re not just purchasing a product; you’re gaining access to exceptional after-sales service. Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist you with any queries or concerns, ensuring your satisfaction every step of the way.

Comprehensive Range: Kosoom doesn’t stop at the SMJM01. Explore our extensive range of lighting solutions, each designed to meet diverse needs. We offer a full spectrum of possibilities, ensuring you find the perfect lighting solution for any space.

Swift Delivery: Time is of the essence. We understand the urgency of your lighting needs. With Kosoom, you can expect prompt and reliable delivery, so your space can shine brightly without delay.

Choosing the SMJM01 Custom LED Spotlights from Kosoom isn’t just a purchase; it’s a decision to elevate your lighting experience. Stay tuned as we continue to unveil the unique facets of our products.

SMJM01 Maintenance and Care Guide

Your journey with the SMJM01 Custom LED Spotlights doesn’t end with installation; it’s an investment meant to shine brightly for years to come. Here are some essential maintenance and care guidelines to ensure your lighting experience remains top-notch:

Cleaning: Periodically clean the surface of your SMJM01 spotlights to remove dust and dirt. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to gently wipe the luminaire. Avoid using abrasive or chemical cleaners, as they may harm the finish and performance.

Checking Connections: Regularly inspect the power connections and wiring to ensure they are secure. Loose connections can lead to reduced performance or safety hazards. If you notice any loose or damaged wires, it’s crucial to address them promptly.

Safety Precautions: If you plan to clean or perform maintenance on the spotlights, always turn off the power supply before doing so. Safety should always be a top priority.

Product Warranty: Remember that your SMJM01 comes with a generous 5-year warranty from Kosoom. In the unlikely event of any issues or defects, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support team. We’re here to ensure your satisfaction and resolve any concerns.

By following these maintenance and care guidelines, you can enjoy uninterrupted brilliance from your SMJM01 Custom LED Spotlights while prolonging their lifespan. Rest assured that your investment is protected and supported by Kosoom’s commitment to excellence.

SMJM01 price/performance analysis

Let’s dive into a comprehensive analysis of the SMJM01’s value proposition, highlighting its exceptional balance of quality and cost-effectiveness.

Performance-to-Price Ratio: The SMJM01 boasts an impressive performance-to-price ratio. It offers top-tier lighting performance while remaining budget-friendly. This means you get more bang for your buck.

Long-Term Savings: While the initial investment in LED lighting may seem higher than traditional lighting, the SMJM01’s energy efficiency pays dividends over time. You’ll notice reduced energy bills, which can lead to substantial long-term savings.

Customization Without Premium: What sets the SMJM01 apart is its customization options. You can tailor its color temperature, color, and CRI to suit your specific needs, all without a premium price tag.

Durability: The SMJM01’s longevity and durability ensure that you won’t need frequent replacements. Its 5-year warranty provides peace of mind, further enhancing its cost-effectiveness.

Energy Efficiency: With a low power consumption of just 5 watts, the SMJM01 not only saves on energy costs but also reduces your carbon footprint, contributing to a more sustainable future.

The SMJM01’s value proposition is remarkable. It combines superior performance, customization, durability, and energy efficiency, all at a price that makes it an exceptional choice for a wide range of lighting needs. It’s an investment that pays off in quality and savings.

The charm of KOSOOM

As we near the conclusion of our journey through the world of Kosoom and the SMJM01 Custom LED Spotlights, let’s reflect on the unique charm of our brand and products.

  • The Kosoom Experience: Kosoom isn’t just a brand; it’s a commitment to excellence. It’s a promise to illuminate your world with brilliance, quality, and innovation. When you choose Kosoom, you’re choosing more than a product; you’re choosing an experience.
  • Invitation to Shine: We invite you to select the SMJM01 Custom LED Spotlights and embark on a journey of superior lighting. Illuminate your spaces with the highest quality, efficiency, and customizability. The SMJM01 is more than a lighting solution; it’s a beacon of excellence.
  • Efficient Brilliance: The SMJM01 delivers not just light, but a radiant experience. Its performance, durability, and customization options make it a standout choice. Elevate your spaces with the brilliance of Kosoom.

We invite you to take action now. Choose the SMJM01 Custom LED Spotlights from Kosoom and experience the difference for yourself. Illuminate your world with brilliance, and let the magic of lighting transform your spaces. Your journey to superior lighting starts here.






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