150W UFO LED, 6000K, High Lumen Output, Robust IP65 Rating – U0104-MLL001-C-KOSOOM


Product Technical Specifications – U0104 High Bay Lights

Product CodeU0104
Power (W)150W
Voltage (V)220
Beam Angle (°)90°
CCT (K)6000K

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

Introduction to Kosoom: Pioneering Excellence in LED Lighting Fixtures

In the vibrant arena of cutting-edge product marketing, we embark on an illuminating expedition into innovation and brilliance. Let me introduce you to a brand that has seamlessly merged technology and artistry, reshaping the landscape of illumination: Kosoom. A beacon of luminescence, Kosoom has carved its name as a maestro in LED light fixtures. Today, our spotlight rests on an emblem of their artistry—the remarkable High Bay Lights series. Brace yourself for an exploration that unveils not just a product, but an experience drenched in radiance and purpose.

Unveiling the Marvel: High Bay Lights Illuminate Diverse Spaces

Picture an illumination that transcends barriers, soaring above and beyond conventional standards. High Bay Lights, the luminary trailblazers, are architects of transformative radiance. They have revolutionized illumination, shedding light on spaces such as warehouses, factories, logistics parks, and industries, transforming them into symphonies of brilliance. The saga of these luminaires is a testimony to versatility and precision, igniting spaces with purposeful luminosity, defying norms and embracing novel possibilities.

Embarking on a Voyage of Illumination: Discovering the High Bay Lights Advantage

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the era of brilliance, personified by the U0104 High Bay Light. This luminary boasts a staggering CCT of 6000K, casting a resplendent glow that rivals daylight itself. A luminous count of 17300 lumens illuminates spaces with captivating intensity, setting the stage for productivity and splendor. The U0104’s unique 90° angle engenders a concentrated radiance that transforms environments into realms of awe-inspiring light. It’s not just a luminaire; it’s an art form, a beacon of innovation, encapsulating Kosoom’s design prowess in compact dimensions measuring H115*Ø330mm.

UFO 03

Elevating Excellence: The U0104 from the House of Kosoom

Indulge in the U0104 experience, a journey that redefines illumination standards. Why choose this luminaire? Brace yourself for an expedition into a realm where durability meets aesthetics, where safety and brilliance converge. The U0104 isn’t just a product; it’s an ethos of quality and excellence. Crafted to withstand the test of time, this luminaire boasts safety features that ensure not just luminosity, but tranquility. Its luminous efficiency is the hallmark of innovation, while its versatility transforms spaces into canvases of artistic brilliance. Installation is a breeze, making the U0104 not just an emblem of light but a harbinger of ease.

Radiance Redefined: Unveiling the U0104’s Superior Advantages

Step into the world of the U0104, where brilliance isn’t just a concept; it’s an experience. The luminaire’s high-intensity LED bulbs paint spaces with a mesmerizing luminescence that evokes awe. Its lumens count is a testament to its capacity to cast light even in the darkest corners. The symphony of brilliance is choreographed with an even distribution of light, ensuring spaces remain bathed in uniform radiance. As color temperature choices abound, spaces transform with every shift of the dial. And the Color Rendering Index (CRI) stands as a testament to Kosoom’s commitment to authenticity, where colors bloom to life. Our luminaire portfolio extends beyond the U0104, featuring other marvels such as the elegant linear light fixture, a tribute to light as art.

Guardians of Quality: Kosoom’s Warranty and Certification Prowess

In a world where trust is the foundation, Kosoom stands as a fortress of assurance. Backed by esteemed CE and ROHS certifications, the U0104 luminaire represents not just a product, but a promise of quality. A promise encapsulated by a warranty period of five years, a testament to both its quality and endurance. Kosoom’s pledge is one of trust and excellence, where each luminaire carries with it the essence of innovation and reliability.

Radiance in Every Step: Installing the U0104 High Bay Lights

An enlightening journey awaits as we unravel the mysteries of U0104 installation. Step by step, we demystify the process, ensuring a seamless transition from packaging to brilliance. Anchored in the principles of safety and precision, this guide is your beacon through the installation labyrinth. This is where knowledge blends with experience, empowering you to usher in a new era of brilliance.

Choosing Brilliance: U0104 and the Kosoom Advantage

Why entrust your luminous dreams to the U0104 from Kosoom’s treasure trove? It’s not just a luminaire; it’s a voyage into your aspirations. A luminaire that encapsulates customization at your fingertips, offering a symphony of specifications that cater to your unique needs. But it’s not just the luminaire; it’s a promise of service, a commitment to affordability, and an invitation to transform spaces. From the majestic High Bay Lights to the ethereal LED light panel, Kosoom’s offerings are a testament to innovation, aesthetics, and a commitment to the luminous.

Nurturing Brilliance: Caring for Your U0104 Investment

The journey doesn’t end with installation; it’s merely the beginning of a radiant odyssey. Ensuring the longevity and brilliance of your U0104 luminaire rests in your hands. Our comprehensive guide to cleaning and maintenance is your compass to a luminous investment that stands the test of time. Your luminaire isn’t just a possession; it’s an investment in brilliance, and our guide ensures it remains radiant and dependable throughout its lifespan.

Economical Radiance: The U0104’s Value Proposition

Let’s delve into the realm of economics and brilliance—a realm where the U0104 is the reigning champion. Witness the symphony of price and performance, where each dollar spent is a testament to excellence. The U0104 is not just a luminaire; it’s a statement of engineering prowess, a testament to economic sensibility. As we analyze its price-performance equilibrium, we unveil an unrivaled value proposition that resonates with the conscious buyer.

The Final Glimmer: Embracing Kosoom’s Radiant Odyssey

As we bid adieu to this radiant voyage, let us marvel at the allure of Kosoom and its luminous tapestry. A cosmos of brilliance awaits your embrace, an invitation to choose the U0104 High Bay Lights series. Remember, it’s not just illumination; it’s a symphony of innovation, a canvas of aesthetics, and an orchestra of efficiency. Choose brilliance. Choose Kosoom. Choose a future that’s radiant in every aspect.











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